45 random, awesome things on Amazon under $20


Spending money wisely is always a good thing — but a little spontaneity doesn't necessarily hurt, either. What's the point of working those long hours if you're not going to enjoy your paycheck? The trick is, you also want to make sure you don't impulsively wind up buying garbage. That's why I've put together this list of random (but awesome) things you can find on Amazon — all for less than $20.

What exactly do I mean by random but awesome? For starters, everything I've included in this list is useful. You might not find yourself reaching for the automotive scratch remover regularly, but you'll definitely use the blind spot mirror if you drive everyday. Or, if you've got a musty dryer, there's also a handy post that can help air it out.

Even though all these gadgets are a little random, they definitely qualify as awesome. And since everything is priced at $20 or less, you might as well stock up on a few things while you're here.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


The mirror that helps you see into your blind spot

Stick this curved mirror onto your side-view mirrors, and it'll help you see into your blind spot while driving. It's universally designed to work with any car (not including motorcycles) — and each order comes with sticky 3M adhesive for simple, secure installation.


An ergonomic rest that helps keep your wrist supported

Ever notice how your wrists can grow sore after a day of typing? This rest is ergonomically designed to keep them comfortably supported, while the non-slip grip on the bottom prevents it from shifting around. Plus, it's designed to fit nearly any full-sized keyboard.


This scratch remover can save you so much money

Looking to fix all the dings on your car? Give this scratch remover a try before heading to the shop. Not only does it polish away scratches, but it also leaves your car with a glossy shine that's sure to turn heads. And unlike some serums, this one is safe for all paint colors.


A phone mount that fits onto your handlebars

Whether you're riding a bicycle or motorcycle, this mount lets you follow your phone's GPS completely handsfree. It's made from tough silicone that holds up against bumps and scrapes in the event you take a spill. Plus, it's universally compatible with nearly any smartphone.


The hooks that let you hang bags off your headrests

Groceries, purses, backpacks — regardless of what type of bag you're carrying, these hooks can keep it held up and away from that dirty car floor. Each one is sturdy enough to hold up to 30 pounds, making them suitable for even heavier grocery totes. Plus, they also work great with clothes hangers.


A simple tool that helps aerate your washing machine

Tired of unwanted odors accumulating in your washing machine? Just grab this door hook. It'll prop your washer door open so that it can air itself out — and many reviewers even wrote about how it's the "perfect solution" to their musty machine.


This compact trimmer that's perfect for unwanted facial hair

With its defined razor head and blades, this trimmer is ideal for shaping up or removing unwanted facial hair. It'll also work on hair around your ears, as well as along your neckline — and the detachable head makes for easy cleaning.


An outlet extender with a built-in night light

Not only does this extender add three plugs to your outlet, but it also features a built-in night light to help illuminate your way through dark hallways or rooms. Plus, there's even a ledge on the top where you can rest your phone while it's charging, as well as two USB ports — just in case you don't have a power brick handy.


The mesh bag for drying shoes without the tumbling

Sending your sneakers through a dry cycle is never a quiet experience — unless you've got this handy mesh bag. It secures to your dryer using elastic bands, which means it'll work with most doors. The best part? Using it can also help prevent damage to your machine.


These gel socks help hydrate dry, cracked feet

When lotions and serums aren't enough to smooth your dry, cracked feet, it might be time to give these gel heel socks a try. The gel is infused with vitamin E, jojoba seed, and olive oils, giving your skin some much-needed hydration whenever you wear them. And since they're toeless, you can comfortably wear them to bed.


This scrubber brush that flexes deep into your toilet

With its flexible brush head that contours to the shape of your toilet, this scrubber is a must-have if you like to get your bathroom extra-clean. The base is also wall-mounted, making it great for small spaces — and the aerated design helps the bristles dry quickly to prevent bacterial growth.


A reading light that sits around your neck

Whether you're traveling or relaxing at home, this hands-free reading light can help you see exactly what you're looking at. It features three light temperatures — warm white, cool white, or yellow — and the brightness is even adjustable up to six levels.


The screen door that closes itself after you've passed through

Get rid of that dirty screen door you've likely been working with in favor of this self-sealing one. Magnets running down the center instantly click together once you've walked through, sealing your home off to bugs and other critters. Plus, it works especially great with pets.


These microwavable mats helps reduce splatter

Heat-resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, these silicone mats are great for preventing messy splatter in the microwave — or you can even use them as trivets in a pinch. Each one is BPA-free, and they easily wipe clean with damp cloths if dirty.


This rechargeable bug zapper racket with a built-in light

There's just something satisfying about zapping a bug that's been flying around your head with this electrified racket. The built-in LED light also lets you use it at night when it's harder to see — and since it's rechargeable via USB, there's no need to purchase any extra batteries.


The draft stopper that doesn't require tools for installation

Don't even think about breaking out that drill — this draft stopper is backed with sticky adhesive that lets you simply press it onto your door. It's made from flexible silicone, which means you can also trim it to fit if needed. And with its waterproof backing, there's no need to worry about it getting wet.


A screen protector that filters out blue light waves

The blue light waves produced by electronic screens can put unnecessary strain on your eyes — but this screen protector can help. Not only is it specially designed to filter out blue light, but they also help reduce glare on your screen when watching videos.


This organizer to get your trunk looking neat & tidy

We've all had a cluttered trunk at one point or another — so grab this organizer, then leave it in your trunk and forget about it. When it's time to load up, you can easily fill it up with all your stuff, without making your trunk a total mess.


A brush to gently scrub vegetables clean

When your fresh produce comes with a little dirt on the side, this brush can help scrub it away — without leaving your greens bruised. The nylon bristles are tough on everything from potatoes to carrots, while the non-slip exterior helps you maintain a firm grip.


The table that clips onto your armrest

Don't have enough space for a coffee table? This armrest table gives you space to sit your drinks, snacks, and more — all conveniently within reach. Zero assembly is required, and it clips onto your armrest without any extra tools necessary.


A waterproof speaker that's perfect for your shower

You don't have to crank your phone to maximum volume when showering — just stream your favorite tunes through this waterproof speaker. The buttons on the front let you skip, pause, play, or even answer calls while your hands are wet. And unlike some speakers, this one comes in more than 10 fun prints.


This trash can that fits into car cupholders

Some car trash cans are large and bulky — but not this one. Not only is it compact enough to fit into your cupholder, but it also features a swinging lid that conceals your trash out of sight. Choose from three colors: black, red, or yellow.


A toothbrush holder that comes with a toothpaste dispenser

Keep your bristles clean from dust and dirt with this toothbrush holder, then add a perfectly-sized dollop of toothpaste using the included dispenser. The holder has enough space for up to five brushes — and zero batteries are required for the dispenser to work.


These covers that add privacy to your webcam

You never know who could be lurking behind your webcam — so grab these little covers. The front slides left and right, allowing you to open up your camera for video calls when needed, then close it up when not in use. Choose from five colors, including a sleek white option.


A seat cushion that can help alleviate back pain

By helping align your spine in a neutral position, this seat cushion can help alleviate back pain, or even pain from sciatica. The soft memory foam on the inside contours to the shape of your body for added comfort — and one reviewer wrote that it "offers relief and constant comfort."


These cable clips that tidy up wiry desktops

Desktops, entertainment centers, charging corners — these cable clips are great for any space that's overflowing with wires. Each one is made from 100% tough silicone, while the adhesive backing keeps them in place on your surfaces. Choose from four colors: white, black, grey, or pink.


A key rack with extra space for your mail

My boyfriend is always losing his keys, which is why I bought us a key rack like this one. Now he's got a dedicated space to put his keys right after he walks through the front door, and we've even got space to stash mail until we're ready to look through it.


This little tool that cleans deep into tight grooves

Whether you've got a dirty camera lens or your AirPods could use some cleaning, this little tool has got you covered. One end features a soft silicone brush, while the other has a sturdier wiper that's great for clearing away crumbs and debris. Plus, the brush is even safe to use on computer screens.


A rainfall shower head that turns any bathroom into a spa

With a little imagination, a few candles, and this shower head, you can turn your plain bathroom into an indulgent getaway — all for less than the price of going to an actual spa. The rubber nozzles are also easy to clean, and it comes backed by a one-year warranty. Choose from two finishes: satin nickel, or chrome.


The screen cleaner that's ultra-compact

Whereas some screen cleaners require you to carry around a bulky spray bottle or rag, this one features a cloth and sprayer combined into one. It's suitable for use on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop screen — and the compact size makes it perfect for traveling.


A sleek organizer that can handle up to 14 keys

Got too many keys for your lanyard? This organizer isn't just sleek — it also boasts enough space for up to 14 keys. It's made from tough aluminum that helps protect your keys from damage, and many reviewers raved about how it was "easy to put together."


These garlic peelers let your hands stay clean

Garlic juice has a pungent, pervasive odor — but these peelers will keep it off of your hands as they exfoliate skin away from cloves. They're made from flexible silicone that easily washes clean under running water, and each one is also moldproof, as well as fade-resistant.


A moisturizing balm to help soothe tired, aching feet

When your feet are tired and aching, you'll be glad you grabbed these moisturizing balm treatments. Simply open up the package, then place it on your feet for about 20 minutes. The refreshing mint scent will stimulate your senses — and you can even keep them in the fridge for an added cooling sensation.


The electric peeler that does all the work for you

With its non-slip base and sharp blades, this electric peeler is great for anyone with limited mobility in their hands — or even if you're tired of peeling potatoes. And if you don't eat potatoes? Not a problem, as it can also peel everything from ripe cucumbers, to fresh tomatoes.


A knife that helps you slice bagels evenly

Slicing a bagel evenly from beginning to end is a lot harder than it looks — unless you've got this bagel knife. Not only does it work with bagels, but you can also use it with baguettes, biscuits, croissants, and more. Plus, the blades are even made from sharp stainless steel.


The bowl that doubles as a popcorn popper

Don't have enough space for a bulky air popper? This bowl lets you pop fresh kernels in the microwave, and it collapses down to a fraction of its size to help you save space. The built-in handles stay cool for when your kernels have finished popping — and it even comes in more than 10 fun colors.


A set of lids that stretch to fit your containers

Every kitchen has that one cabinet overflowing with mismatched plasticware lids. — but you can easily organize that space by downsizing to these stretchable ones. Each order comes with seven in varying sizes, and you can even use them to save halved fruit for later. Plus, the silicone material is safe to put into the freezer.


This fabric shaver breathes new life into tired garments

Pilling, fuzzies, and lint can make your clothes look worn — but a few swipes of this fabric shaver will have everything looking almost good as new. The shaving head is adjustable, making it suitable for nearly any type of fabric. And unlike some shavers, this one features stainless steel blades.


A set of starburst lights you can use all over

Add these starburst lights to a vase of flowers to give them a little extra pop, or even hang them in your bedroom for some warm, ambient decor. Their brightness is adjustable up to 10 levels — and since they're made with LEDs, the bulbs have a life expectancy of over 10,000 hours.


A stainless steel strainer shaped like a ladle

You don't have to dump all that boiling water out — just use these ladle strainers to scoop all your pasta out, then repurpose the water for something else. They also work great with dumplings, or even when deep frying meals. And since they're made from stainless steel, each one is also rust-resistant.


The discreet wallet that fits around your wrist

Going out for a run? These armbands feature discreet zippered pockets, giving you a safe place to stash your cash and cards when outside. They're non-slip as well as odor-resistant — a must-have for sweaty workouts — and reviewers raved about how they're "good quality."


A juicer that helps you get the most out of your lemons

Squeezing lemons by hand will get most of the juice out, but this juicer will get nearly all of it out — using a fraction of the effort. It won't let any seeds or pulp through, and the tough aluminum construction holds up against strong hands.


This mandoline slicer with an ultra-sharp ceramic blade

Ultra-sharp ceramic blades set this mandoline slicer apart from the competition, as they'll maintain their edge for up to 10 times longer than steel. They're also rustproof — and one reviewer even wrote that "it cuts the slices so thin you can practically see through them."


An egg cooker that gets breakfast made quickly

Busy mornings are no excuse to skip breakfast, especially when this egg cooker can whip up a meal in minutes. You can soft, medium, or hard boil up to six eggs at once, or even use it to make omelets. And since it only weighs 1 pound, it's easy to stash away once you're done cooking.