48 clever things that make life a hell of a lot easier

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When I think about products that make life a hell of a lot easier, a few things come to mind. My clothes steamer, for example, makes it simpler to remove wrinkles without pulling a bulky ironing board out — and my mug warmer makes it easier to sip warm coffee during work without making constant trips to the microwave. If you're hoping to find similar items that make daily tasks a breeze, fear not. I have a ton on this list that are just as cool and convenient as those.

Take this bed-shaking alarm clock, for example (because, yes, it's a real thing). The device looks like a digital bedside alarm clock — and it works like one, too — but it also has a buzzer attachment that vibrates under your pillow when it's time to wake up. It makes it easier to start your day, and everyone in the house won't hear your alarm blaring at 7 a.m. Not to mention, these self-watering planters make it easier to keep your greens thriving — and they look decorative, too.

There are tons of clever things on Amazon that make life so much easier. Scroll to find your new favorites and thank me later.


A bed-shaking alarm clock with a built-in phone charger

This isn't your typical alarm clock: Not only does it display the time on a big, bright LED screen, but it also boasts an attachment that buzzes underneath your pillow when it's time to wake up. It even features an alarm sound that you can choose from in case the buzzing isn't enough, and it has a built-in phone charger attached.


This fruit fly trap that looks just like an apple

If you're having trouble with fruit flies in the kitchen, don't fret; this fruit fly trap will help resolve your problem. It's meant to be filled with the included Terro bait and should lure fruit flies for 45 days. Plus, it looks like a decorative red apple. Two come in one pack, which means you should be set for double the time.


The portable AC unit that doubles as a humidifier

This compact air conditioner does more than provide cool relief on a hot day. It also doubles as a humidifier and fan with three different speed settings. Since it's rechargeable, it's easy to travel with — and the color-changing light makes it a soothing addition to any room.


The anti-fatigue kitchen mat made of squishy memory foam

This memory foam mat is perfect if you spend a lot of time standing up during the day — whether you're working at an upright desk or preparing meals in the kitchen. It's made of nonslip PVC that's both water resistant and anti-break, and it's available in various colors and sizes to suit your space.


The solar-powered pathway lights that'll brighten your yard

This 12-pack of solar-powered lights should make it easier to navigate through your walkway when the sun goes down. They're meant to absorb light during the day and turn on when it's dark out, and they each have a convenient on-and-off switch that you can choose to use if you want. They're also made of durable stainless steel that's able to withstand rain and snow.


A faucet light that changes colors based off the water temp

This faucet attachment is unlike many others, because it's built with a light that changes colors based off the water temperature. The coolest temps bring a blue hue, while the hottest temps bring a flashing red glow. It doesn't even need batteries to work, because the water flow provides the power.


The hygrometer thermometers that display temps & humidity levels

Not only does this hygrometer thermometer measure and display the temperature inside your house, but it does the same for humidity levels. It provides all the information you need on an easy-to-read screen, and it's backed with both a stand and a magnet so you can keep it in the best lotion.


This garage door system you can control with your phone

If you've ever left your house and wondered if you left your garage door open, this system might be helpful. It uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect your garage door with an app on your phone so you can set schedules for it to be opened or closed (but you can also control it from afar). You'll even get notifications about the status of your door and share the app with family members.


This surge protector with energy-saving outlets

I have to admit, this surge protector is pretty cool. It has seven built-in outlets, four of which are energy saving (they're encased in a green outline). Two of them work constantly, and one of them can be controlled. In other words, you can adjust the amount of energy you're using with this power strip — and it can be mounted onto a wall of your choice.


The dimmer switch you can control with your phone or voice

This dimmer switch can be connected to your phone via app, which means you can control the lighting of your home from afar. It also works with various smart home systems, which means you can control it with your voice — and it's easy to install like a standard dimmer switch. Not to mention, you can set lighting different lighting schedules including "Away Mode" and "Night Mode."


A dual-nozzle bidet that's simple to use

No toilet paper? Don't worry — this easy-to-use bidet has you covered. Once installed (which is a seemingly simple process), it'll give you two cleaning modes for different types of washing; all you have to do is choose the mode and water pressure you prefer. It's also available with a rose gold band as well as a silver band to match your bathroom decor.


The vanity lights that'll give your bathroom mirror a glam glow

Whether you're feeling glamorous or if your bathroom is on the dimmer side, these LEDs lights can help revamp your space. The 10-foot strand has attached adhesives, making it simple to install atop your mirror surface. There's also a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness, and it works via power adapter.


This desk lamp that also charges your phone wirelessly

If you want a desk fixture that does it all, this is your lamp. Not only does it shed gentle light, but it also has a base that doubles as a wireless phone-charging port. There's also a USB-charging port, as well as various lighting and brightness modes.


These self-watering planters that are actually decorative

Many self-watering planters aren't really decorative, but these hanging ones are. Not only are they placed inside a rattan-inspired basket, but they also have a two-layer watering system that lets you leave your plants be for up to two weeks (just make sure you leave enough water in the lower section).


This toothbrush holder that comes with a toothpaste dispenser

This toothbrush holder does much more than hold your toothbrushes in place. Sure, it does that (for four brushes, to be exact), but it also boasts an automatic toothpaste dispenser along with three cups. There's even a towel holder underneath so you can keep your wash clothes at the ready.


The foot scrubbers that can suction cup onto the bottom of your tub

These scrubbers make it easier that ever to give your feet a good cleaning. They suction cup into place and provide a surrounding layer of bristles that'll help you thoroughly wash your feet. There are even pumice stones at the heels for a true spa-worthy experience.


A small-but-powerful desktop vacuum that looks like a ladybug

This desktop vacuum is small-but-powerful, thanks to its 360-degree wind blade that creates impressive suction. It runs on two AA batteries that you'll have to buy separately, and it can fit pretty much anywhere. Not to mention, it looks like a red ladybug — but there's also a green one to choose from.


A tea bag squeezer made with durable stainless steel

Do you want to get a little more flavor out of your tea bag? Thanks to this stainless steel squeezer, you can do so without getting hot water all over your fingers. Gently squeeze the tea bag in your cup and wait for the extra flavor to float around your cup.


This defrosting tray that doesn't use electricity

You won't need a microwave to defrost dinner in a pinch when you've got this defrosting tray. The surface is made with silicone-coated aluminum that retains heat and helps the meat defrost without the use of electricity. However, keep in mind that it can take up to an hour for a larger piece of meat to defrost, per the brand.


This waterproof notepad that you can keep in the shower

If you're someone who thinks of the most genius ideas in the shower, then you'll love this notepad. It's completely waterproof, so you can use it in the bathroom or even outside in the rain. It comes with its own writing utensil and is backed with suction cups that you can adhere to whichever surface you want.


The cereal bowl that never, ever leaves your breakfast soggy

For anyone who doesn't like soggy cereal, this bowl saves the day. It's separated into two sections — one for the cereal and one for the milk — so you can decide when your breakfast is soggy or not. There's even a grip at the bottom that makes it easier to hold.


A vacuum attachment that helps you clean the lint from your dyer

Sometimes, it's tough getting every last bit of lint from your dryer in between uses (but it's important). This vacuum attachment makes the process easier, because it reaches down into tight crevices for thorough cleaning. The attachment itself is 2.6 feet long and fits most vacuum cleaners.


These necklace fans that run for 12 hours straight

Whether it's a hot day or if you're just in need of some cooling relief, these necklace fans can help. They're compact and easy to wear, and they can run for up to 12 hours on two AA batteries. Plus, they're ventilated at the top to provide a vertical breeze and are available in a handful of colors.


This foldable laptop stand with a built-in phone holder

Not only is this laptop stand foldable and adjustable in nine different positions, but it also has a built-in phone holder that keeps your device at a comfortable viewing height. There's even a vent within the base to keep heat moving away from the computer, and it's made of durable metal.


A bamboo arm try that holds your drinks on the couch

Coffee tables can take up a lot of room — so why not hold you drink nearby with the help of this sleek arm try? It's made to sit on the arm of couch, complete with bamboo plants that make it flexible. The top platform is sturdy enough to hold snacks and beverages, and it's available different colors and designs.


This tiny dehumidifier that can work for up to 30 days

This dehumidifier won't take up too much room since it's only about 9 inches long. That means you can place it into smaller spaces to help remove moisture from the air. It doesn't use electricity and instead utilities tiny silica beads that absorb the humidity (with a maximum water capacity of 6 ounces). It can work for up to 30 days, and then you can recharge the unit before using it again.


These durable flashlights that let you adjust the shine

These aren't your ordinary flashlights: They're seriously durable and let you adjust the shape and focus of the glare you're giving off (there are five different settings to choose from). They're also resistant to water and can withstand being dropped, per the brand — but thanks to the nonslip grips, that shouldn't be an issue.


This reusable pet hair remover that doesn't involve sticky paper

This pet hair remover doesn't use that sticky paper to refresh your surfaces. Instead, it uses a barrel to collect stray pet hair after being repeatedly rolled back and forth over a fabric surface. Since it's simple to remove the hair from the container, you can use it over and over again. Many reviewers wrote that it's a "game changer."


The handle that helps protect your hands with grating produce

This handle helps protect your hands while you're grating or slicing produce. It works by latching onto the veggie that you're preparing, and the plastic barrier provides a separation between your hand and the grater or slicer. Plus, it's easy to clean in the dishwasher.


This silicone spatula with a strong nylon center

Sure, this silicone spatula is flexible at the edges — but thanks to the nylon center, it's also extremely strong. It's also double sided and can be used for various tasks ranging from mixing ingredients to icing a cake — and it can with stand temps up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.


The headrest hooks that let you hang bags & purses in your car

Thanks to these headrest hooks, you'll have secure spots to hand grocery bags, purses, and backpacks while you drive. They're made of durable plastic that can hold a maximum of 11 pounds each, and there are two hooks on every piece. That way, you can store a few bags at once.


An inflatable lounge chair you can use outside

Think of this inflatable lounge chair as a couch for the outdoors. It's made of rip-stop polyester that's durable, and it's easy to fill up (you can blow it up). There's even a built-in pocket for your phone, and it comes in 13 different colors.


This memo wristband that you can keep notes & reminders on

Thanks to this silicone wristband, you'll never have to search for paper whenever you want to write something down. That's because it has empty lines, check boxes, and spaces for the date and time so you can write notes as you think of them with a ballpoint pen. It's also waterproof and reusable (since the notes can be removed with an eraser).


A carrier that uses the power of gravity to keep your drink upright

Whether you're toting a glass of water to the bathroom or a cup of coffee to the kitchen, this drink carrier can help prevent spills. It features a silicone coaster at the bottom of a curved fixture that helps the liquid inside your cup stay put while you walk, and the attached handle makes it simple to carry.


This shower dispenser for body wash, shampoo & conditioner

This soap dispenser boasts three separate container for body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, therefore eliminating the need for different toiletry bottles piling up. There are three large dispenser buttons on the front, and the package comes with two-way tape to ensure that installation on your shower surface is simple.


This portable door lock for some extra security

If you're seeking some extra security at home — even if your doorknob locks — this gadget might be able to help. It's made to sit between the strike plate and latch of your door — and when the door is shut, the red portion is meant to lock it into place so no one can get in from the outside. One customer wrote, "This is so perfect for at the very least your peace of mind. Even if it’s a little loose it still keeps the door shut."


A sleek electric wine bottle opener that comes with a foil cutter

Add four AAA batteries to this sleek machine, and it'll help you open up to 100 bottles of wine before it needs more power. It works in three steps that include removing the foil, popping the cork, and then dispensing the cork from the gadget. It comes in two colors: black and red.


This simple cloud magnet that holds onto your keys

Believe it or not, this seemingly simple cloud decoration comes with three built-in magnets that are able to hold onto three keychains at once. It's perfect for anyone who doesn't have space for a larger key holder near the front door — and since it's backed with adhesive, it's simple to install.


This mosquito repeller that doesn't use any DEET

This mosquito repeller doesn't use DEET to work; instead, it uses a fuel cartridge and a repellent mat to create a mosquito-free barrier. When the cartridge warms up, the repellent mat makes a 15-foot mosquito-free zone — and it works for four hours without needing to be replaced. Plus, no batteries are required.


These key finders that you can also use on wallets, purses & more

Thanks to these keychains, you can easily keep track of your keys, wallet, purse, and more — and you don't even need a phone app to do so. The included remote has color-coded buttons that correspond to their matching trackers. When one of the buttons are pressed, the same color tracker will make sound (if it's within a 131-foot space).


A silicone toilet brush that can clean hard-to-reach places

This toilet brush stands out because it's topped with flexible rubber instead of sturdy bristles. That way, it's able to clean hard-to-reach spots within the bowl — and thanks to the ventilated stand, there’s a place for it to sit in your bathroom.


This roll-up dish-drying rack made with bamboo

This anti-mold dish-drying rack is made with strong bamboo that can be rolled out and over the sink, therefore creating more counter space. The design can hold up to 24 pounds and stays in place with silicone edges. When you're not using it, the entire thing can be rolled back up and placed into your utensil drawer.


This cable management system that'll tidy everything up

This cable management system can help you tidy everything up, from your power strips to your tech cords. It comes with two boxes that can fit power strips inside, along with cable clips, cable sleeves, and cable ties. The boxes come in two different sizes and have cutouts for where the cables can run through.


This foldable storage ottoman that doubles as a bench

This large ottoman can be used for storing blankets, pillows, and clothing — but it can also be used as a bench (thanks to its padded lid). It also looks decorative, complete with a sleek linen lining. And best of all? It can be folded up whenever you're not using it.


A fogless shower mirror with a build-in razor holder

It's true: This mirror doesn't fog up in the shower, which means you won't have to constantly wipe the fog away whenever you need to see yourself. It has a strong built-in suction cup at the base, along with a ledge that's meant to hold your razor in place. It works on glass, tiles, porcelain, and more.


These nonslip clothes hangers lined with smooth velvet

These clothing hangers have a lot going for them, because they're lined with velvet (making them nonslip), and they come in different colors that you can use to organize your closet. Each one can hold up to 10 pounds, and you can choose from different pack sizes including 30, 50, and 100.


A cell phone stand with a built-in Bluetooth speaker

This compact stand does more than hold your phone in an easy-viewing position. It also has a base with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can easily connect to your device to provide impressive sound. It also has an anti-slip base to help keep it in place, and it can work with tablets.


This soft bamboo blanket that'll help cool you down

This seriously soft blanket is made with bamboo fabric that'll help keep you cool. It's also breathable and available in different sizes and colors. Plus, you can clean it in the washing machine — but the brand recommends not drying it in the dryer. It's available in different sizes and colors to accommodate your space.

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