Slacker’s Syllabus: Why 5G Is Messing With Flights

Images of the 5G sign displayed on the screens of mobile phones and computers in front of the United...
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WTF is going on with 5G? WTF is going on with 5G? WTF is going on with 5G? WTF is going on with 5G?

5G has gotten a lot of bad press.

We’ve all heard at least one or two tinfoil-hat conspiracies about 5G. For awhile, people were even suggesting that it caused coronavirus (which, I have to stress, is not true).

But overnight, a bunch of media outlets latched onto one new story: Several international airlines have developed a sudden hatred of 5G.

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This week, international airlines like Emirates Airways, Japan Airlines, and British Airways delayed or cancelled flights to the United States.

Each airline cited 5G as the cause. Emirates, which suspended flights to nine different airports, said it did so due to “operational concerns associated with the planned deployment of 5G mobile network services.”