Apple's new TouchID goes way beyond the home button

A business man hand touch a Smart Phone for unlock the phone

Apple's new series of 2019 iPhones are on their way, with an impending possible reveal for next week on September 10. Before anyone can even get properly excited about their launch, however, Bloomberg is already on the ball, spilling tea on some of the company's biggest and most intriguing secrets for 2020, or possibly beyond. Forget additional cameras for this year's models – the next wave of iPhones could potentially, finally include in-display fingerprint authentication tech by way of Apple's foregone Touch ID feature.

The new iPhones, according to Bloomberg, would include Touch ID as well as Face ID as the two could co-exist and offer users two different ways of unlocking their phone as well as an added layer of security beyond a PIN. Apple is reportedly testing the new tech in-house and with suppliers, with a goal of getting the tech ready for mass production for 2020's new slate of phones. Unfortunately, this means the home button isn't returning, but hey — it had its run, right? We enjoyed it while it lasted.

This report follows comments from industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who noted that Apple was keen on having the in-display sensor work with Face ID recognition tech on iPhone, though Kuo quoted a 2021 release date as the tech wouldn't be ready until then. That seems to align with Bloomberg's comments, though it also means potential buyers would have to wait a while to get their hands on it.

If a new iPhone with two security methods sounds like it might be too rich for your blood, Bloomberg also shared the scoop on reports that Apple may very well be bringing out a new lower-cost iPhone as a replacement of sorts for the iPhone SE, which has since been discontinued (though you can still purchase them.)

It would look "similar to the iPhone 8" and feature a 4.7-inch screen that would also potentially include a home button (good news!) with Touch ID capability. It's not as small or pocket-friendly as the iPhone SE, but it could be coming in 2020. If you're looking to adopt an iPhone for your next smartphone companion, this might be the best way to go if it happens to debut.

But before you go making any rash decisions about which iPhone you're gunning for next, maybe wait until the September 10 Apple keynote coming up to make up your mind. It's possible Touch ID may not be as lucrative as whatever the new iPhones have to offer this year – and you can always upgrade again next year if it's that important to have.