Apparently 6% of Democrats believe the election was stolen??

Someone please explain these poll results to me.

A man wearing a shirt that reads Another Democrat for Trump 2016 stands outside a Miami library poll...
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Let’s make one thing abundantly clear: Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election. He lost by a historic margin. He lost in states Republicans haven’t lost in years. And every time he’s complained about losing, he’s been thoroughly rebuked by, well, pretty much everyone, from from federal judges to election officials on down the line.

And yet! Despite zero evidence in favor and mountains of proof against, a new PRRI poll out on Monday shows that 6 out of every 100 Democrats — Democrats! — either completely, or mostly believe that Trump rightfully won the 2020 presidential election, only to have it stolen out from under him. Six out of 100. Six percent. Of Democrats. Democrats whose own candidate actually won the race. Six percent still think the election was a sham.


Slightly less surprising is the approximately one-quarter of independents, and more than two-thirds of Republicans, who also believe the election was stolen from Trump — numbers that roughly align with, y’know, [gestures wildly at basically everything].

But, okay, back to the not-insignificant portion of Democrats who have somehow been duped into believing Trump’s latest money-making scheme is somehow anything more than the rantings of an ego-driven lunatic. For those 6% of Democrats, I have some questions:

1) What the hell?

2) Okay, but seriously, where is this coming from? As the PRRI poll notes, “these shares [of voters who think the election was stolen] are even greater among Republicans who most trust Fox News (82%) and essentially universal among those who most trust far-right news (97%).” So given the solid correlation between “watching right-wing propaganda” and “believing right wing-propaganda,” does this mean there’s a small, but very real contingent of Democrats who are tuning in to Fox Newsand Newsmax every night?

3) Again: What the hell?

4) What, specifically, from among Trump’s many, many, many fruitless efforts to overturn the 2020 election, convinced you? Was it the comedically botched Arizona audit? The recount of the recount of the recount in Georgia? The Michigan election hearings where Rudy Giuliani farted out loud? Was it the pillow guy??

5) As Democrats, what, exactly, do you propose the country do about it? Do you think the Democratic president, the leader of your own party, who was duly sworn into office last January, should step down for a Republican who lost the election by an unprecedented margin?

6) Okay, are you sure you’re really members of the Democratic Party? Did you, like, get lost on your way to the local John Birch Society tinfoil hat meetings, and instead just wander into the nearest DNC outpost looking for food and shelter?

To be clear, I don’t actually expect answers from any of the 6% of Democrats who are obviously confused beyond all rational comprehension. Still, answers or not, these are some questions I have, and will continue to have for as long as this small group of reality-adverse holdouts keeps breaking my brain.