Donald Trump snaps at "lightweight" reporter in a deranged Thanksgiving press conference

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Ordinarily when people online are getting themselves riled up about a tiny desk, it's probably because National Public Radio booked an incredible musician for an intimate concert. On Thursday, however, the furniture in question was exactly that: a very small workspace, from which President Donald Trump lied, complained, and rambled with abandon in one of the more unhinged press conferences of his lame duck presidency.

Seated awkwardly behind a conspicuously undersized desk — typically used for crowded bill signing ceremonies, and not solo media appearances in large, empty rooms — Trump was ostensibly there to participate in the annual tradition of addressing members of the military stationed overseas to wish them a happy thanksgiving from their Commander-in-Chief. But once he'd completed his stiff recitation of the prepared remarks, things went predictably — albeit still depressingly — off the rails.

"We’re like a third-world country," Trump whined, as he complained yet again about the presidential elections earlier this month.

"It’s going to be a very hard thing to concede, because we know there was massive fraud," he said.

"I know one thing, Joe Biden did not get 80 million votes,” Trump baselessly theorized a short time later. “This race is far from over."

Despite the president's bloviating proclamations, the race is, indeed, extremely over — a reality Trump seemed fully unprepared to address, when Reuters White House reporter Jeff Mason pushed the president to confirm that he would concede once the electoral college votes Biden into office.

As it so happens, Mason is not so much a "lightweight" as he is the former president of the White House Correspondents' Association.

Nevertheless, after complaining about Georgia's election recount, which affirmed Biden had won the state, as well as demanding that Biden not get any credit for any forthcoming COVID-19 vaccines, the president ended his Thanksgiving press conference, and retreated to the White House residence to get down to the real business of the day: complaining on — and about — social media.

While it's not entirely clear just what, exactly, prompted Trump to threaten (once again) to revoke the law granting social media companies immunity from lawsuits over content they host, the president's trending topic tantrum came just as Twitter was lighting up over his uncomfortably sized desk, and awkward sitting style.

Truly an auspicious end to his last Thanksgiving in office.