Ivanka Trump is finally on the receiving end of Trump’s petty social media wrath

She testified in the House’s Jan. 6 hearing that her father lost in 2020, and it seems he’s not pleased.

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There was an all-too-brief period of time when Donald Trump not only was locked out of Twitter, but also barely used his deeply janky personal Truth Social platform, and so the world was able to enjoy a temporary respite from his rambling, minute-by-minute online logorrhea. Alas, those days are over, as evidenced on Friday by the former president’s decidedly nostalgic throwback to the time when any and every rancid epiphany that burbled to the top of his soggy soup brain was, in his expert opinion, fit for mass public consumption.

Shortly after the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection premiered footage of first daughter-cum-White House staffer Ivanka Trump confirming that she knew her father had lost the 2020 presidential race, the elder Trump launched into a wild screed on his previously underused Truth account, in which he lambasted both his former Attorney General Bill Barr, and his own daughter, whom he politely (in his own Trumpian way) but firmly tossed directly under the bus.

Here’s Ivanka:

And here, in response, is her father and former employer:

To be clear, Trump saved the bulk of his tweet— er, Truth-storm rage for Barr, whom, in a separate post-hearing message, he called “stupid” and “a weak and frightened attorney general who was always being ‘played.’” But given the degree to which he has spent years positioning Ivanka as his unambiguously favorite child (whomp whomp, Don Jr.), the fact that he’d deign to not only acknowledge her testimony, but write it off as her being both out of her depth and kowtowing to a man he’d just excoriated as a dummy ... well, it’s pretty obvious that her brief appearance during the hearing was the moment that bugged him the most.

In the grand scheme of things, Trump’s latest tantrum highlights the risk of sliding back to the dumb ol’ days where his every misspelled missive was analyzed and examined like a Rosetta Stone of capital-N news. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get quite that bad. For now, at least, let’s just stop and appreciate the fact that he’s wound up enough to lash out at even his golden child, and revel in what just might be Ivanka’s first look at the underside of her dad’s ego-fueled bus.