One of the Trump administration's most ghoulish villains is mounting his third comeback

TOPEKA, KS - OCTOBER 06:  Republican candidate for governor of Kansas Kris Kobach speaks at a rally ...
Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There was a time when Kris Kobach was poised to be the Next Big Thing in Republican politics; he was the Kansas Secretary of State (a judge ordered him to take more law classes); he lead Donald Trump's voter suppression initiative (it was a huge, hilarious failure); he ran for governor and senate (he misspelled his name and lost both times); he served as general counsel for a major MAGA nonprofit group (which stiffed him on the bill after its leaders were all charged with fraud).

Now, thanks to some electoral musical chairs, Kobach is once again champing at the bit to run for statewide office in his home state of Kansas, where this time he's hoping to become the next Attorney General.

In a press release announcing his candidacy, posted to his eponymous campaign website (alongside a section highlighting his "Breitbart Articles," if that's any indication of what kind of a guy Kris is), Kobach claimed:

On a host of issues from a federal takeover of elections, to attempts to restrict our Second Amendment rights, the Biden administration and its allies in Congress have disregarded the constitutional limits on federal power. The most important officer who can fight back against such unconstitutional actions is a state attorney general

Why Kobach, who made a fortune selling a fake immigration crisis to small Kansas communities, has chosen this moment to take a third swing at at statewide office is unclear — particularly considering the fact that he couldn't win the Kansas' governor's race even with the full backing of Donald Trump's White House. With his national politics patron decidedly out of power, it's hard to see what chance Kobach thinks he has after striking out twice before. His 2020 Senate run never made it past the GOP primaries — although he did manage to hold out long enough to release a truly insane video about how super-duper-not-racist he is.

In forms filed with the State of Kansas late Wednesday evening, Koback lists Laura Tawater as his campaign Treasurer. Tawater, 1st Congressional District Chair for the Kansas GOP, is also president of the Wild West Republican Women group ("WINNING the trust of the people and the nation for Christ") and on Facebook has enthusiastically endorsed former President Trump's demonstratively false conspiracy theories about losing the 2020 election, as well as seemingly attended the "Stop the Steal" rally which turned into the attempted coup at the United State Capitol Building on January 6.