Lose yourself in the soothing destruction of Trump's Atlantic City casino

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How do you like your metaphors, dear reader? Do you like them subtle and poetic, like a babbling brook on a summer day, gently painting pictures in your mind as you luxuriate on its banks? (That was a simile, by the way.) Or, are you the sort of person who wants their metaphors to leap out from behind a bush, slap you across the face, pull your underwear up over your head, and then kick you into a mud puddle while you're struggling to internalize the brutality of this sudden frontal assault? Because if you like your metaphors obvious and blunt, boy are you in luck:

Yes, that's former President Donald Trump's legendarily unsuccessful Atlantic City casino complex being demolished to smithereens Wednesday. Does it, perhaps, remind you of the political implosion of the complex's namesake? Who's to say! Maybe if you watched it from a different angle ... ?

Wow, that one even had cheers and an airhorn! How about one more angle, just for funsies:

Woooo, what a rush!

Does this mean Trump is no longer a fabulously wealthy ghoul whose mere presence in Atlantic City (to say nothing of the rest of the country) hastened the city's decline while he absconded with minimal personal consequences? No. He's still all those things.

Nevertheless, "this is a historic moment," Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small (D) declared after the building — abandoned since 2014 — came down, leaving some 80 feet of Trump-infected rubble in its place. Trump may still be rich. He may still have left a huge mess behind him. But, if you like metaphors, watching a crowd cheer as his former crown jewel casino is reduced to dust is a pretty good one to get you through the day.