Tucker Carlson says the media is ignoring the NYC subway shooting because the suspect is Black

It’s definitely been front-page news for the last 24 hours, but okay.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

You’ve probably heard about the horrifying mass shooting that occurred on a Brooklyn subway car on Tuesday morning, which left more than a dozen injured and prompted a massive manhunt across New York City for Frank James, who was named an official suspect by Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday. You’ve probably heard about it because, as you’d probably expect from an instance of extreme gun violence in the nation’s biggest mass transit system, it’s been front page, breaking news across the country for the past 24 hours and counting.

If you have a brain as opportunistically racist and mangled as Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s, however, first off: my sincere apologies. And secondly, you are somehow of the impression that the Brooklyn subway shooting is being swept quietly under the rug by the nation’s too-woke media overlords.

“We do know he was not a white supremacist, so we’re betting the media are not going to dwell on this,” Carlson opined in the opening minutes of his Tuesday evening broadcast. “There’s nothing to gain from covering this particular atrocity. Just another mass shooting in the big city.”

“It’s all so sad,” he lamented, before not dwelling on the subject, and instead launching into a 15-minute segment about Elon Musk and Twitter.

Now, putting aside the fact that contra Carlson’s claim, the shooting has very much been the biggest news story in the country, he’s accidentally correct that the story will almost certainly fade into the background over time — not because the suspected shooter wasn’t a white supremacist, but because America has simply become inured to gun violence to such a degree that there will almost certainly be no appreciable consequences for this one, specific instance. Unfortunately, that also means there will likely be little reckoning for the mass, systemic failures of Adams’s draconian police state efforts to secure the MTA — efforts bolstered by a law enforcement budget larger than most countries’ entire military spending, which nevertheless couldn’t stop an elderly suspect from escaping a packed subway station, while police grappled with broken radios, malfunctioning cameras, and general ineptitude.

“Just another mass shooting in the big city,” indeed.