People are calling these 48 things with near-perfect reviews their most amazing finds of the year

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If there's one tip I've picked up from shopping online, it's to always check the reviews. Customers are always willing to tell you the nitty-gritty details of a product; the stuff you wish you'd known before buying it. But if you're too busy to sit down and sift through all that feedback, don't worry — I've gathered a bunch of amazing finds for you to check out, and they all come certified with near-perfect reviews.

If you ask me, you can't go wrong with a single item on this list. Case in point? This laptop stand with 96% four- and five-star review feedback. While it may not look like much at first, the beauty is that it can open up tons of desktop space — all by simply holding your laptops upright. Or, if you love taking showers to de-stress after a long day, there's also a rainfall shower head with thousands of positive comments from happy reviewers. And with its high-pressure design, even homes with weak plumbing can enjoy a spa-like experience.

So what are you waiting for? People have been calling these genius things with near-perfect reviews some of their most amazing finds of the year — and I think I can even hear that shower head calling your name.


The coaster that helps keep your drinks warm

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate — whatever you're drinking, this heated coaster can help keep it warm. It takes two minutes or less to warm up your drink, and is designed to work with most cups. Plus, the extra-long power cable makes it easy to use with distant outlets.


A reading light that sits comfortably around your neck

Whether you're tackling a nighttime DIY project or reading in the dark, this light can help. It sits around your neck so that you can use it completely hands-free. Three temperature modes help ease strain on your eyes when working in the dark — and it's even dimmable up to three levels. One reviewer even wrote that "it's a huge game changer for reading."


This luxurious rainfall shower head with high water pressure

If the water pressure in your shower is weak, try upgrading to this rainfall shower head. The high-pressure design makes the most of weak plumbing, while the rainfall layout brings a little bit of the spa to your bathroom. Plus, it's made from stainless steel — so there's very little risk of rust.


A diffuser that looks like a cute potted plant

Not into the LED diffusers you typically see in stores? Consider this cute succulent version. You still have the choice of 7 different LED colors, however the fake succulent sprouting from the top sets it apart from the rest. Choose from four pot colors: blue, grey, pink, or off-white.


The power bank with a built-in solar panel

Phone always running out of battery? Keep this power bank with you for quick charges while you're on the go. It's able to charge the iPhone X more than two times, whereas an iPhone 8 can get more than three charges out of it. And with a solar panel built into the back, you can easily recharge it without any outlet nearby. "The product has great build quality," wrote one reviewer. "It feels great in the hand and has a rugged shell to protect it from falls."


A laptop dock that can help you save desktop space

If you've got limited desktop space, this dock can help open some up when you're not using your laptop. It holds your laptop upright, giving it a smaller footprint than when laying flat — and the anodized aluminum frame is even scratch-resistant.


This smartphone stand that's perfect for watching videos

Don't get stuck holding your phone up when you want to watch a video — just pop it onto this stand. The wide base keeps your phone steady whether you're watching videos in portrait or landscape mode. But if that isn't enough? One reviewer even wrote that "it will hold your phone even if you have a griptok or pop socket attached!"


A 3-D printed lamp that looks like the actual moon

With peaks and valleys all across this 3-D moon lamp, guests and family alike will be impressed with how realistic it looks and feels. The rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of light — and the included remote lets you switch between 16 different soothing colors.


The magnifying mirror that helps you do your makeup

Trying to get that winged eyeliner just right? Get a closer look using this makeup mirror. It magnifies your face seven times, helping you see precisely where your brush is going — and the backlight is perfect for dim rooms. Plus, the suction cup base makes it easy to attach to mirrors, tile, and more.


A pair of headphones you can comfortably sleep in

With its soft fabric band and flat speakers, these headphones won't put uncomfortable pressure on your ears when sleeping. The Bluetooth connection means there's no risk of getting tangled in a wire — and the rechargeable battery can even last for more than 10 hours. One reviewer also wrote that they're "super comfy, and easy to sync with my phone."


These cups that cool drinks without watering them down

Tired of drinking watered-down beverages? These cups have insulated walls filled with a specialized cooling gel. Just pop them into the freezer for a few hours, and they'll keep everything from whiskey to soda chilled — all without leaving the flavor diluted. Choose from three colors: gray, glass, or smoke.


A compact shelf that adds storage to desks

Books, office supplies, printers — this little shelf is perfect for all of it. The frame is made from tough steel that can hold up to 44 pounds, while the genuine wood shelves give it a more classy feel than particleboard.


The dishcloths that are super-absorbent

Able to hold up to 20 times their weight in water, these dishcloths are an eco-friendly alternative to wasteful paper towels. They're suitable to use on all types of surfaces — from stainless steel to marble — and you even have the choice of eight different colors. "Much better than all cotton dishcloths," wrote one reviewer. "They are very absorbent, yet easy to wring out completely (and I mean completely!) after use."


A juicer that works with all types of citrus

Whether you're working with limes or grapefruits, this juicer can handle both — and everything in-between. The drip-free pour spout makes it easy to transfer your juiced liquid without creating a mess, while the measurement markings on the side help you keep track of how much you have.


This outlet extender that adjusts to fit bulky plugs

With six pivoting sockets on this outlet extender, you can easily adjust each individual one in order to keep bulky plugs from blocking the other outlets. Built-in surge protection helps keeps your devices protected from electrical spikes — and there's even a ledge on the top where you can rest a phone as it charges.


A night light that gently guides your way to the bathroom

Don't blind yourself with that bright overhead bathroom light. Instead, let this gentle night light guide your way through the dark to the toilet. It features 16 different LED colors, as well as a rotating carousel mode if you want to enjoy them all. Plus, it only requires three AA batteries (not included) for up to 12 months of light. "So easy to install," raved one reviewer. "Just bend the little arm with the light on the end around the rim of the toilet with the unit on the outside and you're done."


The graphic drawing tablet that won't break the bank

For less than $35, you can grab this graphic drawing tablet that has thousands of positive reviews. The compact size makes it easy to fit into your bag, and the stylus doesn't require any batteries or charging. "I was very impressed with how lightweight, yet durable it was," wrote one reviewer. "It works really well and is a perfect size."


An insulated tumbler made from stainless steel

Not only will this insulated tumbler help your drinks stay at their ideal temperature, but it's also made from sleek, rust-resistant stainless steel. The base is sized to fit most cupholders — and reviewers raved about how their drinks stay "cold all day."


These drywall hangers that hold up to 45 pounds

Don't throw a flimsy nail into the wall — use these drywall hangers to put up everything from lightweight picture frames to heavier mirrors. Each one is so sturdy that it can hold up to 45 pounds, and they won't leave behind large holes in your wall upon removal.


A strip light kit that's easy to install

Underneath cabinets, bedroom ceilings, behind your television — these strip lights will look good just about anywhere you put them. They're backed with adhesive, making it easy to stick them wherever you like. Plus, each order comes with a remote so that you can control them from the comfort of your couch. "Installation was super easy; it comes wrapped like a roll of tape and all you have to do is to stick the strip wherever you want!" raved one reviewer.


The shower mat that brings the spa to your bathroom

Step out of the shower and onto this classy bath mat. The bamboo wood gives any bathroom a touch of spa-like luxury — all for less than $35. Plus, it's covered in a water-resistant coating and is grounded with sturdy grips.


An iced tea maker that works with loose leaves

Whether you're brewing tea bags or loose leaves, this iced tea maker can handle either. The removable brewing basket helps keep the tea leaves out of your final glass — and unlike some machines, this one can be programmed to brew a single, or double-serving of tea.


This bathroom organizer with space for nearly everything

Toothbrushes, razors, loofahs — this organizer has room for all your bathroom necessities. Drainage holes on the bottom help prevent water from accumulating, while two hooks give you space to hang brushes and body scrubbers. Plus, installation doesn't require any drilling into your walls. "What a savior for small bathrooms," raved one reviewer. "Easy to install, too."


These book shelves that are practically invisible on your wall

Got some blank space you don't know what to do with? Add these floating book shelves to create a stylish accent wall. The minimalist design makes them nearly invisible on your wall, and each one is made from tough steel that can hold up to 15 pounds.


The power strip shaped like a compact cube

Don't have a ton of space on your desk? Not to worry — this power cube takes up way less room than a lengthy power strip. And unlike many power strips, it also features three USB ports so that it's easy to charge your devices.


An espresso maker that works on your stovetop

You don't need to buy an expensive machine to make delicious espresso — just grab this stovetop pot. It's designed to work on all types of stoves, while the soft-touch handle features an extra burn guard to help keep your fingers shielded. One reviewer also wrote that "the finish is very nice, and the handle and top part stay cool to the touch, which is amazing."


The magnetic knife bar made with walnut wood

Not enough countertop space for a bulky knife block? Downsize to this sleek knife bar instead. It's made from genuine walnut wood, making it a classy addition to any kitchen — and the magnetic grip is strong enough to securely hold onto nearly any type of knife.


A set of grippers that keep rugs from curling up

Why not secure your curled-up rugs with these grippers? They're made to fit into the corners of your rugs, which also helps prevent bubbling and bunching. Plus, the ultra-slim profile means they're nearly undetectable underfoot.


This Bluetooth speaker that's waterproof & dustproof

With its waterproof and dustproof design, this little Bluetooth speaker is perfect for camping, beach days, and more. Despite its compact size, the rechargeable battery still lasts for up to five hours — and many reviewers even wrote about how shockingly good the sound quality is. "It sounded quite good for its size," explained one reviewer. "And especially its price."


A foot mask that makes dry, calloused feet soft as silk

Slip these foot mask booties over your dry, rough, calloused dogs and sit for an hour. Slip them off, and in about a week and a half all that dry skin will peel away in sheets (just check out the review photos). Made with a blend of fruit extracts, these masks have been dermatologically tested for safety and can even help reduce foot odor.


The wall hooks made from rustic beech wood

Not only are these wall hooks made from premium beech wood, but each one is also handmade to give them a genuinely rustic touch. They're able to hold up to 30 pounds — and one reviewer even wrote that "the wood grain is subtle, but beautiful."


A set of hangers coated in luxurious velvet

Tired of discovering your clothes have slipped off your hangers? Then it's time to upgrade to these velvet ones. The velvet creates more friction than plastic, which keeps your garments from sliding off. And if you aren't into pink? They also come in dozens of other colors. One reviewer wrote, "18 months later I’m dropping by for my third box of these beauties." They continued, "Function as expected and have experienced nothing but joy!"


This high-tech electric razor that shaves so close

Not only is this electric razor waterproof, for wet and dry use, but it even comes with a display that indicates battery life and gives cleaning reminders. Plus, it's equipped with a 3D floating head that curves around the jaw for a smooth, frictionless shave.


A bidet that's almost too easy to install

Bidets can be a little intimidating when it comes to installation — that's why this one comes with all the parts and tools needed for an easy-breezy experience. The sprayer also features a hygienic nozzle gate to help keep you clean. Plus, one reviewer wrote that it's "very easy to install, and can be done in less than 15 minutes."


The night lights with built-in motion sensors

Instead of stumbling around in the dark, why not add these night lights to your hallways? The built-in motion sensor prevents them from turning on when no one is around, which is great for keeping your utility bills low. And with a powerful rechargeable battery on the inside, each one can provide up to 180 days' worth of light.


A sink caddy made from sleek stainless steel

Looking for something that looks a little nicer than that plastic caddy you've got in your sink? Consider this sleek one made from stainless steel. Ventilation holes along the bottom help keep mold and mildew from accumulating, while the four suction cups keep it securely fastened to your sink wall. One reviewer also wrote that "the inner divider is removable, which I think makes it more spacious and allows things to dry quicker."


This wireless doorbell that comes pre-loaded with 52 melodies

With 52 different melodies to choose from, you could change the tune playing from this wireless doorbell every week for an entire year without having to repeat any of them. And since it has a wireless range of up to 1,000 feet, you've got tons of freedom when it comes to placing the speaker.


A portable mosquito repeller that lasts for up to 12 hours

Got a camping trip coming up? Don't leave the house without this portable mosquito repeller. Each order comes with 12 hours' worth of DEET-free repellent. And unlike bug sprays, this special repellent creates a 15-foot zone of protection around you so that your companions are also safe from mosquitos.


The caddy that helps you keep track of your remotes

Always losing your television remotes? Start keeping them inside of this caddy. If you don't have that many, you can also use it to store tablets, phones, mail, and other small items. "It doesn't take up a lot of room but it holds a lot," wrote one reviewer. "And I love that it swivels!"


An under-cabinet lighting kit that costs less than $20

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars for a professional to add lights under you cabinets — just grab this kit. Not only does it cost less than $20, but the adhesive backing makes it easy to stick them wherever you like. "Low profile, not even noticeable," raved one reviewer. "I constantly get asked 'Where is the light coming from?' by guests."


These smart bulbs that don't require a hub

Some smart bulbs require an extra smart hub in order to work — luckily, these ones don't require any additional purchases. You can pair them with Alexa or Google Home, but if you don't have either? The free downloadable smartphone app can be used to adjust their brightness, color, and more.


A cooling pad to help keep your laptop from overheating

Ever notice how hot your laptop can get when it's sitting flat? This cooling pad can help. The height is adjustable, which means it can also be used as a laptop stand — and the three built-in fans run at an ultra-silent level so as to not disturb others. One customer wrote, "It's super quiet! It's also lightweight, yet very sturdy, and the metal mesh does an excellent job of keeping the laptop in place and directing the air around more evenly."


The smartphone car charger that works wirelessly

Pop any Qi-enabled phone into this wireless charger for a quick power-up. Intelligent identification technology allows it to determent the optimal charging speed for your phone — and unlike some wireless chargers, there's no need to remove your case in order for it to work.


A clever organizer for water bottles, sauces, and more

Water bottles, sauce bottles, and other round containers can be awkward to store (and not roll away), and that’s where this organizer comes in. Get it in packs of two or four racks, each with slots for three items. Spread them out or stack them, the choice is up to you.


This dish rack that can also be used as a trivet

Still using that clunky dish rack with a plastic drip tray? Then it's time to upgrade to this over-the-sink version. Any stray drips fall right into your sink so that there's nothing to clean up, while the stainless steel rungs can even be used as a trivet in a pinch. One reviewer also wrote that it's "very sturdy, and holds its grip of the front and back edges of my sinks."


This set of packing cubes that makes your suitcase super streamlined

Whether your route is by land, air, or sea, this set of durable packing cubes keeps your luggage organized, and also lets you squeeze more stuff into a smaller space. For a day trip or two-week transcontinental jaunt, these organizers are much loved — they have a 4.8-star rating after over 16,000 reviews.


The headphone hook that can help prevent damage

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've swiped my headphones off my desk — but if I had this hook, my headphones would certainly be in better shape. It mounts underneath your desk using a screw clamp, which means there are zero tools required for installation. Plus, it can even hold up to 5 pounds.


A webcam cover that keeps you hidden until you're ready

If you've ever mistakenly turned on your webcam before you were ready to be on video, you'll be glad you grabbed these covers. The ultra-thin profile won't affect how your screen closes shut, and they're designed to work with all types of laptops. "Love that this does not in any way interfere with my laptop computer's webcam," wrote one reviewer. "Very low profile — it's barely noticeable that it's there!"