More than half of Republican voters are extremely chill with some extremely bad stuff

Racism? Antisemitism? Sexual misconduct? It’s all good!

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Despite what you may have heard from the liberal elite and their minions in the lamestream media, the Republican Party of 2022 is not the restrictive, unwelcoming institution the DUMBocrats would have you believe. Not even close. In fact, according to a newly released Morning Consult/Politico poll on Wednesday, the majority of GOP voters are refreshingly open-minded when it comes to conservative candidates with histories of racism, antisemitism, and homophobia — or, I should say, their theoretical histories, since we all know no Republican office-holder would actually engage in that sort of behavior, right? Right?

Just 38% of GOP respondents to the national tracking poll indicated it would be a “major problem” if a candidate was accused of making racist remarks. Only 25% said it would be a major problem if a candidate was accused of making homophobic remarks — a number that inched up to 26% if the remarks had been transphobic. Not even half of Republican respondents indicated a candidate accused of antisemitism would have serious trouble getting their vote.

Conversely, it was the Democrats — closed-minded and intolerant as they are — who overwhelmingly shut the door on prospective public servants, with anywhere from 65-80% of respondents saying the above scenarios would present a “major problem” for a candidate vying for their support.

There is, I suppose, a lesson to be drawn from this poll, which was conducted between April 22-April 25 with responses from over 2000 registered voters. To me, that lesson here is clearly that Republicans are simply the more flexible, more welcoming party, who embrace candidates from all walks of life: racist walks, homophobic walks, antisemitic walks. You name it, Republicans are the ones who say “hey, c’mon in. We’re a big tent.”

It’s Democrats, meanwhile, who seemingly make their candidates grovel for their votes, closing the door on hardworking aspiring politicians who simply want to be granted enormous public power despite a history of alleged bigotry. Tell me, is that what a representative democracy is all about? I don’t think so.