Slacker’s Syllabus: 5 Radical Social Movements From History

Portrait of human rights activist Malcolm X reading stories about himself in a pile of newspapers, c...
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Social movements are growing in the U.S.

As fascism rose under former President Donald Trump, activists used his administration to spur discussions around white supremacy and decolonization.

But people became angrier after the coronavirus pandemic exacerbated systemic inequalities. Now, millions are demanding that we don’t simply return to the “before” times, but instead, create something better.

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Today’s movements aren’t new.

When looking at the modern movements for Black lives, climate justice, and housing justice, it’s important to recognize that every effort today is owed to earlier resistances.

While you can trace movements back centuries, you don’t even need to go that far to start.

These five radical movements from the ‘60s and ‘70s influence the organizing we see today.

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