The 5 Best Wireless Headphones For TV Listening

ByTiana Crump

If you want to enjoy your favorite television series, movies, and even video games without bothering your roommates or family members — or are looking to cut out the noise around you while you relax with your shows — you’ll need the best wireless headphones for TV listening. Wireless headphones are a convenient way to freely listen to television shows or movies at the volume you want without being tethered to your computer. Best yet, many of these headphones deliver better sound quality than your built-in TV speakers.

There are tons of different wireless headphones. So, when you’re shopping for ones specifically for streaming TV audio, you should consider a few things. The first is your comfort. If you’re watching something of movie length, you’ll be wearing headphones for at least an hour and a half so for headband-style headphones, choose a pair with padded ear cups and an adjustable band. For earbuds, look for soft ear tips with multiple sizes for the best fit.

The best wireless headphones for TV listening should also have a fast Bluetooth 4.0 connection or higher to avoid lag. For larger spaces, remember that it's necessary to opt for wireless headphones with Bluetooth signals capable of longer ranges. If you live in a noisy household you'd like to block out or will be watching on the road, noise-canceling features are good to have, too. To make sure you don’t lose power in the middle of your Netflix session, you’ll also want headphones with a long-lasting battery life.

To make choosing the perfect pair easier, I’ve found the best wireless headphones for TV listening. All are top-rated and feature high-quality sound.


The Best Overall Wireless Headphones For TV Listening

The Avantree HT5009 Wireless Headphones is my top pick for TV listening. These headphones deliver in sound, range, and options. There’s an "undetectable" audio delay of less than 40-milliseconds, so you get well-synced audio. Its dual-link technology along with active bypass feature allows you to connect a second pair of headphones if you want or have one person listening via headphones while others are listening through the TV at different volume levels, great for those who could use added hearing support.

With it’s Bluetooth 4.1 transmitter, it’s capable of reaching up to 164 feet which makes it great for large living spaces or those moments when you need to get up to get a snack but don’t want to miss anything. These headphones feature an easy plug-and-play setup to pair with your devices.

You also have the option to switch between wireless Bluetooth mode to wired if you want. If you have a sound bar for your TV, these headphones can connect directly to them as well. And these headband-style units are also a great choice when it comes to comfort. The ear pads are cozy and surprisingly lightweight. Plus, battery life provides up to 40 hours of playtime.

What fans say: “They are comfortable to wear, produce clear sound and have excellent battery life. The active bypass feature is very useful allowing the rest of the family to watch and listen through our theater system while my father listens through the headphones. There is no perceivable lag with the unit. Set up was very simple and straight forward and all cables were provided.”


The Best Wireless Earbuds For TV

If you want a lightweight in-ear option, the Avantree HT4186 Wireless Headphones are a great choice. These wireless earbuds are easy to connect and come with a Bluetooth 4.1 transmitter for convenient TV listening. It can transmit signals up to 100 feet and come with "undetectable" delay, so you don’t have to be right in front of the television to hear clear, synced audio. These earphones also have up to 20 hours of battery life so you won't lose sound in the middle of your Netflix watch session. They feature a neckband and soft, comfortable ear tips. With its USB audio output support, these are great for streaming TV on your PC or game audio from a PS4 as well.

What fans say: “This device was super easy to connect. I had it running within just a few minutes. I watched a whole movie without captioning at all and could hear very clearly. The earplugs do not hurt my ears like many others do. They are very lightweight but stay in my ear well and they are highly flexible. I love that I can hear even with one in and not miss a thing.”


The Best Wireless Headphones With Noise-Cancelling For Loud Rooms And Travel

For active noise-canceling when you're in a loud room or on a plane, the Cowin E7 is worth considering. These headphones feature 40-millimeter drivers for rich bass and active noise-canceling to reduce background chatter, so all you hear is your show or movie. These noise-canceling headphones feature both wireless Bluetooth 4.0 and wired modes, making them very versatile. With its built-in microphone, you can make hands-free calls and even connect to other devices. They’re great for streaming TV audio when you’re traveling or if you live in a high-traffic area. The ear cups feature comfortable padding and an adjustable headband. Plus, the battery gives you up to 30 hours of playtime between charges.

What fans say: “I'm impressed! Sound is pretty nice, noise cancelling is awesome. The bluetooth connection is quick and there is an included audio cable for when you might run out of battery.”


The Best Wireless Headphones With Surround Sound

If you’re willing to splurge for the best sound experience, the Sennheiser RS 175 RF is easy to set up and delivers the best all-around sound for a wireless headphone system. These headphones bring the bass with modes for enhanced bass and two different surround sound levels to get the best sound when you’re watching those blockbuster action films where every explosion counts. Reviewers have reported not noticing any audio lag either. You just get crystal clear sound up to 328 feet away within line of sight.

All the controls for volume, bass, and surround sound modes are directly on the headphones, so you can easily adjust the settings when you need without getting up. Plus, they’re ergonomic with soft padded ear cups and adjustable for personalized comfort. The battery lasts up to 18 hours between charges, which is enough for most TV listening uses, so if you’re looking for wireless headphones with plenty of range, bass, and stunning surround sound, it’s a great choice.

What fans say: “I'm impressed with the sound quality of the headphones. It's great to watch and action movie and not disturb anyone in the house. Again, it's like having your own personal home theater experience. No outside noise, as loud as you want, and comfortable.”


The Best Budget Option

The Mpow Thor Bluetooth Headphones are a budget-friendly pair that will do the job at home or on the go if you don't mind sacrificing on battery life. These portable headphones can be easily folded and feature Bluetooth 4.0 with up to a 33-feet signal range and the ability to connect up to two devices at once.

The 40-millimeter drivers deliver quality sound (especially for the price) while built-in noise-canceling helps in crowded spaces. And with a battery playtime of 8 hours, it fits most show and movie watching needs. Plus, if you run out of juice, it comes with an additional cable with a wired mode option so you can finish your movie. With padded ear cups made of memory foam and an adjustable headband, you get a comfortable fit, too.

What fans say: “For TV, they're great. Excellent value for the money, very affordable.” Another reviewer wrote: "I am amazed at the sound quality and bass produced for these inexpensive Bluetooth headphones. While not total noise cancelling, the sound is crisp and clear. Phone calls are also very clear."

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