The Sega Genesis Mini fits your favorite ‘90s games into a console half the original's size


Ready to flash back to the '90s with the Sega Genesis? You can do just that later this fall with the emergence of the Sega Genesis Mini. Yep, it's another tiny console that fits in the palm of your hand and delivers tons of gaming goodness, without the need for cartridges, expensive retro systems, or the patience to make old tech work. No blowing into the slot for you!

It's just like the Genesis you likely owned when you were a kid, only much, much smaller. The console is actually around 55 percent smaller than the original, and it's based on the original Model 1 Genesis, which was part of the first wave of systems to be released.

The iconic '90s console returns in its cutest form factor yet, complete with a massive library of games on board and two classic 3-button controllers. If you're a big retro gaming enthusiast but hate the thought of emulating games or spending money on pricey systems, this should be a great option for you.

The Sega Genesis Mini is a first-party product, which means it's an official item produced and distributed by Sega, so you aren't getting any sort of knockoff quality here that could potentially damage your television or cause a headache. And you don't have to worry about loading games on it, because that part's already been done for you.

Along with the lengthy list of games on its internal storage, the system comes with two wired control pads that look just like the full-size original Genesis controllers, a USB power adapter, a power cable, and an HDMI cable to ensure you should have everything you need to plug it in and play right out of the box.

There's a massive list of 42 classic Sega Genesis games that have now been confirmed for the diminutive system, including several standouts that all retro enthusiasts will want to get their hands on: Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Super Fantasy Zone, Altered Beast, Gunstar Heroes, Shining Force, ToeJam & Earl, and plenty more. Unfortunately, you're likely locked at these 42 titles, since none of the other miniature consoles like the SNES Classic or PlayStation Classic have received any sort of update opportunities to fit them with additional games just yet. But given the list that will come with the system, fans should be pretty well-covered in terms of must-have titles. If you need to examine the full list, you can find it via the official Sega Genesis Mini site.

And yes, it even comes in a miniature version of the iconic Sega Genesis retail box that you can keep the system in to display around your home or chuck it over your shoulder as you dig in – it's gaming time, after all!


If the Sega Genesis Mini is speaking your language, you can already lock one in to ensure you're not left with another NES Classic incident. The miniature Nintendo console sold out minutes after going on sale in 2016, and it was notoriously difficult to find for months following its debut.

As the hilarious old commercials used to say, "Genesis does what Nintendon't." Looks like they're both on equal footing now, though, at least in the realm of mini consoles. If you're interested in a Sega Genesis Mini, better nab one now before the inevitably sell out. You can preorder the Sega Genesis Mini right now at retailers like Amazon and GameStop for $79.99.