Trump’s big idea to restore democracy: “Have a new election, immediately!”

His latest Truth Social post has some interesting ideas about how a democracy works.

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I am of the firm opinion that not everything Donald Trump says or does deserves to be treated as news. The man simply exists to barf whatever nonsense burbles to the top of his feverish brainpan and then lap up whatever attention he can squeeze out of an increasingly jaded public. Nevertheless, sometimes he says things that are so notable and wacky that you have to give the devil his due, and pay (marginal) attention to his latest bout of self-congratulatory logorrhea.

Today, friends, is one of those days.

Screenshot/Truth Social/Donald J. Trump

Boy, that really scratches an itch, huh? Just a good ol’ fashioned “oh yeaaaaah, he’s totally loony” sort of vibe that we’ve been missing lately. Here we are, the waning days of August in the year two thousand and twenty two, and this man has come up with a brilliant plan to solve all of America’s ills: Take a mulligan. Just wave your hands around, say the magic words, and *poof* let’s have a do-over! Perfect. Ingenious. No notes. Good stuff all around.

What’s actually interesting about this Trump “Truth” is that it’s a tacit admission that he knows he lost the 2020 presidential election (I mean, of course he knows it, but it’s not like he’d ever say so — until now) and is moving the goalposts to essentially nullify his admitted loss by having a big ol’ repeat election — which, I should mention, he probably wouldn’t win anyway.

It’s not hard to understand why the man is having a nutty this week. Republicans are somehow managing to squander one of the biggest electoral opportunities they’ve had in years; he’s facing his own obsolescence in the form of rip-off artists and disinterested former-sycophants; he’s increasingly looking at the possibility that he might have to actually answer for allegedly having committed some serious crimes. If I were in his shoes, I’d want a do-over too. And where better to rant and rave at the gosh-darned unfairness of it all than on his own personal social media platform?

Incidentally, Truth Social is itself also reportedly in dire straits these days. Trump’s gotta get it out of his system, and onto his other system, while both are still in operation, I suppose.

Ultimately, none of this really matters in the “there will be actionable consequences” sense of the word. We’ve become so inured to the seditious rantings of this guy, that even his full-throated call to nullify his electoral loss is just an amusing afterthought, suitable for a 400-word blog and nothing more. But, taken as a snapshot of the man’s mental status at the moment, it’s pretty clear that if nothing else: Donald Trump is not having a good time.