Slacker’s Syllabus: Inflation

Torn bills revealing Inflation words. Idea for FED consider interest rate hike, world economics and ...
Does it feel like these days, everything you buy is wildly expensive?

You fill up your gas tank, and your weekly budget is shot. You’re getting less at the grocery store but paying more. That dream you had of buying a car feels suddenly out of reach, now that everything is out of your price range.

That’s inflation for you. And we’re dealing with near-record levels of it right now.

What is inflation?

To keep it simple: Inflation is the loss of purchasing power over time — basically, your dollar gets you less. It costs more to do everything from gassing up your car to buying a gallon of milk.

Have you ever heard a Boomer talk about how, “Back in my day, a movie ticket cost $0.50?” Well, over time, inflation has raised the price of that ticket to about $10.