16 Mother's Day gifts your mom will actually use

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Shopping for my mom is next to impossible. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, her birthday, and Mother’s Day, my sisters and I flood the group text with ideas, often only to find our gifts unused months later. Our latest fail: The air fryer we gave her last Christmas. She used it occasionally, but said she preferred frying the old-school way, with oil. If you can relate, you’re probably stressing right now, with Mother’s Day just a few days away. Stop racking your brain for a second, and read up on our suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts she’ll actually use.

The shades

With their berry frames and subtle cat eye, these frames are a chic statement piece, and their detail-enhancing lenses make real life look even better.

The juice bar

This all-in one blender-juicer allows Mom to get her nutrient fix efficiently — and deliciously — from her fresh farmer’s market buys, in the form of smoothies, cocktails, and more.

The real bar

At first glance, this chic drinkmaker — the Keurig of cocktails, literally — appears to be a Real Housewives-esque recipe for drunken debauchery, but hear me out. Your mom works hard. She deserves an incredible Cosmo at the end of the week without having to toil over an orange rind in the kitchen.

The loungewear

Organic-grown, long-staple cotton makes for a cushy robe true to its name. Buying it apparently saves four miles of driving emissions and nearly 1,000 days’ worth of drinking water, allowing Mom to luxuriate while bingeing Netflix, and help save the planet while she’s at it.

The canned cocktail

These are a godsend for when your mom just had a day, but doesn’t really have it in her to fix herself a drink. We suggest the Tequila Paloma if she likes her cocktails bright and effervescent, the Spicy Bloody Mary if she prefers them with a little more kick.

The most mellow of highs

For the mom who wants to take her beverage up a notch, this liquid cannabis — which comes in five stylish yet discreet vials — will supposedly help her find a focused flow state. High-quality cannabis oil and plant-based ingredients ensure she’s not slipping anything shady into her drink.

The chill without the high

Each of these morsels contains 15 mg of CBD, a compound in cannabis that’s non-inebriating but purportedly mellows you out. They’re also kosher, non-GMO, and all-natural, so that Mom can find her chill while keeping her conscience intact.

The salon staple

Perfect for the on-the-go mom who wants to remain fly without investing hours in front of a mirror, this hair dryer comes with three attachments she can use depending on her needs: a smoothing nozzle for a natural look, a styling concentrator for precise styling, and a diffuser for defined, frizz-free curls.

The skincare

This spa-in-a-box includes a purifying mask, face mist, and brightening overnight serum, for those days when Mom needs a little extra luxury.

The travel case

This makeup case is the perfect combination of class, design, and sustainability. It's crafted at a small workshop in Argentina that adheres to the strictest of eco-conscious standards.

The indoor garden

For the wannabe plant mom who doesn’t exactly have a green thumb, this indoor garden basically tends to itself. All she needs to do is add the biodegradable, nutrient-releasing plant pods, fill the water tank, plug it in, and let it do its thing.

The chocolate

Your mom isn't basic so why should her chocolate be? Kosterina's extra virgin olive oil dark chocolate bars are a flavor revelation, embedded with ingredients such as fig, cinnamon, and honey.

The night time scent

Dolce & Gabbana's The Only One is a sophisticated, fun, dance of scent notes led by vanilla and orange blossom. In true mom fashion, it's sweet but not sugary and just the slightest bit spicy.

The daytime scent

With a base of papyrus and white amber, this scent — light and classic — is perfect for spring and summer days.

The hair color

Just because she's your mother, doesn't mean she doesn't crave the same hair adventures you might. This hair color subscription comes with a consultation from a professional stylist, as well as a color kit designed specifically for people to handle easily at home. Don't be surprised if you see your mom with the Rose Gold next month.

The fancy French chef's gadget

If inspired moments are the only time your mom is found in the kitchen, this sous vide — which is the process of vacuum-sealing food and then cooking it in water — yields the most succulent, flavorful meat and veggies on this side of Riviera.