30 common grooming mistakes you're making that you don't realize are costing you money

Free up a small fortune.

ByChristina X. Wood
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Going to the salon for a mani-pedi, hitting the hairdresser every few weeks for a trim, getting your dentist to whiten your teeth, or even dropping too much on personal care items adds up quickly. All of that is fine if you want to treat yourself or have some fun — but if you’re trying to save money, those treat-yourself grooming moments could be considered “mistakes” to your wallet.

You don’t even have to pull out your budget and calculator because I did the legwork for you. Read on, and save for something nice.


Mistake: Throwing away product with the container

Solution: This tiny spatula that gets it all out

Get every last drop of your products out of the container with this tiny spatula that’s designed to get into even the smallest of containers, reach to the bottom, and grab all the goods.

“I love this tool,” said one reviewer. “You will be surprised by how much product is often left in bottles with pumps. This tool gets into the nooks and crannies allowing you to get full value out of the product. It cleans up with soap and water.”


Mistake: Relying on the dermatologist for microneedling

Solution: This dermaroller you can work into your skin-care routine

This micro-needling derma roller is simple to use but delivers a serious facial (that’s quite pricey at the spa). Use it carefully for glowing skin. As an added bonus, your skin will drink it in serums and facial products like never before because the tiny needles help with exfoliation.

“This is a must-have [that] my esthetician recommended,” said one reviewer. “I use this once a week and immediately apply serum.”


Mistake: Using chemicals & tinctures to treat razor bumps

Solution: The exfoliating brush that helps prevents bumps & ingrown hairs

This clever exfoliating brush fits neatly into your palm and makes exfoliating your epidermis easy and pleasant. That exfoliation is the step that keeps ingrown hairs and razor bumps from making the scene after you shave or wax so it’s well worth a few seconds in the shower.

“I love this brush to use in the shower!!” said one reviewer. “It [lathers] up amazing and gets rid of all your dry skin by exfoliating and it definitely helps with ingrown hairs!!”


Mistake: Getting costly in-office whitening procedures

Solution: These minty whitening strips that work at home

Stick these whitening strips on your teeth for 30 minutes. They stay put so you don’t have to fuss with them and are hardly noticeable while they are there. They’re also gentle, use ingredients like mint and coconut oil so they are tasty, and are enamel safe so that even sensitive teeth don’t mind the cleanup. You can use them once, daily, occasionally, or whatever suits your schedule.

“The strips are great and really whiten your teeth even after one use,” said one reviewer.


Mistake: Spending too much money on face cream

Solution: This affordable ceramide & peptide formula without the designer price

Applying a night cream is so good for helping replenish your epidermis while you sleep. They can be pricey, though. this CeraVe night cream is loaded with all the ceramides and peptides you need to boost the health and suppleness of your outer layer without the often-shocking price tag.

“I love this cream,” said one reviewer. “I have been spending a lot of money on all kinds of face cream but my skin still had dry patches. Since I have been using this my skin is smoother and feels hydrated.”


Mistake: Throwing away cotton pads every time you remove your makeup

Solution: These reusable makeup remover pads

Not only will this set of 20 reusable makeup remover pads save you money by lasting for years but they are much nicer to use than small, flimsy disposable cotton rounds. They are thick and absorbent and super soft on your skin. They even come with a laundry bag to keep them together when they go through the wash.

“These are super soft, absorbent and they stay flat when you use them,” said one reviewer. “I use them with micellar water to remove my makeup, [...] then drop them in a laundry bag to wash.”


Mistake: Shampooing your hair every day

Solution: This dry shampoo that removes grime without water

Shampooing your hair too often can leave it dry, unmanageable, and in need of salon treatment — not to mention using up lots of product. This dry shampoo is perfect for cleaning up your hair without washing away all its hydration. Just rub the lightly scented powder through strands and brush. It is free of chemicals and easy to use.

“After using spray dry shampoo for a couple of years I can say this powder dry shampoo is a cleaner alternative,” said one reviewer. “It doesn't make your hair feel that caked-on product feeling. It left my hair still pretty smooth and soft.”


Mistake: Spending a fortune at a spa for pedicure-smooth feet

Solution: A foot-peel mask that makes magic happen

Pull on this sock-like foot peel mask and relax while the lactic and salicylic acids — as well as avocado oil and aloe vera — permeate the layer of cracked and dry skin on the surface of your feet. A few days later, your feet will shed that dead skin layer and reveal the fresh pair of soft-as-a-baby feet that are under all of that. Well over 25,000 people gave this oddly satisfying experience five stars.


Mistake: Using a slew of products to treat your skin

Solution: This remedy soap that helps myriad issues while you wash

When your skin itches, bug bites are making you mad, or there is a burning sensation you just can’t shed, get in the shower and bathe with this Remedy soap. The botanicals within — tea tree oil, peppermint, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and more — will help soothe away the suffering.

Over 29,000 people gave it five stars and used words like “miracle,” “amazing,” and “cured” in their reviews.


Mistake: Spending a fortune treating ingrown toenails

Solution: This set of toenail tools so you can do your own foot care at home

This set of toenail tools lets you do a professional level of upkeep at home with fewer professional trips. The ingrown nail hook and corrector can quickly ease painful toenail issues. The curved clippers get pro-level results. And there is also every tool you need for basic maintenance.

“This set has saved me so much money taking care of my own feet and not going to the salon,” said one reviewer. “The tools are made well and I would definitely recommend it.”


Mistake: Forgetting to protect your hair & scalp from sun damage

Solution: A scalp & hair mist with SPF 30

Protect your delicate scalp, hair follicles, and hair color from sun damage by spraying your hair with this scalp and hair mist with monoi oil and Gotu Kola extract as well as a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is not greasy or oily. The ocean scent makes you smell delicious while nourishing your hair and head and keeping all safer from sun damage.


Mistake: Wasting toothpaste inside the tube

Solution: This tube squeezer that stands it up & gets out the last bit

Instead of letting the toothpaste (or any product in a tube) leak all over the counter — and throwing away those last few uses because they are too hard to get out of the tube — mount the tube into this tube squeezer. It turns the tube into a container that stands up and squeezes the last drop out of that thing with a turn of the key.

“Feel like I’m saving money by using everything in the tube,” said one reviewer. “Especially for expensive items.”


Mistake: Going to the salon for deep conditioning hair treatments

Solution: This heated cap so you can do effective treatments at home

Pop this deep conditioning heat cap into the microwave and wear it while your hair soaks in your favorite conditioning products or takes a curl from your rollers. It will stay warm for an hour or so, allowing your hair plenty of time to soak up the good stuff and come out of the cap looking like you came from the salon.

“Cutting out additional trips to the salon is a huge money saver,” said one reviewer.


Mistake: Buying pricey anti-dandruff shampoos instead of exfoliating

Solution: This scalp massager that relaxes you while exfoliating your scalp

Choose the massage head that feels best to you — there are two — and use this scalp massager when you shampoo, condition, or whenever you like. The brushing action helps removes dead skin, stimulates circulation, and increases blood flow to improve hair health and reduce dandruff.

“I honestly can't live without it,” said one reviewer. “I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp, and this is the only thing that has helped [remove] the embarrassing flakes.”


Mistake: Buying disposable flossers

Solution: This water flosser that makes the chore fun & easy

Use water to help you master a daily flossing habit. This countertop water flosser blasts away debris and plaque using the adjustable water pressure and six easy-to-switch tips that get between teeth easily, negotiate around braces and bridges, clean your tongue, brush teeth, and more. The large tank capacity keeps it running without frequent refills.


Mistake: Getting your hair cut by a pro every time

Solution: This hair cutter comb that can help you do trims yourself

This clever hair cutter comb is a razor blade embedded in a comb to help you cut hair without the blunt edges of scissors. Just pull it through to thin out thick hair or execute a modern, razor haircut. The handle is also a comb so you can flip it around to part, separate, and gather hair as you cut.

“After doing my husband’s hair I got up the nerve to do mine and I love it!” reported one reviewer. “I have received many compliments and it will continue to save me lots of money.”


Mistake: Failing to maintain teeth whiteness by brushing

Solution: This gentle whitening toothpaste that tastes great

Get your teeth a little whiter every time you brush by using this whitening toothpaste that’s infused with calcium carbonate to gently remove stains from your teeth while protecting enamel. It’s also boosted with vitamin B12.


Mistake: Calling the plumber because hair clogged the drain

Solution: This weird hair catcher that stops hair before it becomes a problem

It’s so easy to prevent that desperate (read: expensive) call to the plumber when the sink fills with water. Just drop this sink drain protector into the drain and nothing will get past it to clog the drain. Just pull it out occasionally and remove the hair.

“My locks are long, thick, and constantly shedding,” said one reviewer. “This sink shroom prevents the majority of it from ending up in the gooseneck under the sink. [...] Easy to clean with a tissue, too.”


Mistake: Exposing skin to potential sun damage

Solution: The daily facial moisturizer with SPF 30

Going out into the sun daily without giving your skin a drink and offering it some sun protection can lead to costly sun damage, as well as dry and chapped skin. Get in the habit of applying this face moisturizer that’s loaded with chia seed oil and cactus extract and offers broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays. The packaging is sleek and the scent is understated.


Mistake: Throwing disposable cotton swabs into the trash

Solution: This reusable swab with a soft, silicone tip

If tossing a pile of cotton swabs in the trash makes you feel guilty for the effect that has on the environment and your wallet, these reusable cotton swabs are a terrific solution. Made from silicone, they are washable and reusable — and have a matching carrying case. They come in a choice of six colors.

This is a “cheap product that saves you lots of money in the long run,” according to one reviewer.


Mistake: Taking all your beard needs to a barber

Solution: This beard-care kit that has everything you need

You don’t need to go to the barber because your beard needs a trim or is itchy, wiry, or unkempt. This beard grooming kit has all the products, tools, and know-how so you can do it yourself. The double-sided wooden comb and boar brush help you keep things tidy. While the beard oil and balm nourish and tame your wild whiskers. There’s a pair of surgical-grade steel scissors, too, for executing your own trims. It’s all packed neatly into a reusable tin.


Mistake: Relying on expensive disposable razors

Solution: This eco-friendly safety razor you can use for years

Upgrade your shaving routine from disposable razors made from cheap, throw-away materials that are costly for you and the environment. This double-edged safety razor is a beautiful piece of equipment that will last for years. You replace only the blades. The handle stands on its own, making it easy to store. And it has a heft and quality you will never get from plastic disposable goods.


Mistake: Letting the soap melt in the dish

Solution: This wall-mounted magnet soap holder

Skip the entire problem of messy dishes and melted soap and install this magnetic soap holder instead. Your bar soaps will never sit in a puddle so they will last longer and create less mess in the shower or on the vanity. Stick the metal gripper into your soap and it simply clings to the magnet, staying dry and clean. As an added bonus, you can indulge in more bar products that tend to save coin.

“This is a great way to store soap and declutter [the] shower,” said one reviewer.


Mistake: Buying small bottles of hand & laundry soap

Solution: This 2-pack of multipurpose castile soap

Instead of buying small hand soap, body wash, and shampoo bottles and throwing them away when empty, treat yourself to a nice reusable container and fill those with this lovely castile soap instead. It works for all your soaping needs and is gentle on skin and hair. It’s so rich, you can even dilute it — especially for hand soap — and make it last even longer. There are six gorgeous scents to choose from.


Mistake: Paying to get a good haircut

Solution: This shaving template so you can easily do it yourself

The giveaway of many a home haircut is the back of the neck, where it is difficult to cut a straight line and get rid of choppy edges. But this shaving template solves that problem. Just put it on and use your clippers to feel your way to a straight and clean neckline.

“I can now do my neckline without any assistance,” said one reviewer. “This will save me a lot of money as I won't have to go to a barber for quick trims.”


Mistake: Going to a salon for soft, smooth feet

Solution: This callus remover that makes treating feet easy at home

Put your at-home pedicure on the power setting by using this electric callus remover to smooth rough heels and calluses. The rechargeable base comes with three interchangeable heads to help you deal with hard calluses and dead skin or just gently keep up with daily foot maintenance. It’s waterproof and comes in three colors.


Mistake: Using tons of paper towels to clean shave stubble

Solution: This bib apron that catches all the whisker debris

Avoid using all the paper towels after you shave by wearing this bib apron while you do it. It drapes over your shoulders and suctions to the mirror, creating a catch basin in front of you for the trimmed whiskers. All you have to do to clean up is gather it all together and toss it in the trash.

“MUCH better than shaving over a trash can that your wife may have thrown a diaper in and you didn't know it until you were mid-shave,” said one reviewer.


Mistake: Spending too much money getting hair color touched up

Solution: This root concealer spray that helps spread out salon color sessions

When your hair color starts to grow out, the need to fix that look becomes urgent. And that can blow your budget so fast. Extend the time between those coloring visits with this root-concealer touch-up spray. Choose your color, spray your roots, and spend that money on something nice.

“Helps me extend my salon coloring and save money,” said one reviewer. “Washes right out but doesn't fade or bleed between washes, and the can lasts a long time.”


Mistake: Throwing away razor blades because they are rusted

Solution: This razor cover that helps prevent rust & extends their life

Snap this razor-saver cover over your razor when you aren’t using it and it will help prevent rust and corrosion, thereby extending the life of your expensive razors. The maker estimates this habit can cut 66% out of your razor budget. And it cuts down on the razors you throw away, too, which is good for the environment.

“I’ve been using this blade saver for about a month,” said one reviewer. “It has already paid for itself several times over. I use the really expensive blades and [...] I’ve been on the same blade for almost a month.”


Mistake: Spending money on steam treatments at the spa

Solution: This facial steamer you can use at home

Open your pores so your cleansing and moisturizing routine are more effective and your at-home facials benefit from the moisturizing and warming effects of clean steam. Simply plug this facial steamer in on your vanity. It steams quickly and feels terrific.

“I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a spa-like experience in the comfort if your own home!” said one reviewer.