40 important little things you're forgetting to do that you'll wish you realized sooner

Small changes that’ll make a big impact.

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With a busy schedule, it can be easy to forget or simply not know about some clutch household items that could make your life so much easier. Whether it’s a cleaning product that makes easy work of removing stains and odors, a time-saving tool, or some preventative measures that keep your home looking great, there are plenty of important and helpful little things that can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day life.

So when you’re ready, scroll on for a list of important items you’ll probably wish you had known about sooner.


Set your drinks on these decorative coasters to protect tables & desks

Save your surfaces from rings and stains by using these cute macramé coasters that add a natural touch to your space. Each one is hand-woven from absorbent cotton, measures about 6.5 inches in diameter, and features a spiral design with fringe along the outside. They’re also great for adding a decorative touch under vases, plants, and candles.

Colors: 7


Clean spills with this wildly popular stain remover

Keep this handy stain remover in your bag or car to quickly remove food, drink, or grass stains while on the go — before you forget and let the set in. Over 27,000 Amazon shoppers rave about the formula, with one fan writing, “I literally WATCHED the stains disappear before my eyes.” It’s safe for use on clothing, toys, and carpets, and is EPA Safer Choice-certified so it’s free from harmful chemicals.

Styles: Spray or wipe


Lift pet hair with this tool that has 135,000+ reviews

If you’ve ever struggled with letting pet hair build up on your furniture, blankets, or clothing, pick up one of these pet rollers that one fan calls “the best thing I’ve ever bought on Amazon.” Its unique design features a reusable roller and a static charge to effectively capture lint, hair, and fur before depositing it into a chamber for easy disposal.


Avoid wrinkly clothes with these velvet hangers

Keep neglecting to hang up your most wrinkle-prone clothing? With these nonslip velvet hangers, it’s easy to keep things organized. They feature a convenient 360-degree swiveling hook, notches in the top to secure thin straps, and can hold up to 10 pounds each — great for jackets and long dresses. Plus, they’re available in eight colors to match your dream closet aesthetic.

Quantity options: 20, 30, 50, and 100-pack | Colors: 8


Use this waterproof cover to protect your car seats from pets

Before your next road trip, protect your car seats from drool, hair, and scratches with this waterproof car seat cover. It’s made of a soft yet durable material with nonslip backing to keep it in place, and even has side flaps to protect the doors. Small openings accommodate seatbelt buckles, and it can be easily wiped or vacuumed to clean. Choose from two sizes to fit most cars and SUVs.

Sizes: Standard, XL | Colors: 4


Rid your microwave of stuck-on food with this helpful little steamer

When’s the last time you cleaned your microwave? Well, reduce scrubbing and make the process easier with this Angry Mama cleaner that works to soften and dissolve stuck-on food. Simply fill the body with vinegar and water, replace the top, and microwave for five to eight minutes. When finished, food and splatters can be easily wiped away.

Colors: 4


Secure rugs in place with these corner grippers

Secure your rugs with these corner grippers that help keep them laying flat and in place. Each one attaches to the bottom of your rug via an adhesive backing, has a grippy gel to prevent slipping, and can be easily lifted for cleaning. They work great on all kinds of indoor rugs and are recommended for use on hard floors like wood, tile, and vinyl.

Quantity options: 4 and 8-pack


Clean hard-to-reach areas with this extendable duster

If your ceiling fans and other hard-to-reach areas have been gathering dust, this long-handled duster can help. The O-shaped head fits over each fan blade to keep it in place while providing an easy clean from all sides. The handle can extend up to 47 inches long, and the dusting head is washable and reusable.


Apply sunscreens & lotions to your back with this clever self-applicator

With this self-tan applicator, it’s easier to reach neglected spots on your back when applying sunscreen, sunless tan lotions, and other skin-care products. It’s made of a soft velvety material to evenly distribute creams and oils across your skin and has handles on each end for more control. The applicator is also washable for use over and over again.

Styles: 4 | Care Instructions: Machine washable, according to reviewers


Remove limescale & hard water stains with this pumice stone

If you’ve been letting hard water stains build up in the toilet and bathtub, this pumice stone makes getting rid of them a little easier. Simply wet the stone with water and gently rub it on porcelain and ceramic surfaces to remove hard water rings, limescale, rust, and mildew. The fine grit of the stone won’t scratch your surfaces, and it can be used over and over again.

Quantity options: 1, 2, and 4-pack


Check the temperature of meat while you’re cooking with this digital thermometer

To perfectly cook meat to your desired temperature, don’t skip using this waterproof thermometer. It features a backlit screen that’s easy to read outdoors, can provide a near-instant reading in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and even has a magnet for convenient storage. There’s also an easy-access temp chart on the front, and an auto on/off feature to help save the included battery.

Colors: 3


Trim your pet’s nails with this clipper & file set

When your pet’s nails start snagging on everything, you’ll wish you’d remembered to trim them sooner. Enter this set of nail clippers with a sharp, stainless steel blade for quick and easy cuts. A blade guard helps prevent over-clipping, while a thick rubber handle creates a comfortable and secure grip. When you’re finished clipping, use the included file to gently soften rough edges.


Turn lights & devices off from anywhere using these smart plugs

If you constantly forget to turn lights off, these smart plugs turn ordinary outlets into smart outlets that’ll allow you to control lighting and other electronics from anywhere. You can pair the plugs with Alexa or Google Home for voice-control capabilities at home, or use the Kasa smartphone app to set schedules and turn devices on and off while you’re away.


Eliminate pet stains & odors with this popular cleaning spray

When pet accidents happen, don’t neglect to get rid of stains and their odors with this pet stain remover that’s received over 100,000 reviews on Amazon. The certified carpet-friendly product is pet-safe and formulated with enzymes that work to break down and remove messes and smells on a variety of fabrics and surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals.


Fix the holes in your walls with this easy-to-use repair kit

When moving or redecorating, don’t let small holes in the walls go unfixed. This hole repair kit makes it easy to cover damage up to 3 inches in diameter and comes with everything you need, including a self-adhesive screen, shrink-proof spackling compound, a putty knife, and a sanding pad, and it takes you through the step-by-step process of creating a smooth repair.


Protect wooden cutting boards with this food-safe conditioning oil

Seal and protect your cutting boards, knives, and countertops with this food-grade mineral oil conditioner. Great for use on wood, stainless steel, marble, and soapstone, this silky oil helps restore surfaces, prevent cracks, and add a luminous shine. It’s completely tasteless and odorless, and can be used just a few times a year to increase the life of your kitchen tools and surfaces.

Sizes: 8, 12, and 64 fl. oz.


Clean your device screens with this gentle spray & microfiber towel

Use this screen cleaner kit on all of your devices to safely remove dirt, dust, and smudges without streaks and scratches. Many reviewers are amazed at how well it cleans, with one shopper writing, “It cleans better than every other screen cleaner I’ve used.” Simply spray the alcohol and ammonia-free formula onto the included microfiber towel and gently wipe your screens clean.


Remove lint from your dryer vent with this highly rated cleaning kit

Maximize the efficiency of your dryer and reduce fire hazards with this dryer vent cleaning kit. It includes a round lint brush on the end of a flexible rod that can be used by hand or attached to a drill to spin and clear lint out of your dryer vent. The rod can extend up to 40 feet, and it comes with a drill attachment.


Use this knife sharpener to get buttery smooth slices when cooking

When your knives just aren’t cutting like they used to, revive them with this knife sharpener that’s great for smooth, rounded, and even serrated blades. The sharpener features a metal alloy construction and a suction cup base to keep the unit secure while sharpening. It also measures less than 3 inches tall and has a 20-degree angle for the optimal edge.

Colors: 4


Clean reusable straws & water bottles with this brush set

If your reusable water bottles, straws, and jars are in need of a good scrubbing, get every nook and cranny with this bottle brush set that includes five different brush heads. They’re safe to use on most surfaces, including glass, metal, silicone, and stainless steel, feature strong nylon bristles, and are dishwasher-safe when they need to be freshened up.

Includes: 2 extra-large brushes, 1 narrow brush, 1 small brush, 1 straw brush


Keep your kicks free from stains & scuffs with this water-resistant spray

Before you head out in your new kicks, pick up this shoe protector spray that’s backed by nearly 17,000 five-star reviews from fans who love how well it prevents water stains and scuffs. Just two coats of the waterproof formula provides up to a month of protection, and it’s safe for use on all shoe materials, including leather, suede, and canvas.


Remove grease from your grill with this small, bristle-free scraper

After the cookout, you might be forgetting to clean your grill — but this metal grill cleaner makes cleanup a breeze. The bristle-free design features three groove shapes to fit most grates and glides easily to remove food and grease. You can use the included S-hook and chain for convenient storage, plus the brand makes a handle accessory you can attach for cleaning hot grills.


Use this wine aerator to release its full, nuanced flavor

To help release the full flavor of your wine, use this aerator before your first sip. It has a perforated screen that infuses the wine with oxygen as it passes through, as well as a built-in air tube that helps create a smooth and even pour. Plus, it even comes with a silicone stopper to create an airtight seal on leftover wine.

Colors: 4


Keep track of your to-do list with this inexpensive daily planner

Keep track of your goals, appointments, and to-do lists with this feature-packed daily planner. Not only does it provide space for daily, weekly, and monthly schedules, but it also has pages to create vision boards, practice gratitude, and write affirmations. It also comes with fun stickers and has a durable faux-leather cover with an elastic closure.

Colors: 5


Stay hydrated with this insulated tumbler you’ll want to take everywhere

If hydration keeps slipping your mind, this insulated tumbler can help. It boasts a 4.6-star overall rating thanks to its removable handle and spill-resistant straw lid. The 40-ounce size can fit into most car cup holders, and there are lots of fun colors and patterns to choose from. Plus, two stainless steel straws and a cleaning brush are included.

Colors: 19


Wash your makeup brushes with this popular electric cleaner

Periodically clean your makeup tools with this electric brush cleaner that can get the job done in seconds. The kit includes a cleaning bowl and eight brush handle attachments to accommodate almost any makeup brush, and it can wash and dry your makeup tools at the touch of a button.

Colors: 2


Measure ingredients with this digital kitchen scale

When making recipes that call for weighted ingredients, use this digital kitchen scale for precise measurements. It can provide readings in pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters, has an auto tare function for easy calibration, and can hold up to 11 pounds. Nonslip pads on the bottom keep it in place and it includes the AAA batteries needed for use.

Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.7 x 1.7 inches


Clean the cracks & crevices in your car with this clever gel

Has it been ages since you cleaned the nooks and crannies in your car? This cool cleaning putty is great for use in your AC vents, cup holders, and on the console, and can even be used in your home for keyboards, drawers, and other hard-to-clean places. The gel putty can be reused several times — it’ll turn black when it’s time to replace.


Get rid of buildup in your coffee machine with this descaling solution

For the best-tasting coffee and to maximize the life of your coffee machine, use this descaling solution every two to four months to remove the buildup caused by mineral deposits. Each bottle has enough cleaner for two descaling sessions, is compatible with all single-use coffee and espresso machines, and can even be used in kettles and electric water heaters.

Size: 8 ounces each


Remove dead skin with this textured shower towel

If you’re skipping exfoliation in your skin-care routine, this textured towel makes it easy to remove dry skin while you shower. The large size makes it ideal for exfoliating hard-to-reach spots, it’s safe for use on all skin types, and it’s woven with a quick-drying material that produces a luscious lather when used with your favorite soap.


Keep your jewelry shiny & sparkly with this gentle cleaning solution

Remembering to clean your everyday jewelry can keep it shiny and grime-free, and this jewelry cleaner can be used on all kinds of metals, diamonds, pearls, and even porous stones and beads. The gentle formula is biodegradable, nontoxic, and ammonia-free, and works to remove buildup and tarnish for a sparkling finish.


Prevent clogged drains with this hair-catching mushroom

Clogged drains can happen when you forget to use a hair catcher, and this one has earned over 82,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It features a mushroom-shaped, perforated design that keeps water flowing while hair and debris get trapped around the cylindrical shape. Most reviewers report cleaning it out every few days and it fits most standard-sized tub drains.

Colors: 6 | Compatible drain sizes: 1.5 — 1.75 inches in diameter


Maintain fresh-looking shoes with this highly rated cleaning kit

If you’ve let your shoes get grungy, clean them up with this best-selling shoe-cleaning kit that’s great for use on washable shoe materials, including leather, vinyl, suede, and canvas. The nontoxic formula gets rid of dirt, scuffs, and stains from soles and uppers, and it comes with a handy scrub brush. Plus, it’s ultra-concentrated so a little goes a long way, according to reviewers.

Size: 8 ounces


Keep up with your dental hygiene routine using this refillable, all-natural floss

Forgetting to floss? Refresh your dental hygiene routine with this all-natural floss featuring a minty coating made from plant-based ingredients like jojoba and peppermint oil. The floss itself is biodegradable and vegan and comes in a glass container with a handy floss cutter in the top. Plus, when you’re finished with the roll, convenient refills are available in the listing.

Ingredients: Castor oil-derived nylon floss, peppermint oil, jojoba oil, vegetable wax


Properly dispose of cooking oil in an easy, mess-free way with this powder

Instead of clogging your drains or keeping jars of used cooking oil around the house, remember to mix in some of this cooking oil solidifier so it hardens into a dense biodegradable gel that can be easily tossed or composted. The powder is made of 100% plant-based ingredients, can solidify up to 2 cups of oil per pouch, and comes in sustainable packaging.


Moisturize your beard & skin with this conditioning oil

To soften beards and mustaches and help reduce itchy skin, don’t skip using a conditioning beard oil. This one contains natural ingredients like argan and jojoba oil, and the lightweight, non-greasy oil is great for moisturizing both the hair and skin underneath. It’s also fragrance and paraben-free and just takes a few drops to make a difference, according to reviewers.


Keep champagne nice & bubbly with this self-tightening stopper

If you’ve got leftover bubbly, keep it fizzy with this champagne stopper that’s been specially designed to produce an airtight seal on the effervescent beverage. It has a hinge and safety latch that hooks onto the neck of the bottle and a leakproof construction that fits most standard bottles. Simply press the stopper down onto the opening and secure the latch to seal.

Colors: 2


Remove buildup & odors from your dishwasher with these easy-to-use tabs

It’s easy to forget that your dishwasher could use a cleaning now and then, but these cleaning tabs help keep odors at bay while maximizing the efficiency of your appliance. The lemony-scented tabs remove limescale and mineral buildup, and they’re EPA Safer Choice-certified so they’re free from harmful chemicals. Simply place one tab into your detergent tray and run a normal wash cycle.


Rid your car of crumbs & dirt with this handheld vacuum

If the crumbs in your car are seriously piling up, this portable car vacuum is your reminder to tidy up. It has over 250,000 reviews and comes with an assortment of cleaning attachments, strong suction, and long, 16-foot cord. The vacuum plugs right into your car’s 12-volt outlet and includes two HEPA air filters and a convenient carrying case to stash it in your trunk.

Included attachments: Flathead hose, extension tube, brush head | Colors: 2


Keep your plants hydrated with these self-watering bulbs

Make caring for your potted plants a little easier with these self-watering plant bulbs that provide just the right amount of water. When filled, the glass bulbs slowly feed water into the soil as it dries out and can provide up to two weeks of hydration. Plus, they’re available in four sizes and feature a decorative hand-blown look.

Quantity options: 2 and 4-pack | Sizes: 4