50 cheap things that are wildly popular on Amazon because they work so damn well

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One of the best things about online shopping is that you can check reviews to see how the product actually stacks up in real life before buying it — and if that item is highly rated and cheap, you know you've found a real winner. With that in mind, this list is full of things that are wildly popular on Amazon because they're incredibly helpful and inexpensive, so you don't have to think twice before adding them to your cart.

For instance, you can easily upgrade your home with a set of affordable smart plugs, a garage door opener that works from anywhere, and a digital indoor thermometer that monitors the humidity level in your house. And when you're away from home, you can make the trip more comfortable with items like a phone mount that clips onto your car's air vent and an insulated water bottle with a hidden storage compartment for your valuables. When you get back, you can quickly disinfect your phone, sunglasses, and other small items by popping them in a UV sanitizer.

That's just a small sample of the clever products you'll find below — keep scrolling for even more cheap things that Amazon reviewers love.


This fingerprint padlock that's USB-rechargeable

Thanks to this USB-rechargeable fingerprint padlock, you can keep things secure without needing to tote around a key or remember a combination. The small, sturdy lock records up to 20 fingerprints and can be unlocked thousands of times before needing to be recharged. Choose from six colors, including gold, blue, and gray.


An electronic cabinet lock that opens at the swipe of a card

Install this highly rated electronic cabinet lock to quickly unlock cabinet doors and drawers with the included RFID cards and key fobs. The sturdy lock is easy to install, works on wooden cabinets, and it's powered by batteries or a USB power adapter (included). Choose from packs of one or two.


This 2-pack of smart plugs that you control from anywhere

Control your appliances from anywhere using these mini smart plugs. They're voice control-capable with Alexa and Google Home, and you can also control your lighting and appliances and set schedules using a free smartphone app. What's more, the plugs feature overload protection to prevent damage to your devices. Each pack contains two smart plugs.


A notepad bracelet that's endlessly reusable

With this reusable memo wristband, you'll always have a place to jot down notes throughout the day. The waterproof wristband snaps on just like a slap bracelet, and you can write on it using any oil-based ballpoint pen. When you're done, just wipe the wristband clean with an eraser and you'll have a fresh notepad.


A toothbrush case that sanitizes with UV light

Use this portable toothbrush sanitizer while traveling (or at home for periodic cleanings) to keep your brush germ-free. The battery-operated case has built-in UV bulbs that kill bacteria and germs, and it fits all toothbrushes and most electric heads. Just place your toothbrush inside the case and it automatically turns on for a 5-minute cleaning cycle.


An adjustable laptop stand with a built-in phone holder

Make your workstation more ergonomic with this adjustable laptop stand. Made from durable, lightweight materials, the stand is easily portable and folds for compact storage. You can adjust to eight heights ranging from 5.5 to 7 inches and rotate the base to share your screen with others. Plus, there's a built-in phone holder, too.


This colorful toilet night light with motion detection

Want to avoid using the harsh overhead light during middle-of-the night bathroom trips? Add these color-changing toilet night lights to your bathroom. The easy-to-install, battery-powered lights turn on automatically when motion is detected and feature 16 colorful LED options that you can adjust to the perfect brightness.


These UV light markers that let you write hidden messages

Write a glowing note with these fun UV light markers. Sold in a set of three, each marker has a fine tip for precise writing and you can use them on any porous surface. Whatever you jot down will be invisible — just use a blacklight to reveal your message.


This magnetic knife strip that's easy to install

Not only is this magnetic knife strip a great space-saver, but it also keeps your kitchen knives organized and easy to reach. The rack is made from teak wood with strong magnets across the entire strip. Plus, it comes with mounting hardware, so installation is a breeze.


A magnetic pickup tool that gets into hard-to-reach areas

Retrieving dropped keys, bolts, and other hardware is easy with this magnetic pickup tool. The battery-powered device features a powerful magnetic head and telescoping neck that you can maneuver into hard-to-reach places. There's also a bright LED flashlight for better visibility in dark areas.


This screen magnifier for watching TV & movies on your smartphone

When you're watching TV or a movie on your smartphone, this screen magnifier can work like a mini projector to double the size of your screen. The magnifier fits most phones, and it's lightweight, portable, and requires no battery power, so it's easy to bring anywhere. Choose from five colors.


A secure phone mount that suctions to your dashboard

This phone mount and charger suctions to the dash in your car for quick and easy installation, and it's compatible with all Qi-enabled phones for wireless charging. The mount securely holds your phone in place with feet and a clamp, so it won’t move around even when you make sudden stops.


These stainless steel hair clips with built-in tools

Featuring multiple screwdrivers, a ruler, wrench, and more, this multifunctional hair clip is basically a portable mini toolbox. Each order contains 10 clips made from durable stainless steel, and they're easy to wear in your hair, attach to a jacket, or stash in your pocket.


This UV sanitizer & charger for your electronics

Use this UV sanitizer to quickly disinfect your phone and other devices and accessories. Just place your item inside and press the button to start a 10-minute cleaning cycle that kills germs and bacteria. Also great: The sanitizer can charge Qi-enabled devices while they're being cleaned.


These odor-eliminating beads that work for up to 90 days

Place this jar of odor-eliminating beads anywhere you want to freshen the air, and they'll go to work for up to 90 days. The absorbent beads eliminate odors from pets, smoke, and other unpleasant scents to keep your home smelling fresh. Choose from packs of one and three.


A stainless steel water bottle with hidden storage compartment

This stainless steel diversion water bottle keeps drinks hot or cold for hours, and it has a hidden compartment where you can stash keys, money, and other essentials. The insulated, leakproof bottle has a 17-ounce liquid capacity and comes with a carabiner for easy carrying.


An extra-loud alarm clock with a bed shaker function

If you have trouble getting out of bed on time, this extra loud dual alarm clock can help. It features bed shaker and buzzer settings, and you can use both at the same time if you need extra help waking up. The alarm clock also boasts adjustable volume, a snooze function, a large LED display, and a USB port where you can charge devices.


A veggie spiralizer that comes with 5 stainless steel blades

Slice veggies in no time with this easy-to-use vegetable spiralizer. The kitchen tool comes with five stainless steel blades so you can cut veggies in various shapes, and the food is collected neatly inside the included container. The spiralizer is also easy to wash and even comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee.


These easy-to-use fruit fly traps

Get rid of pesky bugs with these fruit fly traps. They easily stick inside a plant on your countertop to trap fruit flies, gnats, and other small flies. This pack of 12 traps have earned rave reviews from Amazon users. One reviewer says, “Stuck these around the area where we had fruit flies. Within [two] days, they were covered in the flies and the problem was solved.”


This flexible & versatile cell phone holder

This flexible cell phone holder gives you multiple ways to use your phone hands-free. For example, you can wear it around your neck, place it on a table, tuck it under a mattress, or wrap it around your steering wheel. The sturdy holder is compatible with most phones, and it's removable from the gooseneck for compact storage. Choose from black and white.


A device stand with built-in Bluetooth speaker

Not only does this device stand offer adjustable angles for comfortable viewing, but it also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker for enhanced volume while you're watching TV, listening to music, and video chatting. The sturdy stand has nonslip silicone on the bottom to help it stay in place, and the holder is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.


An easy-to-install bidet attachment with 10,000+ reviews

It's easy and affordable to upgrade your bathroom thanks to this bidet attachment, which has over 10,000 reviews from Amazon shoppers. The slim attachment fits most standard toilet seats and features a dual nozzle with two cleaning modes. Plus, the control dial is available in silver and rose gold to match your bathroom decor.


This 3-in-1 portable air conditioner

This evaporative air cooler works as a fan, mini humidifier, and personal air conditioner, helping you stay cool on hot days. Just fill the tank with ice water before turning on the air conditioner and it'll release cool, moist air to keep you comfortable. What's more, the portable air conditioner has seven LED light color options so it also makes a great night light.


This desktop vacuum that lifts dust & debris from your workspace

Keep your workspace and other small areas clean with this cordless desktop vacuum. The battery-operated vacuum makes it quick and easy to lift dust, crumbs, and debris from your keyboard and table. It's available in orange and white, and you can also opt for a version that's USB-rechargeable.


These affordable Bluetooth headphones

Reviewers rave about the sound quality of these Bluetooth headphones, and you don't have to spend a lot to get them. The in-ear headphones are IPX-8-rated waterproof, can play for six hours on a single charge, and come with a rechargeable case. These have won over more than 200,000 Amazon reviewers, who have given them a glowing, 4.4-star rating.


A portable neck fan that's blade-free & USB-rechargeable

Keep cool with this portable neck fan, which has a quiet, bladeless design and three speeds. The easy-to-wear fan is USB-rechargeable and offers up to 7 hours of use on one charge. Reviewers describe the fan as lightweight and comfortable, and you can choose from two colors: white and green.


A temperature & humidity monitor with an easy-to-read LCD display

Monitor the humidity level in your home with this digital indoor thermometer. The battery-powered device has large LCD display that allows you to check the humidity level at a glance, and it also shows you the temperature, date, and time. Plus, the thermometer is easy to mount with adhesive pads or the built-in magnet, or you can simply place it on a tabletop.


These plug-in night lights with motion detection

Stick these motion sensor LED night lights anywhere you need enhanced lighting, like closets, hallways, stairways, and bathrooms. The USB-rechargeable lights plug into outlets in your space and illuminate the area. This four pack of lights has an 1,000-hour lifespan, so each light could last you years, depending on your usage.


This wireless key finder set that keeps track of valuables

Keep track of keys and other valuable items with this wireless key finder set, which comes with four receivers, key rings, and a transmitter remote. Just place a receiver on your keychain or attach it to the item you want to track. When you want to find the item, simply press the color-coded button on the remote to make the receiver beep up to 131 feet away. The key finder comes in black and white.


These silicone gap covers that prevent messes between the stove & countertop

Prevent food from falling into the gap between your stove and countertop with these silicone stove gap covers. Sold in a set of two, the heat-resistant covers are available in three sizes and four colors to blend in with your kitchen, and they're easy to trim to the perfect size. The covers are also easy to wipe down as needed and dishwasher safe.


A rechargeable electric lighter that's flameless & windproof

This electric lighter is flameless and requires no fuel, so it's safe to use over and over again — just recharge it via USB cable as needed. What's more, the lighter is windproof and has a flexible neck that you can adjust to light various candles, grills, and stoves.


This portable safe with a built-in combination lock

With this portable safe, you'll always have a secure place to stash your valuables. The water-resistant case allows you to set your own four-digit combination and you can attach the safe to a fixed object using the included cable. There's even a charging cable access port, so you can charge devices while they're safely locked inside.


This lightweight pen that has built-in tools

This multifunctional pen features six tools in one: ballpoint pen, stylus, flat head and Phillips screwdrivers, ruler, and level. The aluminum pen is lightweight and easy to carry, and it comes in a range of styles and colors, including black, yellow, blue, and silver.


This drink carrier that helps prevent spills

If you want to avoid spills when carrying a beverage or bowl of soup, this highly rated drink carrier boasts glowing reviews from Amazon shoppers. The hanging saucer has a curved support and loop handle that helps prevent the liquid from sloshing and spilling while you move.


These magnetic measuring spoons that stack together neatly

This set of magnetic measuring spoons is cleverly designed to save space and make cooking easier. The durable stainless steel spoons nest and stack together neatly, and each dual-sided spoon has a narrow side that will fit into most spice jars. The spoons will also rest flat on the counter without tipping over or spilling ingredients, and they're dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


An undercover pouch that keeps cash & credit cards secure

With this undercover bra stash, it's easy to keep cash, credit cards, and other valuables close and secure. The silky smooth pouch is small and lightweight, and it has a button that snaps over your bra strap to keep items safe and enclosed. Choose from rose and black.


A dehumidifier rod that reduces moisture in small spaces

This dehumidifier rod is great for reducing moisture in a safe or enclosed space. The fire-retardant rod is available in three sizes and works best when mounted horizontally at the bottom of the safe, where it heats up slightly and forces moist air out.


These cable management clips that reduce cord clutter

If you're tired of dealing with messy cords, these cable management clips make it easy to keep things neat and organized. Each self-adhesive clip is adjustable to fit cables of various sizes, and they're easy to stick on any smooth surface. Every order contains 100 clips.


This knife sharpener that restores dull blades

Restore dull kitchen knives with this easy-to-use knife sharpener. It features three slots that polish, sharpen, and repair knives, and there's an ergonomic handle that makes the sharpener easy to grip. There are eight colors to choose from, including red, black, and almond.


This smart dimmer switch that lets you customize your lighting

Customize your home lighting with this smart dimmer switch, which can make your lights fade on and off with a click. The switch also lets you control your lights and set schedules from anywhere using your smartphone, and it's voice control-capable with Alexa and Google Home.


This faucet light that changes color based on water temperature

This faucet light changes color according to water temperature, so not only does it provide interesting kitchen decor, but it also lets you check how hot or cold the water is at a glance. The faucet includes blue, green, and red lights, requires no batteries, and comes with an adapter to fit a variety of sinks.


This cable sleeve that wraps up messy cords

Use this cable sleeve to instantly organize messy cords and protect them from the pets in your home. The temperature-resistant sleeve comes in three colors — black, white, and red — and 14 sizes. Once you've loaded cables inside, the sleeve closes on itself to neatly wrap up the bundle of cords.


This key-shaped multitool with over 16 functions

Add this key-shaped multitool to your keychain so you'll always be prepared on the go. The stainless steel tool has over 16 functions, including a bike spoke key, wrenches, screwdrivers, a wire stripper, and more. Plus, the lightweight tool is TSA-compliant so you can truly take it anywhere.


A surge protector that prevents phantom power loss

This multi-plug power strip allows you to save energy by turning off power to unused devices. The surge protector features one master outlet, two for devices that you want on all the time, and five for devices that can be turned off to save energy. When the power strip senses an idle outlet, it'll turn that one off automatically.


These velvet scrunchies with a hidden pocket

Not only do these velvet scrunchies keep hair tied back, but they also have a zippered pocket where you can keep keys, money, and other small items — perfect for when you don't want to carry a bag. These handy scrunchies boast over 2,400 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating, and each pack contains three.


A bath & shower drink caddy that holds your favorite beverage

This bath and shower cupholder is a fan favorite on Amazon with more than 4,600 reviews, and it's easy to see why. The caddy has a strong suction cup that holds up to 7 pounds when applied to a nonporous surface, so you can easily relax in the bath or shower with a glass of wine, can of beer, or your favorite beverage. Choose from six colors.


A lightweight portable blender that's USB-rechargeable

This portable blender weighs only 1 pound, so it's easy to tote anywhere and make fresh smoothies on the go. The USB-rechargeable blender is BPA-free and has six durable stainless steel blades that mix ingredients in seconds. Plus, it features a self-cleaning mode. Color options include cherry pink and sky blue.


A smart garage hub that lets you open & close the door from anywhere

Open and close your garage door from anywhere with this smart garage system. The hub allows you to control the garage door using a free smartphone app, grant access to guests while you're away, and receive real-time notifications of activity. The system is also compatible with Amazon's in-garage delivery service, which is available in select cities, so you may be able to have packages left securely in your garage.


An LED desk lamp that also charges your phone

This LED desk lamp features five color modes with adjustable brightness levels and an adjustable arm and base, so you can create the perfect lighting for your workspace or bedroom. For even more convenience, the lamp also has a USB charging port and supports wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices.


A contour tool that's so helpful for laying flooring, wallpapering & more

DIY home renovation projects are so much easier with this contour shape tool, allowing you to duplicate any shape with ease. Just push the gauge against the object you want to copy, like the moulding of a doorframe, and lock the shape in place. Then you can easily transfer the shape onto your material and cut a perfect match in no time.