75 clever gifts people will like 10x more than what they usually get
ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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If you’re tired of racking your brain for thoughtful gifts you know will probably end up in the donation pile, then you might want to just forgo the whole gift-giving routine. But, as a good friend/sister/brother/partner, you still feel compelled to show your love with an offering. Well, despair no more, because this extensive list will give you 75 clever gifts people will like ten times more than what they usually get.

There are products on this list that will suit any kind of enthusiast. Grab a clever hiking backpack that folds down into a pouch or some trekking poles for the trail hound. Or, for the avid cook, opt for an ingenious avocado slicer that cuts, slices, and scoops all in one gadget. And for those who love a picnic, a wine chiller made with double-wall insulation will keep their beverages cool no matter how sunny the day.

So, regard your gift list with relief, because I guarantee there is something below that will fit the bill perfectly and firmly skirt the Goodwill pile.


This tablet pillow stand for comfy browsing on the couch

This tablet pillow stand sits comfortably on the lap and has six different angle options for optimum viewing ease. It has over 13,000 reviews on Amazon and is compatible with all tablet models. If going analog is the preference, it can be used to read books as well. It comes in four colors.


A pancake batter dispenser to mix & pour all in one container

The pancake enthusiast in your life will be obsessed with this ingenious pancake batter dispenser that allows you to add ingredients, mix, and pour all from one container. Fill it using the helpful measurement markings, pop in the whisk, shake it, and pour a perfectly mixed batter onto the griddle. As a bonus, the spout design allows you to easily create shapes, transforming breakfast into a work of art.


These bamboo toast tongs that easily extract hard-to-reach slices

No more fearing possible electrocution by sticking a knife in the toaster to retrieve that precious piece of toast. These simple yet clever bamboo toast tongs come in a pair and have anti-slip ends which effortlessly grip slices of bread that may be frustratingly lodged deep in the toaster.


An avocado slicer that does all the work for you

The avocado devotee will rejoice at the sight of this avocado slicer that halves, pits, and slices all in one tool. It has over 33,000 reviews on Amazon for its ability to cut each half into seven perfect-looking slices that will make any salad look gourmet. It has a comfy grip and can conveniently be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.


This beer bottle opener that’s automatic

Simply push down on the top of your bottle and bottle caps are removed instantly with this automatic beer bottle opener. Great for any beer-loving friend, a built-in magnet also prevents caps from scattering to the floor.


A set of reusable mesh bags for gathering produce at the market

Your eco-warrior buds will thank you for being so thoughtful with a gift of reusable mesh bags to replace plastic at the grocery store. They come in a set of five small, five medium, and five large bags, each of which is scannable when going through checkout. Rinse them in water or with the laundry to be ready for the next trip to the store.


This pour-over coffee maker for a gourmet daily brew

This pour-over coffee maker will take that daily cup and elevate it to gourmet levels for a mere $17. It comes with a glass carafe, reusable mesh stainless steel filter, and a cool touch handle for easy pouring. The pour-over design allows for a flavorful extraction of the beans and the carafe can hold from three to four cups.


A pizza paddle with a folding handle for easy storage

If you’ve got a friend who’s gone deep on their homemade pizza game, then they will definitely appreciate this pizza paddle that will make their home feel like a professional pizza parlor. It makes it incredibly easy to put in and remove pizzas from the oven, comes in two large-size options, and has a foldable handle for convenient, flat storage.


This rechargeable book light with three light modes

For the avid reader in the family, this rechargeable book light gives them plenty of different lighting modes to suit their needs. There’s a gentle white or daylight option for a brighter glow and an amber mode absent of blue light that’s perfect for relaxed reading in bed. It attaches via the clip to your book and each charge provides up to 30 hours of reading.


A portable cook set that comes with two nested cups

A great gift for a friend who prefers to be out on the trail at all times, this portable cook set will allow them to boil water or cook hot meals with ease. Two nested cups with a vented lid that strains liquids are provided for drinking steaming beverages. The cooking pot features double-wall vacuum insulation and the whole set is lightweight at only 13.9 ounces, so it’s easy to take on the go.


This meat tenderizer that’s double sided

Pummel meat to the perfect tender texture with this meat tenderizer that features one flat side and one spiked side depending on your needs. It’s constructed with a non-stick coating that’s easy to wash and the weighted design makes it easy to get the most out of your swing with the least effort.


A set of packing cubes that make packing more efficient

Keen travelers in your life will appreciate these packing cubes that take advantage of every available inch of their luggage. Each set comes with four cubes of different sizes and even includes a laundry bag to boot. Choose from nine available colors.


These measuring spoons in a charming cherry shape

Make measuring out the baking soda, salt, or spices that much more fun with these measuring spoons in the shape of cherries. As a bonus, there’s even an ingenious leaf-shaped egg separator included — making one of baking’s messier tasks a little easier. This dishwasher-safe set will be sure to delight the novice and experienced baker alike.


A portable drink holder that lets you sip beer as you shower

Any brewski-loving pal will rejoice in this portable drink holder that upgrades their shower by letting them sip a beer at the same time. It attaches via self-adhesive and has a pocket perfectly designed to hold a can of beer. Choose from six available colors and patterns such as dark blue or camo.


This collapsible silicone popcorn popper

This clever popcorn popper is a game-changer for movie nights at home. Made of BPA- and PVC-free silicone, the Popco popper is completely shatterproof and dishwasher-safe. Just dump in the popcorn kernels and microwave on high. After two to three minutes, you’ll have plenty of deliciously popped popcorn to go around (15 cups to be exact). It comes with a lid, has convenient built-in handles, and is fully collapsible for easy storage.


A fleece blanket in a burrito design

Wrap your loved ones up like human burritos (literally) with this fleece blanket in the shape of a huge tortilla. Not only will it strike a humorous chord but it also provides ample softness and warmth. Choose from tons of other designs including a waffle, pizza, or pie.


This plant terrarium with 3 suspended glass bulbs

This beautiful plant terrarium comes with three suspended glass bulbs that are perfect for displaying cut flowers or for propagating plants. The wood stand gives off a rustic, vintage vibe and the bulbs are made of sturdy glass for an overall look that any plant-lover will adore.


A wine chiller set that’s vacuum-insulated for great temperature retention

For days out picnicking, boating, or just dining outdoors, this wine chiller set is the perfect solution to keeping beverages at the perfect temperature. The set comes with a double-wall, vacuum-insulated wine bottle, and two wine glasses, all made of stainless steel. Lids are provided for the cups to prevent any natural element (i.e. adventurous flies) from stealing your drink.


This soft headband with built-in wireless headphones

This headband made of soft material is the perfect way to enjoy music or podcasts and stay warm at the same time. It can be worn while on the move, sleeping, or traveling and connects easily via Bluetooth to your phone. The headphones can play for up to 10 hours on a charge and the headband is machine washable once the control pod is removed.


A 2-tier steamer basket made of bamboo

Gift this two-tier steamer basket to the home chef in your life to help them cook up delicious dumplings, steamed vegetables, or even steamed rice. It’s made of organic bamboo and comes with two pairs of chopsticks, a ceramic sauce dish, and 50 liners.


This splatter screen that keeps the oven top clean

Reduce the amount of clean-up time with this splatter screen that prevents sticky oil from landing on the stovetop. Great for those who love to fry up all manner of meats, the screen comes in four size options to suit your frying pan and is conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher.


A handheld milk frother for at-home cappuccinos

Anybody who makes daily trips to their local coffee shop will love this handheld milk frother that lets them create cafe-worthy cappuccinos from home. It’s battery-powered for great cordless flexibility around the kitchen and has a powerful motor that can froth in as little as 15 seconds. After use, place it in its accompanying stand for easy storage.


This versatile gym towel that’s highly absorbent

For the affordable price of only $10, this microfiber towel offers great versatility — it’s perfect for the gym, yoga class, or even a day at the beach. Four small towels come in each pack and are made of material that is both highly absorbent and quick drying. Choose from three available colors: blue, green, and gray.


A car trash can that can transform into a cooler

This clever car trash can will not only keep the car’s interior in tip-top shape but also can double as a cooler if needed. It’s made of waterproof and leakproof material and can be set anywhere in the car whether that’s the back of a headrest or along the side door. A 20-pack of waterproof liners is also included.


This matcha tea scoop that measures the perfect amount

Matcha tea aficionados will thank you for this measuring scoop that portions out the perfect amount of matcha for a consistently delicious brew. It’s made of sleek stainless steel and every single scoop delivers one gram of matcha. Even at its affordable price tag, this eco-conscious company still manages to donate 5% of its profits to charity.


A wine aerator that enhances the flavor of every glass

This wine aerator fits into a bottle with a tapered, leak-proof seal and adds just the right amount of oxygen to bring wine to life as each glass is poured (i.e. cheap bottles can taste like they cost double). Best of all, because it comes in a pack of two, you can snag one for your wine-enthusiast friend and keep one for yourself as a reward for being such a thoughtful pal.


This glass teapot that brews loose leaf tea beautifully

This glass teapot not only makes a delicious cup but also looks gorgeous doing it. Made of borosilicate glass, it features a stainless steel strainer and a vented lid. It holds up to 33 ounces and is both microwave and dishwasher-safe.


A digital meat thermometer that displays precise temperatures in seconds

This digital meat thermometer with over 64,000 reviews is the perfect gift for both the budding or well-established chef, as it can seriously change anyone’s cooking game. It features a long probe, an ergonomic handle, a large backlit screen, and most importantly, accurate temperature readings that appear in less than three seconds.


This hiking backpack that folds up into a pouch

Give your hiking bud versatility on the trail with this hiking backpack that folds up into a compact pouch when not in use. It’s made of waterproof material that is lightweight and rip-resistant and has tons of pockets for storage. Choose from 11 fun color options such as purple, deep blue, or green.


A versatile pasta maker with 7 adjustable settings

Handmade pasta doesn’t have to be reserved for fancy nights out only. Surprise your Italian food-obsessed friend with this pasta maker that makes it all possible with seven adjustable settings and cutting tools to create anything from lasagna to pappardelle to spaghetti. It’s constructed of sturdy stainless steel and clamps to the table for a secure fit and delicious result.


This travel neck pillow made of memory foam

Help make travel that much more comfortable for the frequent flier in your life with this neck pillow whose memory foam material conforms to the neck in addition to regulating temperature. It comes in four soothing shades (blue, gray, purple, and black) and the cover is even machine-washable.


A TV backlight LED strip for higher-quality viewing

This TV backlight LED strip installs effortlessly to provide added contrast and a more vivid viewing experience that any film fan will appreciate. The self-adhesive strip can be cut to the required dimensions and be plugged directly into the TV’s USB port.


These trekking poles that collapse down for easy portability

These trekking poles will seriously upgrade any hiker’s experience and are extremely portable due to the fact that they can be collapsed down. They’re made of aircraft-grade aluminum that is extremely lightweight yet rugged and they feature comfortable cork handles with wrist straps. They have over 47,000 reviews with a high 4.7-star rating and even come with interchangeable pole tips to manage any terrain.


A camping pillow that stores in a stuff sack

Sleeping under the stars can be even more relaxing with this camping pillow that transports easily in a waterproof stuff sack. It’s made of comfy memory foam and features a soft cover made of micro-suede that’s available in six shades.


This cold brew coffee maker that saves tons at the coffee shop

Help save your bud tons of money at the coffee shop by getting them this cold brew coffee maker for delicious iced coffee in just 12 to 24 hours. It’s made of glass and includes measurement markings so as to achieve the perfect amounts of coffee grounds to water. Simply remove the stainless steel filter when finished brewing and keep the container conveniently stored in the fridge.


A ladle spoon that stands upright in your pot

This incredibly clever ladle spoon is designed to stand upright in your pot and cutely resembles the Loch Ness monster while it awaits action. It’s made of food-safe and BPA-free plastic and comes in two different sizes as well as several fun colors such as purple, turquoise, and green.


This mouse pad that includes memory foam-cushioned wrist support

Improve the daily life of the worker bee or student in your life with this mouse pad that provides wrist support for comfortable scrolling. Great for people that are either left or right-handed, a keyboard rest is also included and both are made of soft, shape-retaining memory foam.


A bonsai starter kit to grow four trees

For a gift that really keeps on giving, opt for this bonsai starter kit that includes everything you need to successfully grow four bonsai. Each kit comes with seed packets of four different bonsai varieties, in addition to four burlap growing pots, an expanding soil disc, four markers, and one clipper. Step-by-step instructions are included to ensure success for even the blackest of thumbs.


This multitool that fits in your pocket

Perfect for those who love to have a plier handy at all times, this multitool provides 15 tool options yet can still slip into a pocket to be taken anywhere. In addition to pliers, there’s also a wire cutter, pocket knife, can opener, ruler, bottle opener, and small, medium, and large screwdrivers – to name a few.


A pack of crew socks in multiple vintage colors

This pack of socks comes in five rustic colors and is the perfect, thoughtful addition to anybody’s seasonal wardrobe. Made of a blend of wool, cotton, and polyester, they hit above the ankle and provide great warmth for cooler temperatures. Choose from over 15 other color and pattern combinations on offer.


This Bluetooth mouse that comes in attractive colors

Free your friend or family member from the trackpad with the help of this Bluetooth mouse that comes in beautiful shades like mint green, pastel blue, and peach. It has a fast-tracking sensor that operates on almost any surface and connects instantaneously to any computer running Windows 10 as well as any other operating system using the pairing instructions.


A cast iron grill press that leaves classic grill marks

This cast iron grill press acts as the perfect addition to upgrade your buddy’s griddle or barbecue game. It weighs a hefty 2.8 pounds and will leave those classic grill marks on anything it touches, from burgers to paninis to grilled cheese.


These wine stoppers in the shape of beanies

Keep wine tasting fresher longer with these ingenious wine stoppers in the adorable shape of a beanie, complete with pompom on top. They’re made of BPA-free silicone and are totally leak-proof. Perfect as a seasonal gift, two come in each pack in a combination of either red and gray or blue and gray.


A banana bungee hanger that promotes even ripening

This clever banana bungee hanger attaches to the underside of shelves or cabinets to hold bunches so that they ripen evenly and last longer. Any banana lover will be sure to love this gift that mimics a banana's natural hanging habitat as it prevents bruising in addition to saving valuable counter space.


These reusable silicone baking cups that come in multiple colors

These colorful reusable silicone baking cups come in a pack of 12 and will be a great addition to any baker’s arsenal. They don’t require any greasing as the food-grade silicone allows baked goods to be easily released. Toss them in the dishwasher post-bake for easy clean-up.


A silver dollar pancake pan that’s non-stick

Give someone the gift of perfect pancakes with this silver dollar pancake pan that features a nontoxic and PFOA-free non-stick coating. It can make up to seven pancakes at one time and even comes with several helpful kitchen tools to achieve the perfect greasing and flip: a spatula, brush, and tongs.


These cute refrigerator magnets in the shape of sushi

Show the sushi lover in your life how much you really care by giving them these adorable refrigerator magnets designed to look like different kinds of sushi. Eight come in each set and are made with 3D technology to look incredibly realistic for an appetizing aesthetic.


A barbecue tool set that lets them be the rockstar of the grill

Any musician, aspiring or otherwise, will be sure to enjoy these unique guitar-shaped barbecue tools. The set includes a spatula and tongs, both made of stainless steel, with the spatula including a clever bottle opener in its design. Pop on the Bob Seger and let the rockstar grilling commence.


This ceramic guacamole dish that comes with a serving spoon

Display that guac in all its glory with this ceramic guacamole dish that comes with its own silver-plated spoon. It’s inscribed along the rim with sage words “It’s five o’guac somewhere” and features an attractive textured design and small feet that make it resemble a classic mortar.


A hair towel made of super absorbent microfiber

This hair towel is made from extremely absorbent microfiber and will be treasured by anyone who remotely cares about their tresses. It’s large yet lightweight and includes an elastic tie to easily transform it into a turban. The microfiber material absorbs moisture to help hair dry faster and the smooth texture prevents breakage.


This laptop desk stand for an ergonomic work flow

Greatly improve someone’s day-to-day grind by simply getting them this laptop desk stand to raise their computer screen to eye level. It’s made of sturdy aluminum, is compatible with laptops sized anywhere from 10 to 17 inches, and includes rubber padding to prevent surface scratches.


A pot strainer that allows you to drain directly from the pot

This ingenious pot strainer will be music to any home chef’s ears as it simply clamps down to the pot to drain water, completely eliminating the need for a separate strainer. It’s made of BPA-free silicone and can clamp onto anything from large or small pots to all manner of bowls. Use it to drain pasta and potatoes or wash fruit and vegetables, and store it anywhere as it takes up barely any room.


This dry bag that prevents supplies from getting wet

Gift this waterproof dry bag to any adventurous person in your life and they will soon not be able to live without it. It’s a perfect way to keep supplies and food completely dry while kayaking, doing water sports, or just hiking in wet, rainy environments. Choose from three sizes and colors.


A cocktail shaker set for craft cocktails from home

For the aspiring bartender of the group, gift them this cocktail shaker set that includes everything they need to concoct delicious drinks. The whole set is constructed of brushed stainless steel and comes complete with a leak-proof shaker, a lid with a strainer, a jigger, muddler, bottle opener, bar spoon, and two bottle pourers.


These meat claws that shred with ease

Everyone should get a chance to channel their inner wolverine and these fearsome and practical meat claws are just the way to do it. They fit comfortably in the hand and are used to efficiently shred meat of any type. Use them additionally to help carve or carry pieces of meat, and you can even pop them in the dishwasher for effortless clean-up.


A picnic blanket that keeps you dry & comfortable

Never have to sacrifice a picnic again due to dewy conditions by using this picnic blanket with a waterproof backing. It comes in a classic plaid design and the entire blanket folds up into a convenient size with a handle for easy transporting. And it comes in seven sizes so you can find just the right option.


This bike light set that’s USB-rechargeable

For the cyclists out there, there might not be a more thoughtful gift than the gift of safety. This bike light set includes a rear and front light that provide powerfully bright illumination so cyclists can be seen on the road at night. Conveniently charge them via USB to be fully powered in less than three hours.


A set of measuring cups that nest for easy storage

These measuring cups come with seven different sizes that conveniently nest inside one another to not take up too much room in the kitchen. They have over 9,000 reviews with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating and are beloved for their durable and sturdy stainless steel construction. With helpful multiple measurement markings on each cup, they are the perfect gift to last throughout endless baking adventures.


This drink dispenser in the shape of a classic mason jar

Perfect for the passionate party thrower, this mason jar-style drink dispenser will add great rustic vibes to any gathering. Made of glass, it comes in a tall, square shape and includes a stainless steel spigot. Fill it with up to 2.36 liters of sangria, lemonade, iced tea, or any other festive iced beverage you can imagine.


A running belt that can hold it all

Your favorite active lifestyle bud will be thrilled at receiving this running belt that fits securely around their waist yet can ingeniously accommodate any phone model, credit cards, keys, and even a water bottle. It’s made of breathable, moisture-wicking neoprene, includes an adjustable belt strap, and even has reflective strips for added visibility in low-light conditions.


This solar lantern that collapses down to palm-size

Help those you love always be prepared for any emergency with this solar lantern that conveniently collapses down to a small size for easy storage. Keep it in a backpack, car trunk, or handbag and charge it by the light of the sun or via USB. It comes with three lighting modes including a flashing SOS signal.


A watercolor paint set with 51 colors

Encourage creativity with the gift of this watercolor paint set that includes 51 vivid colors. A painting tray for mixing colors is included as well as several brushes, an art sponge, and a mechanical pencil. The compact case makes it easy to take this set en route so that creativity can flourish anywhere.


This beer mug with double-wall insulation

Take beer on the go but keep it ice cold with this beer mug that features double-wall insulation to maintain chilly temperatures. It’s made of stainless steel and even includes an airtight lid. It can hold up to 16.9 ounces and can additionally be used for hot beverages as well.


A laptop bag with multiple pockets

This sleek and practical laptop bag can fit computers up to 15.6 inches, but also comes with multiple pockets for tablets, files, notepads, chargers, or extra power sources. It can be easily attached to luggage using the included rear strap, making business trips easy and ergonomic.


These cut-resistant gloves that seriously protect hands

Perfect for the cook or carpenter in the house, these ingenious cut-resistant gloves protect hands and fingers from deadly accidents. They mold to the shape of the hand to offer great dexterity and are ambidextrous to boot. Totally food-safe, they can be used to slice meat or shuck oysters and are just as helpful in the woodshop.


A portable charger with a slim profile

Literally, anyone would be thrilled to receive an additional power source like this portable charger as a gift. Its incredibly slim profile means that it can be slipped in a pocket or purse with no problem, on top of the fact that it offers enough power to charge your devices multiple times over in a day. It has over 50,000 reviews on Amazon and includes a USB-C port to power devices quickly at high speeds.


This taco stand in the shape of a triceratops

Serving your treasured taco on the back of a dinosaur can only up the joy that a taco already brings to the table. This taco holder in a triceratops shape brings enjoyment to dinner for anybody who has a love for the prehistoric. It’s made of BPA-free plastic and can additionally hold snacks, sandwiches, crackers, and more.


A sandwich maker for a perfect grilled cheese

If you know someone who loves a hot lunch, grab them this sandwich maker that creates incredible grilled cheeses and other melty masterpieces. It has a non-stick coating for easy cleaning and, when closed, features built-in handles to make it easy to store or take on the go.


These pencil cups that look like tiny trash cans

What could be more fun than storing pens, pencils, scissors, and other stationery items in cute pen cups that look like mini trash cans? Each set comes with two bins: a trash bin in orange and a recycling bin in black. Two sizes and several other sets are available as well.


A to-go cutlery set that comes with its own storage case

This completely genius to-go cutlery set acts as a perfect addition to anybody’s bento or lunchbox game. The dishwasher-safe utensils are made of stainless steel and their handles are magnetic so as to keep them together securely, which helps them slip into their included silicone storage case with ease.


This versatile phone holder that can be attached to anything

This phone holder features a flexible gooseneck stand so as to be able to attach and wrap around nearly anything to display your phone clearly. The mount connects magnetically to the stand and is compatible with iPhones and Androids alike. Set it around the car wheel as navigation help, stand it on a desk, or wrap it around your neck for family FaceTime sessions.


A shower mirror for shaving that won’t fog up

This clever shower mirror would be a considerate gift for the frequent shaver as it provides a clear reflection that won’t fog up. It uses a suction cup to adhere to the wall of the shower and is made of material that is totally shatterproof.


This weighted blanket that can promote better sleep

Gifts that involve improving someone’s sleep simply scream thoughtfulness. This weighted blanket is the perfect example as it helps people feel more secure and sleep more deeply through the night. It’s offered in four different sizes as well as seven different weights ranging from four all the way to 25 pounds.


A golf pen gift set that comes with club-shaped pens

If you know someone who’s developed a healthy golf obsession, they will love this humorous golf pen gift set. It comes with three pens in the shape of golf clubs, with the gift box serving as a putting green, complete with a flag and two provided mini golf balls. It’s the perfect gift for someone who needs some light putting interspersed between writing.


This cat stretch ceramic cup that reveals an animal as you drink

This clever cat stretch ceramic cup will truly speak to the animal lover as it slowly reveals a feline stretching up the side as they drink down their beverage. There are over 15 other animals available to choose from such as an elephant, fox, pig, rabbit, and unicorn, to name a few. They come in all kinds of colors and are safe to go in both the microwave and the dishwasher.