Amazon keeps selling out of these cheap home improvement products with near-perfect reviews

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ByChristina X. Wood

I recently took a look around my small house and realized that I was putting up with some hassles. The closets were hard to navigate because they were disorganized. Finding something in the fridge was a Herculean task that often led straight to getting takeout. Cleaning the floors was so inconvenient that I avoided doing it like the plague. And there were cupboards packed so tightly, opening the door put me at risk of a stuff-avalanche.

So I got to work. It turned out I needed to buy some things to deal with these jobs. More specifically, I needed helpful organization tools and — in some cases — just tools. The Amazon reviews became my guidebook. I studied them and I learned things. One thing I learned is why Amazon keeps selling out of these cheap home improvement products with near-perfect reviews. It’s because they work.


The wireless doorbell that takes minutes to install

Having a doorbell — with a button that’s in the right place at your entry and an indoor chime that doesn’t make you jump — is a necessary home fixture. But it’s not always there. This wireless doorbell fixes that problem in five minutes. Peel and stick the transmitter button where you want it. Then choose a chime — there are 50 — and plug the receiver in somewhere convenient indoors. With 24,000 five-star reviews and many options for color and configuration, this is an easy upgrade.


The stove gap cover that prevents uncleanable spills

Slip this gap cover in that little space between your counter and slide-in range and you will never have to struggle with pulling the stove out to clean up a nasty spill. It’s easy to install — just cut it to the right depth and press it in — and completely covers that gap with an easy-to-clean silicone that blends right into the look of your kitchen. Choose white, clear, or black.


The double bath towel bar for more towels in less space

Double the storage space on your towel bar by trading up to this double towel bar that holds more towels or lets you hang some hand towels in front of your big bath towels. It’s easy to install and comes in five finishes and five sizes to fit your space.


These smart light switches so you can control the lights from anywhere

Upgrade your home’s lighting with these smart light switches so you can tell their app, Alexa, or your Google Assistant to turn out all the lights, schedule lighting schemes to suit your lifestyle, or turn your lights on and off from wherever you are in the world. Their app walks you through the simple installation process.


These hanging shelves that bring better storage to your closet

Hang the five shelves of this closet organizer from the garment rod in your closet to get more ways to store your stuff. Folded garments, bags, and other accessories stack easily on the sturdy shelves while umbrellas, wallets, and other small items fit neatly in the mesh pockets on the sides.


A little over-door basket to boost your cabinet storage

If you are looking for more storage — or to keep a few key items within easy reach — in your bathroom or kitchen, hang this over-the-cabinet storage basket over the door to a handy cabinet and put your most-used items right where you can find them. It comes in three finishes.


The shelf that brings order under the sink

This expandable under-sink organizer cleans up the one area in the house that you thought was immune to order: Under the sink. The shape avoids the plumbing under there while the expandable height and width make it adjust to fit your cupboards — and the products you store under there — perfectly. Over 6,000 people give it five stars.


A set of powerful suction cup hooks for anywhere storage

Stick these suction cups with hooks to the wall of the shower, the mirror in the bathroom, the sink, the fridge, a window, or any smooth surface to create instant storage for anything that can hang. Store hot mitts in the kitchen, a scrub brush in the sink, or your washcloth in the shower. The big suction cups are super strong and the hooks are built in.


This stylish rope basket for decorative storage

This large woven storage basket is a great place to toss laundry, toys, pillows, or whatever else is cluttering up your bedroom, living room, or the baby’s room. The big handles make it easy to move around and the woven cotton rope it’s made from is breathable, soft, and looks nice in the room. It comes in six colors.


The smarter way to store brooms, mops & long-handled tools

Save space and prevent frustration by mounting this mop and broom holder to a wall, inside of a closet door, or pantry. Then snap the handle of brooms, mops, rakes, and similar tools into the five grabby clamps. Those long-handled tools will stay put and never fall over on you again. There are also seven hooks for dusters, gloves, and other smaller tools.


This set of 8 fridge organizer bins so you can find your ingredients

Tired of emptying the fridge to in order to find a small jar of jam or the fresh fruit you know is in there somewhere? Organize your refrigerator with this set of eight organizer bins. Just put all the condiments in one, the fruit in another, and the sodas in still another. They keep messes contained, are clear so you can see what’s in them, and have cutout handles that make them easy to access.


These decorative wire storage baskets that bring quick order

These wire storage baskets are a quick and attractive way to bring order to your pantry, bathroom shelves, or office. Just fill them with supplies and set them on shelves or in cupboards to prevent the inevitable jumble that happens on open shelving. They come in six colors and are great for holding everything from fruits and vegetables to cleaning supplies.


This mushroom-shaped drain protector that prevents clogs

If you have hair, some of it goes down the drain every time you shower. If you ignore this fact, your drain can eventually clog with hair and the water will stop flowing. If you put this drain protector into the drain, occasionally pull it out and wipe the hair off, your drain will not clog. That’s probably why it has 77,000 five-star reviews.


These minimalist floating shelves that create storage anywhere

If you have a blank wall, these three wall-mount shelves can turn it into a storage space. Use them in the bathroom to store personal care items, in the living room to store decorative items like books and plants, or in the kitchen to keep spices within reach. They come in nine colors and get almost 12,000 five-star reviews.


The expandable pot rack that brings order to your kitchen

If your cupboards are a jumble of pans, lids, and other hard-to-store items, set this clever expandable pot and pan organizer rack in there and give everything its own slot. It has 10 adjustable compartments with slots for pans to stand in and separators so they stay put. You can separate the two pieces of the base, too, to create two racks.


The magnetic screen door that keeps bugs out

Hang this curtain-style magnetic screen door in the doorway that leads to your deck or yard and it will let everyone come and go, hands-free, without letting bugs into the house. The row of magnets sewn into the center seams opens easily to let you — or the pets or kids — through, but closes behind you after you go through it. The fine mesh keeps bugs outside.


These cabinet knobs for a fast & elegant upgrade

Nothing changes the look of a kitchen, bathroom, or piece of furniture faster and easier than changing the knobs. A kitchen can go from dated to modern in less than 20 minutes with nothing more than a screwdriver and these cabinet knobs. The brushed brass knobs bring modern simplicity to your space in your choice of eight colors and shapes. Choose simple lines in black or a beveled edge in brushed nickel — or whatever suits your style.


These handy puck lights for under shelves & cabinets

These three LED lights will transform your dark shelves and counter areas with easy-to-install and adjustable lighting. Just stick them to the underside of a shelf, the bottom of your cabinets, or wherever else you need spot lighting and tap them to turn them on and off. You can also use the remote to set schedules and adjust the brightness.


This bath mat that makes the tub floor grippy

Create some safety in the shower with this grippy nonslip bathtub mat that gives you a soft, textured surface to stand on for stability. It comes in lots of colors so you can even use it to add a pop of flair to your bathroom. It’s easy to remove since it holds on with suction cups, and can go in the machine for washing.


This luxurious bath mat that feels great underfoot

This deliciously soft memory foam bath mat with a velvet cover is so soft under your feet. It absorbs all the water dripping off you, too, when you come out of the bath or shower so your bathroom is safer. And the grippy bottom keeps it from sliding around. It comes in plenty of colors and sizes and works as a kitchen or bedroom mat, too.


An over-door rack that boosts your storage capacity

Hang this over-the-door storage center inside your front door, closet door, pantry, or bathroom to increase your storage and bring order to any room. There are five shelves to keep bags, towels, or hats orderly and two shelves that can hold anything from toiletries to your everyday carry. It comes in three colors.


These drawer organizers so putting away laundry is easy

Bring quick and easy order to your relationship with laundry by making it easy to put clothes away. These drawer organizers give every item a place of its own. There are four organizers, each with many cells for your socks, underwear, and other small items. “The best cheapest organizers I have ever found,” said one reviewer.


A big utensil holder that looks great on the counter

This roomy stainless steel kitchen utensil holder will organize all your most-used cooking tools while keeping them right at hand so you don’t burn the stir fry while looking in a cluttered drawer for a spatula. It spins 360 degrees so you can find what you are looking for and looks great, in your choice of seven colors.


A step-on-trash can that’s made for small spaces

Set this step-on trash can in the bathroom, under your desk, or near your dresser so you have an easy place to toss tissues and other small items. It makes keeping the place clean easy. It has an inner pail you can grab and remove to empty it, and it looks good in the room. It’s also a great way to keep the pets from digging in the trash.


This expandable bamboo organizer for tidier drawers

Bring order to your kitchen drawers with this expandable bamboo drawer organizer that expands for wide drawers and shrinks for narrow ones. It’s a neat way to organize your drawers because the bamboo is durable and water resistant, and will work even if you change drawers, giving you three compartments at its smallest setting and five at its largest.


These under-bed storage bags so you can quickly declutter the closet

Pack up all the blankets, off-season clothing, and things you aren’t wearing right now and stash them under the bed. These two zippered under-bed storage bags are big, zip all the way open, have a clear top so you can see what’s in them, and hold a lot of stuff. There is a big handle for hauling them, too.


This ergonomic monitor stand that provides airflow

This monitor stand adjusts to three heights to help you create a more ergonomic workstation. And if you work on a laptop, the perforated surface also provides ventilation to help keep that machine cooler as you work. It can hold the weight of whatever rig you use and looks great on your desk.


An indoor door mat to keep your interior cleaner

Set this absorbent, soft, nonslip indoor door mat inside your entryway to catch all the dirt and water that comes in on people’s shoes, and keep the interior of your home cleaner with no additional effort. It’s easy to clean, has a low profile so the door will open, and comes in lots of colors and sizes.


This rustic light to brighten your entryway

Update the look of your entry while making it brighter and safer for everyone who comes through the door with this wall lantern that’s not only handsome but designed to withstand the weather. “This has updated the look of the house and the door to our garage,” explained one reviewer. Another wrote, “I'm super proud of myself for installing this all by myself. It was easy and looks great!”


A simple, sweet, & versatile organization tray

Set this organization tray on your vanity, the back of the toilet, your dresser, or even in the middle of the kitchen table to hold everything from toilet paper to toiletries to napkins, and your space will be easier to use and nicer to look at, too. It’s a simple but effective upgrade and it makes it easier to clean all those surfaces, too, because the clutter moves with the basket.


These boxes that make storing boots easy

Boots are challenging to store but these clear, foldable boot storage boxes take care of that problem easily by turning them into box shapes that you can stack on a shelf. The boxes are clear so you can quickly grab the boots you are looking for. And when you aren’t keeping boots in them, the boxes fold up flat so they are easy to store.


The plant stand that’s chic & affordable

This little plant stand is so easy to set up and you can use it anywhere in the house. It’s an ideal place to set a few plants but it also works as a small side table so you have a place to put a drink. The midcentury design looks great in lots of spaces and, at this price, your wallet will think you’re thrifting. “This is a great little plant stand,” said one reviewer. “It looks really nice and is very sturdy. It even comes with little pads to put on the bottom of the legs so they don't scratch my wood floor.”


These curtains that block out light & sound

When you pull these blackout curtains closed, they stop light and sound from getting into your room, which makes them great for a bedroom or home office. The insulated liner also keeps heat or cold outside so you can save energy while keeping your space more comfortable. They come in so many sizes and colors that you can design exactly the look you want.


This high-powered rain shower head that feels amazing

Change out your weak, harsh, or unpleasant shower head for this high-pressure rain shower head and it will transform showers into the highlight of your day. The head swivels 360 degrees so you can direct the water exactly where you want it, has 90 high-powered rainfall jets that feel amazing, and is super easy to install. “I was blown away with the amount of pressure and sturdiness,” said one reviewer. “I have so much more pressure and was so impressed I ended up ordering an additional one for our guest bathroom.”


This heavy-duty grill cover to protect your outdoor kitchen

Cover your outdoor grill when you aren’t using it with this heavy-duty waterproof grill cover to protect it from the elements, bugs, and dust. It has handles to make getting it on and off easy, won’t crack or fade, and the straps cinch it tightly to your grill to keep it in place even in strong winds.


A grill cleaning kit with no wire hazards

This grill cleaner set gets your grill clean without the danger posed by wire brushes, which can fall out and get into your food. It uses a tough, moist grill-cleaning wipe that absorbs grease and cleans the grates. The wipe attaches to the scrubber handle, which has a built-in scraper, to make the job so quick and easy that you will do it more often.


This liner for under the sink that protects cabinets from leaks

Put this quick-dry, waterproof, under-sink mat liner on the bottom of the cabinets under your sink and the wood won’t get damaged if your cleaning products spill or the plumbing springs a leak. The nonslip mat is lined in a non-permeable rubber and the top is made from a highly absorbent, quick-dry felt. It comes in lots of great patterns and colors, too, so your cabinets will look snazzy.


A refillable soap dispenser that looks great on the counter

Save yourself some money and protect the planet from plastics by sitting this pump-top hand soap dispenser on your counter and refilling it from a bulk package of your favorite soap. It looks great, works for dish or hand soap, and will last for years. “Finally found a soap dispenser that doesn't leak!” said one reviewer. “Attractive and holds a good amount of dishwashing liquid.”


These oil & vinegar bottles with awesome pour tops

Fill these borosilicate glass oil and vinegar dispensers with whatever pleases you — olive oil, vinegar, herb infusions — and enjoy the way they pour through the metered spouts with snap-close lids. The measure markings on the side make it easy to gauge how much you are pouring into your recipes. And they are great for making your own dressing or infused oils.


A paper towel holder that looks great in the kitchen

This simple and minimalist paper towel holder is just the thing for keeping a roll of paper towels handy and ready for use on the counter. It works for most sizes of roll, snugs the towels onto the roll, and looks good doing it. The little round feet are a nice design touch and keep it from sliding around.