Amazon keeps selling out of these 40 cheap things that make homes look so much more impressive

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Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you relax after a long day, or where you kick off your shoes because you can’t bare another moment standing on your feet. But if your home is looking a little bland lately? Don’t worry: There are tons of cheap things on Amazon that can make any home look so much more impressive.

And I’m not talking about giant pieces of art that take up tons of space. More often than not, it’s the small touches that make the biggest impact — like this bunch of dried pampas grass. Just slip it into a vase, and you’ve instantly got a little pop of nature sitting right on your vanity or nightstand. Or maybe your work-from-home desk could use a little pick-me-up; in that case, make sure to check out this scented candle, as well as this chic statue. Both can help you get into the right frame of mind to tackle all the problems that pop up throughout the day — all without putting too much strain on your wallet.

Just because you’re working with a budget doesn’t mean you have to buy cheap stuff when decorating your house, and all these cheap home products are proof. Keep scrolling for more.


These fake potted succulents that look so real

Not only do these fake succulents look so real, but the little pots they come in are also very durable. Three come in one pack, and one customer wrote that “theses look very nice, especially for being faux plants.” Plus, the entire set has a glowing 4.5-star rating on Amazon.


A floor lamp that comes in 4 sleek finishes

Black, matte brass, brushed steel, white — with four finishes to choose from, this floor lamp can look great no matter where you put it. Plus, its extra-long power cable makes it easy to use with outlets that are far away. Just make sure to provide your own 60-watt bulb.


This vanity mirror that’s functional & fashionable

Not sure what your vanity is missing? It could be this fashionable mirror. The irregular shape gives it a modern touch, while the wooden base will make it stand out from the rest of the items on your vanity — all for less than $15.


These faux roses that requires zero maintenance

Add these faux roses to your entryway, and you’ve instantly got a cute addition to any side table or vanity. Zero maintenance is required since the leaves are made from soft latex foam — and they even come packaged in a protective box to help keep them safe from damage while in transit.


The easy-to-read alarm clock with a mirrored face

Still got that clunky black alarm clock sitting on your nightstand? Consider upgrading to this sleek LED clock. The mirrored face makes it stand apart from clocks you’ve likely had in the past, and there are even two USB ports on the side so that you can easily charge your phone. Plus, the brightness is adjustable up to three levels.


A cushioned lap desk that can handle all your essentials

With a dedicated slot for your phone and a tablet ledge at the base, this lap desk won’t let your essentials go sliding away. there’s also an elastic strap in the corner where you can secure important documents — and the top is even designed to look like real wood, not plastic.


These fake plants that come with ceramic planters included

Looking for ways to add pops of green throughout your home? Search no further than these fake string of pearl plants. They come with white ceramic planters so that they’re ready to go right out of the box, and the textured leaves give them a realistic look, even up close.


A set of throw pillow covers that are already styled for you

Having trouble when it comes to styling your couch? Make sure to take a look at this set of decorative throw pillow covers. Each order comes with six covers that are already styled for you — and since they’re made from 100% soft cotton, they work just as well for napping as they do as decoration.


The prints that make it easy to create gorgeous accent walls

Put these prints into frames, and you’ll easily be able to create a gorgeous accent wall anywhere in your home. The minimalist aesthetic allows them to compliment nearly any style, and one reviewer even wrote that they “give the room a clean crisp feel.”


A scented candle that can burn for almost 50 hours

Made with 100% natural soy wax with a wooden wick, this candle is a welcome addition to any home. Notes of grapefruit, lavender, vetiver, and moss give it an earthy smell to help you decompress after a long day, and it can even burn for up to 45 hours.


This tabletop fountain that’s perfect for home offices

Does your home office need a little extra something? That something might be this tabletop fountain. The gentle sounds of trickling water can help you relax during that stressful Zoom meeting, and the rocks are even made from real stone — not plastic.


A set of knives made form high-carbon stainless steel

Not only are these knives made from sharp, high-carbon stainless steel, but each order also includes a sharpening rod, pair of scissors, as well as a storage block. “The block is super sturdy, all the knives are good quality,” raved one reviewer. “This is a great deal for the price.”


The mellow canvas art that won’t break the bank

Buying art for your walls can put a real dent into your wallet — that’s why I’m a big fan when it comes to these canvas prints. They come in 10 different designs to suit any style, and each one is already stretched out onto a solid wood canvas for you. Plus, the hooks on the back allow for easy mounting.


A resin & sandstone statue that looks way pricier than it is

Feeling stumped at work? Add this thinker statue to your home office, and its presence might just be enough to help you brainstorm ideas. It’s made form a combination of eco-friendly resin and sandstone, making it look more expensive than it is. Choose from three colors: sandstone, silver, or bronze.


This plush, shaggy rug that’s oh-so soft

Step off of those cold hardwood floors and onto this soft, shaggy rug. It’s great for bedrooms — especially when getting out of bed in the morning — and the nonslip bottom won’t let it move out of place while you’re walking on top of it.


A resin figurine that’s simple & elegant

Sometimes the best decorations are subtle — like this little figurine. It’s made from tough, sleek resin that won’t rust over time, while the hollow middle gives it an elegant appearance that’ll have guests talking. The best part? You even have the choice of nine different colors.


The backlights that can help reduce strain on your eyes

If your TV appears too bright at night, try adding these LED lights behind it. Not only do they aim to help reduce eye strain, but they’ll also work just as well when placed on the backside of your computer monitor. Plus, they’re remote controlled and are available in four different lengths.


A stainless steel bartending kit that comes with a stylish bamboo stand

You’d be surprised how easy it is to make a margarita — and this bartending kit can help you make sure it’s just the right level of tart. Each piece is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and the shaker tin also features a built-in strainer that’s perfect for beginners. Plus, each order includes a sleek bamboo stand for display.


These easy-to-mount floating shelves with raised edges

I put these floating shelves up on a grey wall in my bathroom. The bright white finish looks great up against colors, while the raised edge helps keep picture frames from sliding off. The ledges are wide enough for small air fresheners, and each order comes with mounting hardware included.


A set of minimalist wall hooks made from black walnut

Don’t have enough room for a giant coat rack? These minimalist wall hooks are a space-saving alternative that looks just as good, if not better. They’re handcrafted from black walnut wood — and since each one is separate, you can even arrange them however you like.


The floating shelf that can help you keep track of your keys

Always losing your keys? Mount this floating shelf next to your front door, and you’ll always have a convenient place to hang your keys right when you walk in. Plus, the rim around the top ledge helps keep mail from slipping off.


A pour-over coffee maker for cold brew, too

You don’t have to waste money on expensive cold brew from the store; make your own batch at home using this pour-over coffee maker. No paper filters are necessary, as the stainless steel filter is infinitely reusable. Plus, it’s made from borosilicate glass that’s resistant to heat.


This throw blanket made from soft faux fur

With eight different shades to choose from, there’s no excuse for not adding this throw blanket to your bedding. It’s made from plush faux fur — and unlike some faux fur blankets, this one is so well-made that it’s also resistant to shedding.


A cast iron skillet with thousands of positive reviews

If you ask me, every kitchen needs a quality cast iron skillet — and this one even arrives pre-seasoned so that you can use it right out of the box. It’s so durable that you can even use it to cook over campfires, and one reviewer wrote that “this is a quality pan and became totally nonstick after a few seasonings.”


The electric can opener that does the work for you

This electric can opener features a powerful stainless steel blade that easily slices through lids without snagging, while the nonslip base helps keep it stable. It even has over 11,000 positive ratings and 4.3 stars on Amazon. Choose from three colors: red, black, or white.


This popular dish soap that comes in a spray bottle

I always squeeze way too much soap onto my dishes — but thankfully, this dish soap comes packaged inside of a convenient spray bottle. The sprayer dispenses just the right amount to get your dishes clean, and the soap is even formulated so that it’s safe to use as a de-greaser on automotive tools.


This vegetable chopper that comes with 4 different blades

Chop, spiralize, slice, dice — the four interchangeable blades that come with this vegetable chopper can do them all. The blades are all made from heavy-duty stainless steel that shouldn’t grow dull over time. Plus, the entire chopper is completely BPA-free.


A diffuser that provides hours of soothing mist

With its extra-large water tank, this diffuser can provide up to eight hours of hydrating mist — and the color-changing LED bulb even lets you set a relaxing mood after a long day. And if you forget to turn it off? The automatic shut-off should kick in for you once the water runs dry.


These pillowcases that are gentle on hair

Looking for cheap ways to upgrade your bedding? Search no further than these polyester-satin pillowcases. They produce less friction against your hair than cotton ones, which can help reduce unwanted frizz. Plus, they’re also less drying on your skin and are available in tons of shades.


An electric whisk that’ll upgrade your morning coffee

If you’re tired of drinking the same cup of coffee every morning, try using this electric whisk to whip up some frothy milk. The motor runs at an ultra-silent level, allowing you to use it at the office without disturbing anyone — and many reviewers even wrote about how it’s “easy to clean.”


The stemless wine glasses that are 100% shatterproof

Made from shatterproof Tritan plastic, these stemless wine glasses are a stylish and durable alternative to regular glass. They’re crystal-clear so that you can’t tell they’re made from plastic until you pick one up — and unlike some plastic glasses, these ones shouldn’t turn cloudy in the dishwasher.


A door mat that comes in dozens of designs

You might have reservations about scraping your shoes across this gorgeous door mat, but don’t worry — the high-quality polypropylene fabric easily shakes clean when dirty. The low profile allows your door to easily swing overtop of it, and it even comes in 24 different styles to suit any house.


This storage cart that slides into tight spaces

Got some seemingly unusable space next to your toilet? Slide this rolling cart in there to give yourself some extra storage. The shelves are adjustable so that it can fit into shorter spaces as well as taller ones — and once you’ve opened the box, it only takes a few short minutes to put everything together.


A mountable shower caddy that doesn’t require drilling

Hesitant when it comes to drilling into your walls? This shower caddy comes with suction cups so that it’s easy to mount without any power tools necessary — and the cups are so sturdy that they can even support up to 22 pounds. “They have stayed in place without shifting up or down 3 showers a day,” wrote one reviewer. “I even had to relocate it and still the suction has kept up.”


The spray bottle that’s perfect for misting parched hair & plants

Whether your skin, hair, or plants could use a little moisture is up to you — but either way, this spray bottle can help. The nozzle produces a fine, even mist — and unlike some spray bottles, this one will work even if you turn it upside-down. It’s available in four sizes from 5 ounces to 24 ounces.


This outdoor blanket to help you stay warm

Whether you’re camping or just cozying up to a fire pit, this outdoor blanket can help keep you warm when temperatures dip as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s made from tough nylon that’s resistant to tears — and since there are snaps along the side, you can even wear it as a poncho if you want.


This bamboo shoe shelf that’s perfect for entryways

Not a fan of having guests wear shoes throughout the house? Place this shoe shelf next to your entryway, and everybody who comes in will have a convenient place to keep their kicks until it’s time to leave. Assembly only takes a few short minutes, and it’s large enough to hold up to eight pairs of adult-sized shoes.


A map of the world that lets you scratch off where you’ve visited

Cambodia? Australia? Brazil? Regardless of where you’ve visited, this scratch-off world map can help you show off how well-traveled you are without outright bragging about it. “Scratching off is smooth as butter with a penny,” wrote one reviewer. “The paper is really strong - this will last forever once you get it unrolled.”


This high-quality cushioned desk chair for less than $40

You read that correctly: This high-quality desk chair is available for $35, but its features will make you think it costed way more than that. Not only is the back lined with breathable mesh to help keep you cool, but the bottom is packed with a soft cushion that’ll help make your workspace comfortable. Plus, it’s available in 10 colors.


The beads that help absorb unwanted odors

Whether your shoes or your gym bag is starting to absorb unwanted odors, these beads can help. Rather than mask unpleasant smells, they quickly absorb those scents so that you’re left with neutral-smelling air. Use them on odors caused by pets, smoking, and more.