Amazon keeps selling out of these easy home upgrades that'll save you so much money

Your bank account will thank you.

ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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If you’re feeling motivated by your outgoing cash flow to make some budget-friendly improvements around the house, there are worse things you can do than harnessing the power of the sun, squeezing every last bit out of every toiletry, and opting for reusable everything. Browse this comprehensive list below and you’ll see that Amazon keeps selling out of these easy home upgrades that’ll save you so much money.

So, pop those solar-powered string lights into your cart, along with some tube squeezers, and reusable K-cups. The home-improved future is yours for the taking.


A door draft stopper that’ll cut down your energy bills

If rooms are feeling drafty come winter or steamy come summer (and you have the energy bills to show it), install one of these door draft stoppers. It can be cut to size and sticks securely to the bottom of your door using strong self-adhesive. Available in several colors such as white or brown, the silicone material has just the right amount of firmness and flexibility to create a seal to the outside elements, making the most of your heating or air conditioning.


This night-light that acts like a more expensive mini sconce

Sconces add so much to a home but can seriously cost you due to wiring expenses and fancy fixtures. In which case, turn to this ingenious night-light that offers tasteful wall lighting for under $25. It comes in a pack of two, plugs into your outlet, and casts a soft white light both above and below. It automatically turns on at dusk and even features a dimmer to dial in the ideal amount of brightness.


A rain showerhead that comes in a range of sizes & finishes

When it’s time to give that bathroom an upgrade that remains fully within budget, go for this well-reviewed rain showerhead with a 4.7-star rating. It comes in two size options in both square and round shapes as well as tons of finishes such as brushed nickel, Egyptian gold, and even a radiant rainbow option to truly jazz up your bathroom aesthetic.


These outdoor string lights that charge via solar panel

To add ambiance without sending your electricity bills through the roof, opt for these solar-powered outdoor string lights. Each string features 12 vintage-style LED bulbs that are attached to a solar panel which can either be clipped onto something or staked in the ground. The lights give off a warm white light and are tough enough to withstand all manner of weather.


A set of blackout curtains that regulate your indoor temperature

Your home is no match for blazing summer sun or glacial freezes when it comes to thin panes of glass as a defense — and that’s where these blackout curtains come in. They’re constructed of triple-weave fabric that blocks up to 99% of UV rays and provides thermal regulation to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Choose from 41 available colors.


These LED Edison light bulbs that last up to 15,000 hours each

You’ll rarely have to replace these long-lasting LED Edison bulbs as they can each glow for up to 15,000 hours, blowing their incandescent counterparts out of the water. They come in a pack of six with their exposed filament and globe shape offering a stylish vintage look. Available in either a warm white or bright white, they’re conveniently dimmable as well.


A set of flameless candles that are battery-operated

Never waste money again on real candles when you have these flameless LED candles that look just like the real thing. They come in a stylish set of three pillars in varying sizes and operate with the help of three AAA batteries each. Featuring real wax for extra authenticity, these candles provide a flickering flame and include their own remote to set timers and control brightness.


This drain protector that’ll prevent costly plumber visits down the line

This innovatively designed drain protector works to trap even the smallest of hairs and prevents possible expensive-to-fix clogging. The mushroom-like shape manages to trap all hair without impeding water flow and additionally keeps the trapped hair neatly out of sight. Effortlessly lift up the cylinder to remove the hair in one easy swipe.


A bidet attachment that saves you cash on toilet paper supplies

This bidet attachment is simple to install and can greatly reduce the need for extensive supplies of toilet paper. It attaches to any standard toilet without taking up a huge amount of room and is built with both an adjustable nozzle and a water pressure knob to customize your newfound hygienic ritual.


This water filtration system that connects directly to your faucet

Get purified water directly from sink to glass — no pitcher required — with this faucet-mounted water filtration system. The filter uses activated carbon, ion exchange material, and natural minerals to reduce chemical and physical impurities such as lead and chlorine while providing delicious-tasting water. Feel free to now bid farewell to those pricey water bottle purchases with this smart investment that costs less than $40.


A plastic bag dispenser that encourages reusability

Single-use items like plastic bags can, in fact, live another day if reused and that’s what this plastic bag dispenser helps you to do. It mounts to the wall or the interior of your cabinet and provides a tidy place to both store plastic bags and easily grab them from the slot below. Plus, the brushed stainless steel finish offers a sleek look that offers a better alternative to the usual chaotic, billowing pile of bags.


These reusable food storage bags that replace traditional plastic ones

Each one of these reusable food storage bags replaces more than 350 single-use plastic bags, saving you tons of money and doing a solid for the environment as well. Made of food-grade and recyclable PEVA, the bags come in a set of 10 and in a range of sizes including sandwich, snack, and gallon bags. They feature a double closure that makes them leakproof and can be conveniently used in the freezer as well as the fridge.


A set of eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths in stylish designs

Seriously save on those disposable paper towel provisions by switching to these Swedish dishcloths that are reusable for up to a year. They’re made of biodegradable cotton and cellulose material and are extremely absorbent. Able to be used on all sorts of surfaces from metal to marble to tile, these cloths sport stylish designs that feature lemons or ferns, for example, that you won’t mind displaying in your kitchen.


The Alexa-compatible smart thermostat that lets you manage energy usage

Upgrade the way you manage energy at home with this Energy Star-certified smart thermostat that’s designed specifically to coordinate with Amazon’s Alexa. The Alexa app allows you to both track and remotely control your heating and cooling, helping you to keep costs well within budget while consistently maintaining comfortable temperatures.


A reusable food wrap made of sustainable beeswax & organic cotton

This reusable food wrap will surprise you with its ability to provide the same sealing power as single-use plastic. In fact, the material’s breathability — thanks to organic cotton and eco-friendly beeswax — offers an especially great way to preserve the freshness of bread, cheese, and produce. Three wraps (small, medium, and large) come in each pack to tackle any kind of storage.


This cold brew maker that’s way cheaper than the coffee shop

If that once-upon-a-time breezy iced coffee now feels like it’s cutting directly into your rent fund, this cold brew coffee maker lets you sip at a fraction of the normal price. It makes four servings of coffee and includes a fine mesh filter and glass carafe that allows for brewing directly in the fridge. It’s also backed by a 4.6-star overall rating from Amazon reviewers who have happily waved goodbye to the coffee shop.


A set of containers that stretch the life of your produce

These produce-saving containers help extend the life of those pricey blueberries and expensive seasonal asparagus. They come in a set of four (two medium, one large short, and one large tall container) and all feature a built-in filter that creates an ideal environment for produce to thrive. The interior basket is lifted slightly to prevent a buildup of moisture and the filter is designed to last forever — no expensive refills required.


The herb keeper that maintains freshness for up to 3 weeks

Nothing’s worse than investing in an expensive bunch of cilantro only to have it wilt and rot right before you need it. Enter this herb keeper that’s designed to keep those flavorings as fresh as can be for up to three weeks. It’s constructed as a tall cylinder that won’t take up tons of room and allows you to store your herbs in an environment with just the right amount of water and airflow.


An electric wine aerator that improves flavor swiftly

Pop this electric aerator onto your wine bottle and watch as it instantly opens up the flavor of your vino — no waiting required. It fits onto the bottle with a secure, airtight seal as the hose draws the wine up and into the aerator where oxygen is added before the drink is dispensed into your glass. Conveniently charge it via USB to be ready for any impromptu soirée.


This grout pen that easily refreshes your bathroom tile

With just a quick coat of paint from this grout pen, your bathroom tiles will look as if they’ve been completely replaced. It comes in either a narrow or wide tip option that dispenses nontoxic, water-based white paint onto cleaned grout. Best of all, this fresh look won’t cost you more than a $10 investment.


A backsplash that mounts using peel-and-stick adhesive

Give your kitchen the refresh it needs using this peel-and-stick backsplash that installs easily and will only set you back $30. Made of water-resistant and flexible vinyl, it can be cut to accommodate your required dimensions and mounts using self-adhesive. With their raised three-dimensional texture, the tiles sport an authentic look while remaining decidedly budget-friendly.


These solar garden lights that create outdoor ambiance

Without requiring a bit of wiring or electricity, these solar garden lights charge by the light of the sun to provide automatic ambiance come nighttime. Available in a pack of six, place them wherever you like whether that be along pathways or among your flowerbeds, and leave them up throughout every season thanks to their weatherproof housing.


A pack of smart plugs that let you control appliances remotely

These well-reviewed smart plugs have garnered a 4.6-star rating for their ability to connect to your network, giving you the freedom to control appliances from afar. You can set a regular schedule for your air conditioner or humidifier to turn on, create lighting scenes that trigger multiple fixtures, or turn on the away mode that keeps your home looking lived in while you’re gone — all from your phone or voice-activated smart device.


This furniture repair kit that revitalizes worn wooden pieces

Instead of opting for a pricey replacement, quickly restore scuffed and scratched wooden pieces using this furniture repair kit. It comes with six markers and six wax sticks that range in color from black to oak so as to match your wood perfectly. Simply fill in the scratch with the appropriate color, using the wax for deeper scuffs, and voilà, that treasured piece will look good as new.


A paint pen that allows for easy & seamless touch-ups

Easily touch up wall scuffs or hard-to-reach areas using this ingenious paint pen that’ll save you from having to completely repaint. It comes in a set of two with an accompanying syringe to fill with your paint of choice. The pen’s small brush is great for addressing areas that require detail, and its airtight cylinder means the paint will last for years to come.


These cabinet door bumpers that allow for a soft close

If you’re a bit heavy-handed when it comes to closing drawers and cabinets, simply place these soft and small cabinet door bumpers on the interior to save those hinges and protect your finish. Every pack comes with 100 clear bumpers that provide just the right amount of cushioning yet are subtle enough to not stick out visually.


A water detector that prevents costly damage

Water damage is the kind of problem you want to nip in the bud and that’s why this water detector is so handy. It’s designed with IP66 waterproof housing and is made with a sensor that will alert you with an alarm whose volume can be set anywhere from zero to 100 decibels. It requires four AAA batteries which are included and it can be placed anywhere you fear a leak may spring, from sink areas to basement pipes.


These reusable K-cups to save money on constant pod refills

Though delicious and effortless, those constant pod refills can truly add up. One great way to save money and also create less waste is by getting yourself these reusable K-cups. They come in a pack of four and can be used in most Keurig machines, with their stainless steel filters providing you with a clean and delicious cup of your favorite coffee with no fear of clogging.


A set of wool dryer balls that cut down on drying time

Made of 100% New Zealand wool, these dryer balls are great at not only diminishing wrinkles in your freshly cleaned clothing but also helping to reduce drying time (saving you precious money on utility bills in the process). The wool additionally works to eliminate static cling without the use of potentially irritating chemicals and comes fragrance-free, making these dryer balls ideal for those with sensitive skin.


These furniture protectors that preserve your upholstery

Make lasting peace between cat and sofa with these furniture protectors that both keep your upholstery in great shape and train your cat to scratch elsewhere. They can be cut to size and use self-adhesive as well as twist pins to securely stick to the fabric. And the protectors won’t act like an eyesore thanks to their transparent material.


A pack of chip clips that keep snacks fresher for longer

These handy chip clips come in a budget-friendly pack of 12 and work to prevent favorite snacks from going stale. They’re made of stainless steel and feature a silicone-coated edge that helps the clips sturdily grip the bag. The silicone comes in three colors (red, blue, and yellow) and the clips are temperature-safe, meaning they can be used for bags of frozen items as well.


This vent cleaner kit that helps your dryer run efficiently

Years of built-up lint can impede your dryer’s ability to do its job, but you don’t need to pay a hefty sum to get it fixed — all you need is this dryer vent cleaner kit. It comes with several attachments including an adaptor to connect to any standard vacuum as well as a long flat hose to remove accumulated lint from narrow spaces.


A couch cushion support that makes your sofa feel brand new

A quality couch can be a hefty investment which is why it makes sense to bolster it with one of these couch cushion supports when sagging begins to happen. Made of sturdy, thick MDF wooden boards, the support is covered in nonslip Oxford fabric that helps it stay in place below the cushion. Choose from additional size options that include supports for armchairs and loveseats.


These laundry detergent sheets that sustainably wash up to 60 loads

Skip expensive plastic jugs of detergent and, instead, opt for these laundry detergent sheets that can wash up to 60 loads at a cost of only $14. The hypoallergenic sheets are formulated without bleach, phosphates, or parabens, and you can choose from scented and fragrance-free versions. Simply add a sheet to your washer and watch as it dissolves completely, effectively cleaning clothing with a minimum of waste generated.


A set of microfiber mop pads that are machine-washable

Save precious money on cleaning supplies when you choose this pair of microfiber mop pads over their disposable counterparts. Able to be used with any Swiffer system, the pads are machine-washable and feature dense fibers that allow them to pick up all sorts of dust and grime. Well-designed rounded edges make them great for dealing with corners and baseboards as well.


These tube squeezers that get every last drop out of pricey toiletries

Access every bit of that toothpaste or top-shelf cosmetic with these ingenious tube squeezers. They’re constructed of stainless steel and work by first inserting any plastic tube into the top and then using the small handle to tightly roll up the tube from the bottom. The squeezers can stand up on any surface, keeping your toiletries conveniently primed to dispense their contents.


A set of reusable makeup remover pads that come with their own laundry bag

These makeup remover pads are made of bamboo and cotton, making them extremely soft on the skin, as well as completely reusable. They come in a pack of 20 and even include their very own cotton laundry bag to easily keep them separate in the wash. Meant to last for years to come, you’ll soon forget all about having to run to the drugstore for cotton ball refills.


These plant watering spikes for maintenance-free care

Upgrade your watering routine with these plant watering spikes that allow for hands-off care. Made of porous terracotta clay, they work by inserting a water-filled long-necked bottle into the top of the spike, flipping the spike over, and inserting it into your plant’s soil. The spike will slowly and gently provide moisture to the plant over a period of up to two weeks.


A set of surprisingly elegant shatterproof wine glasses

Reallocate that money normally put towards replacing expensive glassware with an investment in these shatterproof, stemless wine glasses instead. Though made of strong plastic, they look elegant enough for any dinner table and are especially great for parties out on the patio. Two come in each set and they’re dishwasher-safe when placed on the top rack.


These mini spatulas that get every last drop out of jars

Use these innovative mini spatulas to scrape up that last bit of dijon or get those final drops of expensive lotion, greatly stretching your supplies in the process. One 6 and one 12-inch slim spatula come in a set that works especially well for accessing narrow-necked bottles. Pop them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


A pack of chair leg covers that protect floors from getting scratched

Maintain pristine floors using these chair leg covers made of stretchy silicone and soft felt. They come in a range of sizes as well as colors such as dark walnut, black, and clear in order to perfectly blend in with your chair. The silicone molds around each leg, creating a seamless fit, while the felt allows for easy maneuvering that won’t damage your floor.


The bottle-emptying kit that stores containers upside down

This bottle-emptying kit is one of those ingenious products that make you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Using one of the included adaptors, the stand screws onto the bottle so it can be flipped and stored upside down, making it supremely easy to get every last bit of the product out of the container using the built-in dispenser. Six stands and six adaptors are included in each kit.


A pack of cable savers that protect your cords from wear & tear

When you think about how much money you’ve potentially spent on replacing damaged cables due to wear and tear, the $7 required for this pack of cable savers truly looks like the deal of the century. Made of soft, flexible silicone, the cable saver coils around the most vulnerable part of the cable to prevent fraying, tangling, or knotting which can stress the cord to the point of no return.


This stain remover that keeps clothing in rotation

When you have this stain remover close at hand, there’s no fear of a tomato, blueberry, or dirt stain relegating that piece of clothing to the “donate” pile. Though efficacious on the toughest of stains from ink to grease, it’s made with a water-based formula that gets the job done without peroxide, chlorine, phosphates, or sulfates. Two come in each pack in a handy 4-ounce size.


A cast iron cleaner that won’t remove precious seasoning

Washing precious pots and pans passed down through the generations can require a particular kind of handling. For a scrub that won’t destroy years of built-up seasoning, turn to this cast iron cleaner made of stainless steel chainmail. The steel is rustproof, with the smooth edges scrubbing away food without causing damage to the cooking surface.