Amazon reviewers loooove these things that saved them a sh*t load of money

They’re saving so much cash.

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Saving money is never a bad idea — the only problem is that spending it can be way more fun. Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Whenever you’re in the mood for some shopping, try to buy products that can help you save money over time. But if you need examples? Not a problem, as this list is chock-full of Amazon products that reviewers said saved them a sh*t load of money.

From reusable dryer balls to insulated lunch boxes, you’re basically guaranteed to find at least a few things in here that can help you save some green. But if you want to see more, you’ll just have to keep scrolling.


These Zicam tablets that can help shorten how long your cold lasts

A trip to the doctor isn’t necessarily cheap — luckily, these Zicam tablets might be able to help. They’re chock-full of zinc that’s meant to help shorten the length of your cold. And since they won’t make you feel sleepy, you can easily take one during the day.

What reviewers say: “I take these the minute I start feeling sick. They are a staple in my home and help me get through a cold faster and without terrible symptoms.”


The reusable straws with a conveniently angled tip

Whereas some reusable straws are completely straight, these ones feature angled tips that make it easier to sip from glasses, tumblers, and more. They’re made from food-grade silicone that’s completely BPA-free — and each order includes a pipette brush to help you get them clean from the inside out.

What reviewers say: “I've been wanting to try reusable straws for a while, both to help the environment and to save money in the long run. I really like that these are dishwasher safe and that they also come with a brush to clean them if you're hand-washing.”


A cold brew coffee maker that can help you save money

Always spending money on pre-made cold brew? Consider saving a few dollars every day by making your own at home using this pitcher. The airtight lid helps keep your brew fresh until you’re ready to pour yourself a glass — and it even comes with a stainless steel filter that you can wash and reuse as many times as you need.

What reviewers say: “Changed my life!! I’m saving so much money making cold brew at home.”


These coffee pods that you can fill with your own grounds

Whether you’re looking to save money or simply prefer your own custom blend of coffee grounds, these reusable coffee pods are a smart buy. The mesh walls are made from stainless steel, making them unlikely to rust — even after dozens of washes. And if you aren’t big into coffee, you can also use them to brew tea as well as hot chocolate.

What reviewers say: “I love these!! They help me save sooo much money!!! I can reuse them anytime I want.”


A reusable makeup eraser that doesn’t require any cleanser

There’s no need for cleanser when you have this makeup eraser. Just get it damp with water, and it’ll gently remove all sorts of makeup — including waterproof mascara. Once too dirty to continue using, simply toss it into the wash for a quick and easy clean.

What reviewers say: “Best makeup remover I have ever used. Amazing and will save me money now that I'm not buying makeup remover wipes etc. This uses only water and is fabulous!”


This studded tumbler that comes in *so* many colors

Not only does this tumbler’s studded exterior make it stand out from the crowd, but it also helps you keep a firm grip when sipping. But if that isn’t enough? The wide mouth makes it easy to fill — and with 25 fun colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your style.

What reviewers say: “Love this cup. I have saved so much money on bottled water using this cup with filtered water and ice.”


A pet hair remover that’s infinitely reusable

Unlike lint rollers that rely on wasteful sticky sheets, this pet hair remover uses hundreds of tiny bristles to latch onto hair, shoving them all into a handy dustbin that’s built into the back. Once full, simply press the button on the handle to empty it out.

What reviewers say: “It's incredible! I will save a ton of money. No more of those sticky lint rollers. Whoever invented this is a genius!”


The insulated lunch box that won’t leak in your bag

Not only is this lunch box leakproof, but its insulated walls also help keep your meals at their ideal temperature until you’re ready to eat. A large interior pocket gives you tons of space for chips, sandwiches, soda cans, and more. Plus, the Oxford fabric on the outside is even stain-resistant.

What reviewers say: “Purchased this for my husband who started bringing his lunches to work to save money. It looks very nice, and he likes the pocket on the front for carrying his tablet. He also loves the shoulder strap.”


These food baggies that you can wash and reuse

Don’t waste money on plastic baggies. Instead, make the switch to these reusable ones and save yourself some money. They’re made from 100% food-safe silicone that’s BPA-free and feature pinch-lock tops that help keep your meals fresh for later. Choose from six colors.

What reviewers say: “These were excellent, easy to store and also they hold a lot for leftovers or lunches. It is nice to have reusable plastic bags to save money and help the environment.”


The reusable mop pads that latch onto dirt

Instead of wasting money on disposable mop pads, why not make the switch to these reusable ones? They’re made from thick microfiber that latches onto dirt and dust, trapping it within their fibers until you either shake them out or toss them in the wash — and they’re even sized to fit the Swiffer WetJet.

What reviewers say: “The mop pads are beyond words!! They clean our floors SIGNIFICANTLY better than the disposal pads. And, we will save so much money in the long run. Very, very pleased!”


A set of baking mats that won’t stick to food

Still using wasteful parchment paper and baking sprays? Consider upgrading to these baking mats. They’re made from nonstick silicone that won’t adhere to your meals as they cook — and since they’re heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, there’s no need to worry about how they’ll fare in the oven.

What reviewers say: “They don't take up a lot of room, they're super easy to clean, and they save a lot of resources and money when I use them instead of parchment paper.”


These glass water bottles that are sleek & stylish

Whether you’re in the mood for water, juice, or even a fresh smoothie, these water bottles are a solid pick for anyone looking to save money on disposable drinkware. They’re made from sleek glass — not plastic — and the lids are just as airtight as they are watertight.

What reviewers say: “These fit perfectly in my car beverage holders and I love that they are glass and not plastic. Also saves money by not buying plastic drink bottles and clogging up the landfills. Great quality! Great price and fast delivery. Thank you!”


The Swedish dishcloths that are effective on all sorts of surfaces

Whether you spilled juice on your counters or your nonstick pans are dirty, these Swedish dishcloths can help you get practically any surface clean as new. They have a slightly gritty texture when dry, allowing them to scrub away stubborn bits of dirt — yet they aren’t so abrasive that they’ll leave behind scratches. Choose from 10 colors.

What reviewers say: “These are a great way to save some money from constantly rebuying paper towels. When using them to dry dishes, they absorb incredibly well and are extremely versatile. Would and probably will buy again!”


A waterproof cover that helps protect your car from pet damage

Add this cover to the backseat of your car, and it’ll help protect the upholstery from scratches, sand, and pet hair whenever your furry friend joins you for a drive. It’s made from waterproof Oxford fabric, with a nonslip underside that helps keep it from shifting out of place. Plus, the universal design allows for an easy fit in nearly any vehicle.

What reviewers say: “This was the best thing I have ever bought for my car. It keeps my car seats clean and saves me time and money. It takes two minutes to install and you are ready to take your pets to the vet or the park. So glad I got it.”


This collapsible bowl that lets you pop fresh kernels

Air poppers can take up a ton of space in your kitchen, so why not opt for this bowl instead? Its collapsible design helps you make the most of limited storage — and it can even make up to 15 cups of fresh popcorn in just a few short minutes. Choose from 13 colors.

What reviewers say: “This is the best way for fast delicious popcorn. It also saves money compared to buying microwave popcorn. This is probably my best purchase this year.”


These rechargeable night lights you can stick nearly anywhere

These rechargeable night lights are great for hallways that don’t have outlets. You only need to plug them in once every 180 days, as the built-in motion and dusk-to-dawn sensors prevent them from turning on when they aren’t needed. Plus, each order includes adhesive for effortless installation.

What reviewers say: “I LOVE THEY ARE RECHARGABLE!! Saving a ton of money on that feature alone.”


The wool balls that can help your dryer work more efficiently

Instead of buying wasteful dryer sheets, why not make the switch to these wool balls? They help soften and aerate your clothes as they tumble, eliminating the need for fabric softener while also helping your dryer work more efficiently. People with sensitive skin can also appreciate that they’re made without any harsh chemicals.

What reviewers say: “These dyer balls do the job of taking away the static as well as being scent free, they also dry the clothes faster. On another plus, you’ll save so much money by not having to buy dryer sheets.”


A squeezer that helps you get every last drop out of tubes

From toothpaste to oil paint, these squeezers can help you get every last drop out of nearly any tube. They’re made from tough stainless steel that won’t rust over time — and the sturdy frame is unlikely to warp under pressure. Choose from five colors.

What reviewers say: “It'll save you a lot of money by getting all of the product out of those annoyingly thick plastic tubes, e.g. makeup, toothpaste, ointments, etc.”


This electric whisk that takes morning coffee to the next level

Though it’s tempting to buy coffee every morning, try using this electric whisk to take your homemade cup of Joe to the next level. Not only is it great for frothing up milk, but the motor is also powerful enough that you can even use it to beat egg whites into stiff peaks — all it needs is two AA batteries (which are not included).

What reviewers say: “Will be saving a ton of money by making coffee at home.”


A heated coaster that helps keep drinks toasty

There’s no need to chug your morning coffee when you have this heated coaster. An extra-long power cable makes it easy to use with distant outlets at the office, while its moisture-resistant top allows you to wipe it clean in the event of a spill. The best part? It only takes two minutes to warm your drinks up.

What reviewers say: “I save a lot of time and money because I don't pour anything out or remake anything.”


These ear plugs that are designed for comfort

Whereas most earplugs can leave your ear canal feeling sore, these ones are made from soft, flexible silicone — but that’s just the start. They also come in four sizes to fit ears of nearly any shape or size and feature a small loop that helps stabilize them so that they don’t shift around. Choose from six colors.

What reviewers say: “I usually buy the foam earplugs in large quantities. I use one pair every 2 days, throw them away and I have to buy more. It's nice to know I will save money because I won't have to to buy more all the time.”


The reusable grocery bags that can hold up to 50 pounds

Whereas plastic grocery bags are typically flimsy, these reusable ones are so sturdy that they can carry up to 50 pounds worth of stuff. They also roll down nice and compact, making it easy to stash a few in your glove compartment for safekeeping — and you even have the choice of more than 25 colors.

What reviewers say: “In an effort to be more environmentally friendly and save some money (since they charge you for bags where I live), I needed some good reusable bags to carry around. I wanted something that is easy to fold and can easily be stored in my pocket. After seeing these on sale for Prime Day, I took the plunge to buy these. Since I have gotten them, I have used them nonstop!”


A washing machine made specifically for makeup brushes

Don’t throw out that dirty makeup brush — just use this washing machine to get it looking good as new. It’s designed to fit brushes of nearly any shape or size, and only needs two AAA batteries (which are not included) in order to start working. Choose from two colors: black or white.

What reviewers say: “Best invention ever! Easy to use. I was about to throw my brushes away because I couldn't get them really clean. This product will save me a lot of money. Love this product!”


These vacuum stoppers that help keep wine fresh

You don’t have to finish that entire bottle of wine in one sitting — just use these vacuum stoppers to save it for later. They create an airtight seal that can help keep reds and whites fresh for up to 10 days, and their universal design is made to work with practically any bottle.

What reviewers say: “I was just about to purchase a much more expensive system but thought, why not try this first and save some money. So glad I did because it works!”


A cleaning kit that’s formulated to work with nearly any shoe

Whether your kicks are made from canvas or leather, this shoe-cleaning kit is formulated to work with nearly any material. It’s also incredibly potent, which means a little goes a long way — and each order even comes with a stiff bristle scrub brush included.

What reviewers say: “I was running through a lot of money replacing pairs and buying new ones. This would’ve save[d] me probably over $1,000 if I would’ve took the time to do the research.”


This food sealer machine that works with wet & dry food

Not only can this food sealer machine be used to preserve meats, nuts, and everything in between, but its compact size also makes it easy to store in smaller kitchens. The seal is so airtight that it can help preserve fresh ingredients for up to 25 days — and each order comes with five bags to get you started.

What reviewers say: “OHHHH this is amazing! I am glad I got it! It is going to save me so much money and time!”


An air fryer that gets your meals deliciously crispy

Wings, french fries, steak — this air fryer is so versatile that you can use it to cook practically anything. The best part? It only requires a few drops of oil to give your foods that deliciously crispy fried texture, which can help save you money and cleanup time.

What reviewers say: “I have used this fryer almost every nite so far. So much better than eating out so I save money and the food has been wonderful.”


The smart thermostat that you can control remotely

Energy bills a little too high for your liking? This smart thermostat can be controlled using your smartphone, making it easy to adjust your home’s temperature while you’re away. It’s also energy star certified, as well as compatible with Alexa.

What reviewers say: “It has helped tremendously in saving us money! Now I can schedule it to turn off when it senses that no one is home and I can turn it back on from my phone on my way home from work so that it feels nice and warm (for winter) or nice and cool (for summer) when I get home!”


These drain snakes that help you unclog pipes on your own

There’s no need to call a plumber when you have these drain snakes on hand. Their flexible shaft allows them to bend and twist as necessary as they squeeze down into your pipes, while angled teeth on either side latch onto hair, grime, and everything in between. Once the clog has been removed, you can also rinse them clean and use them again.

What reviewers say: “Worked great on the first try and cleared up the clog. Saved me from having to use harsh chemicals again that cost more money and also saved me from calling a plumber and spending a lot more.”


A clothes rack that folds down for easy storage

Hanging your clothes up to dry is an easy way to cut back on your energy bills, so why not give this rack a try? It’s made from tough alloy steel that can support up to 32 pounds — and once your clothes are dry, you can easily fold it down flat for storage.

What reviewers say: “I have two in use right now. Love these, they finish out the drying process without over drying one's clothes and other washable as well as save money on running a dryer.”


The LED light bulbs that can last for up to 7 years

Not only are these LED light bulbs energy-efficient, but they also have a lifespan of up to 7,700 hours. But if that isn’t enough? You even have the choice of six different light temperatures, ranging from classic daylight to soft white.

What reviewers say: “I’ve noticed that these are money saving, since I replaced them my light bill has gone down $30-$50! The energy efficiency and the brightness has sold me as a return customer.”


These unbreakable glasses that are designed to last

Not only are these glasses made from unbreakable Tritan plastic, but their bright colors are also sure to turn heads when guests are over for dinner. Though made from plastic, they’re heavy enough that they feel and look just like real glass — and each one is completely BPA-free.

What reviewers say: “Purchased these for an outdoor gathering because I didn't want to risk my glassware breaking. This product not only saved my glassware, but it also brought color and pazazz to the festivities. Sturdy, but not bulky.”


A lid that helps you get the last few drops out of bottles

From ketchup to skincare, this lid can help you get those last few drops out of all sorts of bottles. Simply replace the original cap, then flip it upside down — the three legs around the opening will keep it balanced so that the remaining liquid inside will drip downwards. It’s also washable, reusable, as well as BPA-free.

What reviewers say: “Love these. Easy to use and you really don’t realize how much soap or shampoo you are really tossing out... these help you save money.”


This shield that helps protect furniture from cat scratches

If your cat likes to scratch up your furniture, consider putting one of these shields on their preferred spot. Not only does it help prevent damage, but installation is also a total breeze — just peel off the adhesive backing and stick it right into place. And if it’s too large for your furniture, you can trim it to fit as needed.

What reviewers say: “They have saved us so much money in upholstery repairs.”


A smart notebook that lets you upload notes to the cloud

Ever wish you could upload your written notes to iCloud, Slack, or even Google Drive? Then consider this smart notebook a game-changer. The downloadable app lets you upload your notes to multiple cloud services, and the pages even wipe clean using the included microfiber cloth. You can also use it with any pen or marker in the Pilot Frixion line — and one comes included to get you started.

What reviewers say: “A friend recently this and I love it. Great for taking notes and then erasing once you are finished or adding them to your digital files. Then use those pages over and over again. Saves money and paper.”


The airtight container that’s perfect for pet food

My dog is such a picky eater that he won’t eat his kibble if it doesn’t smell fresh — that’s why I keep his food in a container similar to this one. Its airtight seal helps keep everything inside fresh, while caster wheels on the bottom make it easy to move around your home. And with enough space to store up to 25 pounds of dry food, you can easily use it with dogs of nearly any size.

What reviewers say: “This has saved me money to keep bulk food fresh when bag is sealed properly.”


These eco-friendly food wraps that you can wash & reuse

Unlike plastic wrap or foil, these food wraps are so sturdy that they can be rinsed and reused multiple times. They’re made from eco-friendly cotton, with a beeswax coating that helps them resist moisture — and the beeswax even gives them a slightly grippy texture to help keep them from unraveling once wrapped.

What reviewers say: “I love this stuff! I was looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap and this is 10x better than plastic wrap. It actually clings! And you save money because it's reusable! So much more efficiency in my life now!”


The reusable tea infuser made from stainless steel

Prefer making your own custom blend of tea leaves? Then you’ll definitely want to take a look at these infusers. They’re made from sleek stainless steel, making them just as rust-resistant as they are reusable — and you even have the choice of three sizes: 2.1, 2.7, or 3.5 inches.

What reviewers say: “Great way to save money on tea. These are well made for the price.”


A personal blender that you can use on the go

Whether you’re in the mood for a smoothie or iced coffee, this personal blender has got you covered. Sharp stainless steel blades make quick work of everything from berries to ice — and each order includes a to-go lid you can fit onto the blending jar.

What reviewers say: “I love being able to make smoothies and my iced coffee! The product performs just as I need it to, is easy to clean, and is saving me money.”


This budget planner that you can start using anytime

Since the pages inside this budget planner are undated, you can easily start using it anytime during the year. There’s space to keep track of your bills, cash flow, savings, debt, and more. Plus, you also get a set of fun stickers you can use to help keep yourself motivated to save money.

What reviewers say: “This little wonder has helped me to manage my finances better than any other tool I have tried. I’m actually saving much more money, which I attribute to being able to actively visualize my financial goals vs. my expenses, etc.”