Amazon's selling a ton of these genius things that make your home look 10x better

Seriously, so much better.

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If your home could use some upgrades here and there but a full renovation is not happening right now, Amazon’s selling a ton of these genius things that’ll make your home look 10 times better. Whether you’re a home owner or you’re renting, these cheap and easy updates will help you declutter, get organized, and elevate your space. If you’re always on the hunt for helpful kitchen gadgets, clever organizational tools, and pretty home decor, this list’s for you.


A hanging organizer to maximize storage space & clean up your closet

If your closet is bursting at the seams, get this nine-shelf hanging organizer and you’ll gain a ton of extra storage space. It has reinforced shelves that are sturdy enough to hold jeans, sweaters, and other clothing and it comes with five drawers you can choose to use and configure as you want. Each drawer has a handle for easy opening and the organizer also features mesh pockets on its sides that are perfect for small accessories or toiletries.


This lazy Susan turntable to make items more accessible & your shelves less cluttered

Declutter your pantry or bathroom cabinet shelves and make items more easily accessible with this lazy Susan turntable. It has a 360-degree rotating design so you can quickly spin it to find what you need, and the turntable comes with removable dividers that, when used, create four separate compartments. The clear acrylic construction gives it a modern look and makes it easy to clean as needed with some warm soapy water.


These under-bed shoe storage bags so you can get rid of the shoe piles by the front door

Clean up your entryway and store out-of-season and only occasionally-worn shoes in this under-bed shoe storage organizer. The set includes one organizer that fits 16 pairs of shoes and another that can accommodate four pairs of boots. They’re available in black or beige, have reinforced handles for sturdiness, and feature a clear top so you can quickly locate the shoes you’re looking for.


A laundry detergent dispenser pedestal to prevent annoying messes

This genius laundry detergent dispenser pedestal is a must-have for so many reasons — it prevents spills and messes, you don’t have to keep lifting a ridiculously heavy container of detergent, and it’ll get every last drop so you don’t waste anything. The pedestal has rubber feet to keep it in place and an adjustable strap that’ll fit any size detergent and secure it in place.


This wall-mounted organizer to get cleaning & garden tools off the floor

Instead of the mop, broom, and rake falling over and making a mess every time you open the closet, store them in this wall-mounted tool organizer. The cheap but highly practical utility organizer has five slots and six hooks that have an extra-strong grip so items don’t slide and fall. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and is a great way to clean up the floor in your garage, kitchen, or storage closet.


These clear bins to organize your fridge so you can actually see what you have

Avoid unnecessary food waste and make your fridge look like it was organized by a professional thanks to this six-piece set of clear bins. It includes two narrow and two wide trays, a drink holder, and an egg holder, all of which are made from a shatterproof, easy-to-clean plastic. The bins have built-in handles so you can easily move them around and their stackable design helps maximize space.


A tiered lazy Susan organizer that’ll double your storage surface

If you’re short on countertop or pantry shelf space, instantly double it with this two-tier lazy Susan organizer. Made from stainless steel, it’s highly durable and has a timeless, neutral look that works just as well in your kitchen as it does in the bathroom. The organizer features two sturdy shelves, has rubber feet that grip the surface it sits on, and it turns 360 degrees so you can access what you’re looking for without having to rummage through an entire cabinet.


These expandable drawer dividers to finally take care of the mess that is your junk drawer

Get that messy junk drawer under control once and for all by organizing it with these expandable bamboo drawer dividers. They are adjustable to fit most standard size drawers and feature rubber coating on either end to prevent any scratches or damage. There are no tools needed and since the dividers are a non-permanent, easily removable organizational solution, they’re a perfect choice for renters, too.


This stainless steel utensil holder for a sleek & streamlined look

Streamline your kitchen and store cooking utensils in one spot: this sleek stainless steel utensil holder. Place it next to the stove so you can conveniently keep whisks, spoons, and spatulas on hand, and insert in the provided divider to create three separate compartments and maximize storage. The stainless steel is fingerprint-proof for a clean look and the holder has a non-slip base to prevent it from shifting.


A tiered shoe rack to declutter your entryway

Make your entryway warm and inviting by tackling the shoe piles next to the front door and storing shoes in this three-tier bamboo rack. It’s compact enough to fit in a small entryway, but each shelf has space for four pairs of shoes, and you can either use the top shelf as a bench or to hold extra shoes. The bamboo rack is easy to assemble and its neutral, streamlined design will make any space, big or small, look 10 times better.


This hanging purse organizer to keep your splurge-worthy purchases off the floor

Tidy up your closet floor and keep precious purses safe in this hanging organizer. It hangs on a swivel hook that rotates 360 degrees and features eight easy-to-access clear vinyl pockets. The organizer’s slim design ensures that it doesn’t take up a ton of room in your closet and besides bags, you could also use it to store extra towels, bedding, or small blankets.


A bathroom caddy to prevent your vanity from turning into a cluttered mess

Keep your vanity clean and clutter-free and organize toiletries in this rustproof bathroom caddy — it has a seriously impressive near-perfect overall rating with over 26,000 reviews on Amazon. It comes in a set of two shelves and includes four movable hanging hooks for additional storage. The basket-style shelves have an open bottom to allow for drainage and to prevent mold and mildew from forming. The caddy set comes with a strong adhesive to mount it on the wall, so there’s no drilling involved and unlike suction cups that often lose their strength, this hanging method keeps the shelves securely adhered to the wall.


This wall-mounted rack to make the most of wall space

If you can’t possibly store one more thing in your kitchen cabinets or drawers, utilize wall space and hang up this pot and pan rail. The 29-inch long rail includes 15 movable hooks and supports up to 22 pounds of weight. Hang it above the stove or in the pantry for a stylish yet practical storage solution.


These macrame storage baskets that are as gorgeous as they are functional

What’s better than an organized bathroom? A beautifully organized bathroom, and these gorgeous macrame storage baskets will help you achieve just that. Each basket features a handmade macrame design and two wooden handles to easily move them around. They’re fully lined with neutral-colored fabric and work well as a vessel to hold extra bathroom toiletries or a stylish spot to stash away the remotes and coasters in the living room.


A folding storage bench so you can quickly stash away the clutter

Get your home guest-ready in seconds and stash away any random clutter inside this folding storage ottoman that doubles as a bench and a chic decorative accent. It has a flipping lid for quick and easy access, and its faux leather exterior and tufted top details give it such a luxe look. It’s available in white, brown, and black, it also serves as a foot stool and coffee table, and it’s versatile enough to work in a bedroom and an entryway.


A chic triangle file holder to eliminate the piles that seem to form on every surface in your home

Prevent piles of magazines, mail, and other clutter from forming on literally every surface in your home with this beautiful gold triangle file holder. Its sculptural design makes it a beautiful home accessory that’s also amazingly functional. The organizer has five slots and its durable wire construction and triangular design ensures it doesn’t tip over.


This luxurious candle that’ll fill your home with a beautiful fragrance & add a lovely decorative accent

Fill your home with a beautiful scent and add a pretty decorative accent to your coffee table with this Benevolence LA soy candle. Not only does it look incredibly luxurious, it has a sophisticated eucalyptus and orange fragrance and a wood wick that deliver up to 35 hours of burn time. Best of all, besides looking and smelling good, this candle company does good and donates a portion of every purchase to Zoe International, a charity that helps fight human trafficking.


These embossed glass tumblers to add a vintage touch to your entertaining tablescape

Add a touch of vintage style to your summer tablescape with these embossed glass tumblers that are a total steal for how beautiful they are. The six-piece set is beautiful and conveniently dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. A simple swap such as new glassware isn’t a big investment yet it’s a great way to make your table setting look 10 times better.


A rechargeable wall sconce for easy accent lighting — without any electrical wiring

Skip the cost and hassle of electrical wiring and install this battery-operated wall sconce that’ll add ambient mood lighting and a modern touch. The cordless light has a 360-degree rotating feature so you can direct it wherever you choose, and it has a built-in USB port for easy charging. You can adjust the brightness and color temperature by lightly tapping the sconce and turn it on and off in the same manner.


These sponge erasers that just need water to wipe away stains

Remove tomato sauce splatters off the stove and crayon marks from the wall with these magic sponge erasers that work like a charm. All you need to do is wet the sponge, squeeze out excess water, and then gently scrub the dirty surface and watch it remove dirt, grime, and even old, set-in stains. Use it on everything from countertops and floor tile to appliances and glass, and you’ll be amazed at how shiny and squeaky clean they’ll be.


A dish soap dispenser set to organize your kitchen sink area

Organize your kitchen sink area with this dish soap dispenser set that includes a sponge holder, a liquid soap dispenser, a dish soap dispenser, and a silicone tray to house all three. The set also speeds up doing the dishes — which we can all appreciate — because instead of taking the time to pour dish soap onto a sponge, all you need to do is press the sponge onto the dispenser and it instantly releases just the right about of it. Quick, easy, and streamlined all in one.


These floating shelves for a stylish display area

Display a collection, store skincare items, or place spice bottles on these u-shaped floating shelves that combine style and function under one super cheap price tag. The set includes three different sized shelves that come with all the necessary mounting hardware. It’s available in several color options, from a natural wood finish to a cute pastel blue.


This round chain-style mirror for a glam addition to any room

Bounce light around, give yourself a spot to check your look, and add a little bit of glam with this round wall mirror that has a thin frame and hangs on a gold chain. The simple design makes it a great candidate for a vanity mirror, or for above an entryway console or bedroom chest of drawers. Choose from one of three sizes and let the mirror make a statement, or alternately, hang it as part of a gallery wall for a fun addition to artwork and wall hangings.


A glass match cloche with a striker for an ultra-chic accessory

Replace a not-so-chic gas lighter with this ultra-chic glass match cloche with a striker for the ultimate stylish fireplace or coffee table accessory. The cloche is available in four lovely colors — a smoky gray, moss green, sky blue, and cool violet, and would also make a beautiful hostess gift along with a candle. Each hand-blown cloche includes 120 match sticks and has a built-in striker to easily light them.


A cool LED moon lamp for a relaxing ambience

Create a soothing ambience and add a mesmerizing light source with this LED moon lamp. It rests on a wooden base and has a tap switch that allows you to adjust its brightness depending on whether you need enough light to read or just want to create a cozy atmosphere. The lamp also has a cool 3D printed texture that’s based on actual National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) data to replicate the surface of the moon.


This Bluetooth speaker for a stylish, retro vibe

Crank up the tunes and add a little retro vibe to your home with this vintage-style bluetooth speaker. The cute accessory is compatible with all Bluetooth-capable devices and connects in less than a second. Recharge the portable speaker in under three hours and then enjoy six hours of playtime, whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or hosting a backyard picnic.


These velvet throw pillow covers that’ll instantly update your couch

Add a pop of color to your couch with a pair of these velvet throw pillow covers with an adorable pom-pom border. They have a hidden zippered closing and are machine-washable on a cold cycle for easy maintenance. If your living room could use a good dose of color, throw pillows are a great way to do it, and this amazing set comes in 20+ beautiful colors, from this fiery orange to a jewel-toned emerald green.


A set of three marble pattern plant pots that are perfect for little succulents

Give little succulents a home in these marble pattern plant pots that have a modern look and are an incredible deal for under $20. Each ceramic pot has a drainage hole on the bottom to keep your plants from getting root rot and comes with a bamboo saucer that creates a cool mixed material look but also catches any excess water. Sit these on your desk or on the window sill and they’ll instantly brighten and enliven your home.


These colorful trays that serve multiple functions

Get this set of multi-use colorful trays that can be used as trinket dishes, serveware, or organizational tools. The four-piece set includes four trays that have a cool geometric design and are easily stackable for space-saving storage. Use them individually or layer a couple of the trays for a fun, eclectic look to add a splash of color to a a bookshelf or side table.


A marbled ceramic mug so you can start your morning with a stylish cup

Start your morning off right and drink your caffeinated beverage of choice out of this marbled ceramic mug. The dishwasher- and microwave-safe mugs all vary slightly in design, as the natural marbled effect is unique on each piece. It has a 13-ounce capacity and is available in pink, gray, and blue.


This wick trimmer that’ll make your candles last longer & minimize smoke

Trimming candle wicks may seem like a trivial task, but it’s actually essential in order to prolong a candle’s life and prevent soot buildup, which causes smoke while it burns. This wick trimmer is 7 inches in length so it can reach the bottom of a candle jar easily, and it’s made from durable stainless steel to cut through thick wicks. The trimmer also makes for a pretty table accessory, its streamlined design is simple yet chic, and it would look beautiful styled next to a candle propped up on a stack of coffee table books.


These food storage containers to streamline your pantry’s dry goods

Streamline your pantry with a set of these airtight food storage containers that come with cute chalkboard labels to give them a neat, uniform look. The set includes four different container sizes and each ensures a tight seal to keep dry goods fresher for longer. They are also stackable to help maximize space, so if your pantry is currently cluttered with way too many half empty pasta boxes, empty them into these containers and you’ll gain so much extra storage room.


A fillable paint pen to quickly touch up any chips & cracks

Save yourself the hassle of pulling out a whole can of paint and rollers, and instead get this fillable paint pen you can use to quickly touch up any chips and cracks. The kit has an applicator that you fill with paint directly from the can and then transfer it into the paint pen that you can then easily use on a number of surfaces. It’s a mess-free way to freshen up paint and a great way to create precise lines and get to hard-to-reach places.


A vertical floating shelf to add function to an empty corner

Bring in a decorative element and add function to an empty corner with this five-tier floating shelf. The modern shelf is lightweight yet sturdy and can hold up to 11 pounds, whether you use it for extra dishes in the kitchen or to hold toiletries in the bathroom. It consists of individual shelves which gives you flexibility when it comes to shelf spacing and how many tiers you can accommodate in your space.


These magnetic garage door decals for instant curb appeal

Add instant curb appeal to your home’s exterior with a set of these magnetic garage door decals. A brand new garage door with windows is a hefty investment, which is why these cheap decals are such a genius idea. The faux windows work with metallic and metal alloy garage doors and don’t require any complicated installation — the strong magnets hold the decals in place and their weatherproof design was created to last through a range of weather conditions for year-round use.


These non-slip grippers to prevent rugs from shifting & curling

Stop rugs from shifting and their corners from curling — posing a potential tripping hazard — by securing them with these non-slip grippers. The triangle-shaped grippers are removable so you can easily reposition or lift rugs and they don’t leave behind any sticky residue. They’re suitable for a number of surfaces, from hardwood and tile to concrete and marble.


These under-cabinet lights for a cheap but effective kitchen update

Give your kitchen a quick and easy update by installing these LED under-cabinet lights. The kit includes three foot-long bar lights as well as an adapter and control box, a remote, and all the necessary mounting hardware. The remote allows you to control the lights and adjust brightness from a distance, and the lights also have a built-in timer feature where you can set them to turn off in one, two, three, or four hours.


A laser level to help you hang pictures correctly

Nothing is more distracting than a beautiful gallery wall with artwork that’s hanging slightly crooked. Get this genius laser level to help ensure that pictures, curtain rods, and anything else you hang on your wall is perfectly level. It has a 360-degree wall attachment so you can rotate it to project lines in any angle, and two backlit bubble vials for clarity.


An LED backlight strip that’ll completely elevate your movie-watching experience

Attach this LED backlight strip onto the back of your TV and it’ll make it pop, completely transforming your viewing experience. The accent lighting helps improve contrast and boost colors, which in turn reduces eye strain. Stick the light strips on the back of your TV (or alternately also under closet shelves, behind a computer monitor, or around furniture) using strong 3M tape and adjust the brightness to your liking using the in-line controls.


These solar outdoor lights to illuminate a backyard pathway

Illuminate a backyard pathway and add curb appeal to the front of the house with a set of these solar outdoor lights that cast beautiful shadows. The garden lights are waterproof and automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, and they charge throughout the day to provide eight hours of illumination. There’s no wiring or tools needed to install them, simply stick the stakes in the ground, making sure they are straight and secure, and watch the pretty design create an ambient mood.


A pair of wicker baskets to organize clutter in a stylish way

Organize clutter in a stylish way using these wicker baskets that add texture and an organic element into your space. The open design keeps snacks, remotes, or whatever else you use them for easily accessible but neatly contained. Each basket has handles for easy carrying and if you’re using them in the pantry, you could easily attach labels to the front for an added organizational touch.


This two-tier sliding shelf to create extra storage space under the sink

Declutter your bathroom vanity and create extra storage space under the sink with this two-tier sliding shelf. The double-layer design maximizes storage and allows you to utilize vertical space that would otherwise have gone wasted. In addition to the two shelves, the organizer also has movable hooks to hang cleaning cloths or additional tools.


A genius roll-up dish drying rack that’s easy to store

Instead of using a bulky dish rack that takes up half your counter space, get this roll-up drying rack that can be set up over the sink for drying, then rolled up for space-saving storage. It’s constructed from silicone-wrapped steel rods so it stays in place and it can also double as extra workspace if you place it over the sink and use it as a prep surface. In addition, you can also use it as a trivet or cooling rack for fresh baked cookies. One genius product, so many practical functions.


These no-drip pillar candles that have a longer burn time

Use these no-drip pillar candles on your mantel or as a dining table centerpiece and enjoy their longer burn — up to 40 hours — and the fact that they are smokeless. They are unscented and have lead-free wicks, and you can get the three-piece set in a variety of colors, from a neutral off-white that’ll work with any decor style to a bold red that’s perfect for a number of different holidays.


This reusable pet hair remover to keep your upholstery clean

If you’re constantly buying a new lint roller to get all the dog hair off your furniture, you’ll love this genius reusable pet hair remover. Just roll it over the surface you want to clean and it’ll collect the hair in an interior chamber that then releases it all at the push of a button. You can use it over and over again, which will also save you a ton of money in the long run, especially if your furry BFF sheds a lot.