Beautiful home upgrades don't have to be expensive & these under $35 are proof

From wrinkle-resistant pillowcases to peel-and-stick wallpaper, these upgrades will make a difference.

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Sometimes it can feel like the only way to upgrade your home is by spending tons of money. But there are actually plenty of ways to make small changes around your home that have a big impact. On Amazon, you’ll find tons of ways to upgrade your pad, and in this list, you’ll find the best ones that are under $35.

Add some wall decor like these floating shelves that can hold your favorite trinkets, and these rustic window frames that can double as picture frames. It’s surprisingly affordable to add smart appliances to your home with these smart outlets that connect to your phone and these lightbulbs that you can control with your voice through Alexa.

In this list, you’ll find plenty of easy and affordable ways to make your home look even more beautiful, and feel even more comfortable.


This shower door seal that keeps water from escaping

If you don’t have a tight seal underneath your shower door, then water can escape and pool on your bathroom floor. This shower door seal has a universal fit and can be cut to a custom length using scissors. The vinyl material grips the glass of your shower door and the long fins help create a barrier. It’s easy to install and remove if you ever need to do so.


These risers that can add height to your furniture

Sometimes you have a piece of furniture you wish were just a little bit taller, like your bed frame or dining table. These furniture risers come in a pack of four, so you can easily add height. The risers are two inches tall and can support up to 5,000 pounds, helping create more potential storage areas. They’re also stackable, so you can add even more height if desired.


Some floating shelves for displaying your favorite trinkets

If you don’t have a good place to display your favorite objects, like souvenir sculptures or framed photos, try these floating cube shelves. The shelves come with all the necessary hardware to mount them onto your wall and they can be arranged in a straight line or staggered. They come in six colors and three different sizes, so they’ll hold items both big and small.


These reed diffusers that are perfect for your bathroom

Keep your bathroom smelling nice with this reed diffuser that continuously diffuses scents into the air. The scented essential oil comes in an elegant black glass bottle along with seven rattan sticks that soak up the oil and disperse the scent. It also comes in several different scent combinations, including bergamot and jasmine, lavender and eucalyptus, and redcurrant and vanilla.


Some pillowcases that are wrinkle-resistant

A wrinkled pillowcase not only looks messy, but it can leave imprints on your face when you’re sleeping. These microfiber pillowcases are soft, comfortable, and wrinkle-resistant, so you can wake up feeling refreshed. They’re also cool to the touch, so you won’t get overheated while sleeping.


An attractive basket made from woven seagrass

This chic basket can be used to hold any number of things, like extra blankets or your favorite potted plants. The basket has a wide bellow that narrows slightly at the top opening. It also has two braided handles that make it easy to move around.


These puck lights that are ideal for brightening small spaces

There are always spaces in your home that could use extra lighting, but it’s a hassle to install a whole light fixture. These LED puck lights come with screws and adhesive tape, which are both easy installation options. The lights are perfect for sticking in your closet, on a dark staircase, or on any other corner that can use more light. This set comes with 18 batteries and a remote for controlling the lights.


These wooden window frames that add a rustic touch to your decor

Add a rustic touch to the decor in your home with these wooden window frames. You can hang them on your wall as is and they’ll add a unique touch to your blank wall space. You can also use it as a picture frame and add in your favorite family photos. The window frames have a worn finish and come in three colors: turquoise, brown, and white.


A bamboo board that upgrades your pizza game

Making pizza at home is easier than it looks. Get started with this bamboo pizza board, which you can use to take your pizza out of the oven and then serve it directly from the board. It has a contoured handle (with a hole for hanging it) and a beveled edge that makes it that lets the pizza easily slide on and off. This pizza board will quickly make you feel like your kitchen has morphed into a casual Italian restaurant.


This metal tray that holds your favorite candles

This candle holder tray is ideal for holding your favorite candles that don’t come in their own jar or container. The tray is made from iron, so it can easily handle the heat of melting candles. It has three pedestals for holding candles and the tray underneath catches the melting wax drippings.


These curtains that keep your room completely dark

If you’re the type of person who is awakened by even a small stream of light pouring in in the morning, then you need these blackout curtains. Made from extra-thick fabric, these curtains keep out 99% of light, keeping your room nice and dark. They come in 13 different size and length options, as well as 22 colors.


A set of three decorative vases that’ll add charm to any space

Pottery just adds a homey touch to any room, and these ceramic vases come in a set of three so you can disperse them around the house or keep them lumped together. The vases can be used to hold flowers (real or fake), but they look just as good if left empty. They come in five different color palettes, so you can find a set that matches your room.


These bathroom accessory containers that look like mason jars

Organize your hand soap, toothbrushes, and cotton swabs into these bathroom storage containers that look like mason jars. The glass containers have lids reminiscent of the classic mason jar look but with functional handles and dispensers for easier use. They also come with labels so you can note what’s in each jar.


These decorative mirrors that look like phases of the moon

Mirrors make a room feel bigger and brighter, since they give the illusion of more space while also reflecting light. This set of decorative mirrors adds another element because they look like phases of the moon. The set includes one large circular mirror and four crescent mirrors of different sizes. They can be hung in a row vertically or horizontally.


These flameless candles that won’t burn out

Candles are a great way to add mood lighting, but it’s always a bummer when they burn out. These flameless candles are battery-operated, so they’ll never burn out, but still give off the same warm glow as real candles — plus, you never have to worry about a fire hazard. They also come with a remote so you can adjust the brightness and set a timer.


These smart plugs that can help you turn things on and off with your voice

You may never have thought to connect your Amazon Alexa to the outlets in your home, but once you do you’ll realize how convenient it is. These Amazon smart plugs allow you to turn appliances and lights on and off with voice controls. It can also connect to the Alexa app on your phone.


A set of picture frames to create a photo wall collage

There’s something special about having a wall dedicated to photos of your family and friends. This set of six picture frames makes it easy to do so with frames in three different sizes that allow you to create a mosaic of photos. They can be hung on the wall, but also come with an attached kickstand if you want to display them on a shelf.


These stick-on backsplash tiles that are cheap & easy to install

Hiring someone to retile your kitchen or bathroom comes with a hefty price tag, but these peel-and-stick tiles are easy to install; all you have to do is, well, peel and stick! The tiles are perfect for upgrading your kitchen backsplash, but they would also work in the bathroom. It comes with 10 sheets of tiles, which are available in six colors.


Wallpaper that’ll look just like wood paneling for a rustic accent wall

This peel-and-stick wallpaper is a modern update to the popular wood paneling of the 1970s. The wallpaper comes in various sizes, but can also be trimmed and cut to a specific size. It comes in a light, faux-distressed wood print that adds a homey touch to any room in your house. Over 11,800 people gave it a five-star review, so you know it’s easy to install.


These cabinet knobs with a modern look

Having outdated knobs can really date your cabinets. But these stainless steel cabinet knobs are a quick and affordable way to upgrade the look of your cabinets. They come in a pack of 30, but you can also grab them in other quantities. They also include all the necessary screws for installation.


A modular storage organizer that you can adjust to your needs

Sometimes your storage needs change, and that’s where this six-cube organizer comes in handy. The modular shelf has six cubes that can be fit into several different configurations. Stack them on top of each other in rows of three, or make it taller with three rows of two. It can be used as a bookshelf, or for storing things like extra towels.


This rack that will keep your canned goods organized

It feels like there’s never a good way to store canned food, especially since different sized cans make it hard to stack them. This can rack organizer lets you store cans or jars on their side without them rolling around. Each rack can hold up to 36 cans and can be stacked on top of each other for added storage.


These throw pillow covers that come in coordinating colors

Even though they’re all different colors, these throw pillow covers are designed to coordinate with each other, with piping along the edges that matches the other pillows in the set. They’re also different colors on the front and back, so a “room renovation” can mean just flipping them over. These covers fit square pillows that are 18x18 inches.


These lavender sachets that keep your clothes smelling nice

Keep these lavender sachets in your closet, gym bag, or linen closet to keep things smelling fresh. Each sachet in this pack of 24 is filled with real dried lavender, and the mesh fabric of the bags allows the scent of lavender to waft onto the fabric. It’s especially handy for areas that can get humid or musty.


A shelf that holds your keys and mail

It’s always handy to have a shelf available right when you walk in the front door so you have somewhere to put your keys and mail. This shelf has four larger hooks, which can be used for a purse or umbrella, and three smaller hooks to hang your keys on. It also has a shelf for holding your mail or wallet, and even a rod for hanging your sunglasses. Having a permanent home for these items will be a real time-saver.


These fairy lights that add a warm glow to any room

Add these fairy string lights to your bedroom or living room to instantly create a warm, comforting glow. The LED lights hang in a row like a curtain, so they’re perfect for hanging against a wall or doorway. They can even be used outdoors to illuminate a deck or patio. They come with a remote control so you can choose between eight light settings and set a timer.


A strip of under bed lights that only turn on if you get up

When you get up in the middle of the night, the last thing you want is to fumble around trying to turn a light on. These LED lights are activated by a motion sensor, so you can put them under your bed and they’ll turn on when you get up. The strip of lights comes with an adhesive so they’re easy to install.


A kitchen organizer that hangs over your cabinet door

There’s never enough storage in the kitchen, but since this organizer hangs on the back of your cabinet or closet door, it’s an easy way to add more. The metal shelf has two brackets that allow you to easily install it without any special tools. It can be used to store narrow items like cutting boards or foil and plastic wrap.


This set of airtight containers that can help you store and organize food

Oftentimes, the package your food comes in isn’t airtight, so your dried goods can go stale. These airtight food storage containers have a seal that keeps your food fresh. They come in a set of seven in various sizes, so you can use them to store pasta, rice, cereal, cookies, or any other dried goods. They also come with 24 labels so you’ll always know what’s in the container.


A carousel for organizing your coffee pods

Having a designated coffee station makes mornings that much easier to handle. This coffee pod carousel holds all your favorite K-Cups, so you can easily pick out the one you want — like your own personal coffee shop. The rack holds 35 pods and is the ideal size for storing on your countertop.


This tablecloth that is resistant to spills & wrinkles

The best kind of tablecloth is one that protects the integrity of your table and looks good while doing it. This tablecloth has a plaid jacquard design and comes in 18 colors, but it’s also made from a wrinkle-resistant polyester that is resistant to spills, so you can wipe up any liquid without it seeping through to the table.


This wall shelf with rustic finishes

Hang this wall shelf to add some rustic finishes to your home. It has a circular metal frame and a wooden shelf that can be used to hold decorative items like plants or trinkets, or practical things like your favorite spices in the kitchen. It would also be handy in the bathroom for storing toiletries like soap and lotion.


These mini fake plants that require zero maintenance

If you want the brightness that plants bring to your home, but don’t necessarily have a green thumb, these artificial potted plants are a great solution. The plants come in a set of six and have realistic leaves with a paper pulp pot. Keep them all together or scatter them in different rooms around the house.


A table runner with farmhouse vibes

Sometimes you don’t need a full tablecloth, but still want the look of one. This table runner is fringed at the ends and made from a lightweight woven fabric, which gives it total farmhouse vibes. This runner may end up making your dining area look completely made over. You can buy it in four different lengths and five different colors.


These smart lightbulbs you can control with your phone

Adjust the color and brightness of your lamps and light fixtures with these smart lightbulbs that connect to an app on your phone. The app lets you adjust the settings as well as set a timer. You can also connect the lightbulbs to your Amazon Alexa device and control the settings of the lightbulb with your phone.


These doorstoppers that protect your walls from scratches

I have a tendency to push doors open without thinking about how much force I’m putting behind them, which leads to scratches and dents on my walls. These spring door stoppers prevent the door from hitting the wall and have rubber tips so they won’t dent the door. They come in a pack of 12 and can be easily installed with a screw. They’re also available in multiple colors, so they can match the rest of your home’s hardware.


A two-tier shelf that fits on the back of your toilet

If you want to really maximize the space in your bathroom, then this two-tier shelf will come in handy. The shelf fits on the back of your toilet, so it takes space that would otherwise go unused and adds storage to hold toiletries, toilet paper rolls, washcloths, and any other bathroom accessories. It comes with brackets that keep it secure.


These ties that hold back heavy curtains

Heavy curtains are great for privacy and keeping out sunlight, but when you do want to let the light in, it can be tricky to pull them back. These curtain tiebacks are designed to be used with all types of curtains, and have a strong magnetic closure that makes them easy to use. They have a decorative knot design and come in 24 colors.


This tabletop bookshelf with a unique shape

I tend to think of bookshelves as large and intimidating, but this tabletop bookshelf is the perfect size for keeping on your desk. It has a unique slanted design with four shelves which makes it easy to see your books on display — not to mention, it looks cool. The shelf is simple to put together and even comes with a screwdriver to help.


This wall clock with beach house vibes

There’s something so comforting about beach house decor, and this coastal wall clock feels like it belongs in a home near the ocean. Whether or not you live near water, this clock will look great on any wall, with its mixed neutrals color palette. The clock is made from wood pieces and has a distressed, rustic look.