11 camping gifts for people who can’t get enough of the outdoors

Make the happy campers in your life even happier.

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While the pandemic has been thoroughly terrible, it did allow many of us much-needed time and space to reconnect with nature. Given that camping has surged in popularity, there’s a pretty good chance that someone in your life would love some shiny new camping gear.

Here are our picks for camping gifts for people who can’t get enough of the outdoors.

Cliq Chair

Expanding into a comfy seat and collapsing into a water bottle-sized bundle in seconds, the Cliq Chair makes cozying up to a campfire faster and easier than ever.

Cosmic Down 20 (Regular)

Tired of waking up shivering in your tent? The trapezoidal shape of this down sleeping bag maximizes heat retention to help keep you warm and toasty all night long

Charleston 2 Bengal

Sport sunglasses get a bad rep for being less-than-stylish. Not these, though. Maho’s Charleston 2 shades have a fit and retention system that stands up to intense outdoor activities while also channeling the breezy, nautical vibe of its Southern namesake.

Vortex Wind Block Gloves

Lightweight stretch fleece keeps you warm without weighing you down, while smart touch enabled fingertips free you to document your adventures to your heart’s content.

Circuit Crew Pullover

Made with organic cotton and recycled polyester, this unisex mid-layer keeps you warm and dry without weighing you down for maximum performance and sustainability.

Coyote 65

With smart storage plus an easy-to-use adjustment system, the Coyote 65 boasts the ample space and lasting comfort needed for serious backcountry camping.

REI Co-Op Grand Hut 4 Tent

Who says tents need to be cramped? This palatial abode from REI has near-vertical walls for maximum standing room, plus wind-reducing ripstop panels and a waterproof fly for protection from the elements.

MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove

This backpacking stove from MSR folds up small enough to fit into a roughly palm-sized carrying case, making it perfect for light packers.

Bialetti 3 Cup Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker - Silver

This portable espresso maker allows you to prepare the perfect cup of coffee, even in the wilderness, using a stovetop or a campfire.

Luci Solar String Lights

These string lights harness the power of the sun to give your campsite a warm, festive vibe. Built-in USB ports allow you to recharge the lights and/or your phone.

Cocktail Kits 2 Go
Cocktail Kit - Old Fashioned

This stocking stuffer comes with bitters, sugar cubes, and a muddler spoon. All you need is your favorite whiskey for a cocktail best sipped by a campfire.


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