Bougie things for your home you'll love if you're cheap AF

Because affordable luxury is where it’s at.

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You enjoy the finer things in life. Your home is your castle, and you deserve it to be furnished like one — but you’re on a budget. Don't worry, though: I got you. From chandeliers to skin care, there’s something on this list for every room in the house. Whether it’s a subtle upgrade or a more opulent addition (like your very own chandelier), you’re bound to find something fabulous and affordable here.


A set of stainless steel nesting bowls with lids

With an easy-to-store nesting design and secure-fitting lids, these durable stainless steel mixing bowls are a must-have for your kitchen. They’re great for tossing ingredients, preparing salads, or mixing your favorite cookie batter, and both the bowls and lids are dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.


These lights that turn any mirror into a vanity worthy of a Hollywood star

You’re a star, baby! Get ready for your close-up with these vanity lights. With 10 adjustable brightness levels and three color-changing modes, these lights provide perfect illumination for makeup and dressing. Made with ABS fireproof materials, they remain cool to the touch, and are safe for children and pets. You can even charge your phone with its handy additional USB port.


A carafe that elevates your wine and lets it breathe

Designed to enhance the flavors and aromas of your wine by allowing it to breathe, even cheap wine will look sophisticated in this open-mouth decanter. Crafted from lead-free crystal, its carefully designed slanted top ensures easy pouring without spills or drips, and it has a capacity of 750 milliliters, so it accommodates a full bottle of wine.


A bath mat that feels like walking on a cloud

Ironically, the thick memory foam of this bath rug might make you forget about any other bath mat you’ve had. The well-cushioned memory foam contours to your feet, and the soft, lustrous velvet top layer adds a luxurious touch, offering spa-like comfort at home. The rug is also ultra-absorbent, capturing water and keeping your floors clean and dry. Choose from a wide array of colors and sizes.


This wireless charging pad that works for different devices

Charge your phone effortlessly with this versatile wireless charging pad. It offers three charging modes to accommodate different phone models, and it’s also compatible with AirPods. In fact, the charging area of the pad is designed to perfectly accommodate the size of AirPods while a rubber ring helps prevent slippage. The sleep-friendly design includes an LED indicator that turns off during charging.


A set of clear drawer organizers for makeup, toiletries, & crafts

Make it easier to find what you’re looking for with this 25-piece set of drawer organizing trays. The set includes trays in four different sizes that you can organize and rearrange to fit your drawer and comes with a sheet of rubber feet to keep them from sliding around. They’re even stackable for use in larger drawers and cabinets.


These adhesive bathroom shelves that can hold up to 40 pounds

With a modern black finish and a 40-pound weight capacity, these stainless steel shelves are great for storing shampoo, body wash, lotion, and all of your other bathroom accessories. They hang from your wall via a strong adhesive backing, and they boast four hooks on the front that are ideal for hanging loofahs, razors, and pumice stones.


A toothbrush holder that can hold up to 11 pounds of products

Designed to keep your bathroom organized and tidy, this super-sized toothbrush dispenser and mounted shelf can hold various items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, razors, soap, and even cosmetics. It features an automatic toothpaste dispenser for easy and waste-free toothpaste squeezing, and comes with four magnetic mouthwash cups. Installation is hassle-free with the adhesive strip, and it can be easily mounted on various surfaces


This plush throw pillow with a unique knot shape

Feeling knotty? Add a pop of color and fun to any room with this round knot ball pillow. Made from soft, plush fabric and filled with cotton stuffing, it's an eye-catching decoration for sofas, beds, offices, and even outdoor spaces. With easy washing tips, this cute and cuddly pillow is both practical and adorable.


These plastic storage bins that help organize your fridge

Organize your condiments, drinks, and produce in these clear plastic storage bins that boast a stackable design to help maximize the space in your fridge. The set of six includes two wide bins, two small bins, a drink bin, and an egg holder with a lid, and they all have handles for easy carrying.


A set of wireless lights that are great for small spaces

These battery-operated puck lights are perfect for under-cabinet lighting, kitchens, closets, and more. With a run time of 100 hours and a long lifespan, these lights provide long-lasting brightness. Control up to 12 lights with one remote, dim the lights, set timers, and enjoy easy installation with the included 3M tape and mounting screws.


This caddy that keeps your kitchen counter tidy & organized

Enjoy a tidier kitchen and bathroom with this versatile sink organizer. It features partitions for storing brushes, sponges and scrub pads, and hanging dishrags. The removable drip tray prevents water stains on your countertop, and the nonslip bottom holds it in place. Made of high-grade 304 brushed stainless steel, it’s rustproof, waterproof, and aesthetically pleasing.


A slicer for cheese & other foods (but let’s be honest, mostly cheese)

This versatile slicer can effortlessly cut various meats, cheeses, and veggies, while its ergonomic design and adjustable scale make it easy to control thickness so you get nice, uniform slices every time. With a stainless steel blade and a cast aluminum handle, it’s built to last. Plus, cleaning is a breeze as it can be easily washed with soap and water.


This simple paper towel holder that gets them up off the counter

Keep your paper towels dry and up off the counter with this minimalist paper towel holder that’s made out of rust-resistant and durable stainless steel. Little feet on the bottom keep towels raised above spills and puddles, while the bar on the side helps keep the roll from unraveling.


A pan rack that keeps them organized & easily accessible

Organize your cabinets and make it easy to grab the pan you’re looking for with this pan rack that boasts five adjustable slots. It can be used vertically or laid down horizontally, has a sturdy stainless steel construction, and measures about 14 inches tall. It’s also especially great for stacking seasoned cast iron pans, cookie sheets, and cutting boards.


This throw blanket that’s great for both cold & warm weather

Made from 100% muslin cotton, this throw blanket offers breathability and is gentle on sensitive skin. The soft and fluffy quilted feel, thanks to the unique six-layered weave, adds a touch of elegance to any living room, bedroom, or sitting area. Choose from a range of trendy neutrals, including sky blue, lace, sage, white, and slate, to match your personal style and décor.


An under-cabinet organizer with slide-out baskets

Instead of throwing your cleaning supplies and bathroom accessories all willy-nilly into the cabinet, use this versatile under-cabinet organizer to keep everything neat and easily accessible. The baskets slide out to make things even easier to find, have adjustable dividers inside, and can be labeled with dry-erase markers on the front. Choose from four colors.


This programmable sprinkler timer that lets you customize your watering needs

Take control of your watering schedule with this sprinkler timer. It’s customizable, so you can easily set the start time, watering duration, and frequency to meet your specific needs. It has a rain delay mode that allows you to pause your schedule for up to 72 hours, while the manual mode lets you water as needed without interrupting your programmed settings.


A splatter guard to shield your hands & stovetop from hot grease

Not only does this splatter guard help keep your stovetop free from oil and grease, but it also helps protect your hands from hot splatters while cooking and frying. The stainless steel mesh screen blocks up to 99% of rogue splatters, has feet on the bottom for resting on the counter, and comes in four sizes to accommodate your favorite pans.


These rug grippers that keep corners flat on the floor

Nothing makes a room look disheveled faster than a bunch of curled rug corners, but these rug grippers can help keep them flat thanks to their V-shaped design and adhesive backing. They don’t stick to the floor, so they’re easy to lift for cleaning, and they can be used on all kinds of rugs — both indoors and out.


A 2-pack of chargers for your guest bedroom

A thoughtful, extra-luxe touch is to have a charger for every room in your house, which is where this two-pack of fast chargers comes in. The braided cable on these chargers is a lengthy six feet, allowing you to take any position in bed and still scroll with ease. The double USB port means you can plug in two phones at once (if that’s your thing), and the braided nylon allows for flexibility while preventing things from getting too kinky.


This 6-pack of slippers that provides a pair for everyone in the family

Whether you’re headed to a hotel, a spa, a family gathering, or are just a “no shoes inside” kind of household, these unisex spa slippers are an excellent option. Suitable for year-round use, they’re made of high-quality, breathable polar fleece fabric, and have a nonslip sole to help in wet environments. Each pair comes in its own packaging bag, and they are easy to care for with machine washable instructions.


A snack tray that fits over the arm of your sofa

This multipurpose tray is designed to keep your drinks and snacks within easy reach while you relax on your sofa. It can be adjusted to meet your specific sofa arm shape, and the protective base prevents it from slipping off (and taking your glass with it!). Made from bamboo, it’s durable and eco-friendly, and comes in over 10 different finishes.


This reed diffuser set that lasts up to 90 days

This fragrance diffuser set includes a glass bottle filled with a mixture of essential oils and fragrance, complemented by real, preserved baby's breath flowers. The six cotton sticks allow you to customize the intensity of the scent, so you can enjoy the long-lasting aroma for up to 90 days as it subtly diffuses throughout your space.


An electric makeup brush cleaner that does the job in a jiffy

Manually cleaning your makeup brushes takes forever. This electronic makeup brush cleaner washes and dries your brushes in minutes, leaving you with spotless, germ-free brushes. The set includes a brush spinner, cleaning dock, brush collars, cleaning bowl, charging cable, and user guide.


This pack of storage cubes for stashing toys, crafts, & supplies

These storage cubes are an ideal size for fitting in cube organizers and are a great way to store everything from craft supplies to toys. They have a collapsible design that makes them easy to store when not in use and are made of a thick and durable fabric. Choose from eight colors, including black, red, and striped.


A thin wall charger that can charge 2 devices at once

Fit this slim wall charger behind couches, dressers, or nightstands, and charge two devices at the same time thanks to two USB-A ports in the bottom. It has high-temperature, high-current, and over-charging protection and a compact design that leaves the other outlet fully accessible. Plus, it comes in four colors to choose from.


These underbed lights that are motion-activated

No more stubbing your toe on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night: This smart nightlight provides a warm and soft glow to guide you safely in the dark without disturbing others. It features a motion sensor that automatically turns on and off based on your movement, so it saves energy and improves power efficiency.


A mini chandelier to make your home feel palatial

Think your apartment is too small for a chandelier? Think again. This chandelier is compact, measuring just 10.4 inches high and less than 9 inches wide. It provides a comfortable glow and is adorned with sparkling acrylic crystals, creating a glam atmosphere in any room. Installation is easy, and all necessary mounting hardware and a detailed instructional manual are included.


This soft faux fur rug that looks great in any room

This faux sheepskin rug offers an incredibly soft and fluffy feel, adding luxurious texture to floors. The nonslip suede leather backing helps hold it in place, and cleaning is a breeze— simply shake to fluff, vacuum, wipe with a damp cloth, or gently machine wash and lay flat to dry. It comes in over 20 colors, so there’s an option to match every decor.


An oil dispenser that sprays a fine, even coating

Unevenly oiled vegetables are no longer a problem with this oil sprayer. Its fan-spray nozzle delivers precise amounts of oil, ensuring even coverage and consistent results. With leakproof and anti-drip features, refilling is clean and easy through the wide glass bottle opening, and the filter system prevents clogging. This versatile sprayer works with various cooking oils and liquids, making it ideal for frying, grilling, baking, salad dressing, and more.


This convenient dish-drying rack that rolls up

This multi-functional drying rack is a must-have for any kitchen. Use it as a dish-drying rack, a nonslip trivet for hot pans and baking sheets, or place cutting boards on it so you can chop veggies over the sink. Its foldable design allows for easy storage and saves valuable counter space, plus it’s crafted from food-grade stainless steel.


A chic rope basket to stylishly store pillows, blankets, or toys

Baskets are an on-trend and versatile way to store everything from laundry to blankets and toys, but they can get pricey. Fortunately, this stylish rope basket is a steal at less than $25. It boasts a two-toned design and thick handles at the top, and it’s sturdy enough to stand up on its own when empty. Choose from nine colors.


These long oven mitts with a nonslip grip

Grab hot pans and cookie sheets with confidence with these silicone oven mitts that boast a grippy nonslip texture. The water-resistant material is easy to rinse off when dirty, and the extra-long length helps protect your wrists and arms from hot racks. Choose from 12 colors, including blue, red, and black.


These stylish & functional woven rope baskets

Modern and minimal, these woven baskets are made from 100% cotton and complement most any interior decor. Designed to last, they feature a thick cloth base and reinforced handles that can withstand heavy loads without tearing. They keep their shape well, offering a stylish and functional storage solution, and can be easily folded and stored when not in use.


This coffee maker that brews barista-quality iced coffee

Enjoy refreshing and hassle-free iced coffee with this cold brew pitcher set. Made from temperature-resistant borosilicate glass, this kit includes a durable glass carafe with an ultra-fine mesh filter for a sediment-free brew. Simply add your coffee grounds, pour in cold water, and let it chill for a delicious iced coffee experience.


An aromatherapy candle with over 15,000 reviews

Made using 100% soy wax and infused with high-quality essential oils, this soy candle features a refreshing combination of eucalyptus and orange. With a clean burn that lasts for over 35 hours, these wooden wick candles are free from paraffin and harmful residues. Clary sage and musky white patchouli underline this opulent scent.


These granite whiskey stones that chill your drink without watering it down

Crafted from machine-polished granite, these whiskey rocks will impress your guests and ensure your drinks stay cold without dilution. This set includes six cube-shaped natural granite whiskey stones, along with a wooden tray for convenient storage in the freezer.


A set of clear storage containers to organize your pantry

Great for storing cereal, rice, and pasta, these clear plastic storage containers will help create an organized and cohesive look in your pantry. Each one can fit a family-sized box of cereal inside, has a sealing lid to keep contents fresh, and has a smaller flap opening on top for easy pouring. They even come with matching labels and a chalk pen.


These pillows that are so comfy they’ll make it hard to get out of bed

Filled with gel fiber, these pillows maintain both their firmness and fluffiness, providing you with restful sleep in any position. The bamboo viscose cover offers breathability and a soft, supportive surface for optimal comfort. You can rest easy knowing that these cooling pillows are fade and stain-resistant and can be machine washed.


This sleek box that helps make your cords & cables look a little nicer

Great for use near your desk or entertainment center, this cable management box is designed to conceal your power strip and cables for a neater-looking space. Seven slots in the sides allow power cords and cables to pass through, and a stylish wooden lid on top is a convenient place to stash your device while charging.


An adorable butter dish with a subtle farmhouse flair

Keep your butter fresh and stylishly stored with this long-lasting stainless steel butter dish. Designed with a deep frame that can hold up to two sticks of butter, it prevents messes and ensures that butter won't stick to the lid. The bamboo lid provides a convenient surface for slicing butter without the need for an extra cutting board.


A utensil holder that can fit everything but the kitchen sink

If you’re tired of rogue spatulas jamming up your drawers, you need this jumbo utensil holder. With room for large utensils, spatulas, and whisks to move freely, this organizer offers convenience and functionality without compromising on style. The modern rustic farmhouse design adds country charm to your kitchen decor, plus it’s easy to clean.


This pet hair remover that’s earned over 149,000 ratings on Amazon

Instead of sticky rollers to combat pet hair, use this pet hair remover that fans write works better than any they’ve ever tried, with one shopper writing, “The first time I used it I was blown away.” Simply move the red roller over couches, upholstery, clothes, and carpets, and the lint, fur, and hair will be dispensed into a compartment in the back for emptying.


A mixology set that makes happy hour even happier

Elevate your home bar experience with this comprehensive cocktail set. It includes all the essential tools you need. Built from durable stainless steel, these bar tools are built to withstand years of shaking and stirring without rusting or leaking. The set also comes with cocktail cards, providing inspiration and guidance for shaking up delicious drinks.


These large plastic storage bins with an endless number of uses

Thousands of shoppers have given these storage bins an overall 4.8-star rating thanks to their versatile design that’s great for organizing everything from accessories to cleaning supplies, with one fan writing, “I purchased these several times and have them under all my cabinets!” Each one has handles for easy carrying, deep sides to accommodate large or tall items, and is made of durable BPA-free plastic.


These kitchen towels that are absorbent & stylish

Made from 100% cotton, these soft and durable dish cloths are perfect for cleaning, wiping, drying, and serving. They come in various attractive colors, so they can be used as kitchen and table linens, or as decorative napkins. They are machine-washable and dryer-safe, making them convenient for everyday use.


A hanging shelf to maximize closet space

Keep your folded clothes and accessories in this brilliant hanging organizer that boasts five shelves for maximum storage. It only takes up 12 inches of hanging space, and the mesh pockets on the sides are great for stashing scarves, jewelry, and clutches. Metal hooks hang it securely from your closet rod, and there are four colors to choose from, including black, java, and white.


This soap dish with a built-in soap dispenser

Sure, you could manually squeeze soap onto your sponge, but why do that when you could have this sponge holder that dispenses soap with just a simple press? The bottom portion of the holder can contain up to 13 ounces of your favorite dish soap and it has a nonslip base to keep it in place on your counter.


A squishy high-density mat that helps relieve joint pain while doing chores

This anti-fatigue kitchen mat can help relieve pressure on your feet, knees, joints, and lower back. With its flexible and soft surface, it promotes proper posture and helps alleviates strain on muscles. Made from high-density foam, this mat offers both comfort and support, keeping you energized and refreshed as you stand.