4 tips for keeping track of your 8 million browser tabs

Think minimalism.

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It can happen so quickly:

You start the day with a fresh browser window, opening only your email, and then in what seems like 2.5 seconds, you have 50 separate tabs open.

Some might be programs, like Slack, that you’ll use throughout the day; others might be articles you want to read later or reminders of tasks you need to get done — but regardless, the digital clutter can quickly spiral out of control and impact your productivity, your computer speed, or even your stress levels. Keep your tab hoarding in check with these strategies from people who have been there.

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Compartmentalize with bookmark folders

You don’t have to download new plugins and extensions, or set up yet another third-party account. Sean Spicer, an inbound marketing manager at Agile IT and self-proclaimed “multi-tab ninja,” tells Mic he uses native browser features available on Chrome and Firefox to stay organized. If you have groups of pages you use for certain tasks, he recommends creating a “top-level” bookmark folder labeled “tasks,” and create sub-folders if need-be for specific tasks.