Cat owners say they wish they'd gotten these weird-but-genius things sooner

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Your cat isn’t just a pet — they’re one of your best friends: a companion who is always there when friends and family are gone; a creature to cuddle with at the end of a long, stressful day. And since your cat is always there for you, it makes sense that you would want to treat them to a few goodies every now and then. That’s why I’ve put together this list of genius (but weird) things that cat owners say they wish they’d gotten sooner.

From entertaining toys to easy-to-clean litter boxes, I’ve made sure to include a variety of items that come approved by both cats and their owners. Because at the end of the day, your cat is part of your family — and they would probably do the same for you if you were their pet. So if your cat could use a new toy, or maybe even a relaxing window perch, make sure to keep scrolling for more.


A pet hair remover that’s infinitely reusable

Unlike lint rollers that rely on wasteful sticky sheets, this ChomChom roller uses hundreds of tiny bristles to latch onto pet hair, stripping it away from clothes, carpets, curtains, and more. The best part? All that collected hair gets stuffed into the dustbin until you’re ready to throw it out.

What reviewers say: “This is a must have if you live with cats! We have four. So easy to use and will get up all the fur. I wish I got one sooner. I would give 10 stars!”


This soft cave made from 100% natural wool

Not only is this “cave” made from 100% cozy, natural wool, but its large size means your cat has extra room to move around and snuggle. The padded base helps cushion their joints when it’s time for a nap — and you even have the choice of 17 different fun colors.

What reviewers say: “Our cat went right in when we took it out. He prefers to lay on it. He likes to run and jump on it sliding on the floor. I wish I had purchased it sooner.”


A waterproof mat that helps trap litter to keep your floors clean

Tired of finding litter tracked all over your floors? Try putting this mat down in front of your cat’s litter box. The perforated top layer traps any stray bits of litter on their paws, while a waterproof base layer helps keep your floors safe. Plus, cleaning it out is as easy as giving it a good shake over a trash can.

What reviewers say: “I'm truly astounded at how well this litter mat works! The only negative is I didn't get it sooner!”


The reversible sling that lets you carry your cat around

Made from soft, breathable fabric, this reversible sling is a fun way to comfortably carry your cat around. It’s designed to handle small pets (not just cats) up to 12 pounds — and the reversible design means you’re almost getting two of them for the price of one.

What reviewers say: “I absolutely LOVE my new sling!!! [...] My only regret is that i didn't order this sooner!”


This stain remover that’s incredibly potent

Not only is this stain remover so potent that it breaks down the odor-causing enzymes in cat urine, but its refreshing citrus scent also delivers up to 80 hours of freshness. It’s suitable for use on nearly any type of surface — from carpet to artificial turf — and it’s even effective on other types of messes, including feces and vomit.

What reviewers say: “I will definitely be buying it again. I wish I had found it sooner.”


These shields that help protect furniture from scratching

If your cat likes to scratch up your furniture, make sure to check out these shields. They’re completely transparent, allowing them to blend into your furniture so that they’re hardly noticeable — and you can even trim them to fit smaller pieces as needed. Installation is also a total breeze, as each order includes double-sided adhesive.

What reviewers say: “Love this product. I wish I would have found it sooner! The sheets were very easy to apply. I even put one on crooked and there was no problem pulling it back and placing it down again. I didn't even really need the amount of push pins it came with, but put some on just to be safe. My cat hasn't gone near my ottoman since!”


A splash mat that helps keep kibble where it belongs

It’s almost too easy for kibble to scatter across your floors, making this mat a smart purchase if you’re looking for easy ways to cut down on mess. Raised edges along the sides help keep kibble from spreading, while the textured diamond pattern works to keep food bowls from tipping over. It’s also BPA-free as well as made without any PVC or phthalates.

What reviewers say: “Wish I had found this sooner, would of saved my wood floors!”


This automatic cat feeder that can save you some stress

There’s no need to stress about feeding your cat when you’re stuck in traffic, as this automatic pet feeder can help make sure your cat gets their food at their regularly scheduled feeding time. It’s large enough to hold up to 4 liters of dry food and can dispense up to four meals a day. Plus, there’s even a fun voice recorder function that lets you record a message for your cat.

What reviewers say: “Wow, I should've bought this sooner! I love that I can program when the food comes out and the portion sizes are great! I currently have just one of these which my two cats share. I'm at work all the time so it's great to know that my cats aren't hungry when I'm out. It's really easy to use and clean.”


A pair of feeding bowls that are unlikely to tip over

Since these feeding bowls are surrounded by stiff silicone walls, it’s much less likely that your cat will accidentally tip them over when it’s time to eat. The bowls are also made from rust-resistant stainless steel and are large enough to hold up to 12 ounces of food.

What reviewers say: “I love these bowls. My only complaint is I wish I had discovered them sooner. The silicone is very flexible and is a great non-skid set up. The silicone base is large enough to catch stray kibble, but still maintains a very small footprint.”


These covers that help you save canned wet food for later

Instead of letting that can of wet food get funky in the fridge, why not use one of these covers to help keep it fresh? Each one is made from flexible silicone, allowing them to fit overtop cans of nearly any size — and they’re also way more eco-friendly than using wasteful plastic wrap or foil.

What reviewers say: “Why didn't I get this sooner?!! Phenomenal product.”


A water fountain that features a quadruple filtration system

You always want to make sure your cat has the freshest water possible, so why not give them this water fountain? Its quadruple-filtration system relies on activated carbon, resin, stone, and non-woven fabric to help clean the water your cat’s drinking. Plus, the motor is incredibly quiet, making it unlikely to disturb you when working from home.

What reviewers say: “Cats are drinking a lot more water than before, the sound of the fountain is soothing, easy to assemble and clean, modern design, and don’t have to fill their water as often. My husband and I, and our 3 cats wish we would have got this sooner!”


This gel that can help reduce hairballs

Your cat can’t help coughing up a hairball every now and then — but this paw gel might be able to help reduce how often it happens, or even eliminate them altogether. Vegetable and soybean oil help lubricate your cat’s intestinal tract, allowing hair to pass through so that it doesn’t need to be coughed up. Plus, it even has a delicious salmon flavor that your cat can appreciate.

What reviewers say: “If you have a problem finding a hair ball remedy that your cats will tolerate, try this one. Wish I had tried it on my cats sooner!”


A comb that helps get rid of matted knots & tangles

Try using this comb to remove tangled, matted hair before you break out the grooming shears. The curved blades help protect your cat’s skin from accidental nicks, making it easy to cut through knots without yanking at the hair. It’s also suitable for use on all types of fur.

What reviewers say: “I really wish I would have known about his product sooner, because it's a must have for long hair cats! The tough mats I had been struggling with for weeks were removed in a couple swipes with this.”


The toy that can entertain your cat for hours

By mimicking the erratic movements of live mice, this motorized toy can help keep your cat entertained for hours. Four different speed settings make it suitable for cats of all ages — and it only requires three AA batteries (which are not included) in order to operate.

What reviewers say: “Why didnt I get ne of these sooner? My cats LOVE this!!”


A litter disposal system that helps keep unwanted odors to a minimum

If you can still smell dirty litter once you’ve thrown it away, consider storing it inside of this genie pail until it’s time to take the trash out. A seven-layer filter cartridge helps keep unwanted odors to a minimum and can last for up to eight weeks before you need to replace it. It’s also large enough to hold up to 14 days’ worth of litter, which means there’s no need to constantly empty it out.

What reviewers say: “I really like this little unit, wish I would have bought it sooner. It’s awesome. Anyone that owns a cat should have one. Worth the money. 5 stars for sure.”


This flopping fish that’s rechargeable via USB

There’s no need to purchase wasteful disposable batteries to power this flopping fish toy, as it’s easily rechargeable via USB. It jumps and wiggles just like a real fish, helping keep your kitty entertained while you’re away from home — and each order even includes a bonus pouch of catnip.

What reviewers say: “I wish I could have gotten this sooner. If your thinking about entertaining your dog or cat look no further, buy this now, you will not be sorry.”


A scratching post that doubles as cute decor

This scratching post is designed to look like an adorably fuzzy cactus. Not only is it just as functional as it is fashionable, but the wide base also helps keep it from tipping over — especially if your cat really likes to claw. Choose from two sizes: medium or large.

What reviewers say: “I wish I had known about this sooner as it would’ve saved my two year old recliner. BEST THING, EVER. She hasn’t touched the chair since! BUY IT!!!! So easy to put together, you just screw the pieces on!! So worth the price!!!”


The litter box that’s hardly noticeable

Having trouble finding a good place to keep that bulky litter box? Consider upgrading to this subtle version instead. It looks like a decorative clay pot and features space for a plant at the top, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the corner of nearly any room. Plus, the filtered ventilation system helps keep dust and odor to a minimum.

What reviewers say: “This is working like a charm and I'm disappointed in myself for not finding it here sooner!”


A window perch that can handle up to 40 pounds

With ultra-strong suction cups that can support up to 40 pounds, don’t be surprised if this window perch quickly becomes your cat’s favorite place to relax. Its hammock-style platform allows air to circulate, helping keep your cat cool as they lounge in the sun — and you even have the choice of two shades: beige or black.

What reviewers say: “Now that it's winter I can't leave the door open so I purchased this cat perch for the window in my office. She is in it all the time. I wish I had bought it sooner. Highly recommend it!”


This interactive toy with thousands of paws-itive reviews

With more than 50,000 positive four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that this interactive toy is a hit with people and cats alike. A nonslip base helps keep it stable as your cat bats the balls back and forth, while a safety bar across the top opening helps keep curious cats from sticking their head inside. Many reviewers also raved about how it’s “worth the money.”

What reviewers say: “Had I known how much they would love it, I would have bought it sooner. Our cats take turns playing with it all day long.”


A tunnel bed with an average rating of 4.8 stars

It’s rare to come across a pet product with an incredibly high rating — and yet this tunnel bed has an average of 4.8 stars with more than 1,800 reviews under its belt. The center features a soft bed where your cat can relax, while the pop-up tunnel surrounding it gives them somewhere to hide when they’re feeling shy. Plus, it even collapses down for easy storage.

What reviewers say: “My cat LOVES this tunnel!! He's in it all the time. Wish I would've bought it sooner so he had more fun time in it.”


The silicone brush that massages & grooms cats

Not only can the soft silicone bristles on this brush provide your cat with a soothing massage, but they can also remove up to 90% of any loose bits of hair to help keep your floors clean. A hand grip on the back gives you somewhere comfortable to hold onto — and it’s even suitable for use on cats with any length of hair.

What reviewers say: “A brilliant product. All the rave reviews were right on. Gets tons of hair out, and cat loves it. She's not a lap cat, but for this, she'll jump up, settle down, squelch her eyes, and stay. Wish I'd known about it sooner.”


A toy that shines lasers in different directions around the room

Sometimes, bored cats can easily become destructive, making this laser pointer toy a must-have in any home. The laser bounces around in randomized patterns, keeping your cats on their toes when chasing it around the floor. The best part? Four AA batteries (which are not included) are enough to keep it powered for up to a month of use.

What reviewers say: “Wish I had bought this sooner.”


This cat cube that’s made with soft, cushy fleece

It only takes a few seconds to set up this cat cube, but don’t be surprised if your cat winds up spending hours relaxing on it. A cushy fleece bed on the inside and top gives your cat options when deciding where they want to lounge — and the stackable design even allows you to add a second layer for another cat.

What reviewers say: “It's a great product. I really wish I had gotten it sooner. My cat loves it as well. Shes usually is skittish around new objects in my home but she was inside and sleeping within 10 minutes.”


A pack of springs that are so, so affordable

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to keep your cat entertained — just grab this pack of colorful springs for less than $10. The extra-wide coil makes them incredibly bouncy, making them perfect for batting around your floors. Many reviewers also wrote about how they quickly became their cat’s “favorite toy.”

What reviewers say: “I wish I got these for my cat sooner. She is literally obsessed with them. She usually gets bored of toys after a few days so I have to cycle them but these always stay out.”


The cat house that has scratching boards on the inside

Not only is this cat house a fun place for your furry friend to hang out, but it also features a scratching board on the inside to help redirect your cat away from destroying furniture. It easily folds flat for storage when you aren’t using it — and assembly only takes a few short minutes. Choose from two styles: cottage or truck.

What reviewers say: “All of my cats love it, even the 13 year old. They've actually stopped scratching up the furniture & started using this instead, I should've bought it sooner!”


A scoop & caddy that won’t latch onto litter

Stick this scoop and caddy set to the side of your cat’s litter box, and it’ll always be conveniently within reach whenever you need it. The nonstick surface shouldn’t latch onto litter as you scoop it out, all while its antimicrobial top layer works to help keep unwanted odors from seeping into the plastic.

What reviewers say: “Why didn't I get this sooner? It fits great on the side of the high sided box. So convenient and stays put and off the ground. Love it!”


This butterfly toy that’s perfect for active kitties

If your cat leans towards the more active side of the spectrum, consider giving them this butterfly toy to play with. The butterflies rotate 360 degrees, giving your cat a target to chase without making it too easy to catch them. Each order also includes two extra butterflies — just in case your cat decides to shred the original pair.

What reviewers say: “It’s such a good toy to get his energy out on. Love this and wish I found it sooner!”


These raised food bowls that help promote better posture

Ergonomically designed to help promote better posture when eating, these raised food bowls are an affordable upgrade to the flat metal bowls you’ve probably been using to feed your cat. Each one is large enough to hold almost 7 ounces of food — and since they’re suitable to wash in the top rack of your dishwasher, giving them a thorough clean is a total breeze.

What reviewers say: “So pleased with these as far as quality, size and height perfect for an adult cat. Wish I had done it sooner.”


An airtight container that helps keep food fresh

With enough space to store up to 45 quarts of food, these containers can hold enough kibble to keep your cat fed for months. The airtight lids help keep everything inside fresh, while the included scoop is large enough to dish out up to 2 cups of food at a time. Plus, the wheels on the bottom container make it easy to move around your home.

What reviewers say: “I really love this. Wish I had bought one sooner.”