75 clever, cheap gifts on Amazon for people who are hard to shop for

We’ve made it easy for you.

ByClaire Epting and Julie Peck
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No matter the occasion or the recipient, gift-giving can be tricky. Whether you’re trying to impress the in-laws or looking for something memorable for your best friend, you just might find it on this list of clever, cheap gifts on Amazon.

When it comes to shopping for picky people, you can never go wrong with something green — that may be literal with something like this indoor herb garden kit, or figurative, as in the case of this eco-friendly hardcover notebook that’s made with renewably sourced matte white paper.

I also love the idea of surprising people with luxury finds that don’t break the bank — think: a marble cutting board for the cook or baker and these whiskey glasses for the bourbon aficionado.

There are plenty more stellar gift recommendations here — I’d pick up a few extras to keep on hand for any gift-giving ambushes throughout the year.


This ultra-soft fleece blanket that comes in every color

Lightweight and soft against the skin, this fleece throw blanket is a welcome addition to any sofa or bedspread. It comes in every color of the rainbow, as well as an array of subtle neutrals — so there’s an option that suits any taste. The ribbed design creates a cool texture that livens up a simple couch or chair.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 25


The indoor herb garden kit for anyone with a green thumb

Know someone who has a green thumb but doesn’t have space for a garden? This indoor herb garden kit includes everything they need to grow plants such as parsley, basil, and chives, right on a windowsill. The kit includes six pots with peat discs that expand into soil with just a little bit of water. With a little patience, your loved one will have their own herbs to cook with.


A moisturizing lip treatment made with Hawaiian kukui oil

Think of this moisturizing treatment as a tropical vacation for your lips. Blended with Hawaiian kukui nut oil and antioxidant-rich agave, the smooth formula instantly soaks in, providing a boost of hydration to dry, chapped lips. There are both clear and tinted options available for anyone on your shopping list.

  • Available shades: 6


This streamlined wallet with a built-in money clip

Made of smooth, butter-soft faux leather, this slim bifold wallet has plenty of room for credit cards, IDs, and business cards — but won’t take up a bunch of space in your pocket. A built-in metal money clip also creates a spot for several bills. There are over a dozen shades available, ranging from classic black to chocolate brown to rich burgundy.

  • Available colors: 14


The microwaveable popcorn popper that collapses for storage

Perfect for movie nights or any time you feel like whipping up a snack, this silicone popcorn maker is ridiculously easy to use. Just place the kernels in the bowl, cover with the glass lid, and heat in the microwave — no butter or oil required. The container holds up to 15 cups of popped corn — enough to share with family, friends, or roommates — then collapses for compact storage

  • Available colors: 19


A hydrating balm that soothes dry feet

Featuring a potent blend of almond, grape seed, olive, and lavender oils, this moisturizing balm provides soothing relief to dry, cracked feet and heels. Ancient Greek Remedy’s formula uses 100% natural, tried-and-true ingredients that soak deep into your soles — plus, the included pumice stone allows you to buff away any dead skin.


This set of granite chilling stones for the whiskey enthusiast

Unlike traditional ice cubes, this set of granite stones allows you to chill your whiskey while ensuring your liquor remains undiluted. It’s a wallet-friendly, thoughtful gift for any whiskey enthusiast, and the sleek wooden holder looks great on any bar cart or countertop. Just chill the stones in the freezer for at least four hours before serving.


The tabletop game you can play with the whole gang

Whether you’re spending quality time with family or friends, adding Bounce Battle to the mix is one way to liven things up. The plastic peg board comes with a set of table tennis balls, as well as a guide that provides easy-to-follow instructions for dozens of games. The main object of each match? Bounce the balls into the game cube. There’s a range of difficulty levels, so anyone in your group can get in on the fun.


A set of refreshing under-eye masks made with real 24-karat gold

Gold isn’t just a classic choice for jewelry — it can also reduce skin irritation as well as boost collagen production. These under-eye masks are formulated with 24-karat gold and moisturizing hyaluronic acid, resulting in a treatment that’s ultra-hydrating and soothing. Complete with 15 pairs of masks, this wallet-friendly set makes a wonderful self-care present for anyone who could use a little more “me” time.


This simple bidet attachment that’s easy to install & use

Adding this bidet attachment to a toilet isn’t costly or time-consuming — but it’ll make your loved one feel like they’re sitting on the lap of luxury. Designed with a dial that controls the water pressure and a lever that adjusts the angle of the stream, the bidet makes it easy to customize your cleaning experience to your exact liking.


A pair of multitool pens that are always great to have on hand

The constant multitasker in your life will love having this set of multitool pens close by — each one has eight different uses. Serving as a functional ruler, stylus, and LED light (not to mention as an actual pen), the multitool can be used to complete a wide array of home projects and everyday tasks. “Sturdy, versatile, and a great gift for engineers, architects, and the like!” wrote one reviewer.


This extendable bamboo tray for the most relaxing bath ever

This bamboo tray extends over your tub, providing the perfect spot to place a glass of bubbly, a candle, your tablet, and anything else you could possibly need during your bath. Thanks to the adjustable sides, the tray is designed to fit most bathtubs — and it comes in four neutral tones that blend into any bathroom.

  • Available colors: 4


The easy-to-use pasta maker for beginner & experienced chefs alike

Designed with a manual crank, this stainless steel pasta maker allows anyone to make their own fresh noodles from the comfort of their home. Whether your loved one is a novice in the kitchen or an experienced cook, they’ll enjoy using the machine to craft everything from spaghetti to linguine. A bonus hand-powered lemon squeezer sweetens the deal even further.


This beard-conditioning oil that’s lightly scented

Blended with moisturizing almond, avocado, and jojoba oils, this beard conditioner works to detangle long, thick facial hair as well as hydrate the skin underneath. A light dose of lavender oil adds a soft, fresh fragrance that isn’t too overpowering, making this a great choice for even those with sensitive noses.


A marble cutting board that looks so sophisticated

Made of elegant white marble, this cutting board is perfect for preparing and serving charcuterie, cheese, and appetizers. Perfect for your family member or friend who loves to entertain, the sleek board is as functional and hard-wearing as it is beautiful. A set of rubber feet on the bottom ensures the board stays firmly in place while you slice or work with dough.


The portable makeup mirror that lights up

This vanity mirror has a built-in LED light border, illuminating your face while you apply makeup or tweeze your eyebrows. One of the side panels is equipped with a magnification that allows you to see everything up close. Powered by either batteries or USB cable, the mirror folds up for added portability — so you can take it with you anywhere.

  • Available colors: 6


This beginner-friendly griddle that makes tasty breakfast sandwiches

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have in the kitchen — this griddle from Hamilton Beach makes delicious breakfast sandwiches with little effort on your part. There are separate levels for your egg, meat, cheese, and bread, and the machine cooks each layer and presses them together with no mess. “It is easy to use, easy to clean and stores well. I will be buying more of these in the near future for family gifts,” wrote one reviewer.

  • Available colors: 5


A stovetop espresso maker for cafe-quality drinks at home

Know someone who’s a bit of a coffee aficionado? This stovetop espresso maker is for them. Made of durable stainless steel, the coffee maker brews up to 4 cups of espresso at once. Unlike traditional coffee makers, this one is compact and easy to transport anywhere you go. There are four color options that complement any kitchen.

  • Available colors: 4


The phone & tablet stand with a built-in Bluetooth speaker

Compatible with smartphones and tablets measuring from 4 inches to 13 inches, this sturdy device stand allows you to watch TV, glance at a recipe, or chat with relatives without using your hands. What’s more, it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that amplifies the sound of whatever you’re watching or listening to. “Great buy. My wife loves it because when she’s baking or cooking, she can rock out and still be able to see what she needs off her phone,” one reviewer shared.

  • Available colors: 5


A copper mug set for the perfect Moscow mule

Moscow mules — delicious cocktails made with ginger beer, lime, and vodka — can be easily whipped up with this set of copper mugs, straws, and a jigger. The copper material ensures your drink stays nice and cool while you sip. Also, the included brush allows you to easily clean your reusable straws in between uses.


This delicate layered necklace with a monogrammed initial

This 14-karat gold-plated necklace makes a lovely, personalized gift, thanks to the monogrammed initial on its charm. The layered paper clip chain adds an elegant touch to any outfit, from a T-shirt and jeans combo to a sophisticated cocktail dress. Choose from three lustrous finishes — gold, rose gold, and silver.

  • Available colors: gold, rose gold, silver


These exfoliating foot peel masks that come in 7 scents

Slipping over your feet like a pair of socks, these foot peel masks gently remove the dead skin from your soles. The blend of fruit-derived extracts supply your skin with plenty of moisture, resulting in feet that feel hydrated and soft. There are plenty of relaxing scents to pick from, including lavender, coconut, and jasmine.


A plant terrarium stand that’s minimalist & cool

With a rustic wood frame and a row of three glass bulbs, this terrarium stand adds a cool, minimalist touch to any living space. Perfect for hydroponic-friendly plants such as dill, mint, and vines, the stand transforms your greens into a conversation-starting piece of art. It comes in a pre-wrapped gift box, which is oh-so convenient.


These salt & pepper grinders made of sleek stainless steel

It’s a simple thing, but using these stainless steel salt and pepper grinders makes any meal just feel more sophisticated. With a transparent glass body, each grinder easily displays how much salt or pepper you have left — so you always know when you need to refill. Plus, the adjustable grinder head allows you to control how coarse or fine your salt and pepper is.


Some scented shower steamers for a relaxing, spa-like experience

Know someone who would pick showers over baths any day? They can still get in on the aromatherapeutic experience of a bath bomb by using these scented shower tablets. Each one is made with essential oils that gently dissipate into your shower steam while you scrub. The set includes fragrances such as lavender, peppermint, and grapefruit.


This cozy sherpa blanket that’s also a sweatshirt

For the person who is always cold — treat them to this wearable sherpa blanket. Designed with a hood, cuffed sleeves, and a roomy front pocket, the microfiber blanket wraps your body in cozy warmth. There are so many colors to pick from, as well as a few Disney-inspired patterns for the Mickey Mouse fan.

  • Available colors and patterns: 19


A sleek wooden box that organizes your tea collection

If you have a tea enthusiast in your life, you know how their collection of tea bags can quickly grow — this bamboo box offers a thoughtful storage solution for everything from Earl Grey to oolong. There are 10 compartments for holding bags of tea, as well as a built-in drawer for packets of sugar and honey. The transparent lid allows you to easily view what’s inside before opening the box.


This wool cave for the feline in your life

Whether it’s your own cat or someone else’s, felines shouldn’t be left out of gift-giving. And while kitties can be notoriously picky about where they rest their head, most seem to enjoy a dark, private place — such as this natural wool cat cave. The domed shape creates a private, secure space for your kitty to curl up in — or, they can simply rest on top of the collapsed bed.

  • Available colors: 16


A pair of warm slipper socks with anti-skid bottoms

Slipper socks are all but a cold-weather essential, whether you’re working from home or lounging in the evenings. Designed with a fluffy fleece lining and a knit exterior, this pair ensures your toes are wrapped in cozy warmth. Not to mention, they have anti-skid rubber grips on the soles, so you won’t go slipping across your hardwood floor.

  • Available colors and patterns: 10


The complete cocktail-making kit for the aspiring mixologist

Complete with a shaker, muddler, jigger, and more, this eight-piece cocktail kit includes everything an aspiring mixologist could need to get started. There’s even a set of illustrated cocktail cards to give you inspiration. The stainless steel bar set comes inside a velvet carrying pouch, making it great for gifting. Choose from three finishes: copper, gold, and silver.

  • Available colors: 3


This cushy pillow that supports your shoulders & neck in the bath

Bath time just got a whole lot more comfortable, thanks to this cushioned pillow that supports your head, neck, and shoulders. Six suction cups keep the pillow securely fastened to your tub, so all you have to worry about is leaning back and relaxing. Thanks to the hook on top, it’s easy to hang the pillow up while it dries.


A set of skin-care products made with brightening vitamin C

Formulated with brightening vitamin C, this K-beauty skin-care trio set is a great gift for the skin-care lover. You get I Dew Care’s facial serum, cream, and lip mask, all for a wallet-friendly price. Several reviewers say that these products were gentle on their skin, so they’re likely to be perfect for even those with sensitive faces.


This warmer that keeps hot beverages at just the right temperature

Coffee, tea, and even cocoa lovers will really enjoy this mug warmer that keeps hot beverages of all kinds at just the right temperature for enjoying right down to the last drop. It’s also perfect for a mug of soup or hot noodles and the perfect gift for someone who’s under the weather, too — it features three temperature settings and an auto shut-off that kicks in after four hours.


The hair mask that pampers strands

Know someone who’s all about their hair? Gift them with this hair mask that strengthens strands on the molecular level, leaving them sleek and shiny. Formulated with 100% vegan proteins that build hair’s natural bonds, this treatment eliminates frizz, reduces breakage, and restores body.


A clip-on ring light for use on a laptop or phone

We can all stand to up our lighting game when it comes to video chatting, and this ring light makes it possible whether the recipient takes their meetings (or their selfies) on their smartphone or their laptop. Designed with a simple clip, this light features 10 illumination options including daylight, white, and warm light, and runs for multiple hours on a charge.


The universal socket tool for every DIYer on your list

This universal socket tool is the ideal gift for your favorite handyperson or DIY enthusiast. The multiple pins in the cylinder automatically configure themselves to grip ratchets, multi-bit screwdrivers, and power drills, so they can tackle any job without having to dig through their toolbox.


The milk frother that turns anyone into a barista

With a stainless steel whisk and a battery-powered motor, this handheld milk frother whips up foam for coffee that would rival any corner cafe. It’s also great for blending protein drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes, and can even be used to make homemade whipped cream. Gift this to your favorite aspiring barista

  • Available colors: 4


This vitamin-infused cuticle oil with a cult following

Boasting a 4.7-star overall rating after an astounding 112,000 reviews, this cuticle revitalizing oil is such a treat for nails. It’s enriched with vitamins to deliver a deeply nourishing treatment to both cuticles and nails, and the non-greasy formula disappears into the skin to strengthen and soften. It’s cruelty- and paraben-free, too.

  • Available scents: 11


An essential oil diffuser that sets the mood

The sense of smell has such a powerful pull over our moods, and this essential oil diffuser is the perfect way to give the gift of natural fragrance. It features multiple misting modes, timer settings, and a built-in LED light —all of which can be controlled via a convenient remote. Just add a few drops of essential oil to begin an aromatherapy session.

  • Available base colors: 3


The eye mask that soothes puffiness & headaches

Filled with dozens of gel beads, this eye mask can be chilled in the fridge or warmed up in the microwave — depending on whether your gift recipient once hot or cold therapy. It’s a relaxing treat that does everything from soothing migraines to relieving puffiness upon waking. An adjustable strap makes it comfortable to wear.


A water bottle that they’ll use every single day

A well-designed sports bottle is always a thoughtful gift, and this water bottle crafted from durable Tritan material would be a hit with any athlete, student, or traveler. It features a leakproof lid for peace of mind while commuting, plus a carrying handle that makes it a comfortable and easy companion.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 4


These kitchen towels made from super absorbent cotton

A great gift for a housewarming party — or just your favorite home chef — these dish towels are crafted from 100% cotton for ultimate absorbency, and are guaranteed to upgrade the look of any kitchen they’re found in. The classic bistro design means they also double as napkins once the table is set.

  • Available colors: 6


This lamp that looks just like the moon

The perfect conversation starter, this cordless moon lamp is 3-D printed from an actual map of the moon’s surface, which means it looks like a mini version of the real thing. The rechargeable lamp is dimmable and features 16 color options that can be adjusted with the accompanying remote.

  • Available sizes: 4


The spiralizer that turns all kinds of veggies into delicious pasta

If you’ve got a cook on your list, this veggie spiralizer is an amazing pick. With five interchangeable blades, it can crank out everything from spaghetti to thick ribbons. With suction feet that keep it steady on your counter as you work, this gadget transforms potatoes, zucchini, squash and more into the perfect vitamin-rich “pasta.”


A travel umbrella that won’t turn inside-out in the wind

With double venting and a sturdy fiberglass frame, this travel umbrella stands up to windy conditions way more than its competitors — it’s virtually guaranteed not to turn inside out. It also has a single-button for one-handed operation, and when collapsed, is small enough to fit in a briefcase, backpack, or tote.

  • Available colors: 15


A scented candle that will cozy up any space

I work from home, and one of the things I like to do when my writing is done for the day is to light a candle to mark the boundary between home time and work time. This scented soy candle is perfect for the ritual, and comes in more than a dozen fragrances like fresh linen, black amber, and wild lemongrass. This is one gift you can’t go wrong with.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available scents: 15


The waterproof Bluetooth speaker that plays tunes in the shower

Now your favorite shower singer doesn’t have to go unaccompanied — they’ll love singing along to tunes blasted from this Bluetooth shower speaker. Designed to sync with any Bluetooth-compatible device, it’s waterproof and lightweight, and the carabiner means you can attach it to a backpack and take it on the go.

  • Available colors: 14


This car net that holds your purse & other items

Find yourself getting into the car with one friend who always has to reorganize their handbag before you can take a seat? Get them the Car Cache, a net designed to hold that purse in between the driver’s and passenger’s seat. This net can also keep other small items in place, like tissues and an umbrella.

  • Available colors: 2


These whiskey glasses that are crafted from gorgeous crystal

Made from gorgeous crystal with a unique twist design, these whiskey glasses are ideal for any scotch or bourbon drinker in your life. They have the heft in the hand that you’d expect from fine, handcrafted glassware, yet they’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Arriving in a box ready for gift-giving, the glasses hold 10 ounces each.


A spoon rest for the home chef

Crafted from white ceramic, this spoon rest makes the perfect addition to any kitchen, coffee station, or break room. With lettering in a fun, retro script, it has an oversized design that will accommodate even larger utensils like ladles.


A magnetic wristband that’s perfect for DIY-ers & crafters

Anyone who enjoys home repairs, working on their car, or even crafting will love this wristband hardware holder. It’s outfitted with internal magnets that secure hardware, so you can keep it right there within hand’s reach. It’s padded for comfort and features an adjustable closure to fit wrists of all sizes.


This portable charger that’s super compact

Small enough to fit in your pocket, this portable charger is designed to work with Android phones that have USB-C ports. And unlike other power banks, it’s cable-free, so charging is a streamlined experience. You can even keep it plugged in while making phone calls — perfect if your phone is at a (scary) 5%.

  • Available colors: 4


The travel mug that brews pour-over coffee & loose leaf tea

With a removable fine mesh filter, this stainless steel travel mug is designed to brew pour-over coffee or loose leaf tea on the go. It’s vacuum-insulated to keep drinks hot for hours, and fitted with a leakproof BPA-free lid. This mug is perfect for the commuter, camper, or any other coffee lover.

  • Available colors: 4


A mini heater to keep anyone toasty

Although it’s compact in size, this mini heater boasts considerable warming power. The ceramic coils inside provide heat that’s enough to make an office, bedroom, or other small space nice and toasty. Just over 6 inches square, it has tip-over protection for safety.

  • Available colors: 4


These silicone coasters in soft earth tones

With a chic geometric design, these coasters are crafted from heat-resistant silicone, making them perfect for a piping-hot mug of coffee as well as a tall glass of water. Available in soft colors like clay, indigo, and sandstone, the coasters are nonslip and the soft material won’t scratch surfaces.

  • Available colors: 7


The wine aerator that enhances the flavor of wine

An ideal gift for the wine lover on your list, this aerator infuses oxygen into vino as you pour, which helps bring out the wine’s unique flavors and aromas. The aerator has a tapered rubber stopper and a long acrylic pour spout that’s designed for dripless pouring.


These huggie earrings that are the perfect accessory for any outfit

Plated in 14-karat gold and embedded with sparkling cubic zirconia stones, these huggie earrings are a versatile accessory that’s bound to be worn on repeat — whether they’re paired with an evening dress or favorite well-worn tee . The hypoallergenic earrings are also available in silver and rose gold finishes.

  • Available finishes: 3


A sports armband that holds your phone while you work out

A great gift for anyone who runs, hikes, or cycles, this sports armband holds your phone during workouts — and it has an ingenious design. The pivoting straps allow the phone to rotate 180 degrees, making the screen easier to see from any position. This armband is waterproof, with lightweight, breathable straps that can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.


A silk pillowcase for a luxurious night of sleep

Crafted from mulberry silk, this pillowcase is the essence of pure luxury — and it’s also an overnight beauty treatment. The slippery fabric creates minimal friction on skin and hair, resulting in less breakage and fewer pillow creases on the face. A hidden zipper closure keeps your bed looking polished.

  • Available sizes: 8
  • Available colors: 15


The Kodak camera that prints full-color, sticky-backed photos

From Kodak comes this digital instant camera that prints full-color photos with a sticky backing that gives you the option of adhering them to scrapbook pages, journal covers, greeting cards, and more. It features a light-sensing flash and recharges via USB for convenience and fun on the go.

  • Available colors: 6


A facial set that’s a thoughtful gift for anyone who needs a little pampering

For the beauty maven or anyone who could use a little pampering, consider this jade facial roller and gua sha set. Made from genuine jade, both tools work to gently massage the face, reduce puffiness, and de-stress the skin — and they’re even more soothing after being chilled in the fridge for a cooling treatment.


This cheese board with a drawer for utensils

If you have a host on your list, this cheese board will be a welcome and frequently used gift. It isn’t just your run-of-the-mill version, either — it has a built-in drawer that conceals four cheese knives plus labels and chalk, so guests can tell the difference between manchego and white cheddar.


The body scrub that comes in delicious scents

A delight for the senses, this body scrub comes in a handful of fragrances including green tea, watermelon, and lavender, which just might make exfoliating more of a treat than a chore. The vitamin-packed scrub is made with sea salt and natural moisturizers like safflower and sweet almond oils, leaving skin soft and silky smooth.

  • Available scents: 7


A pair of high-quality wireless earbuds that won’t break the bank

Treat your favorite music aficionado to this pair of wireless earbuds that delivers resounding bass and crystal clear high tones — all for a price that won’t break the bank. The waterproof earbuds stand up to sweat and rain, and have a smart-touch control system that makes accepting calls and playing music a piece of cake. These popular earbuds boast more than 200,000 reviews and come in non-traditional colors like champagne and mint green.

  • Available colors: 6


These vibrant colored pens for journaling & planning

Including a wide variety of vivid hues, this set of fine-tip pens is perfect for the dedicated journal writer, artist, or color-coding planner in your life. With 18 in a pack, they don’t smudge or bleed through paper, and reviewers love them — they’ve earned a sky-high 4.7-star overall rating after more than 80,000 reviews.


This eco-friendly notebook for journaling or sketching

With a gorgeous textile cover that’s embossed with your choice of a gold bee or cactus, this notebook is ideal for the journaler in your life. Made from recycled materials, the 160-page notebook is made with heavy paper and has a lay-flat design for easy writing and sketching. Choose from lined, unlined, and dotted versions.

  • Available variations: 6


The gadget that makes it easy to find lost items

Your car keys, wallet, the remote, your backpack — they’re all easy to locate, thanks to the Tile Mate Bluetooth finder. This smart gadget syncs to an app on any smartphone, and rings your lost item when it’s within 250 feet. If you go beyond the 250 feet, your phone will show you the item’s last-known location. It’s a thoughtful gift for a wide variety of recipients — especially the absent-minded.


This insulated lunch cooler that’s functional & cool

Help your favorite commuter take their lunch to go with this insulated lunch cooler from Carhartt. Crafted from heavy-duty, water-repellent canvas, this bag features insulated construction to keep cold foods cold and has both a handle and shoulder strap. The main compartment is roomy enough for six beverages and the additional compartment in front is perfect for utensils and accessories.

  • Available colors: 5


A bracelet with Morse code messages

Share your feelings with your friends or family with this clever bracelet that lets you pass along a word of inspiration via Morse code. The bracelet is crafted from sterling silver beads strung on a black silk cord, and you can choose from phrases like “Strength,” “I Love You,”and “Keep Going.” It comes packaged in a wood box, ready for gifting (just add a bow).

  • Available variations: 29


The rechargeable hand warmer that doubles as a power bank

The outdoor lover in your life — or anyone with perpetually cold hands — will wonder how they ever got along without this rechargeable hand warmer. Crafted from aircraft aluminum, it has three heat settings to warm up fingers and palms. Just as good, it also serves as a charger for smartphones and other electronic devices.

  • Available colors: 9


This electric griddle that makes 2 omelets in just minutes

Give the gift of quick, easy, and delicious breakfasts with this omelet maker that whips up two fluffy omelets in mere minutes. After breakfast, this gadget can also make pizza pockets, turnovers for dessert, and lots more. The nonstick coating means foods come out easily and cleaning is a breeze.

  • Available colors: 7


This night light that projects stars & ocean waves

A whimsical gift for the young and young at heart, this LED star projector turns any wall or ceiling into a galactic display. Even better, it has an ocean setting if your recipient prefers to be lulled to sleep by sea waves. It’s color- and brightness-adjustable, and the built-in Bluetooth speaker is perfect for queueing up a relaxing playlist.

  • Available colors: 2


The USB dock that charges 6 devices at once

Having electronic devices charging all over the house is a common annoyance, making this USB charging dock a great gift for everyone on your list. Up to six smartphones and tablets can power up at a time using this dock, which delivers high-speed charges to both Apple and Android devices. It comes with special short cords to keep everything neat.


A craft cocktail kit for the frequent traveler

Frequent travelers and cocktail lovers alike will love this cocktail kit that makes it quick and easy to enjoy two premium mixed drinks mid-flight or once they reach their destination. This little kit comes in a variety of flavors ranging from Old Fashioneds to champagne cocktails, and includes all the mixers and garnishes necessary for each. The kits are TSA-approved — just add alcohol.

  • Available flavors: 9


The pillow mist that lulls you to sleep

Purely indulgent, this pillow mist is scented with natural lavender essential oils to promote relaxation and sleep. Lavender is known to have naturally calming effects, making it an ideal tool to have in a self-care arsenal. Spritz this on a pillow, spray it on sheets before bed, or lightly mist the throw blanket on the couch before curling up for a nap.