40 clever, cheap ideas to make your home look better

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Something about having a stylish, organized home just feels good. Gorgeous accent walls, a tidy kitchen, and a cozy bedroom can make a world of difference when it comes to being in a good mood after a full day of work. But if you aren’t sure how to decorate, don’t worry. I’ve come up with a ton of clever, cheap ideas that can make any home look better.

While changing up your decor may seem daunting, I’ve made sure that each idea you’ll find below is easy to accomplish. For example, that blank wall you’ve been struggling with could definitely benefit from a set of stylish floating shelves or even some peel-and-stick wallpaper. Or, if your bathroom feels a little outdated, there are also trendy drawer pulls, space-saving towel racks, and even a bright toilet mat that adds a pop of color to dull floors — but that’s just the start.

If you want to see more cheap decorating ideas, you’ll just have to keep scrolling.


Use creative shelving to make an eye-catching accent wall

Got a blank wall in your home that you aren’t sure what to do with? Use these floating shelves to create a gorgeous accent wall. Assembly and mounting shouldn’t take more than an hour, making them great for casual DIYers — and you can even line up multiple sets of shelves to cover more space if needed. Choose from five finishes: rustic white, espresso, grey, natural, or solid white.


Swap out plain candle holders with these gorgeous ones made from Himalayan salt

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact — like these candle holders. They’re made with real pink Himalayan salt, giving them each a unique look that’s sure to elevate any dining or coffee table. Many reviewers also wrote about how they’re “well made.”


Open up some extra space with help from this over-the-door drying rack

If that bulky drying rack is making your mud room feel cramped, consider making the switch to this over-the-door version. Not only does it take up significantly less space, but the breathable polyester mesh lets air flow through to help your clothes dry quickly. Installation is also a breeze; simply hang it over any standard-sized door and it’s ready to go.


Throw out that flimsy paper towel holder in favor of this sleek marble option

Made from natural grey and white marble, this paper towel holder is basically guaranteed to be a step up from the flimsy metal one you might be using. The heavy base keeps it stable when you’re ripping sheets off, while felt pads underneath help protect your counters from scratches. “This is the best upright free-standing paper towel holder ever,” wrote one reviewer.


Make your bathroom feel like a spa with this bamboo bath mat

A few scented candles, some fluffy towels, and this bamboo bath mat are all you need to give your bathroom a spa-inspired makeover. Nonslip gaskets on the bottom help keep it from shifting out of place on wet floors, while a water-resistant finish helps keep it looking good over time. Plus, the elevated design allows for maximum airflow, helping it dry quickly when wet.


Organize cluttered fridges with help from these bins

Your fridge doesn’t have to be a jumbled mess, especially when you have these bins to help keep everything organized. They’re large enough to fit everything from soda cans to fresh produce, and even feature a handle on the front so that they’re easy to pull out when you need something. Each order comes with eight: four large and four medium.


Brighten up dark kitchens with these LED puck lights

Figuring out how to brighten up that dark kitchen is as easy as adding these LED puck lights to your pantry and cabinets. Each one uses three AA batteries (which are included), so there’s no need for any complicated wiring when setting them up. Plus, you also get a remote with every order so that you can control them from afar.


Add a splash of color to dull bathroom with a bright toilet mat

Autumn, dark blue, fuchsia, green — this toilet mat comes in so many gorgeous shades that you shouldn’t have any problem finding one that matches your bathroom. The nonslip back helps keep it from shifting out of place if the floor gets wet, and it’s safe to send through the wash if it ever gets dirty.


Transform your record collection into art with these frames

Got a record collection that’s been collecting dust? Turn them into fun pieces of art with help from these frames. They’re sized to fit vinyl records, allowing you to mount them on your wall for display. The magnetic hinges also make it easy to access your records if you decide you want to listen to a few songs. Choose from two wooden finishes: black or natural.


Take your home bar to the next level with these whiskey stones

Not only do these whiskey stones come with a variety of accessories, but the rustic box they all come packaged in is almost guaranteed to give your home bar a professional touch. Each order includes a set of tongs, two old-fashioned glasses, two slate coasters, as well as a few recipe cards to help get you started mixing drinks.


Use this indoor herb garden that’ll bring greenery to your home & kitchen

Some herb garden kits come with herbs that you probably won’t use, whereas this one comes with five of the most popular greens: parsley, cilantro, tarragon, chives, and thyme. The seeds are sealed in foil sachets to help keep them fresh, making it easier for them to germinate — and one reviewer even wrote about how they were able to see sprouts “within the first few days.”


Whip out this gorgeous cheeseboard when guests come over

If you look forward to pulling out a gorgeous cheese board when guests come over, now’s your chance to grab this one for less than $20. It’s made from solid acacia wood that’s naturally resistant to moisture, making it easy to clean and maintain. Plus, you can also use it as a cutting board in a pinch.


Replace mismatched hangers with these stylish wooden ones

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact, like these hangers. They’re made from smooth, finished wood that’s sure to look more organized than mismatched plastic ones — and the hooks even swivel 360 degrees so that it’s easy to have all your clothes facing the same direction.


Using a sleek set of glass mixing bowls that match

It’s easy to accumulate mixing bowls that don’t match — but if you want your kitchen to look a little nicer, this matching set is an affordable upgrade. They’re made from sleek glass and come with lids so that you can use them to store leftovers. The flat bases help keep them stable while you’re mixing ingredients — and reviewers appreciated how they’re a “great value.”


Place this stylish coat rack in your entryway

Instead of having guests pile their jackets on furniture, why not place this coat rack in your entryway? The compact base doesn’t take up too much space, making it easy to use in cramped areas of your home. Plus, you can even adjust its size so that people of all heights can use it.


Swap out those thin hand towels with these plush ones

Not only are these hand towels incredibly soft, but they’re also made from genuine Turkish cotton that can absorb so much water. They’re available in a variety of colors from cool grey to bright yellow — and at less than $20 for four towels, they’re a total bargain.


Touch up chipped paint with help from these paint pens

There’s no need to bust out an entire can of paint when fixing up chips around the house — just use this paint pen. Each order includes a dispenser that helps you fill them up, and the cap on the pens creates an airtight seal that helps keep the paint fresh for more than a week. “These things are great!” raved one reviewer. They continued, “They don't emit too much paint so it blends in easily.”


Create a stunning accent wall using this easy-to-install wallpaper

Unlike the wallpaper your parents had to deal with, this roll features an adhesive backing that lets you stick it right into place — no messy glue required. It’s also easy to remove if you rent, or if you decide you want to change things up. Plus, the pattern repeats seamlessly so that it’s easy to line up.


Preparing meals using this sleek glass cutting board

There’s nothing wrong with using wooden cutting boards — but if you’re looking for something a bit more stylish, make sure to check out these sleek glass ones. Rubber feet on the bottom help keep them in place while you’re chopping, and the glass has even been tempered for added durability.


Swap out heavy curtains with these breezy ones made from linen

Thick, heavy curtains might be great for darkening your bedroom, but they can leave other rooms feeling dark and stale. Instead, opt for these lightweight curtains made from linen. They allow some light to shine through, giving them a breezy feel that’s oh-so-charming, regardless of where you hang them.


Install this rainfall shower head for an instant bathroom upgrade

If you’re still using the shower head that came with your home, consider this rainfall one a much-needed upgrade. Installation is so simple that no tools are required in order to get it up and running. And if your shower is usually on the weaker side? Not a problem, as it’s designed to help increase water pressure for a spa-like experience.


Remove those dull drawer pulls & put in these sleek arched ones

Swapping outdated drawer pulls in favor of these sleek arched ones is an easy way to make any kitchen or bathroom look nicer. The satin nickel finish easily blends with nearly any style, whether your home has a farmhouse vibe or industrial decor. And if you aren’t into nickel, they’re also available in matte black and oil-rubbed bronze.


Saving space in cramped bathroom with this swiveling towel rack

With four metal arms that swivel in and out, this towel rack is a smart way to help open up some space in cramped bathrooms. It’s made from durable stainless steel that can support up to 30 pounds, and it’s available in three colors that include brushed nickel, matte black, and bronze.


Add a touch of chic to your television with these light strips

Add these light strips to the back of your television, and you’ll instantly be able to illuminate the room in 16 different colors. They can also help reduce eye strain when watching television in dark rooms — and the adhesive backing on the strips make it easy to stick them right into place.


Use this organizer to tidy up your plasticware cabinet

If you ask me, every kitchen has that one cabinet that’s overflowing with mismatched plasticware — so why not tidy things up with help from this lid organizer? The dividers can be adjusted to fit lids of nearly any shape or size, and the base can expand out from 10 to 13 inches depending on how many you need to fit inside.


Putting your decor on display with these floating shelves

Not only are these floating shelves made from solid wood, but they’re also so sturdy that each one can support up to 40 pounds. They’re perfect for putting books on display or even creating a stunning accent wall with help from some picture frames. Choose from six finishes, including a stylish burned wood option.


Cover windows with this gorgeous stained glass privacy film

Are neighbors a little too nosy for comfort? Keep them from peeking through your windows by putting up this privacy film. The stained glass pattern makes it look way more expensive than $8, while the non-adhesive backing lets you reposition it as needed without having to worry about it sticking.


Set collectibles out on display with these acrylic shelves

Whether you collect figurines or sunglasses, these acrylic shelves make it easy to put your collection out on display. You can have them stand alone on their own, or mount them to a wall to help save space. Plus, the mirrored back gives them an ultra-chic vibe.


Hang up these over-the-door hooks to create more storage space

Whether you need some extra space to hang towels or hats, these over-the-door hooks are a genius invention that helps you create storage space out of seemingly thin air. The Z-shape design is reversible, giving you two different widths to choose from when setting them up. And unlike some hooks, these ones are dual-lacquered to help prevent rust.


Keep unsightly wires hidden inside this cable management box

When no amount of organizing will keep those wires hidden from sight, it might be time to try out this cable management box. The faux wood top helps it blend into the floor, while multiple slots around the sides give you a variety of options when it comes to threading wires through. Choose from two colors: white or black.


Refresh tired bathroom grout with this paint pen

Instead of scrubbing away at dirty grout, why not paint it white using this pen? The water-based formula is nontoxic. Plus, there’s also enough ink inside to cover up to 100 feet of grout, while the wide pen tip lets you add color without having to make multiple swipes.


Clean dirty ceiling fans with this microfiber duster

Don’t turn on that ceiling fan until you’re sure the blades won’t send dust flying all over — instead, use this duster to give them a quick clean. It’s made from soft microfiber that glides across fan blades, latching onto dirt and dust until you’re ready to shake it clean over a trashcan. Plus, the telescopic handle can extend out to 10 feet.


Add crown molding using this easy-to-install roll of trim

Crown molding is an easy way to make your home look nicer, making this roll of wall trim a solid pick at less than $25. The adhesive backing allows for easy installation, and you can even apply it around mirror borders to create a gorgeous frame. Choose from three colors: white and silver, white and gold, or solid white.


Update old floors with these peel & stick tiles

Replacing the floors in your home can be incredibly expensive, so why not save some money and use these peel-and-stick tiles instead? They’re made from tough vinyl that can handle being trampled with shoes, with a low-luster finish that makes them look like real tile. Choose from two colors: gray or blue.


Make cramped rooms feel larger with these wall mirrors

These decorative wall mirrors are shaped like diamonds — and each one hangs independently, allowing you to arrange them however you like. The three-pack has a 4.6-star rating, and one reviewer wrote that they’re “easy to clip and hang.”


Remove rust stains with help from this spray

Rust stains can make even the cleanest bathrooms look grimy, making this spray a must-have in any home. It’s so potent that no scrubbing is necessary — just spray it on, wait a few minutes, then wipe away the rust using a damp cloth. And unlike some rust sprays, this one is safe to use on tile, stainless steel, fiberglass, and more.


Grab this cutting board that fits over your stovetop

Not only can this cutting board fit over your stove when it’s not in use, but it’s also made from eco-friendly bamboo. The legs are adjustable and can even be completely removed (if need be), and there are also grooves around the border to help keep juices from leaking onto your counters.


Impress guests with this indoor fire pit

There’s no denying that this indoor fire pit is sure to impress guests — and since it uses clean-burning fuel, there’s no need to worry about black smoke billowing through your home. The flame lasts for up to 50 minutes, and it’s small enough that you can easily move it around your house (safely). Choose from two finishes: concrete or black.


Put down this sleek anti-fatigue mat that’s stylish & supportive

Why not put this anti-fatigue mat down by your counters or computer desk? The PVC foam padding helps support your feet while you stand, and the textured nonslip base helps keep the mat firmly in place. Choose from over 10 colors (including four designs) to match your home’s aesthetic.


Throw out moldy shower curtains in favor of these water-repellent ones

Shower curtain looking a little moldy? Throw it out in favor of this cute one with eucalyptus leaves printed on the front. It’s available in a variety of colors that are sure to suit nearly any bathroom, and even has a waterproof coating on the surface to help prevent mildew. One reviewer wrote, “The colors are true to the picture, vibrant and beautiful.”