Clever products that'll make it look like a professional organized your home

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

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Chances are, all of us have at least one space in our home that could use some organization. Or, if you’re anything like me, you have at least one space in every room that could use some organization. Despite my best efforts, there are parts of my home that are just impossible to get under control — at least, not without some help, which is where this list of clever products that make it look like a professional organized your home comes in handy.

While it may feel counterintuitive to buy more things when you’re trying to get your belongings or your space more neatly organized, in some cases, something new and tidily-slanted can be exactly what you need. There are a range of brilliant products out there that can make a major difference in your space — and they don’t cost nearly as much as it does to bring in a pro.

There are ideas to tackle some of the obvious spaces many us struggle with, like the bedroom closet, kitchen cabinets, or even the dreaded sock drawer. But there are also solutions for those annoying inconveniences that you might not have even known you could resolve, like cooked-on oven messes, ingredients that expire too quickly in the fridge, and even unruly clumps of grocery bags that you definitely need to keep because you’ll reuse them someday.

So, clear yourself a spot and get your “add to cart” reflex ready, because a neater home is just a few taps away.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


This over-the-door organizer with 4 spacious pockets

A pocket organizer that hangs over the door is a great way to subtly create extra storage space. The practical size of these pockets makes them useful in closets, pantries, bathrooms, and more. It comes in two universally-complementing colors, grey and beige, and hangs roughly 3 feet in length. Hooks are included, so just sling it over the door and instantly have space for things.


A tiered organizer that fits around pipes under the sink

The area under your sink doesn’t have to be chaos. This two-tiered expandable shelf slides right into the cabinet and fits around your plumbing, giving you between 15 and 25 inches of sweet storage space, or, enough room for all the cleaners and sponges your heart desires. It comes in silver and bronze.


This cabinet organizer & paper towel holder that handle bulky storage

Until someone invents paper towel rolls that come with their own storage system, there’s this slick set comprised of a cabinet door organizer and paper towel rack to help us through. The bin is ideal for storing space-hogging kitchen essentials like cutting boards and baking sheets, while the towel rack can be hung vertically or horizontally, giving lots of flexibility for placement.


This double-pack of mug organizers that spiffs up countertops in a jiffy

Whether you have a sweet mug collection you’re rarin’ to display, or you’re out of room and just need a way to corral your cups, these bamboo mug racks have you covered. Each rack stands just under 14 inches tall, and has hooks for six different mugs. The practical bamboo material goes with most decor styles, so they look nice on counters, too.


The reusable oven liners you’ll wonder how you ever lived without

These BPA-free, heavy-duty oven liners can be placed at the bottom of the oven to catch drips and spills, preventing crusty messes before they start. They come in a set of three, and they’re a cinch to use and maintain since you can cut them to fit your oven, and toss them into the dishwasher in between uses.


These multi-hook strips that slide onto shelves for clever, space-saving storage

Great for kitchens, bathrooms, and closets, these small hook strips slide right onto shelves without any need for tools or hardware (unless you opt to add a screw for stability). Each strip is roughly 10 inches long, and has six separate u-shaped hooks complete with a small tip to keep items secure.


The fridge drawers that make a neat & convenient display of your snackstuff

If small items are constantly getting lost behind the big items in your fridge, then this is your lucky day. This fridge drawer hangs onto your current shelves to give you storage where there was none. It’s ideal for keeping eggs, produce, or other essentials separate and always in view. Two drawer dividers are included too, so you can use it as a single bin or divide into separate sections.


A storage organizer that does work on the desk or in the bathroom

If you’re ready to update your old pencil cup, then take note of this desktop organizer. It’s compact, nice to look at, and has four separate compartments, two of which are removable. It’s ideal for pens, scissors, and other desk supplies, or it can work well on your bathroom counter, too. It comes in three color combinations.


This chic & practical makeup organizer with compartments of all shapes and sizes

This transparent cosmetics organizer has four drawers, plus a separate tray with multiple compartments, to handily hold brushes, lipsticks, nail polish, and more. The two sections can be used together or apart, giving you lots of flexibility (plus the option to stack more storage on top of the drawers, too).


A bathroom organizer that holds your electric toothbrush & sundries

One of the few cons of an electric toothbrush is the extra space it takes up, but this large electric toothbrush holder can help. It has room for two electric brushes and three manual ones, or razors, plus toothpaste and cleanser (or whatever similarly-sized products you choose). If that’s too much room, there’s a small size, too. It comes in black, gold, rose gold, and silver.


A set of bamboo drawer dividers for clean & contemporary sorting

These drawer dividers are great for organizing utensils, desk supplies, tools, and anything else that may currently be tossed inside willy-nilly. Each set comes with four expandable dividers that fit in spaces roughly 17 to 22 inches for the long set, or 13 to 18 inches for the short set. The best part? They slip right in and don’t require any tools or labor-intensive installation.


This perfectly-sized can holder to keep your favorite bevs neat & in reach

It’s a sinking feeling, opening the fridge to find that your last can of beer or soda is gone. That just won’t happen if you get this can holder in the mix. It makes it easy to keep tabs on your stock, with room for 11 cans (go ahead and drink the 12th). The front has a cut-out design so cans are easy to reach, and so you can see exactly what you’re getting.


A knife organizer that keeps your entire set cornered

If you’re over that bulky knife block on your counter top, then you might be excited for this slim knife organizer that’s just under 3 inches tall, and great for drawers. It has space for up to nine knives of varying sizes, and it comes in bamboo, grey, blue, or green.


This stair-step shelf organizer that even has a small drawer

Never again lose cans at the back of your cabinets, thanks to this 3-tier organizer. The lifted platforms make it easy to see jars and cans that would otherwise be blocked, and the small drawer is great for loose items and packets that tend to go missing. It’s just over 10 inches long, making it a versatile and practical size for most kitchen cabinets.


These adjustable, stackable shelves for the cabinet

Enjoy versatility when it comes to your organizational tools? This cabinet shelf comes with two separate pieces that you can use together for one long unit, apart for two unique shelves, or even stacked together for a 2-tiered set. It’s made with durable, perforated steel and comes in both white and pink.


A storage solution for lids, so you never have to go spelunking for the one you need

Like socks in a dryer, food container lids have been known to just... disappear. However, with this lid organizer, you’ll be able to keep track of all of them, and will save time searching (and swearing). Even better, the compartments are adjustable so you can set it up exactly how you need to for your specific collection.


The pantry rack that keeps bulky bakeware & cutting boards upright & in order

Finally, a simple way to stash pans, lids, cutting boards, and even muffins tins. This alloy steel kitchenware organizer rack has three sections that are roughly 2.5 inches wide, making them ideal for holding both tall and slim, and long and flat tools. It’s available in both bronze and silver, and it has rubber feet to keep it in place and protect your surfaces, too.


A set of apothecary jars for sophisticated bathroom vibes

These transparent apothecary jars look great when used together or on their own, and they’re the ideal shape, size, and material to hold many a bathroom essential. Plus, they come with pre-printed labels (“cotton balls,” “cotton swabs,” “cotton pads,” and “floss picks”), plus four user’s-choice blanks. They’re made of durable clear plastic, and come in sets of two, three, or four.


A boot scraper that protects floors and cleans your shoes

No more trailing mud or ice around your house, or dealing with dried messes on your shoes. This practical boot scraper door mat takes up less space than a standard welcome mat, while offersing bristles and coils to clean the bottoms and sides of soles. Plus, it’s weather-resistant, so you can keep it outside.


This handy kitchen gadget that keeps herbs fresher, longer

If you’ve yet to master the art of using all the fresh herbs and produce before they go bad, then you’ll understand how clutch this produce keeper can be. With shapes and sizes specifically designed for herbs, berries, and onions, plus a versatile size for general fruit and veg storage, you have options for keeping your favorite fresh ingredients at the ready.


These sock organizers that save space & time

Ever wondered what it’s like to congratulate yourself whenever you open your sock drawer? These sock organizers can help you achieve that. They’re collapsible and lightweight, and each organizer is a foot square with 24 compartments that can handle socks, underwear, and other small garments. They’re available in five different colors.


A lazy Susan turntable so your essentials are always in reach

Cleaning products are no good if you never pull them out. Same goes for kitchen-cabinet condiments that expire before you even open them. Prevent that fate with this lazy Susan turntable, which saves products from being lost or forgotten. It has a versatile 12-inch diameter, plus a practical lip along the curved edge to keep things from sliding off.


This sleek & simple desk caddy with space for all the essentials

This mesh organizer makes it easy to keep your sticky notes, binder clips, pens, and scissors all in one place — what more could a desk ask for? A compact, notched drawer allows some of your smallest loose items to stay out of sight, too. It comes in both black and silver.


A hanging closet organizer with 3 roomy basket shelves

If you prefer folding your clothes to hanging, having this 3-tiered closet organizer on hand will be a game changer. With three compartments roughly 12 inches wide apiece, you get plenty of space to store shirts and pants, or linens, towels, and more. It comes in eight different colors, and you can buy packs of one of two.


A snap-together file box for orderly documents

No room for a full-size filing cabinet? Snap together this sturdy letter-size file box and create a system for documents that’s easy to access — so you will use it — but that looks tidy. You will be able to find papers when you need them and it fits neatly on a shelf and looks cute. There is a slot for your own labels and handles on the sides so you can pull it out to work.


This hanging jewelry organizer with a whopping 80 pockets

Not only does this hanging jewelry organizer have two sides with 40 pockets on each, but they’re transparent, so you can easily see the contents of each one. It comes in seven different colors, and if 80 pockets doesn’t sound right for you, there are smaller versions and zipper options, too.


A mop & broom rack, because cleaning products should be tidy too

This mop and broom rack can turn an empty wall or closet into the perfect spot for your cleaning supplies, gardening tools, or even sports equipment (that weighs up to 7.5 pounds). It has space for up to five handles, plus six hooks for smaller and more lightweight objects.


These cable clips that keep your charging station in order

Charging cords have a way of getting wild and out of hand, but this pack of cable clips can help tame the tangles. A whopping 16 different clips are included in a range of sizes to accommodate standard phone cards, USB cables, electric cords, and more. The necessary adhesive is included, so you simply apply them like a sticker to your desired charging spot.


A bedside shelf that takes up way less space than a nightstand

If your nightstand collects clutter like no other, this bedside shelf may be just the thing for a sleek bedroom-scape. It comes in three different sizes, with slots and shelves sized for essentials like your phone, glasses, remote, and more. Adhesive is included too, so all you need to do is select your spot, peel, and stick.


A professional makeup brush (or art supply) holder with 3 compartments

This sleek and sophisticated three-compartment organizer is just the thing for makeup brushes, writing utensils, art supplies, and more. It’s just over 8 inches long so it won’t overwhelm your countertop or desk, and is made with durable and versatile black plastic that fits into a variety of decor styles (and is easy to wipe clean).


These floating shelves that create usable space from thin air

Not only do floating shelves give you practical storage and display space, but they transform a wall and give nearly endless decor options, too. This trio of coordinating shelves comes with minimalist triangle brackets and boards in three different sizes, so they’ll look cohesive but not identical. Choose from four colors.


A set of spice grippers that turns the cabinet door into a sleek spice rack

These spice gripper clips hold your jars in neat rows, allowing you to set up an organized display that also shows you exactly when you’re running low. Each strip holds up to five jars, and they come in sets of four or six, to give room for 20 or 30 jars. Adhesive is already applied too, so you just peel and stick.


This mounted entryway organizer for mail & keys

This hanging mail bin gives you a spot for — you guessed it — mail. But it also has five attached hooks so you can keep keys, umbrellas, totes, and other essentials close, too. It’s almost 11 inches across so fits mail of all sizes, even magazines. Plus, it comes in eight different colors, including pastels.


An all-in-one ironing station that fits right over the door

If you’ve never known what to do with your bulky iron and ironing board, this over-the-door ironing station makes it easy. It’s made to position right over the top of your door, with no need for tools or installation (unless, of course, you prefer to hang it elsewhere, which it does allow for). Over 18,000 crisply-clothed fans rate it 4.5 stars.


These pen holders that adhere right to your desk or computer

You’ll never again need to hunt for a pen or pencil when you’ve attached these clever pen holders to your desk — or wherever they’re most useful for you. They come in both triangle or trapezoid shapes, and they’re self-adhesive and removable when the time comes. They comfortably hold a variety of writing implements while freeing up valuable desk space.


A set of shelf dividers to make the closet feel like an upscale boutique

Why go through the trouble of folding your clothes, only to see the stack tip or tumble? With these shelf dividers, not only are you able to sections shelves off, but your efforts stay in place, too. Plus, they couldn’t be easier to use; they slide right over shelves and don’t require any tools or adhesive.


These reusable storage bags that keep you organized & help the environment

If you struggle with the idea of single-use plastic, then you’ll appreciate these reusable food storage bags because they’re a great way to update your fridge and help the environment. They come in a variety of sizes and are leak-proof and safe to toss in the freezer. They come in a snacky 6-pack or options of larger sets of 12.


The pill organizer with separate trays for each day of the week

This pill organizer is more contemporary and sleek than most out there, with sizable trays for every day of the week, each divided into four labeled compartments (for morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime). The trays dispense out of the bottom, and the next day’s falls right into place. Refill the empty and slip it back up top to keep the cycle going.


A grocery bag holder so you can stash & reuse plastic bags with ease

Even if you have the best of intentions for saving and reusing bags, they can be tough to keep track of. Enter this grocery bag holder, which you can jam-pack with bags and still grab in seconds from the many openings. You can attach it to your wall or door with adhesive or screws, both of which are included.


This sturdy shoe rack with space for 15+ pairs

Sneakerheads, assemble. This 4-tiered shoe rack keeps your kicks clean, organized, and accessible. It measures just under 32 inches wide, so it’s an easy fit in most closets, plus it holds up to 30 pounds of weight so even your bulkiest boots are secure. You can even adjust so it has two or three racks, giving room for taller pairs, too.