Getting in shape would be so much easier if you tried any of these clever things

You don’t have to work hard to workout.

ByVeronika Kero
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I know jumping into the workout world can be an intimidating thing, but there are ways to make it easier on yourself. Knowing what tools to use and how to use them is the first step to making exercise less dreadful and more, believe it or not, fun.

These 30 clever things will have you working out like a pro in no time. And best of all, no trainer or extremely expensive equipment is necessary. Just head over to Amazon and you’ll be halfway there.


Rolling these workout dice to mix up your routine

Instead of going through the same boring routine each time you’re in the gym or not knowing where to start with body moves, switch things up with these workout dice. The set comes with three pieces labeled with six different exercises on each and one piece labeled with a different amount of reps or times on each side. Give them a roll and you’ll have a full session planned out for you. The large, easy-to-read dice are made of a soft foam that’s covered in vinyl, making them water-resistant and easy to clean.


Using this extra-long yoga mat to teach yourself new poses

With 70 different poses printed on its 68-inch long surface, this yoga mat will constantly inspire you to try out something new. And since each pose’s name is accompanied with an illustration, you’ll always have a reminder as to how to successfully complete it. Meanwhile, the mat itself is made of 5-millimeter thick foam that is moisture-wicking so you can stay dry through even the most intense workout. Its surface also has a great grip, so that the tool doesn’t slip around when using.


Zipping away your essentials in this reflective running belt

If you’re running with your phone awkwardly stuffed in your waistband or not bringing it with you at all (and sacrificing your motivational music), strap on this running belt to make your laps more enjoyable. Its flexible neoprene stretches to fit your smart phone, credit cards, keys, and more, allowing you to run or hike hands-free. It also has a water bottle holster and a built-in headphone hole. Plus, the reflective strip will increase your visbility at night for a safer workout.


Working out while sitting with this under-desk pedal machine

This compact pedal machine can fit right under your desk so you can cycle away as you sort through emails and presentations. You can adjust the resistance to give yourself more of a challenge and track your progress on the digital panel. The screen displays the amount of time spent, revolution count, revolutions per minute, and more.


Kicking things up a notch with these resistance bands

This set of resistance bands comes with three different levels, ranging from light to strong. They can be used to increase the intensity with anything from squats to hip thrusts and thigh contractions. They’re made out of a non-slip cloth that won’t snap or break and even come with a mesh carrying bag to easily transport them to and from the gym.


Mixing up a protein shake with this blending bottle with 102,000 five-star reviews

Protein shakes and pre-workout can completely change the outcome of all your hard work, so add in a cup with this shaker bottle. The 20-ounce container has measurement markings so that you can keep track of your intake and mix up the perfect blend. The stainless steel wire whisk does all the work for you, and the screw-on lid creates a leak-proof seal. The wide mouth makes it easy to neatly add in any powders and liquids, which is why this shaker bottle has over 102,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Working on your hand muscles with this grip strengthener

This grip strengthener will help you work on the part of the body many typically forget about — the hands. The portable tool can be taken with you anywhere so you can build muscles in your hands and forearms. To do so, just adjust the resistance of the metal spring to a level that you’re most comfortable with and work your way up; it ranges from 11 to 132 pounds. The handles are coated in rubber for a smooth touch that’s comfortable to hold.


Working your muscles at home with this durable stretch strap

To bring the pilates studio home with you or continue your physical therapy, pick up this stretch strap. The woven tool has 10 individual loops for you to secure your feet and hands in so you can successfully get a deeper stretch. It even comes with an exercise booklet full of different full-body stretches, making it the perfect thing to use to warm up, cool down, or use as your main event.


Strengthening your abs with this weighted hoop with an adjustable width

Using this exercise hoop for 30 minutes equates to 400 sit-ups or one hour of running, but it’s so much more fun. It can be used not only to workout but also to massage the body. Each of the soft rubber heads go deep into the muscles to relieve tension and bring relax the muscles. Knots can be taken out to either lengthen or shorten the hoop from 32 to 48 inches.


Adding new moves to your routine with these easy-to-read workout cards

Whether you want to use just bodyweight, focus on cable work, or work on your yoga poses, these workout cards come in a ton of different versions that concentrate on various different styles of exercise. Each pack comes with 50 cards, all of which have an illustration and step-by-step instructions on how to complete a move. And the easy-to-read cards themselves are made of a moisture-resistant plastic that won’t tear or crease.


Gliding through planks & squats with these core sliders

Upgrade your squats and push-ups by adding in the challenge of stability with these core sliders. The dual-sided disks can be used on any surface — even carpet — to complete engaging exercises like mountain climbers and burpees. They test your core strength while providing joint support at the same time. And since they’re so thin and lightweight, they’re easy to bring with you everywhere.


Relieving back pain with this anti-burst yoga ball

This yoga ball is certainly not just for yoga. It can be used to support your lower back and improve your posture even while working as you engage your core and reach a deeper stretch. It’s made of an anti-burst material that can handle up to 600 pounds and won’t ever lose its shape. And, best of all, it takes only minutes to pump up by hand.


Add resistance to any move with this dumbbell set

This pack of dumbbells won’t take up nearly any space in your home and yet still give you the equipment you need to get a quick workout in. The set comes in various weights from 2 to 20 pounds, but all are coated with a nonslip neoprene that gives you a soft grip and won’t harm your floors. Their hexagonal shape also prevents them from rolling away so you can also keep them hidden under the bed.


Improving your balance with this wobble cushion

Incorporate this wobble cushion into any sitting or standing exercise to build your stability and core simultaneously. It has a ribbed design so that you have a sturdy grip while seeing how long you can balance during squats or a yoga pose. The cushioned disc can also be used as an ordinary seat to give your back more support throughout the hours spent at a desk.


Converting your dumbbells into a kettlebell with this grip handle

This grip handle keeps you from having to buy even more equipment to have a complete at-home gym. The textured handle opens so you can place any dumbbell inside and lock it in place. Then, your hand weight will instantly be transformed into a kettlebell and expand the amount of exercises you’re able to complete. It can hold up to 55 pounds and weighs just 1 pound itself so that it won’t weigh down your gym bag if you bring it along for an outdoor session.


Getting a deeper stretch with these lightweight yoga blocks

These yoga blocks are made of high-density foam and have beveled edges for a soft but secure grip, allowing you to do moves you could never imagine otherwise. Use them to improve your stability, better align your body, and deepen your stretches. They are moisture-resistant so that any sweat won’t get in the way.


Monitoring your heart rate with this fitness watch

To make all your hard work feel even more rewarding, make sure you have this smart watch on. It can last for 15 days on a single charge so you can monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen level, track your sleep, and make sure that you’re moving throughout the day. It’s water resistant too, so it can be used while swimming so you never have to take it off.


Toning your glutes with this thigh master

Although this thigh master can obviously be used to strengthen your legs, it can also be used for your arms. The padded handles are skin-friendly and kept together by the high-density steel spring that provides the challenge. Push the handles together to repair your pelvic floor, target your chest muscles, and more.


Switching up your core exercises with this ab roller

Instead of doing ordinary pushups, why not slide into them with this ab roller? The two wheels provide a stable hold so that you don’t wobble as you activate your core by working your way back and forth, and the handles are totally non-slip. The tool can hold up to 440 pounds and seamlessly works on any floor type. It also comes already assembled so you can hop right into feeling the burn.


Increasing your speed with this best-selling agility ladder

Whether you want to increase your speed, improve your motor skills, or maintain your balance, this agility ladder can help you do it all. The durable nylon straps are accompanied by heavy-duty plastic rungs that will stay in place whether you’re positioning it on a soccer field or in your basement. There are three different length options available, so you can train the exact way you need to.


Adding difficulty to your workouts with these adjustable ankle weights

One of the best parts about these ankle weights is that they can be used for anything. Strap them on before an already intense HIIT workout or before a leisurely stroll to work your leg muscles just a bit harder. Each strap has five separate weight modules (weighing 1 pound each) that can be taken out as you wish so the weight is customized to your activity and needs. The soft and breathable fabric will feel comfy on the skin as you break a sweat.


Getting ideas from this workout game on how to use just bodyweight

This workout game can be used when on your own or as a way to get competitive with friends. Each card gives you a new exercise challenge to complete for a game that can last between four and 20 minutes. No equipment is needed, because each move requires only bodyweight. And you can even scan the QR code on each card for a video demonstration of each.


Staying hands-free with these Bluetooth headphones

These Bluetooth headphones will be your favorite workout partner. While the sweat-resistant silicone buds are made to stay in your ear throughout even the most intense workout, the thin strap that wraps around the back of your neck will prevent them from ever getting lost once you do decide to pop them out for a second to catch your breath. Their crystal clear stereo sound and powerful bass can play on for 15 hours without being recharged. Use the built-in mic to answer calls and control the volume hands-free.


Developing muscle with this padded pilates ring

Be your own instructor with this pilates ring that makes it easy to complete inner-thigh and arm exercises from the comfort of your home. The dual-sided pads are made of a soft foam that are easy on the skin and even resist sweat so that they stay in place. Use it for different stretches and exercises that can help improve your flexibility and increase your strength.


Feeling the burn from this adjustable, textured aerobic stepper

Adjust this aerobic stepper to a height between 4 to 6 inches so you can complete step-ups and box squats exactly as you prefer. By adding in that slight jump, your core will be more engaged and each move will be just a bit more challenging. The textured top surface gives you a non-slip grip and absorbs shock from each heavy step.


Protecting your foot arch with a pack of compression socks

This pack of athletic socks includes eight pairs of compression socks that reduce irritation with the cushioning they have at the toe and heel areas. They’re also made of a mesh material so that no matter how long your workout is, your feet will be dry and comfortable the entire time.

  • Available sizes: 5 – 13
  • Available styles: 33


Massaging your entire body with this dense foam roller

After a workout, reach for this foam roller to self massage. The high-density cylinder is covered in grooves that promote circulation to relieve muscle tension and massage the joints. It’s extra long (available in either 18 or 36 inches) so that you can roll out both legs at once or cover your entire back and arms. It’s the perfect tool for at-home recovery.


Customizing exercises with these resistance bands with 82,000 five-star reviews

This set of resistance bands comes with five loops, each of which represent a different intensity level. They can be combined for up to 74 pounds of resistance while doing squats, pushups, mountain climbers, and more. The natural latex will resist tears even after intensive use. And at under $15, they’re one of the most affordable tools you’ll be adding to your gym bag, which is why they have over 82,000 five-star reviews.


Giving your back support with this foam pad

If you love the burn that you get from an ab workout but are always left with some back pain afterwards, reach for this ab mat on core day. The foam cushion follows the natural curve of your lower back to provide support and protect it from shock that can occur when hitting the bare floor. Its 30-degree angle also promotes proper form so that you actually achieve better results from each move.


Getting in your cardio with this steel jump rope

While the memory foam handles on this jump rope will be comfortable for your hands, the steel wire is much more intense. The braided rope avoids cracking, breaking, and even twisting so that it will last you through countless workouts. It’s an essential item to improve your speed and get in some cardio. Its 9-foot length can be adjusted to perfectly match your height.