50 gifts for men skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon that are sick as hell

From smart notebooks to beard-care kits, this list has it all.

gifts for men skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon that are sick as hell
ByChristina X. Wood
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Having trouble figuring out what to buy for a guy in your life? Don’t worry — these 50 gifts for men are skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon because they’re sick as hell. Whether he’s happiest reading next to the fire, tinkering in his workshop, or cooking a meal, there’s something here that he will want to take with him. Be ready to hit “Add to Cart” because this is where you’re starting and ending your gift-shopping adventure.


A personal fridge that will fit in the car or on your desk

Keep this adorable personal fridge in the car so you always have a cold snack or beverage while you commute. Set it on your desk so there is always a cold drink within easy reach while you work. Or, use it to store cosmetics or medications in the bedroom or bath. It holds a six-pack, comes with both car and standard plugs, is available in four colors, and turns into a warmer with the flip of a switch.


A slim trifold wallet that fits in his pocket

This slim trifold wallet will fit easily in a back pocket, breast pocket, or front pocket — yet it has seven card pockets and a money clip so you can carry everything you need in it. There’s an outside slot to make pulling out your most-used card quick and easy and a clear ID slot inside for quickly flashing your credentials. It snaps closed to keep everything contained.


The travel neck pillow that induces sleep

While everyone else on the flight is developing a kink in their neck and failing to sleep, you will be snoring away as the flight time flies and you enjoy dreamland. This inflatable neck pillow throws away the idea of holding your head up and invites you to lean forward and drift off. Tuck your hands through the side pockets and don the included earplugs and eye mask. Sweet dreams.


A lunch box that has all the briefcase vibes

Pack your lunch without looking like you are headed to grade school by loading up this insulated lunch box with your adult victuals. (Or a PB&J. Do you.) It gives off briefcase vibes but holds lots of food. There’s a pocket inside the lid for a chiller or your utensils. It’s sized to accommodate bulky food storage containers. A back pocket carries your phone or other necessities. And there’s an optional shoulder strap as well as a top handle. It comes in four colors.


This fogless mirror that makes shower shaving easier

Shaving in the shower is convenient and feels better for your beard and skin than doing it standing in front of the mirror. But seeing yourself in a fogged mirror can be a problem. This fogless mirror solves that problem. Fill the water chamber with water and the mirror won’t fog up, even in a hot shower. A squeegee is built in for quick mirror cleaning and it comes with a travel bag.


A double eyeglass case for your glasses & contacts

This double eyeglass case is not only an excellent place to store your glasses when you aren’t wearing them, but it also has a storage area for your contacts and all of their accessories. This is the small carry-along eyecare kit everyone needs to keep glasses, contacts, and all their paraphernalia safe and at hand. The hinged case is wrapped in leather and comes in six colors and patterns.


This leakproof 2-gallon car trash can that comes with liners

Able to be hung from a headrest, side door, or console this versatile car trash can holds two gallons, is waterproof, and is leakproof, too. It also comes with 20 liners so that he doesn’t have to take it out every time he wants to empty it.


This universal drill socket for all the odd jobs

There is always one nut or bolt — or that ancient screw someone installed in the olden times — that’s an odd size you don’t have the right socket for. Save a trip to the hardware store every time that happens with this universal socket tool. It uses a creative pin system to accommodate the shape of whatever bolt — nut, hook, screw, or whatever — you are trying to turn.


The exfoliating brush that helps prevent razor burn & ingrown hairs

This exfoliating brush is the secret to going through life without razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Gently brush your shaved and waxed areas with it on a regular basis to prevent those irritants from taking hold. It fits neatly into your palm so that exfoliating is as easy as scrubbing with a bar of soap and over 21,000 people reported that it works beautifully and gave it five stars.


This bristle-free brush that will keep your grill spotless

Help the grill master keep his work surface clean with this bristle free grill brush. The double helix stainless steel design offers 150% more flexible sides than traditional brushes to get in between even the most stubbornly messy grates. Plus, the long handle will make sure no body parts are burned in the cleaning process.


The battery organizer with a built-in tester

This battery organizer and tester will organize your battery collection so you can find the one you need when you need it. And, because it has a built-in tester it will save you the hassle of installing batteries just to find out if they still have power. It holds 93 batteries of various types and the clear cover makes it easy to assess your inventory at a glance. It comes in seven colors and many reviewers said it makes a great gift.


These tie racks that store his tie collection in the closet

If people have been giving him ties as gifts for years, take it to the next level and give him an efficient way to store those ties. This two-pack of tie racks hangs those ties right in the closet next to his shirts and jackets. Each rack holds 20 ties and the hanger spins 360 degrees so he can see them all as he decides what to wear.


A Frisbee that lights up the night games

Let the games continue into the night! This flying disc with 360 LEDs lights up the night so you can see to throw and catch it well after the sun goes down. It flies for 90 minutes on a single charge. The brightness is adjustable and you can even set a timer so it shuts itself off to end the game. Motion sensors turn the LEDs on and off to save battery life as you play.


These 2 tactical flashlights that light up the night

These two super bright tactical flashlights are perfect for taking the dog out for a late-night walk, camping, or keeping on hand for power outages. They are small enough to stash in a bag or pocket or clip to your belt. The beam is wide and the lights are water-resistant and durable.


The phone mount that goes on your bike

Next time you head out on your bike to explore or commute, put your phone where you can see and use it from your seat. This bike phone mount firmly grips the handlebars and grabs your phone with a sturdy clamp as well as silicone corner grabbers so it sits safely within tapping range. You can rotate the phone 360 degrees, adjust the angle to suit you, and never fear that it will fall off. Over 38,000 people gave it five stars.


A vacuum cleaner that’s built for the car

When a snacker spills crackers in the back seat, a hiker tracks dirt into the passenger side, or the dog unleashes sand all over the cargo area, this car vacuum cleaner will take care of that STAT. It plugs into the lighter, has a long cord so it can reach the trunk, and comes with attachments that suction out crevices, brush the carpets, and reach into cup holders and odd in-car storage areas.


An electronics organizer that keeps the sundries tangle-free & easy to find

That tangled mess of wires and assorted electronics in his laptop bag? That can be fixed with this electronics organizer case that has all the pockets, elastic straps, and zippered compartments those small items need to be brought to order. It folds into thirds, secures with the elastic strap, and tucks neatly into a bag. When he wants something, he can unroll it and find it quickly because of the total organization in there.

“I can’t imagine life without it,” reported one reviewer.


A 3-pack of durable iPhone charging cables

Make everyone happy with these high-quality iPhone charger cables that are 10 feet long. They reach the outlet and are made from braided nylon that not only looks nice but is super durable. This is a pack of three and they come in four colors so you can spice up everyone’s daily charge. There are five lengths if a short cord — or an even longer one — is what’s needed.


A roomy toothbrush holder that installs without drilling

If you want to get him something that you know he’d never get himself, this mounted toothbrush holder should be added to your cart immediately. It has an adhesive back so he doesn’t have to fumble around with screws and nails. He’ll be impressed by the automatic toothpaste dispenser but will also appreciate all the storage options.


The concert earplugs that protect hearing while letting you hear

Protect the hearing of all your concert-going people with these hi-fidelity earplugs that filter out damaging frequencies and lower the decibel level. They still let in the music and conversations so you don’t miss out. They come with a hard case for carrying them and multiple tips to get a perfect fit.


A portable power bank that’s slim & smart

This Anker portable charger is the perfect gift for almost anyone — especially at this under-$20 price. It’s slender and pocketable, powers an iPhone up more than twice, works with any phone and most small electronics, and can detect the power a gadget needs and deliver the right charge. A clear indicator on the side tells you how much power is in the tank. Choose black or white.


These taco stands that can be used for serving or in the oven & grill

Everyone who loves tacos (which is nearly everyone) will appreciate these taco holders. They each hold three tortillas and since four come in this pack, he and his guests will all be able to enjoy lunch without it falling apart on their plate. Plus, they’re made out of durable stainless steel that can be used in the oven or on the grill.


A hands-free dog leash so you can comfortably hike, walk & jog with your pet

This leash from SparklyPets frees up your hands, letting you jog and hike more comfortably or keep an eye on young kids without worrying about fumbling with the leash. And if you’re concerned about your dog breaking free, it’s designed with extra reinforcement using two stainless steel clasps that remove tension from the buckles and distribute the pulling equally on both sides of the belt. Made for medium- and large-sized dogs, the leash is also made to absorb shock for both you and your pet, as well as alleviate the wrist and hand pain that can happen while walking your dog.


A whiskey crate filled with sipping essentials

There’s likely not a whiskey drinker alive who wouldn’t love to open this whiskey gift set filled with fun, high-quality sipping accoutrements. There are two 10-ounce glasses and eight whiskey stones in a decorative stand for chilling and sipping a fine spirit. Store the stones in the freezer and they will chill a drink without diluting it. There are also a pair of stone coasters with clever quotes about whiskey and a book of cocktail recipes for drink-making inspiration.


This ring toss game that only takes a minute to set up

Equally great for indoor and outdoor play, this ring toss game takes mere moments to set up — just hang it on the wall, and you’re good to go. It comes with two colors of rings that you can throw onto the board to try and get the highest possible score. And unlike traditional dart boards, this one is free of sharp projectiles.


This sleek oil container that will help flavor every meal

If your guy loves some bacon on a Saturday morning, this grease container is for him. Featuring a stylish handle and a mesh strainer, this container separates leftover bacon grease from food particles and stores it to add extra flavor to eggs, biscuits, pancakes, or whatever else they’ve got cooking. Dishwasher safe, the stainless-steel can can hold up to five cups and can also be used to store and pour traditional oil if bacon’s not their thing.


This gaming headset hook that can be attached to any desk damage-free

To make sure he can always find his headset and doesn’t accidentally step on it, gift him this gaming headrest hook. It has a strong and sturdy clamp that can be hung from the edge of any desk and a bottom hook that swivels 360 degrees. The rubber padding ensures that no damage is done to the furniture.


This chef’s knife that’s sharp, balanced, & affordable

When you have one good knife in the kitchen, it becomes the tool you reach for the most, especially if it’s an 8-inch chef’s knife. The blade of this gorgeous knife is made from a single piece of high-carbon steel so it will be that workhorse of kitchen tools. The triple riveted handle fits neatly in the hand and the knife is balanced and ultra-sharp. It comes with a knife sharpener and an edge guard.


This herb growing kit with unique cocktail garnishes

Good for the plant parent or the mixologist in your life, this plant growing kit comes with six different herbs and garnishes to take drinks to the next level. Each kit comes with unique herbs you won’t find in most gardens — cucamelon, blue borage, mint, lemon balm, lime basil, and hyssop. And if your giftee is new to gardening, this kit has everything else they need for these plants to thrive.


An anti-slip dashboard mat that’s weather resistant

Whether they spend a ton of time in their car or are only in there when necessary, this dashboard mat will be a great help. It’s made of anti-slip rubber so that their phone and sunglasses will stay put when they want it close by. The mat is washable and reusable and doesn’t require any adhesive to stay in place.


A digital meat thermometer so that works in 2 seconds

Able to read temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as two seconds, this digital meat thermometer will keep him from having to guess how done the food is. The probe rotates so that he can insert it even when at an awkward angle. It even has a built-in bottle opener on the end.


This beard bib so he never has to clean the bathroom after shaving

Any man with a beard knows the post-shaving drill. At that moment, he has two options, and neither is pleasant: Clean the bathroom or face the wrath of anyone he lives with if he fails to clean it. This beard bib is the lesser-known third alternative: Prevent the mess. All he does is put on the bib, attach the corners to the mirror with its suction cups, and shave. All the whisker detritus lands neatly in the bib. Cleaning up is an easy shake into the trash.


This sleek bottle opener that works instantly

This stainless steel bottle opener is a great gift for any guy who loves to throw a party. To use, just push down on the bottle top and the spring-loaded mechanism opens instantly. Time to get rid of all those old bottle opener wedding favors lying around—now he’ll be able to crack open a cold one in style.


An aluminum meat tenderizer with a 4.7-star overall rating

The top-heavy design of this meat tenderizer will require minimal effort from him for maximum results. It’s dual-ended so you can thin pork chops, prepare steaks, or even just crush nuts as quickly as possible. And since the handle has a nonslip grip, it’ll be easy to control.


This toiletry bag that’s roomy, organized & hangs from a hook

You can pack every lotion, shaving tool, shampoo, and comb into this handy travel toiletry bag and bring it where you are going. When you arrive, hang it from a hook and it puts it all on display so you never have to unpack. It’s loaded with mesh pockets so you can see all your gear. A carry handle makes it easy to grab and bring to the bathroom. And a zip-out back pocket with clear pockets is perfect for jewelry and other small items. It comes in four colors.


A travel mug that lets him brew right in the cup

This travel mug lets him brew up a pour-over right in the mug to save on dishes and time. The set includes a metal filter and leakproof lid and it is designed to fit in most cup holders. The insulated stainless steel interior keeps cold beverages cool for up to six hours or more and hot beverages warm up for 20 hours and up.


This burger press for the perfect burger every time

Whether your man is in charge of a weeknight grill or a full summer cookout, he’ll make a perfectly round burger every time with this aluminum burger press. An internal line indicates exactly how much meat to add for delicious 1/4 or 1/3 pound burgers, so no matter how full the grill, all these identical burgers cook evenly. Plus, the burger press includes 200 square parchment papers to make prep and cleanup a breeze.


A ceramic pizza stone that’s grease- & burn-resistant

This ceramic pizza stone is the gift that will keep on giving, because he’ll be able to make delicious homemade pies for years to come. With a nonstick glaze that keeps dough from sticking to its surface, this pizza stone will create a perfectly crisp crust every single time.


These magical fire packs that turn flames into colors

Give the tools to hone their inner wizard with these magical color flames packets. You have only to toss one to three of them on the fire and all witnesses will believe you are a powerful magician because the flames will instantly turn into rainbow colors and stay like that for a full hour. This is a pack of 12 so you can use this trick over and over again.


A defrosting tray to get dinner on the table ASAP

If he’s always tasked with manning the grill but forgets to take the steaks and salmon out of the freezer, this defrosting tray will be a game-changer. It’s made of aluminum to speed up the thawing process and does so safely. Its surface is easy to clean, too — just put it in the dishwasher.


This condiment fork for pickles’ greatest fans

If you have a pickle fan on your hands, this clever fork is a funny and useful gift. Just secure the band around the rim of his favorite jar, and use the fork to spear pickles and remove them without the mess or wet fingers. The put the fork back into the attached caddy so it’s always there whenever he’s looking for a salty and crunchy snack. Plus, it’s top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


These glass food storage containers for the best lunches

Create delicious lunches in advance by filling these glass meal prep containers with leftovers or assorted meats and vegetables and stacking them in the fridge. You can even bake casseroles and store them in the freezer since these are borosilicate glass that can go from the oven to the freezer. The lids snap closed and are leak free. At lunchtime, the dishes are pleasant to eat from, too.


This handy keychain that can charge your Apple Watch from anywhere

This wireless charger is so small and compact that it fits on a keychain, so his Apple Watch will always be powered up — even if he forgot to charge it before a long trip. It can fully power a watch in two to four hours and only takes 1.5 hours itself to charge, making it an essential for traveling.


A car phone holder that mounts to your AC vent

This car phone holder handily mounts to a car’s AC vent, positioning it perfectly for GPS navigation, answering a phone call, or switching the music. It should take just a few seconds to clip the holder onto the vent, no extra steps required. A locking mechanism grips the phone, so it stays mounted while driving or touching the screen. It also has a 360-degree rotation ability so the driver can angle their phone however works best.


A moonman light that projects the galaxy in your room

Create a super cool vibe in a bedroom, game room, or living room with the help of this projector night-light. The base looks like a funky astronaut, but the space theme doesn’t end there; this little guy projects nebula effects onto the wall and ceiling and does so in nine different colors. The end result is a soothing vibe with a timer that can be set for 45 or 90 minutes.


A cozy headband that doubles as Bluetooth headphones

Whether you like to fall asleep listening to babbling brooks and your partner likes silence or you want to have a new sweatband for jogging, this headband can do it all. It’s made of a comfortable, elastic, and breathable material that you can wear above or over your eyes — depending on your needs. Inside, there are speakers so you can listen to anything, and the touch controls on the front make it easy to operate.


This strainer that clips directly onto any pot

Perfect for a chef of any level, this silicone strainer clips directly onto any pot, pan, or bowl, to get rid of excess water quickly and easily. It’s heat resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher safe, the strainer is adjustable to small and large bowls. Whether you’re washing fruits and veggies, cooking pasta, or boiling potatoes, this clever strainer will make keeping water out and foot in easy and hands-free.


A magnetic pickup tool with a clever flashlight on the end

This magnetic pickup tool is a bestseller on Amazon with a 4.7-star rating and 18,000-plus reviews. Why do people love this so much? It’s compact when collapsed, just 6.75 inches, but it extends up to 22.5 inches so it can reach places that are otherwise hard to get to. The LED bulbs guide the way, while the magnetic head can grip items that could easily be lost for good.


This cocktail in a box kit that can be used anywhere

This cocktail making kit has everything he needs for a delicious, fresh daiquiri anywhere (except the white rum). It comes complete with barware, packets of lime juice, orange bitters, and cocktail syrup in a gift-worthy tin that looks so cute and modern. If he isn’t a daiquiri guy, this kit also comes in varieties for old fashioneds, sazeracs, gin & tonics, and more.


A beard straightening brush with a screen that shows its exact temperature

This is the gift for the man in your life with a glorious beard. This beard straightening brush has 12 different heat levels for beards of different textures, but the bristles and head still have an anti-scald design to keep him comfortable. It heats up in just 30 seconds, and the temperature is displayed on the LED screen, which is attached to a cord that rotates 360 degrees so he can straighten his facial hair comfortably.