How to grow weed at home

Everything you need to know as a beginner.

Marijuana plant growing in a house plant pot, with a purple and yellow background.
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Since the onset of the pandemic, many of us have leaned into quaint pastimes to soothe our existential dread, whether it was baking sourdough, knitting, or doing jigsaw puzzles.

If you want to expand your repertoire of distraction methods with an activity that still has that quiet, homey vibe, but with a bit more of an edge, consider growing your own weed.


You can grow cannabis indoors, but outdoors is simpler and cheaper. “The sun is free,” says The Cannabis Gardener Ron Johnson, author of How to Grow Organic Cannabis: A Step-by-Step Guide for Growing Marijuana Outdoors. “You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars a month in electrical bills.” An outdoor garden likely won’t allow you to turn over product fast enough, but it’ll suffice if you’re just growing for yourself. Plus, it’s gentler on the planet.

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