If you want to make your home nicer, these 45 upgrades make a big impact for cheap

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When you think of upgrading your home and making it nicer, one of the first things you might factor in is cost. What will the renovation entail? Will it even be worth it? Fear not, because there are surprisingly a multitude of Amazon picks that’ll quickly spruce up your living quarters without breaking the bank — 45 of them, to be exact.

The items on this list are both practical and cleverly designed with an outside-the-box mindset, simply because a lot of them are things you might not’ve known you needed until there was literal photographic evidence of how much they'd help improve your home. Finds like the miracle grout marker and stove gap filler work to solve those everyday inconveniences that tend to add up over time. Even Edison bulb lights and semi-sheer curtains that deserve a gold medal for their sunshine-filtering abilities make a noticeable difference in the feel and quality of your space.

To top it off, the range is kind of impeccable here. You can simultaneously spice up your kitchen with matte cabinet handles and cozy pasta bowls while also leveling up the powder room with a specially designed corner shelf and marble accessory set for extra counter storage. Toss the essential oil diffuser and lazy Susan into the mix and your digs are in for a makeover done at a fraction of the price (and from the convenience of your laptop).


A dual shower head system with a posh rainfall option

I was today years old when I discovered this dual shower head existed and I'm never going back to traditional again. With a handheld hose attached to a rainfall head, the Hydroluxe 1433 is about to take your self-care time to the big leagues. This all-in-one luxury system has a whopping total of 24 water flow options and five high-power water pressure choices to boot. From hydro-mist to economy rain capabilities, making a shopping decision has never been easier.


The bed tray table that lets you eat breakfast or work right from bed

Enjoy a lazy morning in bed by enjoying your coffee and breakfast on this bed tray table that makes it easy to carry a meal to the bedroom and unfold the legs so you can lie under the tray while you eat. You can even transition right into the workday on this same bamboo table by using it as a laptop stand.


This non-stick oven liner so you never have to clean the oven again

If you could arrange it so you never had to clean the oven again, would you do it? Of course, you would — especially since it only requires that you insert one of these two non-stick oven liners in there, either in the bottom of the oven or on the rack under your messy casserole. The Teflon liners clean up easily, withstand heat up to 500 degrees, and remove when you need to scrub, rinse, or replace them.


A mounted farmhouse coat rack to store your essentials in plain sight

Instead of stuffing your coats into a hallway closet, consider the smoother alternative of having a go-to rack right by your front door. This farmhouse-inspired coat rack is the answer to storage dilemmas everywhere and makes running out of the house for brunch an ideal situation. Simply mount it onto your entryway wall for this five-hook rack to do its thing. There is also a sizable range of wood finishes to choose from so you can choose the one that best matches the feel of your home.


These flickering flameless candles for no fire and all vibes

These flickering candles by Furora Lighting are flameless, eye-catching, and pretty realistic considering they're made of wax and battery-operated LED lights. After choosing your winner from the 11 available colors — ranging from glittery red to classic ivory — just use the handheld remote to control the flicker and brightness however you fancy. You can even set a timer so they shut off after you fall asleep.


The bamboo utensil organizer that expands to fit the space you have

Insert this versatile bamboo drawer organizer into your utensil drawer and open it to fit the interior. If your drawers are wide, you’ll have five compartments for utensils and kitchen tools. A narrower drawer might only have three. This makes it so versatile you can move it from drawer to drawer as your needs change or take it with you when you move.


The waffle-weave shower curtains that’ll make you feel like you’re in a hotel

Get well-acquainted with this waffle-weave shower curtain because it's about to become your new favorite household item. Designed to evoke all the luxury hotel feels, this heavy-duty curtain is high quality with its rust-proof metal grommets, sturdy polyester fabric, and a wide array of shades to choose from. The icing on the cake is its waterproof power, designed to repel beads for a premium shower experience.


The corduroy pillow covers for making your space cozier in no time

It's out with the old and in with the new corduroy pillow covers, please and thank you. These ultra-soft covers make giving your living room a refresh as effortless as can be with their invisible zipper, variety of sizes, and massive selection of colors. And whether you're into a bubblegum pink or papaya orange, there is virtually no shortage of options here. Plus, they're machine washable so upkeep is a dream.


These motion-activated LED lights that’ll brighten up nearly any surface in your home

I strongly believe that almost every surface is made better with a little bit of illumination. These motion-activated LED light strips are about to take your home to greater heights with the 9-foot sensor pickup, breezy installation, and compact size so you can pop beams of light just about anywhere. Functioning as under-the-cabinet lighting, these can also be attached to doorways, cupboards, closets, and more. BTW, each box comes with three strips, so I recommend adding a few to cart.


A set of salt & pepper grinders that look great and come in a carrying rack

Upgrade your table setting with this pair of salt and pepper grinders in a stainless steel stand so you can have freshly ground pepper and salt on your food. The glass containers let the beauty of your spices show through so you don’t need a label. The grinding mechanism is on the top so you can accurately season your plate without peppering the table. And refilling them is super easy because the top just unscrews.


The genius light bulbs that can be controlled right at your fingertips

These smart LED bulbs are compatible with your core AI tools (Siri, Alexa, Echo, and Google Home) — and they offer up to 16 million colors on top of shade-changing capability and music-matching light shows. You can even adjust the brightness at your fingertips or with the sound of your voice. In my humble opinion, they're 100% worthy of the hype.


This adjustable rack for keeping your cabinets free of clutter

If you've just about had it with kitchen clutter and baking sheets toppling out every time you so much as open a cabinet, I have a solution in rack form. This adjustable stand by Youcopia is a tried-and-true way to ensure your dishes are organized. Featuring seven dividers that can be adjusted for width, this holder takes just minutes to assemble and has nonslip feet. That way, the cutting boards and muffin tins will stand strong.


A subtle storage bag that fits perfectly under your bed

Closet out of room for the comforter? This under-the-bed storage bag has got you covered, and then some. For subtle space-saving, Zober’s large-capacity organizer fills the gap between your bed and the floor while keeping linens and seasonal sweaters super protected. Available in grey and black, this rip-resistant, breathable bag also features a clear plastic top cover so you can peep straight through to find your favorite turtleneck.


These rustic wooden floating shelves for maximizing display space

These floating shelves are hot off the presses and ready to elevate your space. Available in more than five neutral tones (and packaged in sets of three), these rustic shelves are just the thing for amping up storage while adding dimension to a room. In regards to displaying, you can mount them in the bathroom for oil diffusers and miscellaneous products, or even use them in your living room to show off your succulents. Kudos if you can get really creative with them.


A compact stainless steel sink caddy that drains suds

I'd never thought I'd be adding a sink caddy to my shopping cart until today. Meet the stainless steel sink-side organizer that will quite literally change your perspective on washing dishes. This item features designated compartments and rails for dishwashing liquid, sponges, and brushes so that you won't have to think twice about storing your cleaning accessories. The final flourish is its angled base that drains all the suds. Your aluminum scrubber will sincerely thank you.


This table lamp with a vintage Edison bulb for an industrial look

For a touch of industrial vintage at your desk, this Edison bulb table lamp is the one-of-a-kind piece you've been looking for. Available in gold and rose gold hardware, this geometric light is a novelty that doubles as practical. Many customers have even written that it’s “easy to assemble.”


A soft & cozy sherpa throw blanket for cuddling on the couch

Bring some cozy warmth to your couch by tossing this thick, soft, and plush sherpa blanket over the back so it’s there when you need it. The combination of microfiber cashmere and faux sheepskin is deliciously soft and warm. And given that there are 23 colors and eight sizes to choose from, there is sure to be an option that suits your style. Unlike real cashmere, this isn’t scratchy and you can toss it in the washer and dryer when it needs cleaning.


This handy slim storage cart that can be used for just about anything

Keep things discreet with this slim storage cart that houses products, linens, and the like. With its durable build and wheels for butter-smooth mobility, this three-tier cart was born to maximize room in smaller spaces. On top of the container portions, there are attachable hooks for even more storage. Select from black, grey, or white and give those extra, unsorted belongings a home.


The Turkish cotton hand towels that feel unbelievably plush

These plush, machine-washable Turkish cotton towels are everything and more with their eco-friendly blend that's soft to the touch. There’s even a variety of both sizes and colors available, so you can personalize your powder room like nobody's business. Plus, they have over 13,000 five-star ratings.


The semi-sheer linen curtains for filtering afternoon sunlight

These semi-sheer linen curtains are made for softly filtering in daylight without overdoing their job. Because of their partially translucent make, these drapes will help diffuse the afternoon sunshine, provide much-needed cover, and stay put on the curtain rod with their mega-durable pockets. Whether you're in the market for taupe or ivory, they also come in all the neutral tones you can imagine. The cherry on top is that they have a 4.6-star rating.


The wooden pants hangers that look amazing in your closet

I love pants hangers and use them to hang everything from pants to leggings to skirts to tops that tend to slide off the hanger so this 10-pack of handsome wooden hangers with clips is just the thing to make my closer look organized and pulled together. There are three wood colors to choose from, the chrome-plated clips have a rubber grip to keep garments from sliding out, and the width is adjustable to fit my clothes.


These three glass meal-prep containers with locking lids

Prep your lunches for the week or store leftovers in these glass meal-prep containers that hold lots of food, are easy to eat out of, and won’t spill. The locking lids snap closed so you know your liquids will stay inside and you can pop them in the microwave to heat up a meal and store them in the fridge or the freezer.


This sleek wooden cover box that conceals chaotic wires

Farewell to pesky cords across the globe, because this sleek cable management box is the quickest fix to a disheveled space. Available in both white and black with bamboo lids, this cord organizer almost looks like just another piece of decor with its natural design — but it’s actually a superhero. On the inside, it’s the ideal storage space for power strips — and it even comes with cable ties and clips so you can get ahold of your wires in no time.


A vintage-style night light that illuminates your space only when needed

If you’re looking for a source of light for waking up in the middle of the night, this vintage plug-in can add an element of farmhouse style to your home. It turns on and off by itself (according to the light it senses). Simply pop it in your bathroom or hallway.


The erasable chalkboard labels for personalizing your home necessities

Label your jars in a creative way with these chalkboard labels that come in packs of almost 100 stickers for all your customization needs. Dishwasher-safe and waterproof, these adhesive vinyl labels will make those mystery bottles easy to identify on the spot while doubling as decor. Oh, and the white chalk marker is included.


This cute geometric floating shelf that turns everyday objects into art

It doesn’t take much effort to solve two problems at once with this cute, geometric floating shelf. If your walls need art or some sort of decoration, mount these in a stylish grouping and populate them with everyday objects that will look nice there. Instead of shopping for art and a place to store things, you can turn your things into art. The metal frame makes it easy to mount these because the holes for mounting hardware is in plain site.


These big wine glasses that make ever wine taste better

When it comes to wine, the glass you sip from is so important. A terrific wine will disappoint if you drink it from a mug while a mediocre wine will at least make you feel festive if you pour it into one of these four big, red wine glasses from Italy. The wide bowls make swirling your wine — an essential art when it comes to sipping — easy and fun. They are also durable and shatterproof so you are unlikely to break them.


A wall-mounted spice rack so your flavors are easy to see and find

If you are out of drawer and counter space for your spices, look to the wall. This set of two wall-mounted spice racks is the perfect place to house your collection of herbs and spices because it makes them easy to see when you are cooking and easy to reach for when a dish needs some flavor. The black epoxy finish works with any decor and they are easy to mount with the included hardware.


This bamboo tray that’s designed to go on top of your toilet tank

A toilet tank basket made of bamboo? It was unexpected, but I'm kind of obsessed. Add bathroom essentials like toilet paper rolls and an air freshener and you're golden. Plus, it has built-in handles for extra ease of use — and it comes in a range of sizes from extra-small to large.


A magical pen for restoring your grout on the spot

Eliminate scrubbing at all costs and brighten up your grout with this fast-drying tile sealer and colorant that works like a charm. Available in both narrow- and wide-tip forms, this precise pen gets the job done with just a few light strokes over your tile grout. To top it off, you can find this miracle marker in virtually every color so that no floors are excluded from getting a mini facelift.


These Velcro handle covers for zero-smudge appliances

I'm seeing a no-smudge existence in your future with the addition of these door handle covers to your cooking space. Made of plush material and Velcro for security, these wraparound attachments help keep your appliances protected and free of fingerprints and stains — at least on the handles, of course. You can also find them in an array of sizes and even toss them in the wash regularly to maintain their shape.


The collapsible cloth storage cubes for those miscellaneous items

Instead of just folding blankets and placing them in your closet, add these storage cubes to your cart for a super convenient and put-together setup. Collapsible and made with built-in handles, these cloth bins are ideal for essentials that require easy access. They can also be used as pull-out drawers if you need to fill out hollow cubbies. They’re even lightweight and durable.


A 10-inch bamboo turntable for seasonings galore

This lazy Susan can upgrade any table, especially since it comes in multiple size options and is made of super smooth bamboo. The turntable by TB Home is essential for keeping your spices accessible and sharing seconds with your dinner guests. You can also opt to use it as extra cabinetry storage, serving as a base for grab-and-go snacks. No reservations here.


This microfiber comforter with a feather-free down alternative

It's soft, it's fluffy, and it's probably everything you've ever wanted in a comforter. Meet the Linenspa microfiber comforter that's hypoallergenic and quite possibly the closest alternative to down (minus the feathers). This comforter features eight corner and side loops for quick duvet cover attachment, but you can also use it as a standalone comforter. Just pop in a cold-water wash regularly to keep the material refreshed all year round.


These 6 LED lights that are perfect for the stairs or closet

Stick these clever puck lights to the stair risers, inside the closet, under your kitchen cabinets, or anywhere you need light. They are battery operated so you don’t need to hire an electrician to run wires. And you can set them so that they turn off automatically in 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes so they don’t use too much battery power. Turn them on with the included remote or simply by touching them.


A nonslip doormat that’s ridiculously absorbent

In this house, we deem indoor doormats a lifelong necessity. This nonslip doormat with top-tier absorbency and a sturdy rubber base is the quintessential mat for more reasons than one. It’s available in black, grey, and brown to fit some homey neutral tones, but you can also find this mat in several sizes so your doorway stays immaculate. For a little final flourish, the rib fabric makes removing surface dirt a no-stress breeze.


These matte black handles for giving your drawers or cabinets a makeover

Handles sometimes go unnoticed, but the sheer difference these stainless steel cupboard pulls make is downright shocking. They’re available in packs ranging from single to 60, and they’re made in brass, nickel, as well as matte black. Plus, these stunning handles are also generally compatible with most cabinets.


This marble countertop accessory set for storing toothbrushes & more

Store your toothbrushes and hand soap in hotel fashion with this marble bathroom accessory set that's made to fit your style in both black and white finishes. The set comes with four pieces: the base tray with built-in footpads, a soap pump, a toothbrush holder with an included divider, and a tumbler for slightly larger toiletries. It's also made of resin that’s durable.


A mounted organizer rack for keeping mops & brooms

Scrambled cleaning supply closets are about to become a faint memory, because this tool holder is ideal storing your mops and brooms with zero hassle. After mounting it in the garage or onto a closet wall, simply pop your tools into the five compact spaces to keep them secure. There are also six included hooks for hangable items like travel umbrellas and mini squeegees.


This padded ottoman that doubles as a footrest

A pillowy ottoman that’s also a secret storage box? I need it, stat. Made of linen fabric sewn over a sponge base, this footrest-meets-container hybrid is the multipurpose furniture piece that’ll help you organize your home. It’s available in several neutrals — and since it’s a foldable box, you can take it on the go if you so wish.


A brilliant door draft stopper for blocking out dust & noise

For anyone looking for an all-in-one tool that can help promote saving on your air-conditioning bill while blocking out exterior noise, this door draft stopper is the answer. Available in multiple colors to blend seamlessly with your door, this filler will instantly create a barrier, helping to prevent cold air from breaking through. Plus, it does double the work by keeping some noise out so your place is as quiet as you want it to be.


This multipurpose woven basket that’s ideal for countertop storage

This woven storage basket is practical for those small items in your home that you want to keep visible (but organized). Made of cotton rope in a sturdy bowl shape, this basket can easily hold small towels, baby diapers, or even dog toys for your pup. There are also six vivid shades to choose from depending on your personal style.


A peel-and-stick tile backsplash for a quick kitchen redo

Peel-and-stick tile backsplash is now a thing, and your kitchen is about to get a serious makeover. This adhesive backsplash comes with a pack of 10 sheets, as well as six color options for optimal customization so you can blend the tile to your kitchen or bathroom space. Made of an eco-friendly blend of wood, resin, and ceramic, these sheets will also hold on strong to the surface and resist heat and liquid for a pretty substantial shelf life.


These outdoor glass bulb string lights for some backyard ambiance

With these Edison glass bulb string lights, your patio or backyard will glow and instantly become your new favorite place. They’re also waterproof and come with 27 bulbs on a 25-foot string. Plus, the warm white light is dimmable in case you want a more low-key light situation.


These bamboo rayon pillowcases that are super soft

Rest your head on these deliciously soft pillowcases and toss out all your battered, rough, and ugly ones. These are made from half bamboo-derived rayon and half microfiber for a super soft thread and long-term durability. They are affordable and beautiful, too, in a choice of 12 rich colors.