I'm a shopping editor & I'm obsessed with these things that make your home so much nicer for under $30

Little things that make your home feel more luxurious.

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Many a product has graced my screen over the years. From this great database, I’ve gleaned some seriously genius items that you need to know about — and not a single one of them will break the bank. Take it from me: I’m a shopping editor and I’m obsessed with these things that make your home so much nicer for under $30.

Creating an elegant home can be as easy as swapping in some colorful velvet pillow covers or tossing a beautiful throw blanket casually on your couch, both of which cost $20 or less. An LED bulb in the classic Edison style can add tons of vintage charm while a powerful but small-profile BlueTooth speaker amps up any room’s ambiance without blowing your budget.

Get ready to reap the rewards of my shopping experiences — without any of the (pricey) mistakes I’ve made along the way. Browse the list below for amazingly affordable ways to make your home feel renovated and refreshed.


These throw pillow covers that add rich color to your living room

These best-selling pillow covers are popular for a reason – they come in tons of gorgeous colors, have a soft velvet texture, and only cost $12. With over 66,000 reviews and a high 4.6-star rating, you can choose between sumptuous shades such as dark emerald green, golden orange-yellow, or royal purple, to name just a few. They’re available in over 10 different sizes to work easily with whatever pillows you have on hand.


A soap dish holder that drains to keep your bathroom sink cleaner

Make hand washing that much more enjoyable with this soap dish that’s made in a stylish slatted wooden design that looks much more expensive than its $8 price tag. On top of displaying your soap nicely, the design allows for water to drain, which in turn lets soap dry fully between washing. It features a waterproof coating and a concave shape to securely store the soap.


These seriously popular satin pillowcases for added luxury in the bedroom

These popular satin pillowcases with over 257,000 reviews on Amazon provide an easy and affordable way to add true luxury to your bedroom. They come in a pair for less than $10 and are available in 22 shades ranging from neutral beige to teal or plum purple. On top of the extra style they lend your bedroom decor, their smooth texture can also help to hydrate both skin and hair, making for a true hands-off overnight beauty routine.


A smart light bulb that allows you to create perfect mood lighting

Dial in the perfect atmosphere for any kind of mood with this dimmable smart light bulb that comes in a pack of two for under $20. Each LED bulb lasts up to 20,000 hours and features 16 million colors from which to create your preferred look. Use the provided app to create schedules and timers, and connect it to your smart devices such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant for voice-operated commands.


This cast iron skillet that can cook anything to perfection

This cast iron skillet comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil to be ready to use right away and it only needs a minimum amount of maintenance to keep it in great shape. It’ll cost you only $24, and when you realize how long it lasts (some people pass these down through the generations), you’ll appreciate its affordability.


A set of stemless wine glasses to class up your dining table

Give your dinner table a classy, modern look without the accompanying fear and disappointment of breaking expensive glass. These stemless wine glasses come in a set of four for less than $20 and are made of shatter-resistant glass that can conveniently be washed in the dishwasher. They fit comfortably in your hand and will showcase that treasured Bordeaux or rosé in its full glory.


This Bluetooth speaker that packs powerful sound into a small profile

No need for elaborate sound systems when you can opt for this small but mighty Bluetooth speaker to add music to any room in the house. It has the ability to play at loud volumes with no distortion and will stay connected to your Bluetooth up to 100 feet away, allowing for smooth, continuous play. It’s obviously a popular choice with over 183,000 reviews and is perfect for taking on the road due to its lightweight construction and battery that lasts up to 14 hours.


A bathtub tray for calming home spa vibes

This affordable bath tray promises to upgrade your usually relaxing bath to true spa levels of tranquility. It’s made of bamboo, extends to accommodate your specific tub dimensions, and includes silicone grips to keep it in place. It has places designed to hold your book, tablet, and phone, and even comes with a special glass holder for that all-important bubbly.


This magnetic knife holder as a chic way to store kitchen tools

Turn organization and storage into a sophisticated design element with this budget-friendly magnetic knife holder. It comes in three different wood finishes (walnut, acacia, and maple) and includes all the hardware necessary for an effortless installation. The heavy-duty built-in magnets allow you to store knives, scissors, or any other metal tool you’d like easily accessible while adding chic decor at the same time.


A pot and pan rack that extends for true versatility

This ingenious pot and pan rack eliminates the frustration of finding the perfect fit for your dimensions by being completely adjustable. It can be expanded to fit up to 10 pans and includes customizable dividers so you can accommodate different sizes. Made of durable iron, it features a rust-proof coating and silicone feet to prevent scratching surfaces. At the affordable price point of $24, use this rack to store anything from pans to lids to baking sheets.


These succulent plants for low-maintenance living decor

Adding a bit of plant life into the mix is an easy way to make your home so much nicer. These gorgeous succulents come in a pack of six for only $18 and require minimal maintenance to continue flourishing. They all feature a rosette structure that complements one another and can be planted instantly into any planter or terrarium of your choice.


A marble peel-and-stick wallpaper that can make any surface look elegant

Skip the financial (and physical) heft of real marble and, instead, go for this easily applied marble wallpaper that costs $10. It’s made with a self-adhesive that installs quickly and removes just as easily. Cut it to your dimensions and use it to decorate side tables, desks, backsplashes, shelves, or really any surface you’d like to transform into a more elegant and sophisticated focal point.


These wood markers that make damaged furniture look new

Just a little bit of love goes a long way when it comes to keeping your prized pieces of wood furniture looking good. These wood markers come as part of a $10 furniture repair kit and include six wax sticks, six repair markers in different shades of brown, as well as a wax stick sharpener. Use the wax to smooth and fill out nicks or scratches and follow up with the markers to completely disguise the damage.


An LED light strip that brings the party atmosphere

Make your home instantly party-ready with this LED light strip that creates a colorful atmosphere in any room. It connects to an included app via Bluetooth that allows you to control the colors, set timers, and even set the lights to change along with your music. The strip measures 50 feet and uses strong self-adhesive to securely stick to your walls.


This aromatherapy diffuser that lights up with a charming design

Add a gentle scent to your home with this aromatherapy diffuser that lights up in multiple colors to function as a starry night light. It’s made of ceramic and uses ultrasonic waves to quietly release your desired scent into the air. Choose from seven different colors to light your diffuser as well as from four different timer lengths to help you gently slip into a sweet-scented slumber.


A pair of corner wall shelves that take advantage of neglected space

Make those under-utilized corners worthy of notice with these corner wall shelves that come as a complementary pair. They’re made in a floating design with metal brackets in three available finishes: weathered gray, white, and carbonized black (pictured above). Mount them with the included hardware and use them to display anything from books to candles to picture frames.


This sink caddy to keep countertops organized & tidy

There’s nothing like a tidy kitchen countertop to make you feel like all is right in the world. This stainless steel sink caddy costs less than $15 and provides you with organized space for your soap, sponges, and dish brushes. The base features drainage holes that allow water to flow onto a removable tray to keep your cleaning tools clean, dry, and ready for the next load of dishes.


A lavender sachet that keeps clothes & linens smelling fresh

Tuck one of these lavender sachets into your drawer or closet and revel in the relaxing scent every time you go to pick out a pair of socks. They come in a pack of 24 for only $17 with each sachet containing potent dried lavender buds, perfect for adding a lovely fresh-from-the-laundry scent to your stored clothing or linens. If they start to lose their potency, simply shake or crush the buds to reinvigorate the aroma.


These velvet hangers that store clothing with care

Keep your tops, bottoms, and everything in between in great-looking shape by using these velvet hangers. Their non-slip texture keeps clothing on the hanger instead of crumpled on the floor while their contoured shape helps maintain sharp shoulder lines. They feature a slim profile that helps you store tons more in the same amount of space, but will still only cost you $25 for a healthy pack of 50.


These LED Edison bulbs for a cozy vintage ambiance

Add that touch of coziness reminiscent of a bygone era with these Edison LED bulbs that are the perfect long-lasting alternative to traditional incandescents. They cast a warm 2700K light and use far less wattage than your average light bulb, thus saving you serious money on energy bills. Use them in anything from lamps to sconces to ceiling lights as they provide gorgeous vintage-style decor.


A set of planter pots in hip geometric designs

Placed in different combinations or scattered throughout your home, these succulent pots provide that crucial bit of decor detail for less than $20. Each set comes with six pots that feature a different geometric design in a minimalist black and white palette. They’re constructed of ceramic and feature a chic bamboo draining tray as well as the all-important drainage hole at the bottom to protect plants from overwatering.


This throw blanket that comes in tons of gorgeous colors

This extremely cozy throw blanket not only adds a lovely knitted texture but also comes in tons of beautiful colors to complement your living room decor. Choose from dusty shades such as mustard and coral pink or opt for more vivid ones like royal blue or rose wind. They come available in three different sizes and are made of a soft acrylic material that is conveniently machine washable.


A pack of backsplash tiles to update your kitchen’s look

Give your kitchen an affordable upgrade with these peel-and-stick backsplash tiles that go on effortlessly for an instant refresh. The embossed tiles are made of vinyl but look like the real thing, involving absolutely zero grout and messy installation. They’re resistant to both heat and humidity, making them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, and they come in five color palette options from blue-grays to tan-browns.


These floating house numbers that add chic style to your exterior

Keeping your home’s exterior looking good can be as simple as making your address look sharp. These floating house numbers only cost $9 each and have a modern design that is sure to make an impact from the road. They’re made of durable and rust-resistant zinc material and are able to withstand all kinds of weather. All the hardware is included for installation — all you’ll need is a drill.


A budget-friendly lighting kit that gives you under-cabinet accent lighting

Forget expensive track lighting and go for this under-cabinet lighting kit that is easy to install and will only set you back $20. It comes with eight 20-inch self-adhesive light strips with additional connectors available to create longer lighting and allow for flexible application to accommodate corners, for example. The wireless remote lets you set timers and adjust levels of brightness, to name just a few functions, so you can customize your perfect mood lighting.


This dried flower arrangement in a stylish palette of neutrals

This dried flower arrangement comes with four different types of dried grasses in differing shades of white and brown for a touch of earthy decor. Arrange one large bouquet for a stunning centerpiece or create smaller groupings around your home for a more delicate approach. Other than the fact that it will cost you so much less than a bouquet of flowers, you can also rest easy knowing it will last for years and years with zero watering or maintenance required.


These cabinet pulls that deliver a modern aesthetic

An easy way to instantly improve the look of any room in the house is to simply update your existing cabinetry with these cabinet pulls that come in a sleek, modern aesthetic. They’re available in tons of different sizes depending on your needs and are made of stainless steel so they’re tough enough to withstand years of use. And at a $23 price tag, you’ll be shocked at how little money (and effort) is required to make serious improvements.


A set of hanging storage shelves with geometric wireframes

Use these hanging storage shelves to display your treasured items in a fun, decorative way. They come in three sizes and are made with a metal wire geometric design that, when paired with a plant, almost resembles an open terrarium. A small wooden base holds items securely and they arrive ready to be hung within minutes.


This lazy Susan with two tiers for efficient organization

Make grabbing the soy sauce or paprika that much more efficient when you store items with this two-tier lazy susan. It rotates 360 degrees to make it supremely easy to see exactly the spice or condiment you need at that crucial cooking moment. Your kitchen’s aesthetic will also benefit from its stainless steel, which is also easy to wipe clean.


A surge protector with versatile rotating outlets

Instead of occupying every outlet in the house or relying on unsightly power strips, you can choose this on-wall surge protector that provides six rotating outlets in one slim profile. Each outlet features 90-degree rotation and a fire-proof ceramic encasing as well as the ability to keep your signal clean with minimal interference from other appliances.


This under-bed shoe organizer that holds up to 24 pairs

Make your closet space feel that much roomier with the help of these under-bed shoe organizers that come in a set of two. They’re made of durable fabric with sturdy zippers and they even include trusty handles so you can easily pull them out and retrieve that perfect-for-the-occasion pair of heels. A clear cover allows you to see exactly what you have stored inside.


A set of three cereal storage containers for airtight freshness

There’s nothing as disappointing as biting into a stale bowl of cereal or pasta. Easily prevent this by storing ingredients in these cereal storage containers. They’re made of BPA-free plastic and feature airtight locking lids as well as convenient flip tops to easily pour out what you need. Each set comes with three containers in addition to helpful customizable chalkboard sticker labels.


These wooden pants hangers that keep clothing crease-free

Pulling wrinkly clothes out of the closet seems to defeat the point of hanging them in the first place. Be ensured of a creaseless hang with these quality wooden pants hangers that use a clamp design and inner felt lining to hang items securely. They have a 360-degree swivel hook and come in a pack of 10 for only $20. Choose from several different wood finishes to suit your style.


An acacia serving bowl to elevate the dining table

The only thing that could top a mouth-watering salad is serving it in this gorgeous serving bowl made from acacia wood. It comes in an ample size with a 12-inch diameter and is perfect for serving all kinds of food in addition to doubling as a beautiful place to store fruit or other decorative items. Hand-wash this bowl to keep it in great shape for years to come and it will continue to look much more expensive than its below-$30 price tag.


A set of window treatments for soft & textured lighting

Enhance your living room or bedroom with these window treatments that add both beautiful texture and soft lighting to your space. Each set includes two panels and is available in multiple colors such as ivory, butter, or teal. The flax linen material lends a beautifully natural look that filters light tastefully, yet adds a bit of privacy at the same time.


This showerhead that mimics relaxing rain

Start every day feeling like you’ve been caught in a magical summer rainstorm with the simple installation of this rainfall showerhead. The chrome-plated look lends it serious elegance and a brass swivel ball allows it to be adjusted to your desired angle. As a bonus, this showerhead utilizes high water pressure that actually uses less water. So, saving the environment while indulging in self-care? Not bad for the start of the day.


A wooden wine rack that’s foldable for easy storage

If you’re searching for a small profile way to store your wine collection but don’t have a ton of space, opt for this wine rack that conveniently folds up when not in use. It comes ready for immediate use and features eight slots that hold up to 10 bottles of wine. Display your wine like a true aficionado, and when you’ve reached the last bottle, fold up the rack and put it away to restore counter space until your collection has been restocked.


This bedside lamp with convenient USB ports

This bedside lamp ingeniously combines the warm glow needed to ease yourself into slumber with the functionality of acting as a phone charger at the same time. A linen fabric shade casts an inviting light and three brightness levels can be adjusted via a simple tap on the lamp base. Two built-in USB ports provide you with a convenient bedside place to charge your devices.


This 2-tier shoe rack in a trendy minimalist design

Maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of your floors and entryway can do wonders for making your home feel that much more put together. This modern and minimalist $20 shoe rack will immediately organize your space and prevent dirt and grime from being dragged in from the outside. It’s made of bamboo and comes with two tiers to fit up to four pairs of shoes. As a bonus, there are wooden dowels built into the top level so you can continue to stack additional tiers as your shoe collection grows.


A 2-chamber dispenser for a tidy & spacious shower

Achieve a tidier shower area by getting rid of all those various bottles of soap and shampoo and replacing them with this two-chamber dispenser. It installs securely to the wall or corner using waterproof silicone adhesive as well as double-sided tape. Fill the two chambers with your desired soap and shampoo and depress the button for a perfectly dispensed amount of liquid. There are even hidden hooks underneath it to conveniently hold your loofah or razor.