35 mistakes you're making around the house that cost you money but are actually easy to fix

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Sticking to a budget can be difficult. Even if you’ve been consistently tracking every purchase, sometimes it’s the smallest mistakes that quickly add hundreds of dollars to your monthly expenses. Luckily, many of these mistakes have easy fixes that can be purchased (at incredibly budget-friendly prices) from Amazon.

From produce savers to protective furniture leg covers, I’ve filled this list with all sorts of solutions to the costly mistakes you could be making around the house. And because the name of the game is saving money rather than spending it, I’ve also made sure that each item you’ll find below is available for $35 or less — including that Brita filter for your sink. But if you want to see more you’ll just have to keep scrolling.


Mistake: Letting heat escape through drafty doors

Fix: A draft stopper that’s easy to install

Letting heat escape through the bottoms of your doors is an easy way to wind up with a costly energy bill, so why not grab these stoppers? The adhesive backing makes them incredibly easy to install — just press them right into place. You can also trim them to fit smaller doors as needed, and they can even help soundproof your home as well.


Mistake: Spending cash on dryer sheets every month

Fix: These wool balls that you can keep reusing

If you’re still using wasteful dryer sheets, consider this a sign that it’s time to upgrade to these dryer balls. Each one is made from 100% organic New Zealand wool, without any extra fillers or synthetic materials. Simply toss them into the dryer with your wet clothes, and they’ll help aerate them as they tumble, allowing them to dry faster while simultaneously reducing wrinkles and lint.


Mistake: Wasting money on disposable makeup pads

Fix: These cotton rounds that can be washed & reused

Don’t waste money on makeup pads — instead, make the switch to these cotton rounds. They’re completely reusable and come with a drawstring pouch that keeps them packaged together when it’s time to toss them into the wash. Reviewers also appreciated how they’re “eco-friendly,” with many raving about how effective they are at removing makeup when squirted with some micellar water.


Mistake: Letting your cables turn into a frayed mess

Fix: These cable protectors that help extend their lifespan

Slip these protectors onto your charging cables, and they’ll help extend their lifespan by making the connection point more durable, as well as less likely to fray. They’re made from flexible silicone, allowing them to move with your cables rather than against them — and the spiral design means they can easily be stretched to fit cables of nearly any size.


Mistake: Incorrectly guessing where the studs in your wall are

Fix: Using this stud finder before you drill

Mounting heavy items to the studs in your walls is essential if you want to make sure your drywall won’t rip out later, making this stud finder a must-have. Each order includes two removable magnetic stud markers, making it easy to designate up to three stud locations. Plus, its compact size easily fits into nearly any toolbox.


Mistake: Letting your produce go bad before you eat it

Fix: Using these blue apples to help keep everything fresh

Onions, apples, avocados — you name it, these Bluapples can help keep it fresher for longer. They work by absorbing ethylene gas in your produce drawer, though you can also use them in fruit bowls, as well as out on your fridge shelves. The best part? They’re effective for up to 90 days before you need to replace the moisture-absorbing packet on the inside.


Mistake: Letting furniture legs scratch your floors

Fix: Capping them with these protective covers

Letting furniture legs scrape against your floors is an easy way to wind up with scratches, so why not cap them with these covers? They’re made from soft silicone, making it easy to stretch them over top legs of nearly any size. They also come in a variety of colors so that they have an extra-subtle look: clear, brown, dark walnut, black, and more.


Mistake: Ignoring your pipes until they’re rife with clogs

Fix: Pouring some of this clog dissolver down your drains

If you wind up standing in a puddle of water during every shower, it’s probably time to grab this clog dissolver. Simply pour it down your drain, and it’ll quickly dissolve everything from hair to toilet paper. And since each bottle comes with two pre-measured applications, there’s no need to portion it out before use.


Mistake: Letting your drains get clogged with hair

Fix: This drain protector that helps keep your pipes clog-free

Drain always clogged with hair? Place this protector on top, and it’ll stop any pieces of hair or debris that flow its way. The silicone ring around the edge helps keep it from shifting out of place — even with a heavy stream of water bearing down on it. And since it’s made from stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about it becoming rusty.


Mistake: Losing track of the items inside your fridge

Fix: Using these bins to help keep everything organized

Buying ingredients you already have is an easy way to waste money, so why not use these bins to help keep your fridge organized? They’re made from clear plastic, making it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything. Handles in the front and back make them easy to pull out when you need something — and each one is also completely BPA-free.


Mistake: Wasting paper towels to clean up spills

Fix: Making the switch to these eco-friendly dishcloths

Whereas paper towels are incredibly wasteful, these Swedish dishcloths can be washed and reused hundreds of times, making them an eco-friendly (and affordable) upgrade. The best part? They’re versatile enough to wipe up spills as well as scrub away grime, as they have a gritty texture when dry that’s perfect for scouring pans.


Mistake: Forgetting to turn your lights off

Fix: Turning them off remotely using these smart plugs

Can’t remember if you turned your lights off? As long as you’re using these smart plugs, you’ll be able to turn them on and off remotely using the downloadable smartphone app. You can also put them on schedules so that they’re on when you come home, as well as control them with voice commands as long as they’re synched with either Alexa or Google Home.


Mistake: Letting dry ingredients go stale inside cardboard boxes

Fix: Transferring your foods into these airtight containers

With airtight lids that help keep everything inside fresh, these containers are an easy way to help keep dry ingredients from becoming stale. Their stackable design helps you save space in crowded pantries, and each order includes a set of chalkboard labels to help you keep everything organized. Choose from two lid colors: black or blue.


Mistake: Throwing out bottles before they’re completely empty

Fix: Scraping the sides clean using this miniature spatula

Condiments, skincare, conditioner — this miniature spatula can be used to scrape the insides of nearly any container clean. The small head easily fits through narrow bottle mouths, while the flexible silicone contours to the shape of the container to help you get every last drop. One reviewer even raved that “it has paid for itself probably a hundred times over and it’s still saving me money.”


Mistake: Leaving your fridge door open

Fix: Using this alarm to make sure it gets shut correctly

Leaving your fridge open is an easy way to end up with spoiled food, so why not grab this alarm? It goes off every minute, gradually increasing in volume over time — though after four minutes go by it’ll remain in continuous siren mode. Choose from three colors: white, gray, or black.


Mistake: Letting your stove burners get clogged with grease

Fix: Keeping them clean with these covers

Clogged stove burners are a total pain to clean, making these covers a smart investment. They’re extra-thick, but can be trimmed to fit smaller stovetops as needed. You can also wash and reuse them as many times as you need — and each one is even heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as BPA- and PFOA-free.


Mistake: Having puddled water degrade your tile floors

Fix: Preventing shower leaks with this door seal

If there’s always a puddle of water on your floors once you’ve finished showering, consider swapping out that old door seal with this new one. It’s made from high-quality vinyl that grips onto glass, creating a tight seal to help keep water from escaping your shower — and installation is as easy as pressing it into place. Plus, you can also trim it to fit smaller doors as needed.


Mistake: Letting your cats shred furniture

Fix: Using these shields to protect upholstery from claws

Add these shields to your couch (or any other piece of furniture), and they’ll help protect the upholstery from your cat’s claws. they’re thick enough to handle even the most destructive cats — and the adhesive backing allows for easy installation. Plus, the flexible design means you can wrap them around corners if needed.


Mistake: Cranking up the thermostat to stay warm

Fix: Snuggling underneath this warm throw blanket

You won’t even think about turning up the thermostat when you have this throw blanket, as it’s made from soft faux fur to help keep you warm on chilly nights. It’s also reversible — so you’re almost getting two blankets for the price of one. Choose from seven sizes, as well as more than 15 colors.


Mistake: Overcooking pricy meats by accident

Fix: Checking their internal temperatures with this thermometer

Not sure whether that roast is fully cooked? Shed some light on the subject with this meat thermometer. The extra-large LCD screen makes it easy to read, while a helpful backlight helps you see in the dark when grilling at night. The best part? There’s also a temperature guide printed on the handle that covers everything from poultry to medium-rare beef.


Mistake: Turning on all the lights when it’s dark

Fix: Using these puck lights to save on electricity

With built-in motion sensors that help save their batteries, these puck lights are a cost-effective alternative to turning on the lights in dark hallways, closets, and more. They’re also weather-resistant — just in case you decide to use them outside — and each order includes double-sided adhesive for stress-free installation.


Mistake: Throwing away ripped furniture

Fix: Repairing it with this helpful kit

Whether your couch is ripping or there’s a tear in one of your chair cushions, this sewing kit can help you get damaged upholstery looking good as new. Each order includes two spools of black and ivory nylon thread, as well as a set of heavy-duty needles that can pierce thick fabrics. Many reviewers also wrote about how they “worked great.”


Mistake: Letting your dryer get clogged with lint

Fix: Using this vacuum attachment to clear it out

If your dryer seems to be working harder than usual to get the same amount of clothes dry, you may need to use this vacuum attachment to clear lint from its vents. The hose is easy to maneuver all around your dryer — and each order includes a flexible lint brush for any particularly awkward spots. Choose from three colors: blue, gray, or black.


Mistake: Replacing stained furniture

Fix: Erasing the stains with help from this spray

Red wine, tomato sauce, chocolate — this spray is so potent that you can use it on nearly any type of spill or mess. It’s also safe to use on clothes, as the formula contains zero peroxide or chlorine, and is completely pH neutral as well as biodegradable. Simply spray, blot, and rinse — then sit back and watch as the stain disappears.


Mistake: Throwing away wet pet food when it dries out

Fix: Helping it stay fresh with these lids

Plastic wrap only keeps some air out of your pet food cans, whereas these silicone lids can help keep wet food fresh for days. They’re designed to fit cans of nearly any size — and each one is completely BPA-free as well as odorless. Plus, the dishwasher-safe design makes them easy to clean in a pinch.


Mistake: Letting your herbs wilt in the fridge

Fix: Keeping them fresh inside of this saver pod

Not only can this herb-saver pod help keep your greens fresh for up to three weeks, but its sturdy glass walls also help protect them from damage inside your fridge. It’s tall enough for everything from asparagus to cilantro, yet features a narrow base to help maximize space — and reviewers appreciated how it’s “easy to use.”


Mistake: Wasting money on pricy store-made cold brew

Fix: Whipping up a batch at home using this pitcher

Made from temperature-resistant borosilicate glass with a leakproof lid, this pitcher is perfect for making everything from cold brew to fresh tea at home. The fine-mesh filter is reusable, as well as completely BPA-free. And unlike some pitchers, this one comes with a measuring scoop to help you portion out your tea leaves and coffee grounds.


Mistake: Throwing away clothes with missing buttons

Fix: Sewing them back on with this kit

Thread, needles, scissors, measuring tape — this sewing kit comes with all the essentials you’ll need to put that button back on your shirt. The best part? Everything comes packaged in a convenient travel case, which means you can easily take it with you when going on vacation.


Mistake: Letting your bacon grease go to waste

Fix: Storing it inside this container until you can use it

Incorporating bacon grease into your meals is an easy way to add some depth of flavor, making this container a must-have in any kitchen. Its built-in strainer removes any burnt bits so that all you’re left with is pure grease — and the tough metal walls are built to handle high temperatures.


Mistake: Spending money on disposable mop pads

Fix: Switching over to these reusable ones

There’s no need to waste money on disposable mop pads when you have these reusable ones available. They’re made from soft microfiber that latches onto dirt and dust, not letting go until you either shake them out or toss them into the wash. The best part? You can use them with nearly any type of spray mop.


Mistake: Buying takeout too many times per week

Fix: Planning your meals with this notepad

Buying takeout can add hundreds of dollars to your credit card bill over the course of the month, so why not use this notepad to help you plan your meals? There’s space to jot down a shopping list, as well as the “menu” for each day of the week — and the magnetic backing lets you stick it to your fridge so that the whole household can see what’s for dinner.


Mistake: Letting cabinet doors slam shut

Fix: Cushioning the impact with these bumpers

Slamming your cabinet doors can lead to chips and cracks over time. Luckily, these bumpers are available for less than $15. They cushion the impact to help keep your doors safe from damage, and their adhesive backing means there are no nails or screws needed for installation. Choose from two colors: clear or black.


Mistake: Using too much oil in your cooking

Fix: These dispensers that come with helpful pour spouts

Transfer your cooking oils into these dispensers, and their pour spouts can help keep you from adding too much to your meals. You also get a set of airtight and leakproof plugs to help keep the oil fresh when you aren’t using it, as well as a convenient funnel that makes it easy to fill the bottles. Plus, the brown glass even helps prevent UV light degradation.


Mistake: Buying expensive bottled water

Fix: Adding this water filter to your kitchen faucet

Don’t waste money on bottled water — instead, add this Brita filter to your kitchen faucet. Not only can it replace up to 1,800 bottles of water, but it also removes up to 99% of lead, chlorine, and other particulates. And unlike some filters, this one only needs to be replaced once every 100 gallons, or about every four months.


Mistake: Wasting money on disposable plastic baggies

Fix: Making the switch to these reusable ones

I’m a huge fan when it comes to these reusable food baggies, and not just because they’re way more leakproof than the disposable ones you’ve probably been using. Each order comes with 10 bags in varying sizes, making them suitable for everything from snacks to pounds of meat. Their zip-lock seals also help keep air from getting inside — and they’re so effective that I’ve even used them to keep halved avocados from turning brown.