50 products under $30 that make your home so much nicer

From minimalist vases to easy-to-install puck lights, an upgraded space is coming your way.

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There’s no place like home. Now, if only saying that out loud and tapping your heels together could magically upgrade your living space. But there’s no need to wait for a good witch to float down from the sky and grant all your home improvement needs — I’ve compiled a list of neat products that will make your home so much nicer, and even better, they’re all under $30.

From kitchen to bathroom to bedroom — and everywhere in between — there’s a product on this list for each room in your home.


This soap dish that keeps your countertops from getting slimy

Give your kitchen sponge a designated parking space with this silicone soap dish tray. Designed to keep your countertops dry and free from slime, it’s heat-resistant, easy to clean, and protects surfaces from water and bacteria. With a sloped design for efficient water drainage and a nonslip bottom, it's a practical and hygienic solution for your kitchen and bathroom.


A set of grippers that help prevent your rugs from becoming a tripping hazard

Say goodbye to curling rug corners with this rug corner gripper set. Featuring four V-shape corner pieces, the soft rubber bottom protects your floors and leaves no marks, instantly preventing your rug corners from curling. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the weatherproof adhesive works on most surfaces, like hardwood floors, kitchens, patios, and garages.


These bookends that have a gorgeously modern aesthetic

Illuminate your space with these eye-catching stylish bookends. They’re perfect for holding books, games, DVDs, and more. These are made of sturdy, corrosion-resistant metal with a shiny gold-plated finish. With an extended base and anti-slip mat for stability, they offer functionality beyond their opulent decoration.


A 2-tiered turntable that gives easy access to stored spices & more

This bamboo turntable can help organize and streamline your cabinets and pantries. With a light wood-stain finish, the 360-degree turntable design allows for easy access from any side, making it ideal for cabinets or countertops. Made of premium bamboo, it's durable and easy to clean with mild soap and water.


These throw pillow covers that suit any space

A new throw pillow can really freshen up your space, so add a touch of style and texture to your space with this decorative throw pillow cover set. Made of soft, thick canvas and faux leather, these covers are durable and machine washable. With trendy designs featuring an invisible zipper, they are perfect for any home decor style.


A set of fillable paint pens to detail your walls

For when you need a quick touch-up but don’t need to pull out the entire paint set, these refillable pens can be used with any wall paint, furniture, or wood paint, allowing for quick and color-matched touch-ups on walls, trim, ceilings, and doors. This complete kit includes five paint pens and syringes for easy filling. The patented design ensures paint freshness for over seven years, eliminating the need for messy paint sticks and containers. Achieve professional-quality results with the small brush tip and twist-action paint control.


These puck lights with over 37,000 reviews

If there’s a dark spot in your cupboard or a corner of the kitchen that needs extra light, you can brighten any space with these reliable, energy-efficient puck lights. Easy to install with included mounting tape or screws, these battery-operated lights have an optional auto-off timer, tap functionality, and you can customize the lighting experience. Emitting a super-bright 3000K warm white glow, these long-lasting lights are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and more.


A pack of leakproof storage containers for food

Keep your food fresh, safe, and conveniently stored with this six-pack of small storage containers. Crafted from borosilicate glass, these airtight, leakproof containers are versatile and stackable. They hold five ounces each, making them perfect for dips, sauces, and snacks. With a microwave- and dishwasher-safe design, they make heating and cleanup a breeze.


These reusable wraps that replace cling film

Bee’s Wrap is an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic wrap. These reusable beeswax food wraps are perfect for storing and preserving food, and with different sizes available, you can conveniently wrap various items like fruits, vegetables, cheese, and more. A sustainable choice that can be used repeatedly, they’re made from organic cotton, beeswax, plant oils, and tree resin.


A charcuterie board that comes with 3 handy cheese knives

This bamboo cheese board and knife set is not only stylish but functional — it serves two people and can be used as a cutting board, serving tray, or platter for assorted food items, making it versatile for kitchen, entertaining, or outdoor activities. It features internal magnets that securely hold the included cheese knives and tools in place, and because it’s made from all-natural bamboo, this serving board is durable, stain-resistant, and odor-free.


These glass soda-can-shaped cups that are so hot right now

Pouring a bevvy and want it to have an extra Instagram aesthetic? These soda-can-shaped glasses are perfect for making tea, boba bubble milk tea, iced coffee, smoothies, and more. Made of high-quality clear glass, they are lead-free, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe. They come with matching straws and wire brushes for easy cleanup.


A toothpaste dispenser that holds your toothbrushes & so much more

Upgrade your oral care routine and say goodbye to messy toothpaste tubes with this convenient all-in-one toothbrush holder and automatic toothpaste dispenser. It maximizes bathroom space with its hygienic design, magnetic cup holder, and storage for up to four brushes. Easy installation and maintenance make it hassle-free, while the sleek design adds elegance to your bathroom.


This pack of 2 hexagonal terrariums that hang easily

Enhance your decor with these stylish and modern hexagonal hanging glass planters. Excellent for exhibiting water plants, air plants, or flowers, these wall-mounted containers add some geometric interest to any space. Installation is easy — this package includes two medium-sized planters and nail hooks, and it serves as a “hex-cellent” gift choice for plant enthusiasts.


A twinkly curtain of lights that add magic to any setting

Add some whimsy and sparkle to your decor with these enchanting LED curtain lights. With eight modes to choose from, including combinations, waves, fading, and more, you can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Waterproof and easy to use, these lights are ideal for both indoor and outdoor decorations, and the brightness of 300 warm white LED lights brings a romantic glow to any space.


This bamboo drawer organizer that’s stylish & easy to clean

Tired of a rogue spatula jamming up your drawers? Organize your kitchen and declutter your drawers with this expandable utensil organizer. With its adjustable design and deep groove compartments, this bamboo organizer fits most standard kitchen drawers and keeps your utensils neatly arranged. It's not only perfect for the kitchen, but also versatile for office supplies, makeup, and art supplies.


These velvet hangers with a nearly perfect rating on Amazon

Made from nonslip velvet and notched shoulders, these hangers provide a strong grip to keep your clothes securely hung. The slim design saves space in your closet, while the curved shoulder line preserves the shape of your clothing. Plus, the added horizontal bar lets you use these hangers for shirts, pants, or suits.


A sleek box for hiding your messy cords

If a tangle of messy cords is cluttering up your space, this bamboo-top cable management box is the perfect solution. Its spacious interior can accommodate a surge protector, so you can hide and organize cords on countertops, nightstands, and floors. The box is available in black or white, and the bamboo cover adds a modern and stylish touch.


This eco-friendly cleaner that fights hard water stains

This professional-grade hard water stain remover is designed to effectively remove stains, spots, and rust. With its powerful formula, it can eliminate years of unwanted hard minerals and restore surfaces to their original condition. This versatile cleaner can be used on most hard surfaces like shower doors, windows, tubs, grout, and more. It is safe, biodegradable, and promises to eliminate soap scum with minor scrubbing.


These pillowcases with a high thread count & a low price

Make your bedroom feel like a five-star hotel! Experience ultimate comfort and breathability with these sateen-weave pillowcases. Made from 100% long staple cotton, they are sweat-wicking and temperature-balancing, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. These silky-smooth pillowcases come in a range of stylish colors and get even softer with each wash.


A hanging garland that brings some delicate nature vibes to your bedroom

Add charm to an empty wall with this exquisite moon phase garland. Handcrafted from hammered metal, each moon has a beveled texture and is accompanied by a delicate chain for easy mounting. Choose between silver or gold to suit your decor, and enjoy the calming vibes of the lunar phases in any room.


These floating shelves that fit perfectly in the corner

Make use of awkward corner space with this set of two floating corner shelves. Suitable for any room, they are durable, stylish, and can support up to over 7 pounds. They’re easy to assemble and mount, providing a creative solution for challenging wall spaces, and they’re great for displaying treasured photographs or knick knacks.


A storage solution for your LPs that takes up minimal shelf space

Upgrade your vinyl record storage with this sleek and durable acrylic LP organizer. Designed to hold up to 50 twelve-inch LPs or seven-inch singles, it keeps your collection safe and easily accessible. With its retro minimalist design, it complements any decor while taking up little space. The shatterproof construction ensures your records stay protected, and it assembles in seconds.


These shower caddies with hooks for additional hanging space

What do pro golfers and bathroom showers have in common? They both need a caddy. Enhance your shower experience with these stylish and functional shower caddies. Made from durable stainless steel, they are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The easy installation process ensures no damage to the wall, and the strong adhesive provides a secure hold. With a large capacity and swift draining design, they are perfect for storing bathroom accessories.


This organizational tool that keeps shovels & rakes off the floor

If your garden shed or hallway closet resemble a giant game of pickup sticks, you need this wall-mounted broom holder. It features 11 storage spots, including five slots for brooms and mops and six extra hooks. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, it can hold items up to 35 pounds with its spring-loaded, rubber-gripped slots. Installation is a breeze with included screws, anchors, and step-by-step instructions.


A set of non-stick silicone bakeware perfect for roasting veggies in the oven

Stop relying on tinfoil — or unnecessaily dirtying multiple trays — when you cook. Designed for use in the oven or air fryer, these food-grade silicone dividers allow you to cook multiple items at once without them touching. With excellent high-temperature resistance, they can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and are safe for the dishwasher. Easy to use and store, they come with a wide handle and can be stacked together for efficient storage.


This contact paper that gives you “marble” countertops for a fraction of the cost

This self-adhesive wallpaper is smooth and easy to apply. With its gorgeous marble pattern and realistic white and grey visual textures, it offers a cost-effective alternative to real marble. Perfect for applications on most hard surfaces, such as kitchen counters, furniture, and walls, it can be easily cut into desired sizes and shapes.


These plugs that turn any appliance into a smart one

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, these smart plugs allow for convenient voice control of just about any lamp or device in your home. With the Kasa app, you can turn devices on and off remotely from your smartphone, and set schedules and timers to automate your home appliances.


A leather cleaner that’s gentle yet effective

Easily clean and rejuvenate your leather goods with this non-toxic, ready-to-use leather cleaner. Made by a family-owned American company with over 50 years of experience in leather care, this powerful and odorless formula doesn’t just work on all types of leather; it also effectively removes dirt, stains, and grime from vinyl, faux leather, and more.


These floating bookshelves that make your room look like something out of Harry Potter

Need a little magic in your life? These innovative concealed shelves make your books appear as if they're floating on the wall. With a sleek, minimalist look, these award-winning shelves are easy to install and maximize empty wall space. Show off your literary collection in style while making creative use of empty wall space.


A set of measuring cups that take the guesswork out of cooking

Upgrade your kitchen with this durable and convenient seven-piece stainless steel measuring cup set. Built to last, these cups are dishwasher-safe and will stay rust-free. The flat design prevents spills, and the sturdy handles won't bend or break. With engraved measurements in both U.S. and metric units, you can easily measure ingredients without the need for conversion charts.


This grout pen that makes your tile floors look like new

Sometimes scrubbing just can’t get it done — transform the look of your tiles with this grout marker! Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and any tiled area, the water-based colorant covers grubby grout stains, making them look brand new. With a long-lasting ink that covers up to 150 feet, you can tackle any DIY project.


These Edison bulbs that have a sophisticated throwback look

Achieve a beautiful vintage glow without the dangers of using actual vintage lightbulbs. These vintage-inspired incandescent bulbs create a classic throwback look while emitting a soft glow. They are durable, dimmer-compatible, and offer a long lifespan. Made with high-quality materials and an amber-colored glass cover, they perfectly complement modern furniture.


A pair of chic oil dispenser bottles with airtight & leakproof seals

With easy-pour spouts, controlled flow, and dust protection, this oil dispenser set is a must-have. It includes two dispensers, four pouring spouts, a stainless-steel funnel, and chalkboard labels for easy identification. Made of green-colored glass, these bottles protect the contents from light and add a touch of elegance to any countertop.


These mixing bowls that nest together for easy storage

These beautiful pistachio-colored mixing bowls are a must-have for any active kitchen. The nonslip base ensures stability while mixing, and the pour spout reduces the chance of spills when transferring mixes. These bowls nest together for easy storage, and they are dishwasher-safe for quick cleanup.


This pan & pot lid organizer that declutters your cabinet

If getting the right pan out of your cupboard is like playing a noisy game of cookware Jenga, you need this pan organizer. It can store up to five pans and offers flexible installation options, allowing you to place it vertically or horizontally. Say goodbye to cluttered cabinets and enjoy a more organized kitchen.


These stainless steel mugs that are double-wall insulated

Keep drinks hot or cold longer with these insulated double-wall stainless steel coffee cups. Shatterproof and durable, these eco-friendly mugs are easy to clean, and they're ideal for outdoor adventures. The spill-resistant lids make them travel-friendly, and the wide handle allows for comfortable carrying.


A multi-tool pen that seems to do it all

This multitool pen is a versatile 6-in-1 tool that combines a level, stylus, pen, and more. It features an omnidirectional stylus tip for tablets and a built-in level tool for hanging pictures. Made from durable aluminum, it includes Phillips and flathead screwdriver ends and comes with two ink refills. This multitool pen is perfect for construction, DIY projects, and everyday use, making it a great stocking stuffer for pretty much anybody.


This beautiful container for holding salt or whatever you like, really

A stylish and practical addition to any kitchen or bathroom, this salt cellar can be used to hold anything from spices to cotton swabs. Made from genuine white and gray marble, it accessorizes a space elegantly while providing easy access to salt during cooking. The sealed wood lid with a rubber seal keeps salt fresh and prevents clumping. With its solid weight, this salt cellar is reliable and won't slide or tip over.


These plant food spikes that make feeding your houseplants easy

Not much of a green thumb? No worries, these easy-to-use fertilizer spikes are suitable for all indoor plants, providing continuous feeding for up to two months. Safe for use on all potted plants, they contain essential micronutrients for healthy growth. This bundle includes two packs of plant food spikes, ensuring long-lasting nourishment for your ferns, spider plants, pothos, and more.


This vegetable slicer that cuts, chops, dices — all the prep you need

Prepare meals in half the time: effortlessly chop, slice, and dice with this easy-to-use vegetable chopper. Get eight amazing blades for the price of four, allowing you to perform a wide range of kitchen tasks with just one versatile tool. The food container and holder help with safety and cleanliness, while the compact design saves countertop space.


A cute ceramic vase shaped like a carton of orange juice

Add some color and charm to your home with this retro-inspired orange juice vase. Designed by artist Dustin Williams, the unique carton shape and vibrant design wrap around all four sides. Made of ceramic, this vase is perfect for storing flowers or using as a centerpiece in your kitchen or bathroom. With its compact size and colorful appeal, it's sure to bring a cheerful atmosphere to any space.


This glass juicer that comes with built-in storage

This clever citrus juicer collects and stores freshly pressed juice, offering a 5-ounce capacity for your favorite citrus fruits. The integrated pouring spout allows for convenient pouring into glasses or recipes. Made from BPA-free materials, this juicer is safe to use and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


A drawer that maximizes your desk space

This convenient slide-out drawer mounts securely under your desk, providing hidden storage without taking up valuable desktop space. Keep your workspace clean and organized, with ample room for storing items such as books, pens, headphones, and more. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, this durable and eco-friendly drawer is easy to install with self-adhesive tapes or screws.


This decorative dried grass that is chic & low-maintenance

Avoid the hassle of keeping a bouquet of flowers from wilting: this stunning pampas grass is an attention-grabbing decoration that seamlessly complements so many decor styles. The package includes 86 pieces of dried pampas grass, and it requires no watering or fertilizing. Simply plume it to your desired shape, place it in a vase, and enjoy the captivating ambiance it brings to any space.


These votive candle holders that add retro romance

Crafted with ribbed glass, these votive candle holders are durable and elegant. Coming in a pack of four, these votives create a warm and inviting ambiance. Use them to enhance centerpieces, add a cozy touch to family meals, or simply create a serene atmosphere for relaxation.


A solar-powered lamp that has a real “wow” factor

Illuminate your outdoor space with this solar garden lamp. Covered in handcrafted mosaic glass, this solar-powered ball creates a visual spectacle of warm and colorful lights in your garden, yard, or patio. With its weather-resistant and waterproof design, it performs year-round, bringing beautiful decorations to any area of your home.


This ceramic vase that has a minimalist donut shape

Enhance your home decor with this ceramic vase. Its cute, circle-shaped design makes it perfect for centerpieces, and decor ranging from mininal to farmhouse. This vase is easy to care for and can be paired with various flowers, such as pampas grass, dried flowers, or artificial blooms, to create a unique and trendy aesthetic. With its minimalist design, this vase adds subtle drama to any room or event.


These timeless black candle holders

Made from metal, these sturdy and stable candlestick holders feature a matte surface for a timeless, refined look. Available in different heights, they create a captivating tiered visual effect. Suitable for 3/4 inch candles and LED taper candles, they’re perfect for everything from romantic candlelight dinners to holiday parties.


A drying rack that rolls out over your sink

Maximize your kitchen space with this versatile over-the-sink drying rack. Made of stainless steel, it is sturdy, rust-resistant, and can support up to 33 pounds. Its adjustable design and collapsible feature allow for easy storage, saving valuable counter space. With its food-safe and heat-resistant properties, this drying rack is a practical and convenient addition to your kitchen.


These elegant drawer handles that will give your kitchen a contemporary upgrade

Give your cabinets a quick facelift with this pack of 10 drawer handles. The European styling adds a contemporary touch to any cabinet door, offering a simple, versatile design that coordinates with various decor themes. Made of solid stainless steel with a satin nickel finish, these pulls are built to last.