47 simple ways to declutter your home you'll wish you knew about sooner

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A peaceful home has a ripple effect toward a peaceful state of mind — it’s a little center of zen in a chaotic world. Homes cover a lot of bases, acting as part-time yoga studios, co-working spaces, craft shops, and gym classes. With all that heavy lifting, it’s pretty typical that stuff just kind of piles up. That’s why customers can’t stop raving about these simple ways to declutter with almost no effort.

This host of genius, awesome items on Amazon are simple, but make a profound difference in keeping things orderly. The helpful home upgrades here are the kind that seamlessly sidle into your world and make your days just a little bit breezier from clear organizers that contain your small odds and ends (but keeps them visible and easy to find) to closet space-savers that also prevent your shirts from wrinkling.

Whether they’re tucked behind doors, beneath shelves, in cabinets, or under the sink, this melange of simple goodies makes a deeply satisfying use of space. There are mini shelves that double cabinet capacity, adaptable storage cubes to contain any mess, and sliding baskets that store without taking up valuable floor space. While I can’t guarantee any of these will lead you to zen, they will have you breathing a sigh of contentment every time you behold your home in a glorious state of order.


An ottoman that’s storage, table, and seat

This snazzy storage ottoman is one of those “how did I live without this?” items. Its inside capacity is 15” square so is perfect for stowing away blankets, books, toys, and various sundries. The top is padded to make it a cushy footrest or seat, and flips over to double as a tray (for snacking on the couch, sure). Plus, it’s collapsible so you can fold and stow it when its work is done.


This cabinet space saver made from steel

Lurking inside cabinets is often a haphazard mishmash of products and supplies — but it need not be this way! Spectrum’s Storage Basket instantly slips over cabinet doors to up capacity in a practical, handsome package. It’s a grid basket so you can easily spy what’s inside, and is made of steel so can handle the heavies.


This bamboo shelf that doubles counter space

Ideal for a desk or the kitchen, this sturdy shelf features a tall lower tier for items like books or vases, while the top is great for smaller displayables like petite plants or perhaps an analog clock (remember those?). Crafted from solid natural bamboo, it has anti-slip feet to keep it put. It also has a 4.6-star rating.


An organizer that takes clutter and makes it nice

A cabinet stuffed with snacks is a beautiful sight, and this handy organizer keeps all your goodies visible and tidy. Plus, it’s a caddy with a handle so you can tote those tasty bad boys to your desk or couch and feel quite refined. It’s also ideal for bathroom sundries, craft materials, or any clutter that could use a cleanup.


This computer riser with double drawers

This drawer/stand combo raises your monitor by 4.7” for added desk-posture ergonomics, and keeps your items easily grabbable yet out of sight. It’s made of sturdy metal and holds up to 33 pounds, so can handle substantial monitor or printer action with ease. There’s no assembly required, so you can enjoy your new setup right out of the box.


This narrow, sliding organizer that fits in tight spaces

In places where space is at a premium, this triple-tier storage rack makes use of every inch. Bathrooms, laundry, home gyms, or kitchens all get a decluttering boost from this smart device, which comes in white, black, or gray to complement your color scheme. It’s on wheels if mobile-shelving is your jam. Made of stainless steel with plastic drawers, it’s sturdy and also easy to clean.


A smart under-shelf drawer that maximizes storage

There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with making typically unused areas functional, and Joseph Joseph’s Under-Shelf Drawer delivers. It fits neatly onto your shelf and installs with a strong 3M adhesive so no tools are needed. One customer calls it, “One of the most useful 'gadgets you didn't know you need' I have ever come across.”


These wine glass holders that make use of under-cabinet space

Channel your inner connoisseur and save tons of cabinet space with this handy under-cabinet wine glass rack. Depending on the size of your vessel, each row of this rust-proof metal frame holds five glasses safely. It comes with all necessary hardware to install in just a few minutes — more time for wine.


A coffee pod carousel to make finding the perfect flavor easy

This snazzy lazy Susan takes a mishmash of up to 35 pods and makes it tidy and easy to navigate — ideal for blurry-eyed, pre-coffee mornings. It comes in chrome, black, or white to complement your kitchen and has a 7-inch footprint to preserve counterspace. Over 65,000 people give this bad boy an almost-unheard-of 4.9 star review.


These smart, space-saving pan lid organizers

Efficiently storing pot and pan lids can be an elusive feat — not so, with Joseph Joseph’s mountable holders. They’re easily installable (tool-free!) for under counters, behind cabinet doors, or inside drawers to get those wily lids in order. Accommodating standard diameters of 6” to 9.5”, this slim four-pack adds an outsized amount of order to the kitchen.


These ingenious under-sink sliding drawers

Though they can be used in any cabinet, madesmart’s 2-tier slide-out baskets are optimal for taming below-the-sink wilds. The sturdy drawers have dividers for extra organizational power. They’re the number one seller in Amazon’s Trays, Holders, and Organizers category — one reviewer stuck them in the fridge and called it “the best money I ever spent.”


This futuristic, ultra-efficient toothbrush holder and dispenser

Aeakey’s Toothbrush Holder and Dispenser packs an almost unfathomable amount of convenience into 10 inches of space. It holds four toothbrushes and has two smart magnetic cups, with a toothpaste dispenser to aid in getting every last bit from the tube. Upper storage sections are great for razors or products, and a slide-out drawer safely holds little bits like razor blades.


A caddy that keeps your cleaning products shipshape

Playing the roles of sliding drawer and tote-able caddy, this roll-out organizer is optimal for taming taller products like spray bottles. Dividers keep littles like sponges and scrubbers in order, too. There’s no installation whatsover as these just slip into your cabinet, which is protected from scuffing with smooth-spinning wheels. It’s easy to clean and holds up to 30 pounds, so you can go ahead and get heavy-duty.


This sizeable tray that gives bits and baubles a home

It’s easy for dressers and vanities to be strewn with small items — things are nicer (and easier to find) with an attractive, double-tiered tray as a homebase. Also ideal for the office, this tray utilizes vertical space with a top layer that’s great for small items like jewelry or car keys, and a larger under-level begging to hold glasses, watches, and wallets.


This large-capacity cotton basket with handles

There’s a reason baskets have been a go-to storage solution for thousands of years, and this sizeable rope number doesn’t reinvent the wheel — but does add a couple handles. It’s firm yet made of soft cotton so won’t scratch surfaces, and has an extra-large capacity to capably contain laundry, blankets, or toys.


A versatile, sturdy rail with hooks

This simple, wall-hugging iron rail is a powerhouse in the kitchen, handling utensils, pots and pans, coffee mugs, and anything you’d want to hang up. It’s just over an inch deep which keeps its 10 S-hooks from swaying or falling. The kitchen isn’t the only place this rack does work, though — bathrooms and entryways also benefit from its organizing action.


This brilliant bin that frees up drawers

This storage container by mDesign is *chef’s kiss* for boxes of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and storage bags, giving that sizeable footprint of drawer space back to you. A strong adhesive makes these containers easy to install wherever they can help out — inside cabinets, pantries, on walls, or the backs of doors. Reviewers give these smart space-savers 4.7 stars.


A paper towel holder that maximizes its footprint

Ideal for the kitchen, laundry room, garage shop, or RV, this clever roll holder has a shelf up top for spice bottles, cleaning supplies, or small tools. Mounting hardware is included, and this efficient wonder is ready to go whether on walls, cabinets, or pantries. It has an open-arm design so spent rolls can be easily slipped off and replaced afresh.


A tray that actually fits all your silverware

I’ve never understood why my cutlery tray makes me choose between tall forks and spoons. This large tray by madesmart has sizeable compartments to let all your silverware breathe easy, along with a grippy lining to keep things from sliding around. Over 8,000 reviewers give these 4.8 stars, with one saying, “worth every penny.”


This set of 3 solid wood shelves that can hold 40 pounds

Simply crafted from Paulownia hardwood and metal brackets, these floating shelves are an utter steal at $20 a set. There’s a small, medium, and large, with the longest running 17 inches with a weight capacity of 40 pounds. All installation hardware is included, so you can quickly start employing that wall space with style.


These stylish and sturdy stash cubes

Nothing turns a space from chaotic to crisp like a set of cube organizers. These are right at home under the bed with pull-handles for easy accessibility, and look just as snazzy in cubbies or on closet shelves. Choose from six available shades to create a neat, unified front for any color scheme. They also collapse tight when not needed.


A set of simple, slide-on shelf baskets

Zero hardware or adhesives needed for these sleek storage baskets — a smart design lets them slip right onto your shelves. Reviewers have transformed the hanging air space of pantries and fridges, laundry rooms, and garages. The back of the shelf can be left off so longer items can sit pretty as you declutter your heart out.


These double shelves that double your space

They’re simple, but this set of two stackable shelves duplify cabinet space which is a total win. Lifting plates to get at larger plates or scooching behind bowls to get to mugs is now a game of the past. They’re slightly different heights so one can nest slightly under the other should your cabinet be on the shorter side.


This expandable, instant shelf

Using the magic of tension rods to easily install without tools or damage, Hershii’s expandable shelf makes an excellent nesting place for things you want to tuck out of sight — shoeboxes, sports gear, bags, and linens come to mind. The rods can be used as hangers, too, and create an easy closet wherever you want one.


A set of 4 go-anywhere stackable baskets

Bathroom, kitchen, garage — these space-saving storage bins add a heaping dose of tidy wherever they land. They’re made of sturdy plastic with mesh-like sides and a dropped front so you can easily peep what’s inside. Available in a variety of pleasant pastels and neutrals, all elicit a sigh of organization-based contentment.


This sleek and safe cable cover

Cables and power strips are a notorious eyesore, and this unobtrusive cover box quickly and effectively conceals. Optimal for under desks and behind TVs, this sleek little helper not only neatens, but protects curious kids and pets from accessing plugs. It also makes that typical jumble-of-cords area way easier to clean.


A desk organizer with thoughtful compartments and mini drawer

This clever office organizer sees that pile of stuff on your desk and raises it a place for everything, and everything in its place. The tall back section is an excellent nook for notebooks and mail, while office accessories of every style have a home in its five additional compartments of varying size.


This sturdy, stainless steel caddy with hooks

Ranked the number one best-seller of Amazon’s shower caddies, KINCMAX’s basket shelf installs with a strong adhesive that reviewers say stays put — even when “chock full.” The shelf has ample space for a full set of shower necessities, keeping things off tub sides and corners, while hanging hooks stow razors, washcloths, and loofahs.


A storage solution that spins for easy access

Copco’s Non-Skid Turntable does away with standing on tiptoes to peer into the furthest recesses of higher-up shelves. Its unique low rise coupled with spin capability lets you easily store, see, and grab what you need. A nonskid base keeps it in place during spin sessions, and side handles make it tote-able if desired.


A smart and sanitary kitchen sink rack

Keeping sponges, towels, and dish gloves dry helps your kitchen be its best self, and this combo sponge-holder/towel rack does just that. Made of stainless steel so it’s rust-proof and durable, this nifty sink-tidier sits above a drain pan for easy cleanup. It’s compact enough to sit easily atop counters or windowsills.


An instant upgrade for wayward shoes

This transparent storage solution makes a former hodgepodge of shoes easy to see and store, and also keeps them in better shape (I used to work at a shoe store, trust me). Utilizing a space-saver’s favorite behind-the-door locale, this 24-pocket wonder hangs without hardware. Your 12 favorite pairs of footwear have never felt so satisfied.


These clips that give your spice rack easy to navigate

Ideal for tight kitchen spaces like in an RV, or anywhere spices feel cluttered, Simplehouseware’s gripper clips are practical and novel. They come in a pack of six strips that hold five standard-size jars each, creating a dazzling, orderly, easily-visible array. They mount with pre-applied 3M adhesive or included screws if you prefer.


This double-hook hanger that pops on in a Snap

A classic, over-the-door hanger is a quick and easy gamechanger for bathrobe and towel stowing. This one has two hooks tipped with nonslip rubber so items stay put, while a flat-top hanger ensures doors close with ease. Some reviewers have thought outside the box and utilized this puppy for hanging holiday wreaths.


This clever curtain that stores shower sundries

Suitable as a waterproof shower liner or curtain, this innovative organizer has nine neato storage pockets. They’re made of mesh so your shower goods or kids’ bath toys stay dry, and hold up to one pound of item per pouch. For showers lacking ledge space, one reviewer says “this ... curtain will be your best friend.”


A clothing rod that instantly doubles your closet space

Hang this adjustable clothing rod onto your existing rod and instantly double the number of hangers your closet can support. It can be anywhere from 18 to 30 inches, and is a great way to keep shirts, pants, and more items you might tuck into a drawer free from wrinkling.


This hanging organizer with 2,000+ 5-star reviews

Made from a breathable, non-woven fabric, these hanging closet organizers sit on your clothing rod to add five shelves of storage. Choose from three colors, and when it comes to quality, it’s backed by a 4.7-star overall rating and more than 2,000 five-star reviews.


An elegant organizer you can use vertically or horizontally

Use this three-drawer organizer vertically or horizontally. Either way, customers have used it to store tea bags, condiment packets, and bathroom odds and ends. Get it in three casing shades (black, clear, or white), all with clear drawers so you can easily see what’s inside.


A swinging towel rack that makes your bath feel like a luxe hotel

Keep your towels within reach but aired out with this swinging towel bar that gives your bathroom a hotel room feel. The stainless steal unit comes in brushed gray or matte black, and it comes in one piece, so it couldn’t be easier to install.


An organizer that gets mops and brooms off the floor

Tired of mops, brooms, and more toppling over? That’s a thing of the past with this sturdy, wall-mounted mop and broom holder with five slots. The six hooks make keeping cleaning supplies visible and accessible.


This under-bed storage that’s great for out-of-season clothes and linens

Get two large under-bed storage bags that hold up to 60 liters of blankets, towels, and out-of-season clothes each with your order and finally free up that closet space. Choose from black, gray, or beige.


A drawer organizer that makes underwear, socks, and more easy to find

Never search for the perfect pair again with these drawer organizers that work for underwear, socks, and more. Customers have also used them for ties, baby onsies, and bathing suits. Plus, it has customers raving, “Why oh why didn't I get this sooner!”


A shoe rack that’s sturdy and easy to assemble

“Really easy to assemble and very sturdy. I'm impressed on the value for the price,” one customer raved about this metal shoe rack. Available in a three-tier or four-tier design, they hold about 12 pairs each and feature an elevated rounded rod design.


A hanging organizer that keeps your essentials on hand

This handy bedside organizer keeps your phone, water, reading material, and more easily accessible and it couldn’t be easier to install. Just lock the backing between your bed and mattress or the couch cushions, or, you can weigh it down with some books or whatever else you have on hand. Get it in nine colors.


These stackable clear containers to polish your bath or kitchen

Whether you use it for first aid, toiletries, spices, or something else, they’ll be easy to find in a glance thanks to these clear organizers. Save even more space by stacking them.


These file holders that contain your paper clutter

Get bills, magazines, and more contained and organized with these thick cardboard file boxes. Each order comes with six so you’ll be able to categorize them. There’s even a multicolor set with three shades for those who want to color code their papers.


A desk or drawer organizer with adjustable compartments

Use it in the kitchen, the bath, the garage, or the office. Wherever you put it, this organizer with adjustable compartments can be personalized to suit what you need contained. “I can fit 1 or 2 in a drawer and the little dividers are so easy and stay exactly where you put them,” one customer wrote.


These closet shelf organizers so your stacks stay put

Keep your shelves from looking visually cluttered with these shelf dividers that keep bags, sweaters, and more from leaning and make a mess. They slide easily on to most drawers up to 0.875 inches thick for easy installation and offer 12 inches of support.