Why these brands are skipping Black Friday

Some things are more important than sales.

Dewey Saunders/Mic; Getty Images

Let’s face it: Our culture’s obsession with consumption takes its toll on the planet, and no single day exemplifies that more than Black Friday. The biggest shopping day of the year comes at a huge cost to the environment. While you’re being inundated with endless sales and “urgent” deals, though, these sustainable brands are opting out of the whole process.

A. Martin UW Photography/Moment/Getty Images

REI’s annual “Opt Outside” movement is probably the most famous anti-Black Friday campaign. The outdoors retailer has been closing its stores and offices post-Thanksgiving (and giving employees the day off, paid) since 2015 — and this year, they announced they’ll continue to do so for good.

“Over the years, Opt Outside has evolved from a response against consumerism to a movement that has advocated for causes important to the co-op, including environmental welfare, inclusivity in the outdoor industry and responsible recreation,” the company noted in a blog post about the decision to make Opt Outside a permanent annual event.

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