These lightweight camping chairs pack up easily so you can take them anywhere


When you're camping in the wilderness, it's nice to have somewhere to sit besides a tree stump or the top of your cooler. The best camping chairs are typically lightweight and portable without compromising ruggedness or stability. To help you find the right chair for your needs, I scoured Amazon for different options, and even tested a few out myself.

If you're trekking deep into the woods, weight will be key. You'll want something smaller and more compact with a stripped-down design. If you're car camping by the lake, on the other hand, you may want to indulge in a heavier chair with features like extra pockets, a footrest, or even a two-seat design. Folks in RVs or at "glamping" sites can go even bigger.

Regardless of the design you choose, there are a few factors that are important to think about. Camp chairs take a serious beating, so when putting together this list, I looked for options with tough materials like rip-stop nylon or polyester, along with strong steel frames. Additionally, stability is extra important on uneven ground, so I read through reviews on Amazon and sat in a few chairs myself to find the most wobble-free choices. Finally, camping chairs are a hassle when they're difficult to fold up, which is why the chairs below all have a smooth, simple design.

With all that in mind, take a look at the best camping chairs to find the one that fits your adventures the best.

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The fan favorite

Weight: Approximately 8 pounds (according to reviewers)

Capacity: 325 pounds

This well-liked Coleman camping chair is an all-around excellent option. It's both durable and lightweight with a smooth, easy-to-fold design. The chair is a popular choice on Amazon, boasting more than 5,000 five-star reviews — many of which vouch for its sturdy, non-wobbly feel. In addition to the cushioned design and durable polyester fabric, it's loaded with bonus features such as a mesh cup holder, a handy side pocket, and a built-in four-can cooler.


The budget one

Weight: 6 pounds

Capacity: 225 pounds

With 1,600-plus reviews on Amazon, this budget camping chair is another popular option that's offered at a more wallet-friendly price. It's sturdy, according to reviewers, and durable too given the cost. Not only that, but it's also lightweight, at just 6 pounds. The compact folding chair is made with strong 300-denier polyester that's stain- and water-resistant. It's not as durable as some of the pricier options on this list, but if you're looking for a cheap and simple chair, it's the perfect choice.


The splurge

Weight: 13.3 pounds

Capacity: 500 pounds

Constructed with comfortable and practically indestructible FlexGrid fabric, this high-end camping chair combines luxury and durability to the max. I tried this one myself and I can attest that it's strong, comfortable, and impressively hard to break. The material conforms to the contours of your body, removing pressure points and preventing your butt from getting sore. On top of that, the frame is exceptionally lightweight so it's easy to pack and carry. Plus, the UV-rated materials keep the sun from wearing it down. It's too heavy for backpacking but it makes a great choice for car camping, "glamping," or RV adventures.


The two-seater

Weight: 15.3 pounds

Capacity: 500 pounds

Made with soft but durable polyester and breezy mesh seats, this two-person camping chair is the perfect choice for lounging in pairs around the campfire. At 15.3 pounds it's on the heavier side, but not too bad for a double-seater. It has a rugged frame that's made of sturdy steel and it packs into a handy roll-up storage pouch. I tried this one too and it has definitely become my go-to for car camping excursions. The only drawback is that the low design, which is meant to provide an extra relaxing feel, but may be difficult for some people to get in and out of.


The floor chair

Weight: 26 ounces

Capacity: 250 pounds

The brilliance of this padded camping chair is that it folds into a flat two-dimensional square that can easily be slipped into narrow spaces when not in use. It's built with high-density closed-cell foam (which is insulating as well as comfortable) and durable rip-stop nylon. It has quick-release buckles on the webbing that let you adjust the back to a variety of angles. In summary, it's simple, lightweight, and ultra-convenient.


The one for backpacking

Weight: 2.1 pounds

Capacity: 320 pounds

If you're into backpacking, this Helinox chair is one of the smallest, most lightweight camping chairs out there. With collapsible legs and a 2.1-pound design, it folds into a tiny travel pouch you can throw in your backpack or rig up with your sleeping bag. I tested this one out too and I liked how it automatically assembles itself with an internal bungee cord. All you have to do is pull it out of the case, give it a shake, and voilà — the legs bend in the direction they need to be connected. Another great feature is the personal shade that can be purchased separately to morph it into a camping chair with a canopy.


The rocking chair

Weight: 12.1 pounds

Capacity: 250 pounds

With more than 4,000 reviews on Amazon, this unique camping chair is the only one on this list with a spring-action rocking feature. The portable, lightweight option is basically an outdoor rocking chair that you can fold up for storage and transportation. It features comfortable padded armrests and a tough steel frame. I tried this one out briefly and found its rocking mechanism to be smooth and relaxing. "These are the most comfortable chairs we've ever owned," wrote one Amazon customer. At 12.1 pounds, it's not certainly not built for backpacking, but it's a great choice for car camping.


The one with a footrest

Weight: 12.6 pounds

Capacity: 200 pounds

For the ultimate in outdoor lounging, this reclining camping chair comes with a footrest. In addition to being fairly lightweight for its size (at 12.6 pounds), it's made with robust polyester and an airy mesh design. On top of that, it has an adjustable tilting frame that allows you to lean back in it while still being supported. The chair's footrest is detachable with an easy rotation of the knob and it has bonus cup holders, a headrest and a side pocket. Plus, it comes with a convenient carrying case.