The weirdest, most genius home products with near-perfect Amazon reviews

Thousands of people agree these are winners.

ByChristina X. Wood
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It can be a challenge to get six people to agree on where to go to dinner. So when thousands of people agree that something is awesome enough to get a perfect five-star review on Amazon, it’s probably worth taking a look at the item.

And if that item is a weird, genius little thing that happens to make it easier to get dinner on the table, reduce small annoyances around the house, or bring joy to an everyday task, all the better. That’s just what you’ll find here. So go on and take a look at this list of the weirdest, most genius home products with near-perfect reviews.


This clever dehumidifier for small spaces

If you have a damp bathroom, cupboard, or closet, this mini dehumidifier is the easy solution. Just set it in the room and let the humectant within absorb the humidity in the room. When it has sucked in all the moisture it can hold, the indicator window turns green. Just plug it in to dry it out and put it back into your space when it turns orange again.


A clever fix for slippery stairs

If your stairs are a slippery hazard, there is an easy solution: Stick this clear, nonslip stair tape on. It instantly adds a grippy surface for socks, slippers, and paws. The wide strips are easy to install on top of hardwood, marble tile, vinyl, metal, concrete, or laminate.

“I didn't realize how careful I had learned to be, or how often I fell going up or down my slippery wood steps until I got these treads!” said one reviewer. “They provide so much more stability, which both my dog and I appreciate.”


This hack for dispensing laundry detergent

Turn that unwieldy, heavy, and difficult supersized bottle of liquid laundry soap into a clever dispenser by adding this detergent holder to your laundry room rig. It holds the bottle at the ideal angle and height for pouring soap into a measuring cup. It has grippy feet and a strap to hold the bottle in place so you never have to lift the thing until it’s empty.


These microfiber cloths that get glass clean with just water

There is no need to get out a cleaning kit or pay for high-priced detergents to get mirrors and windows clean. This glass cleaning cloth needs only water to clean glass without leaving streaks. The dense microfiber is engineered for the task and loads of reviewers are amazed at the results.

“I cleaned an entire wall of sliding glass doors, interior and exterior, with one cloth. Voila! Sparkling clean. No other cleaners or cloths have ever provided such perfect results,” said one.


The smarter way to cook with bacon grease

If you love bacon, don’t throw away the grease. You can use it to infuse everything from fried eggs to popcorn with that rich, smoky flavor. This bacon grease container unlocks this deliciousness by making it easy to collect and store the grease. It holds four cups. A strainer removes the bacon particles. A lid keeps the grease clean. And the handle and pour spout make it easy to dispense that yummy bacon grease into a pan.


These bins for storing soda so efficiently

End the chaos in your fridge with this two-pack of order-creating soda can organizers. Instead of emptying a shelf to find the soda or beer lurking in the back, this lets you grab one with ease. The bin is slightly sloped so the next can moves to the front. Each of the two bins holds nine cans in a space that’s less than 6 inches wide.


A quick way to repair wall damage

Fixing those holes in your drywall caused by (mis)hanging art is so easy with this drywall repair putty. You apply it to your walls much the same way you apply deodorant. Then wipe off the excess. When it’s dry, paint it and it will be like the damage never happened.


The bathroom upgrade for a better toilet experience

Transform your bathroom, upgrade your personal hygiene, and discover a level of cleanliness that’s not obtainable with toilet paper alone by installing this bidet attachment under the seat of your toilet. To give your undercarriage a shower — anytime you like — just turn the dial to the water pressure that works best for you.


These magnetic lights for grilling at night

Nighttime is the right time for a barbecue. This pair of grill lights lets you illuminate the grilling area and workspace so you can see what you are cooking. The base is magnetic so it sticks right to the grill or any metal surface. The bendable gooseneck lets you aim the light where you want it.

“The magnet keeps them firmly affixed wherever I place them. The nice plastic box keeps them well stored. They will also be handy in a power outage,” said one reviewer.


The unique tool that gets stained toilets clean

If you have hard water or a high level of minerals in your water, it can leave stains on your toilet that can be nearly impossible to remove with the usual bathroom-cleaning products and methods. But this pumice toilet cleaner will bring the bowl back to shiny clean in seconds.

“I had been scrubbing at black stains in my toilet for weeks,” said one of nearly 20,000 five-star reviewers. “Got this in the mail today, and all the stains were gone within five minutes.”


The savvy way to keep the cat from scratching the couch

Your kitty will not like this cat scratch deterrent. But you likely will. Attach it to the area of the couch that the cat loves to scratch and it turns that spot slippery and unsatisfying so your cat won’t like scratching it anymore. It’s barely visible, easy to install, and super effective.


This compact power strip that can handle all your gadgets

Drop this triangular power strip where you want to charge your laptop, tablet, and phone. The compact shape won’t take up much space, but it will put two USB ports and one USB-C port — as well as two standard plugs — right where you want them. There is even a lip to rest your phone in.


The stain remover that works in seconds

Tacos seemed like such a great idea until red salsa dripped onto your white shirt. Red wine was similarly delicious until enthusiastic gesticulating led to a stained carpet crisis. This stain remover will clean away all evidence of that. Spray it on. Blot it off. And forget it ever happened.

“Removed red wine spills on a white wool rug in seconds!” said one reviewer. “In the middle of a party, as everyone was watching and saying that nothing would help.”


An improved way to strain water from pasta

Get rid of that bulky colander that’s hard to store and use. This snap-on pot strainer does the job better. Clip it to the side of your vessel and pour the hot water out without clearing the sink first or aiming for a target in the sink. It’s flexible so it fits all your pans and stores easily in a drawer.

“It's so easy to use and clean,” said one reviewer. “I have subconsciously shied away from making noodle dishes because I HATE regular strainers. This little thing is life-changing.”


This splatter screen that helps keep the stovetop clean

If you don’t like cleaning the stovetop, prevention is key. That doesn’t have to mean skipping your favorite pan-fried dinner, either. Set this splatter screen over the pan and it helps prevent the grease from carpeting your stove. And, it’s easy to clean in the dishwasher.

“I'd pretty much stopped making anything that splattered,” said one reviewer. “Cleaning the stove top [...] was such a drag. Then I found this grease splatter screen.”


This extendable duster that can handle your ceiling fans

Cleaning a ceiling fan is so easy with the right tool. This ceiling fan duster is that tool. Simply slide the fluffy duster over the blades and it works to trap all the dust, top and bottom. You won’t need a ladder because the handle extends so you can reach the fan. The dusting head is washable and works well on other surfaces, too.


The cleaning tool that brings its own elbow grease

Use this power scrubber to quickly and easily clean everything from the detailed parts of a stovetop or faucet to the grout on the bathroom floor. The oscillating head spins 60 times per second so you don’t need elbow grease and it has two settings.


A smart way to store (& test) your batteries

Clean out the junk drawer in minutes — without tossing the collection of spent and live batteries that have commingled in there — by moving them to this battery organizer and tester. There is a tester built in so you can check battery status as you load it and the lid is clear so you can see your inventory. It holds 93 batteries and comes in five colors.


The clever storage system that helps keep bread fresh

Store your bread — right in its original bags — in this bread dispenser that dispenses the bread one slice at a time. The container is rigid and airtight so your bread won’t get crushed, and you can even safely bring it to a picnic.

“No more smooshed bread,” said one reviewer. “No more losing the weird tab thingy to keep the bread closed. This keeps bread fresh, un-squished, and convenient to use and store. Also very fun to slide the wrapper down the sides and watch the bread shoot up.”


This vegetable chopper for fast & easy prep work

When using a knife is too much trouble but you aren’t willing to get out a big apparatus to prep your dipping sauce or salsa, pull this little vegetable chopper out of a drawer, drop the onions, peppers, or herbs into it, and pump the handle to turn the blade. Prep is done.

“Why use a difficult-to-clean food processor when I have this?” said one reviewer. “Completely disassembles to throw right in the dishwasher. Easily reassembles when done. Takes up minimal space.”


A place for your keys so you don’t lose them

Never lose your keys again because your head was in the clouds when you set them down. Mount this magnetic key holder right where you want to place your keys upon entering the house. Then train yourself to stick them to these cartoon clouds instead. You won’t have to remember where you left them because they will always be in the same place.


These universal lids that can go in the microwave

These heat-resistant microwave covers will come in handy for many applications in the kitchen. Cover a plate when you microwave it to help prevent splatter. Cover your famous chicken salad when you stash the bowl in the fridge. Set one on your coffee cup if you get interrupted while drinking it to help hold the heat in. They suction onto the container and are flexible, colorful, and easy to clean.


The handy can opener that does all the work

Upgrade your can opener to one that does all the work and doesn’t leave sharp edges for you to cut yourself on. Set this electric can opener on top of the lid, push a button, and it will take it from there. When it’s done, lift it — and the lid — off the can. The open can has a smooth top without dangerous edges.


This slick garment steamer that also irons

Skip the bulky iron and use this slick handheld garment steamer to get the wrinkles out of clothes while they are still on the hanger. Just fill it with water, plug it in, and aim it at your garment. An LCD display shows the temperature. The steam panel can be rotated to handle narrow parts of a garment or large expanses of fabric. It has three modes, including dry (for traditional ironing), light steam, and high steam.


This organizer that holds your snacks for a tidier cupboard

Make it easy to find your small snacks, cereal bars, and other items that tend to get lost in your cabinets with this shelf organizer that provides customizable cubbies for all of those things. The four-step tiered slope lets you see what’s in the back and you can easily configure the dividers to fit the snacks you have.


The practical trick for storing hoses & extension cords

These storage straps make unwieldy extension cords, hoses, and hard-to-store tools easy to carry and even easier to store. Just wrap the straps around the hose or the cords of your power tools, secure them with the hook-and-loop closure, and hang them from a hook on the wall.

“I wished I had found these sooner!!” said one reviewer. “So easy to use, versatile, and they help keep cords and such wrapped up. With the grommet on these, it makes them easy to hang as well.”


This big vegetable chopper that dices in seconds

You can breeze right past the time-consuming prep work next time you make a party-sized stir fry or salad with this vegetable chopper. Just choose the blade — there are two — that makes the size you want, drop your vegetable on the chopper bed, and close the lid. It will fill the container below with evenly diced ingredients ready to cook.


This storage rack that keeps lids & pans in order

Make it easier to put pans, lids, and baking sheets away by setting this pan and lid rack in your cupboard so you can stand them all on edge. The dividers are adjustable so you can set it up for the equipment you have, and the nonslip feet keep it from sliding around.

“This has been a huge space saver for all our serving platters and cutting boards,” said one reviewer. “It's surprisingly sturdy and accommodates a variety of sizes.”


These hangers that maximize closet space

Create space in your closet while making it easier to choose an outfit by using these space-saving hangers to hang shirts. Start by hanging the wooden racks horizontally and filling them with garments on hangers. When the rack is full, unhook one end so your shirts hang in a vertical display. Your closet will look like a stylish boutique and will have so much more room.


A pull-out spice rack that’s so clever & tidy

Build out the quintessential spice rack right inside a cupboard with this pull-out spice organizer. It fits neatly in a standard cupboard and the rack pulls all the way out so you can see your entire collection of spices and find the flavoring you are looking for. It installs easily with a few screws to make it secure.


This big water bottle with a carrying strap

Make it easy to sip water all day long with this water bottle that has a straw, carrying strap, drinking spout, and a wide mouth that makes it easy to add tasty fruits, herbs, or cucumbers to infuse your water with flavor. It comes in 28- or 45-ounce sizes, in five colors, and looks fantastic.


The blade that chops salad in seconds

Make a chopped salad with ease with this handy mezzaluna knife. The two blades are curved and wide enough apart to prevent food from getting stuck between them while you work. The handle is wide and comfortable and it makes fast work of meal prep. It comes with blade covers to keep everyone safe while it's stored.


These nifty covers that prevent fingerprints on the fridge handles

That stainless steel fridge is so snazzy when it’s clean of handprints and smudges, but it can be a chore keeping it that way. Add these refrigerator door handle covers to eliminate that chore. They attach easily just by wrapping them around the handle and those fingerprints won’t show. They also add a bit of contrast color to soften the look of the room. They come in four colors and are machine washable.


This genius, snap-on fridge drawer for the eggs

Snap this egg drawer onto a shelf in your refrigerator and clear up some shelf space while helping keep your eggs safe and easy to access. It is easy to install without tools. Just hook it over the shelf front and back, with the drawer hanging below.

“I made more room in my fridge and for a great price,” said one reviewer. “I can now rotate my eggs, prevent anyone from putting other things on top of my egg carton, and it is very handy to just pull out a drawer and grab an egg!”


An easy solution for removing grease from gravy & stocks

Spooning the fat off of gravy or soup can be time-consuming and frustrating, but this fat separator isn’t. It has a strainer on top so you can pour your soup base into it and it will hold back the meat and veggies. In the bottom section, it takes advantage of the fact that the fat rises to the top, then releases the nonfat part out of the bottom so it can go back into your gravy.


These weird cloths that are better than paper towels

These weird Swedish dishcloths are the paper towel replacement you have been looking for. They are a blend of cellulose (sponge) and cotton (dishrag) so they have all the flexibility of cloth with the absorbency of a sponge. Unlike paper towels, they are durable enough to use repeatedly and to throw in the wash when they get dirty.


These doorknob wall protectors you can hardly see

Protect your walls from the impact of doorknobs without changing the look of your space by sticking these transparent gel wall protectors to the wall. The door will bounce right off them without doing the wall any harm. You will hardly see them because the wall color shows through. Stick one to the back of the toilet, too, to stop the bang of the toilet seat.


The clever spoon rest that also holds a lid

This handy spoon rest and lid holder makes it easier and less messy to cook. Instead of throwing the spoon in the sink or making a mess on the counter when it’s covered in your cooking creation, set it here. When you lift the lid off to stir your soup, you can set the lid here, too. This catches all the mess and looks good doing it.


A funnel set for all your pouring projects

This kitchen funnel set comes with four collapsible silicone funnels that will help you fill bottles, make dressings, and so much more in the kitchen. They take up very little space when you aren’t using them. There are four sizes and the silicone is easy to clean and food safe.

“I use these often when transferring products such as salt, sugar, etc. to lunchbox-size containers,” said one reviewer. “No more messy spills and waste.”


This rechargeable lighter that needs no fuel

When you want to light candles or start a fire, this candle lighter uses an electric arc instead of a fragile flame that needs butane. It won’t blow out in the wind. It doesn’t care if it’s raining. The angled head makes it easy to reach into cookstoves or candle jars and you can recharge it via USB.