These cheap things on Amazon are so damn good at helping you get fit

These home fitness products are so much cheaper than a gym membership.

ByVeronika Kero
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You don’t need a ton of cash or some dramatic epiphany in order to be inspired enough to actually start working out — all you need are these cheap machines, tools, and accessories from Amazon.

Whether you’re a beginner who is looking for guidance on where to start (and how) or a pro that wants to step up their game, these budget-friendly buys are great for helping you achieve your fitness goals. You’re just a few clicks away from improving your balance, strengthening your core, and so much more.


These resistance bands that make each workout more of a challenge

Each resistance band in this five-pack has a different tension level so you can increase the intensity as you get more comfortable with each move. They can seamlessly be integrated into your stretching and strength training routines in addition to any physical therapy you may be in the process of completing. And since the bands are made of natural latex, they resist tearing even after daily use, which is why they have 72,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A wooden balance board with a non-slip grip

You can improve your posture, stability, and coordination by simply adding this balance board to your workout routine. The solid wood top can support 265 pounds and has a non-slip surface for a superior grip. It can also be used to make your core exercises, like push-ups and planks, more challenging. It’s made to withstand intense use but is covered by a one-year warranty if anything should happen.


This pack of exercise cards that will give you routine inspiration

When you get tired of doing the same old exercises every week (or need help building a routine), flip through these exercise cards. There are about 20 different pack themes available, ranging from exercises that only require body weight to foam roller exercises, yoga, resistance band moves, and more. Each pack comes with 50 cards and has detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions so you’re completing each move with the correct form. Plus, the cards are sweat-resistant, and they don’t tear or crease.


A durable pilates ring that has sweat-resistant foam pads

This 12-inch pilates ring is made of durable fiberglass that can handle being pulled and pressed as you complete your workout. It won’t crack or get deformed no matter how often you use it. And it’s also equipped with two sweat-resistant foam pads on either side that give you the non-slip surface you need when toning your upper back and stretching your legs.


This wrist strengthener that’s easy to bring with you

For a workout you can do on the go, try this wrist strengthener. The heavy duty carbon steel tool offers up to 5 kilograms of tension and can be adjusted to an amount you’re comfortable with. Each part that comes in contact with either your arm or hand is padded so as to not leave any marks and create a stable grip.


A stable ab roller that works on every floor type

While the two wheels on this ab roller are small, they’re mighty. They can support up to 440 pounds and easily glide over any floor type whether it be carpet, tile, or the gym mat. By teetering on the compact tool, you’ll actually be working on your balance and kicking your core workout up a notch. The non-slip handles make it all easy to get through.


This adjustable aerobic stepper with a non-slip top surface

You don’t need a gym membership to do a couple box squat jumps — all you need is this aerobic step. It can be adjusted between 4 and 6 inches high so you have just the right height to switch up your cardio. And since the top surface is non-slip and shock-absorbing, each step will put less pressure on your bones and muscles.


A non-slip balance disc that can help improve your posture

The textured surface of this balance disc has two purposes. The grooves create a stable area that your hands and feet won’t slip off of. Stand on it to activate your core muscles or use it to complete some crunches with added difficulty. You can also sit on it while working at your desk for some extra cushioning. The durable PVC that it’s made of can handle up to 600 pounds.


This steel jump rope with an adjustable length

Made with strong (but comfortable) handles, high-quality ball bearings for smooth rotations, and a carbon steel cable, this jump rope is nearly indestructible. Bring it along wherever you go in its handy carrying bag so you can get some cardio in at any second. It’s built to last and even has an adjustable length so that it’s perfectly serves your body.


A yoga block with edges that are easy to grip

If you have a lot of poses on your goal list but just can’t seem to hold them very long, this yoga block will be a huge help. At 9 inches wide and 6 inches tall, its dense construction gives you just the right amount of support you need to deepen your stretches and increase your range of motion. It can even help with your alignment. And since it’s coated in a non-slip material and made with beveled edges, it’ll be easy for you to get a sturdy grip.


These resistance cables that can be attached to your door

By bringing this five-pack of resistance cables into your home, you’ll be transforming your space into a gym in an instant. The set of bands (that vary in resistance and range from 10 to 50 pounds) comes with two ankle straps and two handles so you can work on your upper back, hips, and more, in addition to a door anchor to create the sturdy base for it all. Store it all in the carrying bag that’s included to to keep everything neat and untangled.


This set of wedge blocks that help relieve pressure on muscles

By raising your body to an angle that’s more comfortable to complete squats, pushups, and more, these wedge blocks reduce more than 70% of pressure that is typically put on wrists and ankles. It can even be used to correct knee hyperextension and improve posture. The non-slip surface is easy to wipe clean after a workout and since they’re so lightweight, they can be taken anywhere.


A fitness tracker with a 15-day battery life

This fitness tracker does it all. On a single charge, it can measure your blood oxygen saturation, track your heart rate, analyze your sleep quality, and more for 15 days. And in addition to all the health and fitness benefits, it can also be used to set alarms, check the weather, and other everyday necessities. Just control it by using Amazon Alexa or by tapping on its sleek face.


These ankle weights with removable sand bags

Made with five separate sand bags, these ankle weights can be adjusted so that they add anywhere between 2 to 10 pounds to your lower body. By adding that resistance, you’ll be increasing the effectiveness of any exercise you complete. Plus, their neoprene exterior is soft on the skin and is kept in place by the strong velcro straps that are easy to get in and out of.


A pair of core sliders to help improve your balance

With the pair being as light and thin as they are, these core sliders can truly be taken anywhere so that you can have a more engaging workout. Build your abdominal strength by using them to glide into mountain climbers, squats, planks, and everything else you can think of. Plus, they’re dual-sided so that they can be used on any floor type — even carpet.


This pull-up bar that you can install so quickly

This pull-up bar can be installed in just a few minutes so that you can spend more time working on your upper body and less time drilling. The sturdy piece is made of heavy-duty steel that can support up to 300 pounds. It also has padded foam patches so you can skip the gloves and get right into it. It fits doors between 33 and 40 inches wide, but it can also be used on the floor to support push-ups and dips.


A foam balance pad for stability training

Made of a textured foam, this balance pad creates a sturdy surface for your hands and feet to grip onto while doing squats and pushups. The non-slip surface wicks away sweat and is ideal for anyone to use in order to enhance your balance or even recover from an injury. You’ll never want to work out on just the hard floor again.


These cloth resistance bands that won’t pinch your skin

Made from a thick cotton, these resistance bands stay put no matter where you wear them. They won’t ride up, slip down, or pinch your skin as you’re trying to focus on your crab walks and squats. This pack comes with three bands that go from light to heavy resistance so that you can increase the challenge as you continue to use them. They work great to target your glutes, calves, quads, and more.


A stationary pedal machine that fits right under your table or desk

You can be getting fit even when sitting at your desk going through emails. All you need is this pedal machine that can be folded for easy storage when not in use. The compact exerciser has a resistance dial so that the amount of tension can be adjusted. Meanwhile, your RPM and more will be displayed on the electronic screen so you can track your progress. If you’re not feeling leg day, this pedal exerciser can also be used for your arms.


This push-up board that helps target specific muscle groups

This push-up board clearly displays which positions will target which muscle groups. It’s actually color-coded to tell you how to focus on your back, chest, shoulders, or triceps. All you have to do is place the handles in the corresponding slots. In addition to being a workout guide, this board elevates the entire workout with the padded handles that promote better form and reduce wrist strain.


A grip strengthener that comes with a stress relief ball & other accessories

This grip strengthener is part of a five-pack of tools that all improve strength, power, and speed in your wrists, fingers, and forearms. The strengthener and the finger exerciser are both made with stainless steel parts that will last through many workouts. Also included is a resistance band that improves joint flexibility, a ring grip exerciser, and a stress ball. The set is great for everyday use or for injury rehabilitation.


This yoga mat with 70 easy-to-follow printed poses

Not only is this yoga mat fun (because it’s available in eight different colors), it’s educational, too. There are 70 different poses printed on the mat that will come in handy when you forget what one looks like or just need some inspiration to get your session started. The mat is 5 millimeters thick and moisture-wicking — making it great for hot yoga too.


A pilates bar that has 3 different levels of intensity

To tone your muscles and improve your stretches, you’ll want this pilates bar in your corner. The stainless steel rod is wrapped in a padded foam, which makes it comfortable to grip. This bar also comes with two different weights of foot straps, so you can adjust the resistance to 20, 40, or 60 pounds. Reviewers say this is a great way to get a full body workout in if you don’t have a ton of space.


This calf stretcher that can relieve & prevent pain

Before or after a run )or really any other exercise where your legs will be feeling the burn), hop on this calf stretcher. The half wheel is covered in slip-resistant pads so that your foot has stable spot to gently rock back and forth in order to loosen up your muscles. It can be a great help for plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and more.


A highly-rated kettlebell with a wide handle for a secure grip

Pick up (literally) this kettlebell in any increment from 5 to 50 pounds so you can join the world of deadlifts, snatches, and swings. The flat bottom and wide handle provides a great way to target your biceps, shoulders, legs, and more. And since the solid cast iron is coated in durable vinyl, it will resist corrosion and keep your floors protected, which is why this kettle bell has over 17,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.8-star overall rating.


This running belt with a reflective safety strip

You don’t have to sacrifice your water or music anymore — bring it all with you with this running belt. The neoprene fanny pack stretches to fit your smart phone, cards, and even has a designated holster for your water bottle and hole for your headphones wire. At around just 3 ounces, it won’t weigh you down as you breeze through the miles. Plus, it has a reflective strip going across the center to increase your visibility at night and keep you safe.


A textured pilates ball that won’t burst

This pilates ball can be used for a lot more than improving your flexibility. It can be used as a cushion to improve your posture and an addition to your core workouts. Its textured surface is non-slip and resists bursts, which makes it easy to keep in place between your legs. It can also quickly be inflated or deflated, making it easy to store and travel with.


This weighted hula hoop with detachable sections

This hula hoop is not the one you had as a kid. It’s constructed from eight separate pieces that add up to a 2-pound hoop that will slowly buy surely add resistance to your workout and strengthen your core muscles. It’s foam-padded so that it will actually massage your waist instead of hurting it. Plus, it comes with a jump rope and resistance band so you can get a full body workout in.


A mini stepper that calculates your RPM

Built with a hydraulic drive system, this stepper provides smooth steps so you can comfortably pedal away. It’s also equipped with two removable resistance bands that can be used to activate your core and tone your chest, back, and shoulders. The LCD screen will display your number of steps, total time, and more. And, best of all, the machine comes already assembled so you can get started right away.


This durable yoga ball that can be used as a chair

Able to support up to 600 pounds, you can rest assured that this yoga ball will not pop anytime soon. Use it to stretch out your back, engage your lower body muscles, or improve your posture as you work. You’ll be standing a little taller just by using it as a chair. The ball comes in a ton of vibrant colors and can quickly be inflated using the pump that is included.