These 40 genius hacks save you so much money — & they're so freaking easy

Little changes can add up to big savings.

ByJenny White
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Making some small and surprisingly simple changes can save you lots of cash — and these genius hacks are so freaking easy, you’ll wonder why you weren’t doing any of them before. There are reusable swaps for traditionally single-use products (which helps your wallet and the environment), picks that’ll keep food fresh for longer, easy-to-use repair kits to avoid replacing worn-out items, and much more. Spend a little money today to start saving major cash with these budget-friendly hacks.


A handy container to keep avocadoes from turning brown

Only need to use half of an avocado for a recipe? This handy container ensures the other part stays perfectly fresh — for multiple days, mind you — to minimize waste. Simply store the avocado cut-side down and snap on the clear lid. When you eat the other half, you can easily clean this container by sticking it in the dishwasher.


These stainless steel rollers to ensure no toothpaste is wasted

Get every single drop of toothpaste out of the tube with this stainless steel squeezer. It takes minimal effort (just stick the tube inside of the device and roll the handle to squeeze the product out) but the results are exceptional. This set comes with two squeezers that can be used on plastic or metal tubes that are less than 2.5 inches wide, including paint or even food in tubes like tomato paste.


A popular shoe cleaner kit that’ll make your shoes look new again

Just a few drops of the concentrated product in this shoe cleaner kit can make your shoes look practically brand new (so you won’t need to replace them any time soon). It has earned a whopping 22,000-plus five-star reviews on Amazon and it’s suitable for various fabrics including leather, suede, canvas, and more. The bottle is a concentrate, so a little goes a long way and it comes with a brush to work out stains.


This handy device to re-seal your snack bags

Don’t let your favorite chips go stale — instead, use this bag sealer to seal up the bag once you’re done eating. It works on various bags (so long as they’re plastic) in just three to five seconds. And the device is lightweight and compact in size for storage when not in use.


An indoor gardening kit to save money on fresh herbs

Fresh herbs are expensive; grow your own with the help of this gardening kit that has everything you need to get started including seeds (cilantro, parsley, thyme, and basil), soil, bags, shears, and plant markers. Also included is a growing guide, so that even beginners will have success.


This multi-setting water flosser to replace ordinary floss

Single-use floss can add up in cost over time. Make the switch to this budget-friendly (and eco-friendly) water flosser instead. It boasts five levels of water pressure and a rotating nozzle design for a customized teeth-cleaning experience. The rechargeable battery will last up to 15 days. It also comes with a zippered case for travel.


A $6 set of silicone cord savers to keep your chargers from fraying

These flexible silicone cord savers will protect various electronic cables in your home (like your phone, laptop, headphones, and more) from fraying, damage from bending, and knots — ultimately extending their longevity. The set comes with 24 cord savers in total, so they’re well worth the $6.


A popular set of reusable dishcloths that replaces 150 rolls of paper towels

This set of 10 absorbent dishcloths is as effective at cleaning up spills throughout your home as paper towels — but they’re reusable (because they’re machine-washable) to save money in the long haul. Each dishcloth can save you from buying 15 rolls of paper towels. They’re safe to use on all surfaces including glass, wood, tile, and marble.


These reusable wool dryer balls that reduce energy & fabric softener costs

When tossed in your dryer with a load of laundry, these wool dryer balls will help to reduce dry times, plus they can soften and minimize wrinkles on your clothing and linens. They’re hypoallergenic and unscented, making them a good choice for sensitive skin. And unlike dryer sheets, the six extra-large balls can be reused.


A reusable cotton swab that’ll replace up to 1,000 single-use ones

This reusable cotton swab is a more environmentally- and budget-friendly swap for single-use cotton swabs. Featuring a stiff nylon core and flexible silicone tips, you use the swab no differently than a regular one. And once you’re finished with it, just give it a rinse with water and soap for use next time. Store the cotton swab in the travel case to ensure it stays clean.


This reusable notebook that saves your writing electronically

Fill this reusable spiral notebook with to-do lists, doodles, and notes. Once the 36 pages are full, you can save your work to the free Rocketbook app — from there it can be transferred to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and Slack — before wiping it away with a damp cloth. This pick can be reused over and over again, so it’s more economical than ordinary paper notebooks.


A microwave popper to save money on your favorite snack

Stop wasting money on pricey individual bags of popcorn; invest in this microwave popcorn popper. It’s easy to use — fill it with kernels (it can make up to 15 cups of popcorn at a time) and place it in the microwave for a few minutes — and the end product will rival movie theatre popcorn. Made from food-grade silicone, the popcorn popper is heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe. And it has a collapsible design to take up minimal room in your kitchen.


These small silicone spatulas to get every last bit from bottles & jars

Grab these tiny silicone spatulas to scrape the last bit of product out of jars — reviewers find them particularly useful for food containers (including peanut butter, honey, or jams) or toiletries. The six dual-sided spatulas (which have a flat scraper on one end and a spoon on the other) come in different sizes to fit in various containers. And they’re simple to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.


This reusable pet hair remover that has 107,000+ 5-star reviews

More than 140,000 reviewers on Amazon have weighed in on this pet hair remover and it has a 4.5-star overall rating overall. The device doesn’t require any batteries, sticky adhesive, or electricity; you simply roll it back and forth on surfaces to trap pet hair in the chamber. When all of the hair is removed, open up the compartment and dump it straight into the trash.


These refillable coffee pods that let you skip pricey single-use pods

Single-use coffee pods are expensive and limit you to the flavors available at the store. Instead, grab these reusable coffee pods and fill them with any grounds of your choosing (look for some on sale for further savings) in order to brew a delicious cup of coffee. It’ll save money in the long run and cut down on waste.


A fine mist spray bottle with a ton of uses

The versatility of this reusable spray bottle is impressive — use it to mix up your own money-saving cleaning solutions or for plant care, grooming, arts and crafts, and more. It’s comfortable to operate thanks to its ergonomic grip, and it delivers a continuous, ultra-fine mist.


These stretchy silicone lids to keep food fresh without buying foil & plastic wrap

Once you get a set of these reusable silicone lids for your kitchen, you likely won’t need to buy a roll of plastic wrap or aluminum foil ever again. The seven clear lids come in a range of sizes (from 2.6 to 12 inches) in order to stretch over nearly any container. They create an airtight, leakproof seal to keep your food fresher for longer. And they’re microwave-, oven-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe.


A set of washable microfiber pads compatible with most mops

These reusable mop pads are made from thick microfiber to trap dirt, debris, and other messes with ease. They’re safe for use on many surfaces including wood, tile, laminate, and vinyl. And once you’re done cleaning, the mop pads can be tossed in the washing machine and reused, saving you money over time. This pick is compatible with most 10- to 12-inch attachable mops.


This bidet attachment to cut back on toilet paper use

Install this bidet attachment on your toilet to greatly reduce the amount of toilet paper used in your home. It’s straightforward to set up (all of the pieces needed to do so are included and no tools are required) and you can adjust the angle of the spray nozzle for optimal cleaning. The bidet will fit on any standard toilet.


An easy-to-use cold brew coffee maker that’ll keep coffee fresh for weeks

Grabbing a cup of coffee from your favorite café every day can ruin your budget; grab this cold brew coffee maker for your home. It takes just a few minutes to prep (add in your grounds, pour in water, then stick it in the fridge to chill), and the coffee will remain fresh and delicious for weeks. The carafe is made from durable borosilicate glass, and the leakproof lid keeps messes to a minimum.


These reusable food wraps for a more eco- & budget-friendly lunch

Take your lunch and snacks on the go in these reusable beeswax food wraps — they eliminate the need for plastic wrap and plastic bags, helping both your wallet and the environment. The set comes with three wraps in two sizes; the medium wraps are ideal for sizable amounts of fruit, baked goods, and more, while the smaller size is perfect for a sandwich. Handwash the wraps and air dry them for reuse.


This moldable glue that can be used to fix tons of items

Repair nearly anything with this unique multipurpose glue. Roll it between your fingers (it turns almost dough-like), then press it wherever needed. It’s easy to control and will stick to a wide variety of materials including wood, glass, plastic, metal, and more. The glue begins to harden in 30 minutes. And it’s totally waterproof, and heat- and cold-resistant once set.


These unique balls to keep produce fresh up to 3 times longer

Prolong the life of fruit or vegetables in your kitchen by utilizing these produce-saver balls; they contain an ethylene absorption packet (which lasts about three months) to keep produce crisp and fresh up to three times longer. The balls can be used in a refrigerator, pantry, or fruit bowl.


This kit that uses gravity to get every last drop of product out

Replace the caps or pumps on bottles throughout your home with one of these bottle emptying stands — they hold the container in an upside-down position so that gravity helps to get out every drop of the product without waste. The kit includes two stands, plus different-sized adapters for a secure, leakproof fit.


These smart plugs to lower your energy bills

Plug any electronic device into this smart plug and you can control it using either your voice (via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) or phone with the Kasa app. You can also set up a timer or schedule to reduce your electricity use by ensuring nothing gets left on for too long. Amazon reviewers give this pick a 4.6-star rating overall after 83,000-plus reviews.


A set of reusable silicone bags that stand on their own for easy filling

Reach for these silicone food bags any time you normally would use plastic bags — they can stash snacks, leftovers, and much more. And they’re completely reusable, so you can stop shelling out cash for single-use plastic bags. Each of the storage bags (there are six in total) stands independently for more convenient filling, and they’re temperature-resistant, making them safe for the fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.


This $10 dryer vent cleaner to make your machine more efficient (& safer)

Built-up lint in your dryer vent impacts the machine’s efficiency — and it’s also a fire hazard. To avoid this, remove lint quickly and easily with this dryer vent cleaner. It attaches directly to most vacuums, and it boasts a bendable hose to reach all of the nooks and crannies.


These blackout curtains that insulate your windows & lower energy bills

Not only do these double-layer blackout curtains make your bedroom dark for optimal sleeping conditions, but they also insulate against summer heat and winter chill, thus helping with your electricity bill. The grommet tops make for easy opening and closing. And there are different widths and lengths to choose from within the listing, as well as various colors to match your space.


This repair kit that restores wooden furniture to its former glory

Don’t get rid of wooden furniture that’s seen better days — fix it using this handy repair kit. Included are six colored markers and six wax sticks (in maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and black shades) that can be utilized to fill scratches and scuffs. The kit includes a sharpener for the wax sticks and a buffing cloth for a smooth finish.


These cedar balls & rings to protect fabrics from damage

Shield your clothing and other fabrics from moths, mold, and mildew by utilizing these cedar balls and rings wherever you’re storing them. The cedar scent is light, yet long-lasting — and each one works for six to 12 months. The set comes with 40 pieces to cover your entire home.


This container that keeps herbs from wilting

If you notice that your herbs are turning brown before you finish them, this highly rated herb-saver container will pay for itself in no time since it’s designed to hydrate (thanks to water in the bottom) and protect your herbs, keeping them fresher for longer. Use it for basil, parsley, cilantro, or any other greens you stash in your fridge.


This durable pumice stone that’ll replace many other bathroom cleaners

Replace expensive bathroom cleaning products with this pumice stone cleaner. It removes rust, calcium deposits, limescale, and hard water rings from toilet bowls, tubs, sinks, tile, and really any other porcelain or ceramic surfaces — and it won’t cause any damage to them while doing so. One fan wrote, “I cleaned 3 toilets with it and barely made a dent in the pumice, this will last through many uses, and the storage case is sturdy and keeps it from contacting other surfaces when storing.”


A fabric shaver to make clothing, furniture, & other fabrics appear new again

Safe for use on most household fabrics, this fabric shaver removes fuzz, lint, and pills to make your items look good as new. It has a large 2-inch shaving surface, and the detachable lint catcher makes for easy cleanup. The device is rechargeable, and it can be used with or without the power cord. “My couch [...] was [pilling] and looking old [...] and trust me when I say that this little fabric shaver is worth every penny,” wrote one shopper.


This adhesive to repair boots & other shoes that has a 4.5-star overall rating

Repair (and don’t replace) boots and other shoes that are falling apart with this transparent adhesive that permanently bonds and protects leather, vinyl, rubber, wood, and canvas. The formulation is incredibly strong — and it’s even moisture-resistant to last through outdoor use in the elements.


A foam door draft stopper to keep your home better insulated

Reduce your energy costs by utilizing this foam door draft stopper — it keeps warm air (or cool, depending on the time of year) inside your home where it belongs. It’ll fit on most doors that are 30 to 36 inches wide with gaps ranging from 0.25 to 1.5 inches, though it can be trimmed to the exact size needed. It’s straightforward to install; just slip the foam into the polyester cover, then slide it underneath the door; no adhesive or drilling required.


These meal prep-ready glass containers that can be used in the microwave or oven

This 20-piece food storage container set is a meal prepper's dream. The tempered glass containers come in different shapes and sizes to store various foods and the lids create an airtight seal for freshness. When it comes time to eat, the containers are oven or microwave safe (minus the lids). And for storage, they nest inside each other to take up less room.


This kit that can repair sofas, carpet, rugs, & other fabrics in your home

You can easily fix holes, tears, or burns in fabric or carpet thanks to this repair kit, which comes with 10 colors to achieve the perfect match. “I was a little skeptical [...] but I used it and now you can barely tell there was a hole in the couch. I was so excited by the results because it looks wayyyy better now. The instructions were easy to use and the color guide on the back worked great,” wrote one fan.


A set of watering stakes so you won’t need to replace your plants (again)

Struggling to keep your plants alive? Grab this 10-pack of terracotta stakes, which hold about a week’s worth of water for your plants. They attach to any long-neck bottles (like beer or wine bottles) and are reusable. They’ll save you time and the money you’d spend on replacement plants.


These unique solar-powered lights to brighten up your outdoor space

These pathway lights will illuminate outdoor spaces with their unique light pattern, but because they’re entirely solar-powered, you don’t have to worry about any electricity costs or fumbling around with wires. Each one can provide up to 12 hours of light (once charged), and they’re waterproof.


A highly rated lunch box to bring your own food to work

Save money by bringing your lunch wherever you’re headed for the day — and store it in this highly rated lunch box to ensure it stays fresh. The bag features a heavy-duty polyester exterior and an aluminum interior (with insulation) to keep food hot or cold for hours. Carry it either by the handle or padded shoulder strap as desired. Choose from two color options within the listing.