These weird but genius things on Wish are so freaking cheap

Let the discounts begin.

ByChristina X. Wood
Originally Published: 
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There’s a level of prudence and online savvy that comes with shopping at a place where every dollar you spend buys more. At a certain point though, prices can dip so low it makes you wonder, “How is this even possible?” That’s the realm where most of the heavily discounted items on Wish live.

The online marketplace makes its goods so cheap by teaming up directly with merchants around the world. So, whether you want fairy lights for a dollar or a toilet brush for two, Wish provides 60-90% discounts on a huge array of goods.

Shipping is not super fast nor is it free. But if you spend $10, you get everything shipped for just $2.99. That sounds easy, but at these prices, getting a cart to $10 is a challenge — especially with added coupon codes. I’ve gathered some favorites below to get you started. May the games begin.

Use code WELCOME20 for 20% off your first order, and WISH2023 for 10% off sitewide.

This neck relaxer that works out the kinks

When you have a — literal — pain in the neck, rest on this neck and shoulder relaxer and help work out all your desk-bound worker-bee aches and pains. It stretches your neck in the opposite direction than your day job does, helps relax the muscles that hold up your head, and reduces pressure on your spine. This can improve your posture and help reduce your pain. Just set it on the ground or another firm surface and lie down on it. It comes in four colors.

These lights that turn an empty into a lamp

Drop these flexible fairy lights into an empty wine bottle or that vintage soda bottle you don’t want to toss out but don’t know what to do with. They turn that empty into a beautiful, ambient lighting element. You can shape the thin, flexible wires however you want, too, so you can create exactly the lighting you imagine. The batteries are in the cork so you can place your lamp anywhere.

A pest repellent that uses high-frequency sound to persuade vermin to leave

Yes, you can drive the roaches, rodents, and other invaders out of your home without spraying or calling an exterminator. Just plug in this bug and rodent repeller and it will use ultrasonic sound — at a frequency you and your pets can’t hear — to irritate them into moving out. It takes advantage of vermin’s sensitive hearing to annoy them so much they pack up and find a better neighborhood.

This set of broom hanger clips that are cute & tidy

Hang a broom, duster, cat-litter rake, or toilet brush right in the spot you are most likely to look for it with this four-pack of decorative wall-mounted broom hangers. Just peel and stick the hook to the wall and press your tool into the clamp. The rolling balls in the clamp hold on tight but also release the tool easily when you want to use it.

An angled toilet brush for a cleaner bowl

If your current brush is incapable of reaching the strange corners and crevices in your bowl, getting the bathroom truly clean can feel impossible. But this angled toilet brush is designed specifically for those skinny bits, crevices, and hard-to-reach angles. The thin, rectangular brushes are mounted on an angled handle that reaches upwards, under the bowl’s edge, making one unpleasant chore so much easier.

A fluffy pet towel you wear like mittens

When your pup goes for a swim or enjoys a refreshing bath, dry all that damp fur without a struggle by wearing this absorbent pet towel on your hands and giving the furbaby a good rub down. The microfiber fingers hold lots of water and it’s easy to towel the pup with both hands because you can wear these like mittens. It comes in two thicknesses.

  • Available colors: 3

A vacuum cleaner for your ears

Stop sticking Q-tips in your ear and clean out the wax with gentle suction. Just make use of this battery-powered vacuum ear wax cleaner. It doesn’t jam the wax further into your ears the way cotton swabs can. Instead, it gently pulls the crud out and stores it in the inner chamber. It comes with a cleaning brush and two interchangeable suction heads.

These dog booties that help protect paw pads

When it’s warm out, the pavement can get very hot. In direct sunlight, on a warm and windless day, the sidewalk surface can get up to 135 degrees. Is your poor pup walking on that in bare paws? Pull on these dog booties to help prevent those sensitive paw pads from getting burned. They cinch closed so they stay on and look super cute. This four-piece set comes in six sizes and six colors.

  • Available sizes: XXS — XXL
  • Available colors: 6

A wheel massage tool that awakens the senses

Next time you decide to Netflix and chill, pack along this wheel massage tool to put some sensual stimulation on the menu. At this price, it’s an easy way to discover a new way to dance or merely to add a little spice to the popcorn. The handle is easy to hold, the 10 rows of spikes are sharp but gentle, and the sensation starts with shivers and tingles and quickly turns zesty.

This clever wall mount for the hair dryer

The challenge of where to store the hair dryer is now officially over. Just peel and stick this wall-mounted hair-dryer holder to the bathroom, bedroom, or closet wall and clip the cord into its cord clip. The dryer will always be right where you want it when you want it. Choose from gray or white.

These hanger clips that expand your storage in a second

Snap these clever hanger hooks onto the coat hangers you already own to convert them to space-saving hangers that hold several garments snugged onto one. They make it easy to hang a couple of sweaters or jackets from an over-door hook, too. It’s a trick that can offer you lots more storage in the same amount of space. You can buy these in singles or in packs of 100, 50, 20, or 10 to create the storage you need for almost nothing.

A DIY mosaic for big, bold, budget-friendly art

Create this DIY diamond mosaic to adorn your walls with art that suits your space for a price that is hard to beat. It comes with a numbered canvas and all the tools and rhinestones you need to complete diamond-painting this image at your own pace. Choose the size that suits your room and enjoy a relaxing art project that does not involve paints. Then hang it and be proud.

The perfect cookie cutters for a Mad Hatter tea party

Make cookies, pastries, or clay creations that evoke the Mad Hatter’s tea party with these cookie molds. Choose one of three cutters. They are fun and easy to work with and make the ideal snack for your tea party — especially if you can find a dormouse and a hare who are willing to attend. You can also buy them in a set of two or three as well.

These sequinned trainers that make for practical bling

When you want to sport some bling but don’t want to commit too much folding money to this whim, step into this pair of sequin trainers. They are perfect for an ‘80s dance party or make great everyday wear for a comfort-loving fashionista. Even the shoelaces sparkle.

  • Available sizes: 34 — 43
  • Available colors: 6

A sculpture to help quiet people in your home office

Decorating your place with sculptures can be very pricey. But this abstract sculpture made of cast resin — called “Silence is Gold” — is pretty easy to afford. You can choose the color you like and a small or large version of it. It’s a snazzy piece to set in a home office, study, or on a bookshelf to remind people that you are reading, working, or studying and need them to hush up.

The scoop that makes meatballs easy

Turn your ground meat creations into uniform meatballs quickly and easily — without dipping your hands into the raw meat — with this steel meatball-making spoon that operates like scissors. Just grab a hunk of meat with them and scissor it into a tidy ball that’s the same size as all the others. It makes fast work of a tedious task and comes in two sizes. It works well for making rice balls or cookies, too.

A fluffy fur blanket for Barbie-meets-GoT vibes

Give your room a look both Barbie and Bran would approve of by tossing this shaggy blanket over an armchair, the bed, or even your shoulders, Jon Snow-style. The thick shag with long hairs has all the texture and soft feel of animal fur but no animals or wallets were destroyed to bring it to your home. Also, you can throw it in the washer. Choose from 14 colors and three sizes.

This sweet little animal that’s a kitchen timer

Time your toast, boiled eggs, or any kitchen task with this adorable kitchen timer cat. Just turn the cat’s head to the number you want and it turns — keeping time as it does — till it counts down to the duration you set. If cats aren’t your bag, there are eight equally adorable animal timers to choose from — bear, chic, cow, dog, and more.