These weird things for your home are so damn clever

How did you live without them?

ByChristina X. Wood
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Life in any home tends to bring a unique set of frustrations: The closets are small. The couch is a fur-magnet. The lighting situation needs work. You can’t find the right lid for your storage container. I’m happy to tell you each of these issues has a solution that’s so genius you will wish you had thought of it. There’s a whole collection of such items right here, as it happens. These things for your home may be weird, but they are also so damn clever you might wonder how you ever lived without them.


These wall plates with a built-in night light

These wall plates are a sleek and easy way to add some subtle lighting to a room. When the room is dark, they throw a small amount of light downward, making it easy to locate the outlet or even to see in a dark room without turning on the overheads. They come in three styles — including GFCI for kitchens and bathrooms — and four colors. Installing them is a matter of two minutes with a screwdriver.


This countertop brush that’s also a squeegee

When crumbs, scraps, and spills mess up your counter, keep this clever squeegee and countertop brush at the ready to sweep them away. It is designed to hang on the edge of your counter so you will never have to hunt for it. It is slender, decorative, and minimal. Use the brush to handle dry messes and flip it over for wet spills.


An outlet extender with a shelf

No place to put — or plug in — your speaker or Echo Dot in the kitchen or bathroom? Upgrade inadequate power by plugging this outlet extender into a the standard outlet that’s there and screwing it in with the included center screw. It adds four USB ports, a shelf, and a nightlight while turning two plugs into five. Problem solved.


This easy crown molding that gives any room a fresh look

Use this peel-and-stick crown molding to turn a poster into framed art, right on your walls, for a fraction of the cost of actual framing. Or turn a plain mirror fancy. Create artistic wall treatments with nothing but this molding and some wallpaper or paint. You can also use it as simple traditional molding. It’s flexible, easy to cut, and sticks where you put it.


The jar opener that can take on any lid

If you have ever been frustrated because you couldn’t get the lid off a jar, you need this jar opener STAT. It sits, hardly noticeable, on the underside of a cabinet. When that lid won’t come off, jam it into the jaws of this genius tool and turn. It promises to open that jar every time, without a struggle. You can even hold that giant pickle jar with two hands.


This aerator that makes wine better (even the cheap stuff)

If you drink wine — even the budget buys — you need this wine aerator. Just remove the cork from the bottle, replace it with this, and pour. On its way from the bottle to your glass, the wine will be treated to the optimal amount of oxygen. That will help bring out the nuances of the grape and reduce the tannins. Every bottle will taste like you splurged.


A roll-up drying rack that’s so useful

This roll-up dish rack is one piece of kitchen equipment you just may realize you always needed. Unroll it over the sink and set plants on it when you water them, dishes when they drip to dry, a pan when you are filling it with water, and vegetables as you wash them. And when it’s in the way, roll it up and stash it.


These corner grippers for rugs that trip you

Once a rug decides to curl up at the corners, it becomes an unsightly trip hazard. Fortunately, the fix is easy. Peel and stick this set of four rug corner grippers to the corners of the rug. Stick them to the floor. That’s the end of that problem. The rug won’t slide around anymore, either.

“Within less than 30 seconds of attaching the NeverCurls, the rug corners were down and have stayed down!” said one reviewer.


A handy storage solution for all the container lids

The frustration of finding the right lid for the container you just filled with leftovers is real. But this food container lid organizer puts a quick and tidy end to it. The dividers adjust to hold the lids you have. It fits in a drawer or on a shelf. It’s roomy enough for your whole collection. And — the best part — it holds the lids on edge so you can see them all at once.


This trick for cleaning the ceiling fans

You don’t need a ladder to clean your ceiling fan. You only need this washable fan duster with an extendable handle. You can use it as an effective duster on most days. But when it’s time to clean the fans, extend the handle and slide the duster head over the blades. It grabs all the dust and brings it down without raining it on the furniture.


These cable clips for more orderly electronics

This variety pack of cable clips will help keep all your cables right where you want them. There are 28 clips in three different sizes so you can secure every wire on your desk and in your entertainment system, keep a cord handy on the bedside table, and DIY yourself a custom charging station in a drawer.


The clever way to store rakes, brooms, & tools

Get your brooms, cleaning tools, or garden equipment in order with this broom holder that mounts to the wall or on the inside of a door. The clamps hold five long-handled tools while the six retractable hooks give you a place to hang everything from dusters to garden hats.


This genius hack for keeping the bacon grease

If you like the flavor of bacon, you should save the bacon grease. It is perfect for frying an egg, popping popcorn, and grilling pancakes. This bacon grease container is the smart way to capture and store it. A strainer removes all the bacon bits. A lid keeps your grease clean. And the handle and pour spout make it easy to dispense the grease.


These colorful labels for all your cables

When you plug in all your electronics for your desk area, it’s immensely helpful to label them all — this makes it easy to know what you can unplug when you are moving things around. When you store equipment, be sure to label the cables so you aren’t frustrated later when you need to find the right cord. These cable management labels make the task easy. They clip right over the cable and are easy to write on. This big pack of 60 will be there when you need to label something.


A smart trick for getting more storage in less space

Empty a closet of stored linens and blankets into these bags, connect your vacuum cleaner or the included pump to the valve to remove the air, and stack them on one shelf or hide them under the bed. These vacuum storage bags reduce the size of what you are storing so you get back much of your storage space. They come in five sizes so you can use them for clothes and other items, too.


The easy way to clean your coffee machine

If your coffee isn’t as smooth and delicious as you would like, the problem could be that the machine isn’t clean. Water can leave mineral deposits on the inner working of your machine and those affect the flavor. This descaling solution cleans those right off — more effectively than vinegar — and it is easy to use. Just run it through the machine as if you are brewing coffee. It even has a notation system on the bottle so you can remember when you last did this.


A box to hide your messy cords & plugs

Transform the cords and plugs next to your TV or under your desk into a clean white box. It makes them just as easy to use but so much easier on the eyes. Drop the power strip into this cable management box, run the cords through the channels in the back, and snap on the bamboo lid. That eyesore is gone and you can use the box as a shelf.


This helpful organizer for reusable shopping bags

Do you store your shopping bags in a difficult-to-access “bag of bags” or just let them scatter all over your life? This shopping bag organizer is a better idea. It will put all your gift bags, paper grocery bags, lunch bags, and shopping bags neatly on a shelf so you can grab what you need. It takes up only a small corner of a shelf or cabinet.


An ice tray set for perfect cubes to use or store

This ice cube tray makes 64 1-inch cubes of ice. The flexible trays make it easy to get the cubes out of the two trays and into the storage bin that sits under them. The set even comes with an ice scoop. This rig is perfect for making frozen coffee cubes for your iced coffee, juice cubes for tasty beverages, or keeping a lot of ice on hand for cocktails.


This customizable holder for keeping dish tools cleaner

Store your dish brush or sponge where it won’t drip on the counter or dip into dirty dishwater — but also right where you can easily grab it — with this clever sponge holder that hooks over the sink divider or faucet. The hook is bendable so you can custom-fit it to your sink and it comes in four colors.


A mop & bucket set ideal for small spaces

This clever, compact mop and bucket set is designed to fit in modern dwellings. It comes with everything you need: The clever wringer bucket, a mop handle with a swiveling head, and three washable microfiber mop pads. Fill the wet chamber of the bucket with detergent and water, dip the mop pad into it, and then squeeze off the excess water in the bucket’s wringer compartment.


This big inflatable mattress that’s so comfortable

This air mattress makes it easy and affordable to keep a comfy bed for guests stored in a closet. It also makes a deluxe addition to your car-camping kit. The built-in valves make it easy to deploy. The welded seams mean the air won’t leak out and leave you lying on the ground. The coil construction makes it super comfortable.


These nifty pads that stop the washer from dancing

If your washing machine makes a racket and dances around the room during the spin cycle, these anti-vibration pads will tame it. Just set the feet of the machine into these four durable rubber stabilizing pads with a stainless steel core.

“My washer was shaking so bad and moving all around my basement and it got to a point that I thought about purchasing a newer model machine,” said one reviewer. “These thick little pads saved me $$$.” They work well on dryers, too.


This pumice stone that can clean impossible toilet stains

Before you go to the expense of replacing a toilet, tub, or sink because you can’t get it clean, try this pumice toilet cleaner. It gently exfoliates the porcelain or ceramic and helps remove limescale, iron deposits, rust, and more. It’s quick and comes with a storage case.

“We’ve been trying to get a hard water ring out of our toilet for two years now,” said one reviewer. “Used this and it was gone within minutes. Insane. And that price!!”


A clever, neater way to deploy soap bars

This magnetic bar soap holder is such a genius way to keep a bar of soap near a sink or in the shower. Just peel and stick the cute wooden mount to the wall, jam the metal disk into your soap, and hang the soap from the holder. It looks minimal and decorative and the soap drip-dries so it doesn’t turn mushy and is always within reach.


This gorgeous fragrance kit that’s so easy

If candles are more hassle and more hazardous than you are comfortable with, use this scent diffuser instead. This set comes with two lovely fragrances — one evokes the Mediterranean Sea and the other the flowers of Japan — and a decorative metal holder. Fill the holder with the oil, insert the diffuser stems, and it gently infuses the air with scent. Each time you fill it, the scent lasts 30 days.


These pillows that are like sleeping in a 5-star resort

If you’ve ever slept at a luxury hotel and wished you could have pillows like that at home, this is the back and stomach sleeper pillow you want. They are the perfect loft. They are supremely comfortable. And, you can machine wash them.

“I stay at Disney resorts a couple of times a year and have always wanted to purchase the pillows they use!” said one reviewer. “This is the only pillow I've found (and I have bought a lot of expensive pillows) that gives me a perfect night's sleep.”


This knife sharpener that’s so easy to use

Keeping your knives sharp isn’t as hard as you might think. Keep this knife sharpener on hand and you can put an edge on any blade whenever the mood strikes. Suction it to your counter, drag the blade through the sharpening slot a few times, and it will hone that edge to a precise sharpness. It comes in four colors and is small enough to stash in a drawer.


The best way to get pet fur off the couch

The struggle to keep your couch and rugs pet-hair free is now officially over. This pet hair remover is so effective, you can remove fur from the couch in a few gestures every time you sit down. It grabs the fur on its grippy roller and deposits it in a compartment in the handle. Empty to the bin occasionally, and it will keep cleaning up fur for years.


These gloves that help keep you safe when cooking

Wear these cooking gloves when you are flitting from one task to another in the kitchen or at the grill and you won’t accidentally pick up that hot pan with your bare hands or cut yourself. They will protect you hands from temperatures up to 932 degrees and are level 5 cut resistant, but they are fitted, flexible, and allow you to work.


A cooker that makes perfect hard-boiled eggs

Whether you like egg salad, enjoy a hard-boiled egg for lunch, or are making deviled eggs for a party, this rapid egg cooker makes it simple and fast to cook as many as 12 eggs at once. They will come out just the way you like them, too, with no guesswork. It is great at hard and soft-boiled eggs but also whips up omelets and scrambled eggs. It comes in seven colors and nearly 29,000 people said, “Five stars!”


These multipurpose silicone mats that are so handy

When you are cooking, crafting, potting plants, or doing anything that requires you to protect your table or counters from the potential mess, these multipurpose mats are super handy. Made of silicone, they fold or roll up small, clean easily, and offer a food-safe barrier against dirt and moisture. Roll out cookies on them, use them as placemats, or leave one under a plant to protect the floor.


An easy way to compost

This kit makes composting incredibly simple. Set the stylish metal composting bin under your sink or on the counter and stick the magnetic list of things that can go in it right to the side. Line it with the biodegradable composting bags and put a filter in the lid. You won’t smell the compost and taking it outside is easy. It even comes with a book on how to compost.


A grill & firepit you can take camping

Set up a safe grill or campfire the next time you’re in the wilds with this portable camping grill and fire pit. It weighs only 2.5 pounds, folds up flat, and opens up to create the perfect contained fire. It has grates so you can cook on it and comes with a carrying case to make porting it home clean and easy.


This bathroom organizer with a toothpaste dispenser

Get the clutter off your counters and into this wall-mounted toothbrush holder and organizer. It helps make keeping the bathroom clean so much easier. A shelf on the top holds sundries. The drawer is a great place to stash small tools. Two cups cling magnetically to the bottom. There is a rack to hold six toothbrushes. And, a toothpaste dispenser makes putting a dollop on your brush easy.


The bottle brush set you need to keep all the vessels clean

Modern life comes with so many hard-to-clean containers: Water bottles, coffee flasks, spray bottles, baby bottles, oil dispensers, and also reusable straws. This five-pack of microfiber bottle brush cleaners has a tool for getting each and every one of them squeaky clean. Keep them in a drawer and you will not be frustrated by a stain in the bottom of a container again.


This light that turns your toilet into a party

If you are looking for the ideal place to situate a night light in your bathroom, look no further than the toilet bowl itself. Hang this LED toilet light to the rim of the bowl and it will light up when it senses motion, turning the bowl into a glowing centerpiece. You can choose from 16 colors and five brightness levels. This is a two-pack so you can have one in each bathroom.


This smokeless fire pit you can move around the backyard

Enjoy a fire in your yard with almost no effort using this smokeless fire pit. It collects ash in the basin below, burns efficiently, and is big enough to sit around and roast marshmallows. It is also sized for travel. When you go camping, pack it up in the included carrying bag and bring it with you. It has handles on the side to make this easy.


A magician-level trick to enhance a fire

Wherever you end up enjoying a campfire, be sure and bring these Magical Flames along for fun. When you are telling a scary story or trying to convince the party that you are a magician or Druid, toss a few packs into the fire. The flames will turn wild rainbow colors to back up your claims.


This racket that makes fly swatting a sport

When flies invade your inner sanctum, don’t get mad, have fun. This bug zapping racket turns insect eradication into a sport and it puts the odds on your side. A blue light attracts the bugs and the net is loaded with a 4,000-volt grid so that a mere tap takes the bugs down. It’s rechargeable, too.


This ergonomic cushion to make your desk chair comfier

Set this seat cushion in your desk chair so you can work in greater comfort. The shape is designed to help relieve sciatica pain and keep a sore coccyx from touching the seat. The comfort foam molds to your anatomy and promises to keep you comfortable all day.


The tool that helps you get a solid calf stretch

Foot pain is no joke. Add this calf stretcher to your toolkit to help reduce the pain and inflammation of plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, tight calves and hamstrings, and more. It makes it easy to stretch the ankle and calves, which can be the ticket to alleviating many foot and leg ailments.

“Made a world of difference when using this!” said one reviewer. “I was able to get a deep stretch, which helped with the planter fasciitis!”


A quick way to have frothy coffee at home

Whipping up a quick cappuccino at home is super easy with this milk frother. Just dip the small, fast-moving whisk into the milk of your choice and it creates a delicious foam in less than a minute. It works on hot or cold milk, comes with a stand so you can keep it on the counter, and is available in six colors.


This trick for keeping the stove clean while you’re sautéeing

If you avoid sautéeing or pan frying because it leaves the stovetop a mess, you need this splatter screen. Just set it over the pan when the food starts to spit and it keeps the splatter contained. The handle stays cool so you don’t need a hot mitt to move it and it can go in the dishwasher for cleanup.


The clever dog blanket for a cleaner couch

If your dog likes to sleep on the couch, this extra large, waterproof dog blanket will help save your furniture from the fur, dirt, and other messes dogs tend to wear. It is a warm and cozy sherpa on one side and microfiber fleece on the other so your dog will love it, too. It comes in seven sizes and 13 colors so you can decorate and drape one over every possible seat.